10 Best Cheap Golf Cart Under $500 For 2019 Reviews

Golf is a game that is designed to be played by people of all age including the aged, for that reason some golfers may find it difficult to walk with their golf club on a desert area or a golf course. Therefore, they find it right to have a golf cart to make the movement easy with their golf equipment.

Every serious golfer should make sure that they have all the necessary golfing equipment and should also ensure that movement has been made easy by purchasing a cheap golf cart. It may be challenging to find an affordable golf cart that will be effective, and that is why this article recommends you best cheap golf cart under 500 that are right for you.

1. Clicgear model 3.5+ golf push cart.

The cart is easy to store and transport as it can be folded having that it has a slide and close mechanism.The clicgear golf cart is made of aluminum tubing of aircraft grade which makes the cart to be lightweight and also to be more durable.

The clicgear golf cart has a hand brake that makes the cart to stand where it has been parked without rolling down. It has adequate storage for all golf equipment and also has extra accessories like an umbrella mount and standard cup holder.

2. JEF world of golf deluxe steel golf cart.

This one of the very simple golf carts but a lovely one. JEF world of golf deluxe steel golf cart can fold for easy storage and also lightweight hence easy to carry.It has wide wheels which make it easy to move on the course, and have a countered bottom hence more comfortable to carry even the large bags. The scorecard is waterproof hence the score can’t be damaged if rain comes while on the course.

3. Clicgear model 3.5+ golf push cart.

All golf carts are designed to serve the same purpose, but due to different taste and preference in design and colors then there are varieties, when looking for a unique golf cart then clickgear golf cart should be your taste.

The clickgear golf cart can be compacted hence easy to pack and carry. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum hence light and durable. The storage capacity is large enough to suit any golfer and also has been designed with handbrake to ease parking.

4. Bag boy Quad XL golf cart.

Bag boy Quad XL golf cart is an excellent cart that looks large when in use but designed with super compact hence easy to store or transport. The wheels are large enough especially the rear wheel hence making the cart move smoothly on a grassy ground.The golf cart perfectly rocks a bag in place and has adjustable support arms. The scorecard is extra deep and also has a golf ball storage capacity hence making it a better choice.

5. Bag Boy Golf 2018 express DLX pro cart.

This is one of the best golf carts for the golfer who have large bags having that it is designed with big mesh storage basket. The scorecard of this cart is mobile and also padded with storage compartment. The cart is lightweight and hence easy to transport as it also folds under the front wheel.The cart is also designed with standard size wheel which makes it easy to push over grass or rocky ground hence making it a better choice.

6. Clicgear model 8 golf push cart.

Clicgear model 8 golf push cart is designed to carry cart only. It has a slide to close features which makes it easy to close the cart and also easy to transport.The wheelbase is wide and long which makes the cart to be more stable, and also the front wheel has an alignment system and brakes for easy stopping and parking. The cart has an umbrella mount and two cup holders which makes it more convenient for use in all weather conditions.

7. Bag boy compact 3 push cart.

This golf cart is made of an aluminum frame that is conducive for all weather use. The aluminum makes the cart to be lightweight hence easy to carry. The support arms are adjustable hence making it easier for use by people of different heights.The cart has managed to stand tall over other carts as it also has a mobile device holder and beverage holder.

8. Qwik-fold 3 wheel push pull golf cart.

As the name suggests, it is a cart that can be folded within a few seconds and hence easy to pack and transport.The wheels of the cart are made of ball bearing hence moves smoothly in all type of terrain. The handle is easy to adjust the height and thus can also be used by people of different height.

9. CaddyTek Caddycruiser one version 8- one click folding four wheel golf push cart.

The cart is made of sturdy aluminum and also designed to fold just by a click of a button automatically.The cart has four wheels which makes it stable and easy to move in different terrain. It also has foot brakes which make it easy to stop and park the cart.

The handle can adjust which makes it possible for the cart to be used by people of different height.The scorecard of this cart is combined with excellent storage facilities that include a phone holder, beverage holder, and a mesh net.

10. Cube cart 3 wheel push-pull Golf cart.

This cart has a very small folded size and lightweight which make easy to pack and transport the cart. The reason why the cart is highly preferred is that it has a free umbrella holder, an adjustable handle which makes it easy to push and also it is quite easy to assemble.


Just like other sports professionals, Golfers should also enjoy their play. To enjoy properly as a golfer you should first ensure that you have all the necessary golf equipment, after that, you should ensure that transporting your equipment have been made easy by purchasing one of the above listed best golf carts under 500.

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