10 Best City Bikes Under $1000 For 2019 Reviews

So you have decided to cycle to work? A great choice to since it is cheap, green and it helps you keep fit and active. Besides, it can also be a quicker way to get to work since it you can avoid traffic and other delays. In addition, it is more fun than just sitting on the tubes or buses.

So, what is the best city bike for commuting? What is you are operating on a low budget of under $1000, can you get a good city bike? As a rider, the best city bike under $1000 gives you a better way to enjoy your rides. You do not need to risk excess wear and tear on your bike.

Just like buying other items, it is essential for you to conduct research before choosing the best city bike under $1000. Today, there’re countless bikes to choose from, the task can be challenging, However, we have made it easier. Here are our top 10 picks for the finest city bike rider.

Factors to Consider when buying a City Bike

1. Material of the Frame

When buying a new bike, there are four options when it comes to the material of the frame. Each options comes with its merits and demerits. Here are the most common factors to consider when choosing one.

Steel: Steel frames are considered durable, comfortable and inexpensive. The only downside of steel is the weight. Although the high-end bike options might not be as heavy as you might think. If you’re looking for a comfortable bike, steel might be the perfect option for you.

Titanium: Probably the perfect blend that you require. It’s durable and comfortable. However, they are expensive

Aluminum: They are the lightest and stiffest of all. In addition, they are comfortable.

2. Brakes

They come in three types. Coaster hub, Rim, and Disc brakes. When shopping for a bike, you should always consider the brake type and its mechanism. Depending on your depending on your tastes, cable or hydraulic activation methods are available for you.

3. Contact Points

The contact point of the Saddle (Also known as seat), stem and handlebar, and pedals will always dictate the type of bike to buy. So you should be able to take a test ride to check if you’re comfortable with the design.

4. Wheels.

Wheels are what drives the price of bikes. However, they’re also what makes the difference for a quality ride. Ideal wheels will make the bike faster due to its rotational power. When choosing a bike, the wheel type should be on top of your list.

Top 10 City Bikes Under $1000

1. Sixthreezero Ride in the Park Women’s Touring City Bike

The Ride in the Park women’s city bike offers maximum versatility for a wide range of activities. In addition, the bike lets you cruise, coast, and climb hills in comfort. Whether you are just having your daily commutes, running off to the grocery or ridding along the beachfront, there’s no better way to do it, than by Ride in the Park.


  • Features lightweight aluminum construction which allows you to navigate light traffics and hills easily.
  • Has 7 gears that can switched via the twist grip on the handlebar.
  • Has 700*32C wheels with double-walled rims for a smooth ride and comfortable.
  • Has 7-speed external derailleur that allows a wide range of rides.

2. Fortified Theft-Resident 8 Speed Disc-Brake City Commuter Bike

Forget the days of riding unreliable bikes that dies in the city with flat tires. The Fortified Theft-Resident 8 is ideal for all commuters. The bike is parked with an ant-theft power from the seats, wheels to the handlebars. In addition, the bike has a white retro reflective for visibility, Besides, it is a lightweight bike which is ideal for both men and women.


  • The custom security bolts make this bike theft resistant with all components protected from thieves.
  • It’s rust resistant and lightweight. The bike if made from aluminum frame
  • It’s 8-speed bike designed specifically for city daily commuters.
  • Puncture resistant tires prevent the bike from getting flat.

3. Pure City Classic Diamond Frame Bike

Pure City Classic has the best speeds to fit your needs. With a two gear options, you can easily pick that which is right for you. In addition, the 3-speed provides you a small range of gears to cycle through and the internal hub is unmatched with a minimalist design while the 8-speed gives you a wider range of gears to tackle through hills and haul heavier loads.


  • Available in three frame sizes 50cm, 54cm, 58 cm.
  • Has strong hi-tensile steel frame; 30mm deep dish double-walled alloy rims that feature stainless steel.
  • Has 8-speed Shimamo Nexus Revo-8 gearing capability with a derailleur that provide a wide range of gears.

4. Firth Sports Captain Men’s Aluminum 7

The Firth Sport Captain gives you control over your ride. The bike has a swagger in its ride and a thistle in its cap. In addition, the bike boasts of a lightweight aluminum frame equipped with 7 speed components.


  • Features front and rear alloy brakes to help you keep safe and be in control of your ride all the time.
  • Has a Fender and allow rear rack for shopping
  • Lightweight; made from alloy frame for leisure riding.

5. Engwe Electric Mountain Bicycle

If you are looking for a three-in-one bike, then this your best options. You can choose to activate it as an Assisted bicycle, human bicyle or use it as an E-bike. You can activate the e-bike option to experience some smooth ride and speed.


  • Designed form high-quality aluminum alloy frame making it tough as well as corrosion resistant.
  • Has a powerful motor: Fat tire with 250W brushless gear motors and 48V intelligent controller.
  • Has a 3-wprking mode. You can use it is an e-bike, assisted bicycle or human bicycle.
  • Has great brakes and speed.

6. Nakto 26’ Electric Bike

If you are looking for speed, the Nakto 26’ is your best fit. The bike features a 250 W and 36V 10Ah power that can propel you to every place you want to go to. Besides, the bike is a three-in-one; meaning you can always choose the best option that meets your needs. Ther’s no better way to cycle through the city than with Nakto.


  • The bike is made from high-strength carbon steel frame. It is also parked with premium comfort shock absorption technique.
  • Has three working modes; Human bicycle, assisted bicycle, and as am E-bike.
  • Has high grade digital instrumentation and high-efficiency electric headlights.
  • Has high speed with 250W rear hub motor and a removable 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery.

7. Nakto 20’ Folding Electric Bike

Nakto 20’ is made from high strength carbon steel foldable frames. In addition, it has high strength cushioning and a larger stand that can help you withstand more weight. Besides, the bike is equipped with a 250W motor that allows you to travel at 18mph. Moreover, it is ideal to ride in the rain.


  • Designed from premium materials, carbon foldable frames.
  • Has three modes of work
  • Large capacity battery of 36V 10Ah lithium ion that supports up to 30Km travel.
  • Has a front aluminum alloy V brake, non-slip thick tires, quick release wheel.

8. Firth Sports Nadine SE Women’s

The Nadine SE women’s bike has a simple, yet an eye catching design. The classic design of this bike evokes a sense of nostalgia that is rare with modern bikes. In addition, it does not sacrifice capability for looks. The bike is built to meet your need and make every ride convenient and enjoyable. Besides, it allows you to do more than just a ride, it is equipped with a read mounted rack as well as a retro faux leather for your comfort.


  • Lightweight bike. The frames have an alloy frame design
  • Equipped with a 7-Shimano speed drivetrain.
  • Features both front and rear brakes made of alloy.

9. Bright GG Nakto Elegance 22”

The Bright GG Nakto 22” is a green energy driven bike that aims at keeping the environment clean. From spokes, rims, frames, and battery, every component of the bike is made with strict quality controls. Enjoy your ride with three options in one.


  • The Bike is equipped with a removable lithium battery that helps you avoid charging trouble. You can carry a smart charger with you.
  • The bike features a smart riding option. It has a three work mode included with it.
  • Has high configuration brakes
  • Safe, comfortable, and easy to operate.

10. Nakto 26” Electric Bicycle

Designed for leisure rides, the bike is designed from high strength carbon steel with a comfort premium shock absorption. In addition, the rear hub of this bike is powered by a 250W 36V and 10Ah battery that can take you up to 20-25 miles. There’s no better way of enjoying a ride than have a three in one working mode bike.


  • Designed from excellent materials. In addition, the bike adopts a high-strength carbon steel frame with the front end being packed with premium comfort shock absorption.
  • Has high speed. The bike has 250W rear hub motor and removable 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • Has three working modes

Final Thoughts

The decreased price on the bike components has made it easy to find city bikes under $1000. When selecting a bike, you should always look at quality of the frame material, availability of wheels and the ease of operation especially for e-bikes.

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