10 Best Dac Under 500 For 2019 Reviews

Digital analog converters( DACs) are some of the equipment that is overlooked but they are great as they assist in converting the analog signals which come through our streaming channels into digital. Even if you wish to get the best quality music when you are chilling out or you are in the business of playing music for lots of people, a DAC can be the best equipment which can bring harmony to your life.

Normally there are various types of DAC that you can get in the market many of the differing in terms of the output quality and their cost. It’s good that you avoid the trial and error so that you look at the guide below of the best top DACs that you can buy.

10 Best Dac Under 500 For 2019 Reviews:

1. FiiO E10K USB – Headphone Amplifier

It has an internal chip of PCM 102 and can handle PCM files upto 24 bits/96 KHz. At the same time, it’s able to improve audio quality through internal silence, reduced delay and linear filter. It has a selectable bass boost circuit and an optimized low pass filter which are designed for low noise floor. It has a variety connections which are rear panel coaxial digital output, line output, rear panel, headphone jack and front panel. You can connect it to your laptop through a micro USB connection which also offers it power. Designed using an aluminum shell which is very durable.

2. EarStudio ES100 Bluetooth Receiver/USB DAC/Headphone Amp

Has 14 hours on continuous playback, weight of 20 g and dimension of 1 by 2 by 0.5 inches. Has optimal dual AMP designe for full different and single ended outputs. Its analog volume can allow you to keep the optimal audio performance even when you set it at low volume using the programmable gain amplifier. It has in-built microphone which you can use in answering calls by using your earphones without using your microphone.

3. HiFi Decoder SMSL SU-8

PCM sampling rate which is supported upto 32 bit/768 KHz. Has asynchronous ultra low jitter design and a ultra low noise crystal. Every input port is supported by coaxial and DSD streaming.

4. TOPPING D10 Decoder Audio Amplifier

PCM 384 KHz/32 bit and maximum support of DSD 256. Has an orange indicator for sampling and format rate. Has an auto on/off button. Has an exchangeable OP.

5. FiiO Q1 Mark II Native DSD

It has a bass boost 0/5.4 dB. Has balance headphone output since it’s supported by 2.5 mm balanced headphone jack. It has an audio input( micro USB ). It’s compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone. It comes with a micro USB long data cable, 2 short silicone bands, 2 long silicone bands, 3.5 mm audio cable, silicone pad, and a micro USB long date cable.

6. Micca OriGen G2 USB DAC and Preamplifier

Has a digital audio playback which supports high-resolution PCM audio of up to 24 bits/ 192 KHz. It also has combination optical S/PDIF digital output, stereo analog line level and a powerful in-built headphone amp which supports 16- 600 headphones. It has a selectable USB digital input so that you can have a flexible source connection. It also has 480 Mbps audio controller and a stereo D/A converter. Has an advanced audio stream interface which supports WASAPI Push and ASIO.

7. Sound BlasterX G6 Xamp Headphone Amp

Every audio channel has been amplified so as to deliver a pristine audio fidelity. With this Dac, you can enjoy the latest Dolby digital technology and 7.1 virtual surround sound. Therefore, you can enjoy enhanced audio realism and full audio customization with in-game voice communication, bass boost, and accurate cues.

8. SMSL Sanskrit 10th High-end

Has ultra-low phase noise clocks which reduce the system jitter. Has in-built high-quality power modules which deliver very high performance by using USB power. It’s compatible with different platforms such as apple and android, therefore, can connect with your laptop, iPad or mobile phone.

9. Musical Fidelity

Designed using a dual mono circuit layout that reduces noise floor and increases dynamics. This circuit design delivers unmatched transient and controlled bottom end speed. It’s able to deliver 76W for every channel. It has a very low distortion of about 0.007 % at 1 KHz. Has a ratio of about 88 dB.

10. Topping Full Balanced DAC

This is a fully balanced DAC and headphone amp which has balanced headphone output, 6.35 headphone, XLR, AES input and lines out, optical, coaxial and USB. Uses customized drivers from Thesycon which makes it support DSD512 and 32 bit/ 768 KHz.

Factors to consider when buying the best DAC under 500.

1. The system that you will connect the DAC to

The quality of the audio components which you have will have an impact on the DAC that you will buy. Therefore, you must use well-made headphones and capable speakers so that you can get maximum benefits from the system.

2. Features of the DAC

Digital analog converters offer wireless connectivity so that it can work with larger systems without any challenges. Some of the DACs do not use headphones therefore if you wish to listen to music then you cannot buy such type. Other types of DACs are very portable and use remote controls. Therefore as you buy your DAC you must look at such kind of features.

3. Easy of connection

Although many models allow the users to plug and play many of them require adjustments and configuration to their settings so that the music player or computer can get the best sound. It’s good that you buy one which does not require a lot of configurations and you can do them on your own.


Listening to beautiful music is the best way that many people enjoy daily. In case you wish to wish the hear the music as it was intended or you are not happy with the quality of the digital sound, then it’s good that you consider buying a DAC.

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