10 Best Christmas Decorations Reviewed in 2017

With Christmas around the corner, millions of people are on the lookout for the best gifts for loved ones. The demand for the best Christmas decorations for homes is also high at this time. If you are shopping for Christmas decorations, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed the best brands in 2017.

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10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Do you have a bland-looking toilet that you want to spice up for Christmas? A pair of Christmas lights works well. You can also use one of the door covers that come cheap online. For the best experience, however, this Happy Santa set from OliaDesign is the best decoration to use. It stands out in many ways. The rug and toilet seat cover set that you get fits most toilets. This includes both bidet and elongated ones. They are not too small or too large, as some commodes are. They also have colorful red-themed designs that people like.

Have used many types of commodes that have degraded fast of compromised the safety of their users? This three-piece set from OliaDesign will serve you well. The colorful rug that you get, for instance, is not only stylish but also safe. Its back has a non-skid rubber coat that prevents people from sliding on slippery floors. The toilet and tank cover that you get are also invaluable. They fit snug. The quality materials used to make them, on the other hand, last long.

You will never struggle to install and remove these items from your toilet for three reasons. First, their true-to-size designs fit comfortably on most toilets. You do not have to customize them to work. The 100% polyester used to make them also has elasticized edges for a snug fit. The risk of them slipping is slim.

OliaDesign Christmas Decorations is a set of machine washable commodes for homes and offices. Unlike some models that frustrate people when dirty, you can maintain these ones without exerting a lot of effort. Over time, they do not lose their shape or degrade. You can use them on many occasions.


  • Feels cheaply made

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Although traditional, rope lights are among the best Christmas decorations for homes because of their versatility. They blend well in most areas. They are also durable and create a cool ambiance in homes that most people like. If you are looking for a new set for your windows, Twinkle Star is currently the best. You will like it for many reasons. First, measuring 6.6feet by 9.8 feet, it is a long and functional item. You can fit it on most windows without it looking out of place. The 300 LED bulbs that it comes with are also warm and durable.

The performance of this string light in homes is desirable. Unlike some low-grade models with underpowered bulbs, it is powerful. Set up well, it lights up spaces well, which appeals to most people. The eight lighting modes that people get are also ideal. You can set it to flash, chase, or slow fade. You can also set it to wave, light sequentially, or to generate a steady light at home.

Some brands of string lights require hard wiring to electrical systems to work well. This is not the case with Twinkle Star. Buy one to get a well-engineered string light with a plug-and-use adapter. This works well with most standard electrical outlets. You also get a wireless controller that you can use to set up and or customize its lights from distances of up to 3.9 feet. This is admirable.

Buy Twinkle Star to get a safe decoration for your home that will serve you well during Christmas. Its IP44-rated waterproof design, for instance, works well outdoors and indoors. It also has a safe 29V electrical system that you can use worry-free at home. The risk of it shocking people or starting fires is slim.


  • None

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Like string lights, wall hangings are popular Christmas decorations because of their cost-effectiveness. They are also easy to install and come in an array of stylish designs that blend well in most homes. This Winter Wonderland 3D snowflake model from Amscan, for instance, is a popular product worldwide. The white-themed 3D snowflakes that you get have eye-catching designs. They are also large (14-1/4×13-inches) and have different appealing shapes. You can install this product in your living room without it looking out of place. It also works well in hallways, dining rooms, and bedrooms to name a few.

The traditional plastic hangings that people used in the past did not last long. Exposed to moisture, for instance, most of them fade. Rips are also common in windy weather. Amscan Winter Wonderland offers better results. Made of plastic, the 3D flakes that you get are durable. They do not stain or degrade easily when exposed to harsh elements. Their long silver strands are also ideal. They are durable. They also improve the outlook of these decorations further.

Amscan Winter Wonderland is an affordable product. If you are looking to improve the outlook of your home on a budget, this is one of the best items to use. The long (seven feet) hangings that you get work well in most areas. In term of style and longevity, they are also among the best products in this niche.

During Christmas, many people struggle to decorate their homes. The lights the buy require hard wiring to work. Other people do ambitious painting jobs that frustrate them in the end. With this pack of Christmas hangings, these are non-issues. Like the best rope lights, all you have to do is hang them in your preferred spot to improve its outlook. Even kids can do this effortlessly.


  • Not pre-strung

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017The best curtain lights make good Christmas decorations. Their eye-catching designs have a soothing ambiance in homes. Most models are also durable and have convenient plug-and-use designs that make decorating fun. To get value for your money, Outop is one of the best products in this niche. Buy one to get a long 9.8-foot curtain light with 304LED bulbs. The bulbs are very durable. They do not burn out as easily as standard incandescent ones often do. They are also bright and thus ideal for lighting the indoors and outdoors.

Are you looking for a durable set of lights that you can use for Christmas and special occasions such as weddings? Outop Window Curtain Lights stand out in many ways. In addition to its style, most people like its longevity. Its LED bulbs are durable. The copper wire used to make its cable is also durable. It also has a flexible and non-conductive plastic coating that prevents electrical shorts.

You get eight different lighting modes with this one of a kind window curtain light. Whether you want slowly fading, steady, flashing, or chasing lights, this is the product for you. Using the provided controller, you can switch between different modes easily. It also has a memory function that remembers your preferred settings. Even though cheap, this item makes Christmas occasions special.

Even though designed as a curtain light, Outop works well in many ways. In your home, you can use it to highlight items such as Christmas trees with good results. You can also hang it on a wall, tree, or door with good results.


  • None

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Gone are the days when people had to spend a lot of money on decorations to make Christmas celebrations special. Even though cheap, quality products such as window clings have grown in popularity in both homes and offices. These snowflakes from Moon Boat, for instance, are innovative products with many desirable features. If you are decorating your living room, buy one to get three sheets of decal stickers that decorate most windows well. In total, you get 81 decal stickers in three different shapes and sizes that people like.

Unlike some decals that use adhesives, pins, or staples to stick to different surfaces, these window ones are different. They have no adhesives. Their self-sufficient designs stick by themselves. They are also to remove. You can peel them off on demand without damaging their clings or your glass in any way.

Where can people use these Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Clings? If you are questioning their versatility, think again. These clings are great for spicing up home windows. If you have glass storm doors or a large mirror at home, they are also perfect Christmas decorations to use. Unfortunately, because these decals are sensitive to heat, they do not work well in heated rooms such as saunas.

Are you tired of buying Christmas decorations every year? If you are looking to save money, these Moon Boat Snowflakes will serve you well. They are cost-effective. You will not break your bank to own an original set. They are also reusable. You can remove and store them without compromising their quality.


  • None

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Many people have depended on wreaths to decorate their homes during special occasions such as Christmas. They work well on doors and fireplaces. They are also affordable and have customizable designs that meet the needs of most people. If you are one of them, we have found a good item for you. Bucilla Felt Applique is a well-designed 15-inch wreath that blends well in both traditional and contemporary homes. Its unique cookie and candy theme is eye-catching. It also has generous embellishments that people can see from a distance. An original will attract you many compliments from your visitors.

This wreath kit requires set up to work well. This is not as hard as it sounds. Each package that you buy comes with all essential accessories for its setup. You do not have to spend money on third-party items to get it to work. You also get instructions on its setup. Most people have a fun time assembling it.

Most wreath kits have standard designs that people either hate or love. This one is different. The fact that you can personalize its design makes it an ideal decoration for most occasions. During Christmas, for instance, you can use it to improve the outlook of your home. It is also ideal for parties and weddings.

People have had close calls with some of the low-grade wreathes that sell on the web. The low-grade materials used to make some model harm people in the long term. Some natural ones harbor pests that trouble people long after Christmas. Bucilla Felt Applique is different. This is a non-toxic product. You can use it on a day-to-day basis without major problems. Order yours today.


  • Overwhelms beginners

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017During occasions such as Christmas, kitchens are among the most visited areas in homes. People cook in them. Most families also share meals in them. Unfortunately, they are also among the least decorated areas in the home. If you have ignored yours on several occasions now, we have identified a good product for you. IEnjoyware Snowman is a set of three kitchen appliance handle covers that improve the outlook of refrigerators and cooking stoves. Because of their charming designs, they are perfect for decoration. They are also unique. Unlike lights and ribbons that people have used for decades, visitors like them.

To improve the style and outlook of your kitchen, do not hesitate to buy this set of handle covers. In addition to their unique holiday style, you will like their ease of use. All covers have bottom and top Velcro that ease their installation and removal. They also fit accurately on the handles of most equipment. You do not have to trim them down or customize them in any way to work well.

Made of quality polyester, these are durable decorations. They do not rip easily. If you are looking for decorations that you can use long after Christmas, they are also among the best. Because they resist heat and frost, you will enjoy using them on a daily basis. You can also remove and clean them occasionally.

Save the hundreds of dollars that you are planning to spend on Christmas decorations. IEnjoyware Snowman is a better product in many ways. First, it is affordable. People of all cadres can afford a set. They are also durable and designed to work well in most types of kitchens. You will like these products.


  • None

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Sharing lunch or Christmas dinners are popular activities that millions of people over the world enjoy. To have a memorable occasion, it is advisable that you cook the best food. You should also serve enjoyable drinks and decorate your chair with these premium covers from OliaDesign. Featuring a striking red theme, these are eye-catching accessories. They enhance the Christmas spirit in homes if used well. Each cover also measures approximately 23.x18-inches. You can fit them on most types of chairs without them looking out of place.

Homeowners do not have to sew or customize these covers in any way for them to work on dining chairs. The set of two Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus covers on offer are ready to use. They are also easy to install. Unlike some models that challenge people, their slip-on designs are ideal. They slide easily on most dining chairs.

Are you busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas season? Do you have a hard time finding unique decorations that will improve the outlook of your home? OliaDesign Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus is a suitable product. You do not have to break your bank account to own an original set. The covers that you get also stand out in terms of style and design. They work well in most homes.

Do not hesitate to buy this decorative covers from OliaDesign. If you want a new set of covers that work well long after Christmas, this is one of the best. The material used to make them is durable. It does not rip easily. It is also washable. When dirty, you can clean them easily without lowering their value.


  • Almost see-through

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017Like lights, covers, and hangings, toys make good Christmas decorations. If you have an installation such as fireplace at home, a good one will make it stand out. They also work well in kitchens and on television stands found in most living rooms. To get the best in 2017, consider buying this train from FEITONG. Made of wood, it is a durable item. It also has a warm and charming design that measures around 24.5 centimeters. If you are tired of cliché wall decorations such as ribbons, do not hesitate to buy this one. It never disappoints.

This rocky road train from FEITONG is a durable product. Unlike paper ribbons that disintegrate after days or weeks, it will serve you well for years for many reasons. It wooden design, for instance, withstands abuse well. The risk of it cracking or disintegrating over time is slim. The brass fittings used to connect its carriages are also top-grade. You do not have to worry about the snapping over time.

This is a good-looking train toy. Its unique red and green theme has the unique Christmas feel that most people want. Because of its versatility, you can also customize its designs to improve the outlook of your homes. Place it on a thin layer of cotton wool to have a train on snow. You can also blend it with other toys in your collection to create a theme park on your mantle.

FEITONG Wood Christmas Train is an excellent product for people with a tight budget. It is an affordable product. With one, you save a lot of money for the upcoming Christmas season. It also has a kid-safe design that serves people well for years. With an original, forget about buying decorations every year.


  • Not suitable for playing

10-best-christmas-decorations-reviewed-in-2017During global celebrations such as Christmas, Amscan decorations are among the bestselling because of their quality. If you like decorating using hangings, for instance, you will never go wrong with these swirls. Popular in homes, the p30 hanging swirls that you get have charming snowflake themes. Use in bedrooms, they create the inviting fairyland effect that most kids like. In living rooms, they are also good centerpieces because of their gleaming standalone designs. If you cannot afford a new set of lights, this is an excellent alternative.

The foils and swirls that you get come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Whenever you are decorating, you can experiment with various looks until you get your desired effect. The quality of these swirls is also desirable. Made of lightweight cardstock, they do not disintegrate as fast as most traditional ribbons do. The silver hanging ribbons that you get are also durable and stylish.

Amscan Snowflake Hanging Swirls come ready to use. Whenever you are decorating your home, you do not spend time preparing them. This is an issue with some comparable brands. Once you have identified a suitable location for them, you can hang them using tape or thumb pins. Most kids enjoy this.

During Christmas, most people spend their hearts out. Those with low budgets, on the other hand, opt for low-key products that fail to deliver good results. Do not make this mistake. If you are shopping for decorations, Amscan Snowflake Hanging Swirls are affordable. Buy an original set from the internet.


  • Hang very low

Shopping Tips for Christmas Decorations

Shopping for the best Christmas decorations challenges most people. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Follow this guide to get the best in 2017.

Functionality: When shopping for Christmas decorations, always pay attention to the functionality of the product you want to buy. Will it blend well in your home? Does it complement the theme you are trying to build at home? Do not sacrifice these features. You will get better results with a functional item.

Ease of Use: Christmas decorations are of many types. A majority have stylish designs. They are also functional and recommended for use in most homes. To get value for your money, however, look for a product that you can set up easily. If you are looking for window lights, for instance, a plug-and-use one will serve you well. Models that need hard wiring to work often frustrate people.

Longevity: The Christmas season stretches all the way to the New Year. If you are looking for decorations, shop for a durable product that can last several weeks. Paper decorations are cheap. However, a product that rips in hours will not serve its purpose. You should also avoid items that stain or degrade fast.

Price: People tend to buy on impulse during the Christmas season. Do not let the pomp and color that is popular during this season to sway your decisions. For the best experience, only buy decorations that you can afford. Specify a budget and stick to it. Your chances of getting good deals increases this way.


In this review, we have talked about 10 high-quality Christmas decorations that are among the best for 2017. These are functional items. The blend into and improve the value of homes. They are also affordable and designed to make the Christmas season fun. Do not hesitate to buy one or two for your home.


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