10 Best Floor Buffers and Polishing Machines (2018 Reviews)

Poorly maintained and or dirty floors compromise the outlook of homes. To keep your wooden or laminate one in check, it is advisable that you clean it as often as possible. When walked on, dirt and debris scratch and or lower the quality of floors. You also need to buff it occasionally to remove minor scuff marks that might lower the outlook of your home. This is a simple process. With the help of a quality floor buffers, you can maintain it well without spending a lot of money.

Floor buffers are powerful handheld accessories that clean and or restore floors using centrifugal force. These are durable items. They also have portable designs that most people can use effortlessly in most areas of homes. You need a quality brand, though. The top 10 brands that we have reviewed, for instance, are well-engineered items that offer value for money. You will enjoy using one often at home.


  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed470RPM
  • Path12 inches
  • Weight 7.6 pounds

Oreck ORB550MC

  • Motor5.4Amps
  • Speed175RPM
  • Path13 inches
  • Weight 24 pounds

Bissell BigGreen

  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed2200RPM
  • Path10.5 inches
  • Weight 8.5 pounds

Koblenz P-4000

  • Motor0.5HP
  • Speed1300RPM
  • Path12 inches
  • Weight 16 pounds

Karcher BR30/4

  • Motor1.1HP
  • Speed1550RPM
  • Path12 inches
  • Weight 34 pounds

Koblenz RM-1715

  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed470RPM
  • Path26 inches
  • Weight 82 pounds

Mercury L-17E

  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed175RPM
  • Path17 inches
  • Weight 106 pounds

Clarke CFP Pro

  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed175RPM
  • Path20 inches
  • Weight 125 pounds

General Floor

  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed175RPM
  • Path17 inches
  • Weight 107 pounds

Viper VN2015

  • Motor1.5HP
  • Speed175RPM
  • Path20 inches
  • Weight 109 pounds

Floor cleaning is a tiresome day-to-day chore that most women struggle with to do. Wood and laminate, for instance, are sensitive to some of the best mops people have at home. They scratch easily. Carpet, on the other hand, needs a lot of energy to clean. Most women find this frustrating. To conquer such problems like a professional, buy this floor-cleaning machine from Worldgoodscorp. Perfect for cleaning wood, stone, tiles, and carpets, it is one of the most versatile products in this niche. It scrubs and polishes well. You can also use it to protect most types of floors effortlessly.

In most shops and offices, workers struggle with heavy buffing machines occasionally, which frustrate them. To deep clean your home without straining your back or arms, this is one of the best products to use. Its 7-pound design is light and portable. Both men and women can use it without issues. It also has a low-profile design with an adjustable handle that serves most people well. You will enjoy using one daily.

Apart from its weight, this product’s thoughtful design appeals to people of all cadres. Whether you have a wooden floor or a low profile carpet at home, this product will not let you down. The heavy-duty wheels it has roll smoothly on most surfaces. Its mini head is easy to maneuver, while the release pedal (foot activated) it has is convenient.

This is an all-in-one device. Out of the box, for instance, you get a ready-to-use buffing tool (electricity-powered). You also get two microfiber pads (washable), two felt buffing pads, and a two carpet bonnets that last for long. Forget about hiring a professional to clean your floors.

Our Verdict

If this machine’s short handle fits you, you will enjoy using a new one on a day-to-day basis. It has a portable design. You will also like its powerful all-in-one system. It cleans and restores most types of floors well.


  • Portable design (7 pounds)
  • Cleans most types of floors
  • Effective all in one design
  • Powerful electric system
  • Foot activated release pedal

Do you have a shop where you sell foodstuffs or motor-vehicle parts? Do you have a hard time keeping the high-traffic floor in your home clean and appealing? Buying this commercial orbiter from Oreck is one of the best decisions you can make. Recommended for day-to-day cleaning of homes and commercial spaces, its performance is admirable. On wood, for instance, it cleans fast without damaging the structure of floors. You can also use it to clean and or restore other hard floors without issues.

This is a convenient product. If you are looking for a premium buffer that delivers good results always, do not hesitate to buy this one. Its powerful orbital drive system oscillates at around 175RPM. Whether you are using a pad or a brush, you will be able to sand, strip, and or polish your floors well in a short time. You can also use it to wax your floors without streaking them and or lowering their quality in any way.

The long (50 foot) power cord that this floor buffer has makes it an ideal product for homes. You do not have to be close to an electrical outlet. Whenever you are cleaning, you will cover a large area without changing outlets and or struggling in any way. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter also has a lightweight design that boosts the experience of people further. Both men and women can use it for long effortlessly.

Unlike some standard buffers that only use microfiber pads, this is a versatile one. Apart from pads, you can use brushes and bonnets without issues. You can also use it with cleaning solutions such as shampoos with good results.

Our Verdict

Are you looking for a premium buffer that can clean, restore, and wax your floors when needed? Oreck Commercial ORB550MC is a powerful orbiter that delivers high-quality results. It has a floor-safe design. You also get a lightweight product with a long (50 feet) and durable power cord.


  • Long power cord (50 feet)
  • Powerful orbiter (175RPM)
  • Uses various accessories
  • Cleans/restores most floors
  • Floor-safe design

When shopping for the best toilet seats and other household items, people look for durable and functional products. If you are looking for a buffer for your home, keep this in mind. Look for a reputable product such as BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules to have the time of your life at home. Its compact yet powerful design cleans most bare floor surfaces well. These include wood and laminate. Because of its ease of use, it is also one of the best brands for cleaning tight spaces in homes.

To clean your floors well, the performance of your device of choice should be top notch. BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules, for instance, has a powerful 2200-RPM system that never disappoints. Whether you are doing light or heavy cleaning, a new model will never let you down. You will clear dirt and debris efficiently. If you have scratched and or faded floors, you can also refurbish them without hiring a professional.

When cleaning home, some people dent walls and or damage furniture with their floor buffers. Fortunately, with BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules, this will be the least of your worries. Even though powerful, it has a protective bumper that protects delicate items from damage. Because of its light and well-balanced design, you can also control it effortlessly, which boosts safety further. This green-themed buffer never disappoints.

Our Verdict

Are you tired of the inefficient mop that you use on a day-to-day basis? BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650 Hercules will serve you better in many ways. Its powerful design (2200 RPM), for instance, cleans most types of floors well. It is also safe, light, and has a bumper for protection.


  • Eye-catching black and green theme
  • Sturdy and adjustable handle
  • Protective bumper (onboard)
  • Powerful system (2200 RPM)

Reputable among clean freaks, floor buffers are versatile items that ease how people clean. Unlike vacuum cleaners that are bulky, noisy, and somewhat inefficient, their performance is admirable. Koblenz P-4000, for instance, is a reputable brand that scrubs hard floors and deep-cleans stained carpets well. Because of its low-profile design (12 inches), it is also one of the best brands for working in tight spaces in homes and offices.

Household chores such as the cleaning of floors are frustrating yet mandatory. To ease the process, buy a powerful buffer such as Koblenz P-4000. Even though expensive than standard mops found in homes, its performance is on another level. The two buffing wheels that it has, for instance, cover a large area whilst in use. Its onboard tank (120 ounces) enables you to clean for long. Finally, because of its long and grounded power cord (35 feet), you can clean a large area without issues.

To clean your home fast and thoroughly, you no longer need one of the bulky tools that people own. Furthermore, you do not have to pay a contractor a lot of money to restore it for you. Buy Koblenz P-4000 yo get a well-engineered floor buffer that offers value from money. Its consumables (pads, for instance) and readily available online. It also has a durable and portable design that you can travel with easily.

Our Verdict

Ranked among the best products in this niche, Koblenz P-4000 cleans both homes and offices well. It also works well on most floors and has a portable design with many desirable features. You will like its onboard water tank. Its long power cord (35 feet) and affordable consumables also appeal to most people.


  • Long power cord (35 feet)
  • Light and portable design
  • On-board tank (120 ounces)
  • Low-profile design (13x7x44 inches)

The Karcher Floor Scrubber BR30/4 is a reputable household item that has eliminated the need for manual cleaning. If you struggle with mops and buckets often to keep your house spotless, use this product instead. Its efficiency is on another level. Most people can use it for long on a day-to-day basis. Because of its versatile design, it is also one of the best scrubbers, driers, and polishers of most types of floors. These include most hard-type floors and carpets.

Do you develop frequent back problems after doing long and tiring work? Are you looking for a well-engineered floor buffer that you will enjoy using whilst cleaning? Karcher Floor Scrubber is a valuable item. Buy one to get a three-in-one floor cleaner that can cover between 20 and 200 meters of space. This includes furniture up to 10 inches high. People of all skill levels also find its lightweight design fun to use.

Many brands claim to deliver good results yet they often disappoint people. Karcher Floor Scrubber Drier is different. Even though less known worldwide, its performance speaks for itself. Dusting and scrubbing, for instance, are fast and safe. Whilst wet cleaning, it also rinses floors well. This prevents slipping, streaking, and other issues.

Unlike some low capacity vacuum cleaners, you do not have to empty this floor buffer often whilst in use. The high capacity dual tank (4 liters) that it has enables you to work for long without issues. It is also easy to empty, fill, and clean. Most homeowners appreciate this.

Our Verdict

For light and heavy-duty cleaning, this is a good product to use. You will enjoy using one for many reasons. Its dependable 1450-RPM system, for instance, offers value for money. It cleans well. You can also set it up and maneuver it effortlessly whilst working, which is admirable.


  • Powerful system (1450 RPM)
  • Well-built dual tank system
  • Cleans, dries, and polishes
  • Lightweight floor buffer
  • Covers a large area

Cleaning large and overly dirty floors is a pain for most people. The brooms and mops in their possession are slow and hard to use. Others pay a lot of money for professional services, which frustrate them in the end. If you are looking for a good remedy for these issues, Koblenz works well. Recommended for personal and industrial use, its heavy-duty design handles most types of jobs well. The vibration-free motor that it uses (1.5HP) is also safe for most types of floors.

Do you spend many hours working on floors whenever you are cleaning your home? The manual mop that you are using might be at fault. Replace it with this heavy-duty floor machines to witness an instant improvement in your cleaning. The burnishing pad that it uses works well on most types of floors. It also has a durable design with a 17-inch wide cleaning path. Whilst cleaning large floors, you will handle the fast and efficiently.

The structure of this industrial cleaning machine is admirable. If you have bought brands that have broken down over time, you will enjoy using this one. It steel components are durable. It also has a heavy-duty motor that does not overheat and or degrades as most cheap brands often do. Do not hesitate to buy yours today. Koblenz RM-1715 is an affordable product. Both its motor and parts have a 3-year warranty.

Our Verdict

Koblenz RM-1715 has improved how people clean floors at home and in offices. Its industrial-grade design is powerful (1.5HP). It also has durable components that work in synergy to clean most types of floors fast and safely. Per pass, for instance, you will clean a 17-inch wide path without degrading your floor.


  • Durable motor and parts
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Powerful motor (1.5HP)
  • Cleans most floors well
  • Wide cleaning path (17 inches)

Because of their power and efficiency, rotary floor machines are the best for stripping, cleaning, and restoring floors. Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy, for instance, is a popular brand that handles a plethora of jobs efficiently. If you are restoring the high traffic floors in your kitchen, for instance, this is one of the best products to use. Its high-powered motor strips paint and varnish well. It is also one of the best for scrubbing and polishing surfaces without damaging them.

In homes and offices, people have different types of floors. Wood, for instance, is one of the commonest because of its aesthetic appeal. Other people prefer laminate because of its affordability or stone because of its longevity. No matter the group you are part of, this floor buffer will not let you down. Fitted with the correct pad, you can use it to dry- clean most types of floors without compromising their structure.

Do you hate doing house choirs because of the inefficient floor buffer in your possession? Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy will improve how you clean on a day-to-day basis. Because of its high brush speed (175 RPM), for instance, you do not have to exert a lot of effort to clean most surfaces. It does the legwork for you. It also has a long and adjustable handle that you can lock at different heights to maximize comfort. This is invaluable.

Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy is a portable device. If you have a floor-cleaning company that requires a new buffer, do not hesitate to buy this one. It also has an affordable design with quality parts that serve people well for long.

Our Verdict

You will never regret buying a new Mercury L-17E Lo-Boy buffer for personal or commercial use. This is a durable product. Both its body and motor withstand abuse well whilst in use. It also has a comfortable handle and a versatile system that scrubs, cleans, and polishes most floors well.


  • Portable and durable motor
  • Powerful motor (175 RPM)
  • Strips, cleans, and polishes
  • Suitable for most floors
  • Long power cord (50 feet)

The Clarke CFP Polisher Pro will satisfy your floor maintenance needs for many reasons. Its power, for instance, is on another level. If you have used many brands of mops that have failed to satisfy your needs, buying this polisher is a good idea. You can use it to scrub gunk and or old varnish from your wooden floors without scratching them. It is also one of the most reputable brands for screening, bonnet cleaning, and or your grinding floors to improve their outlook.

You do not need big muscles or a lot of experience to use this floor buffer well. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a janitor is a local school, this product will serve you well for many reasons. Its ease of use, for instance, is admirable. You can maneuver it on your floor with ease, devoid of your level of skill. Its long power cord, on the other hand, enables you to clean a large area of your home easily.

Recommended for heavy-duty use, the quality of this floor buffer is on another level. If you have used brands that have broken and or overheat whilst in use, this one will serve you better. Its all-metal frame, for instance, withstands abuse well. While chips and scratches are unavoidable, major structural and mechanical issues are not common. It also has a durable motor and an ergonomic handle with onboard controls.

Whenever you are scrubbing or grinding your floors, you do not have to worry about damaging them. The quality pads that this buffer users deliver excellent results safely. It also has a well-placed bumper that protects floors and furniture while it is in use.

Our Verdict

Even though noisy, this product improves how people clean and or restore their floors. It grinds and buffs efficiently. Its lightweight design is easy to use, while its long power cord (50ft) enables people to clean a large area.


  • Protective bumper
  • Safe transport wheels
  • Long power cord (50ft)
  • Buffs, sands, and grinds
  • Lightweight (123 pounds)

Are you looking for a heavy-duty floor machine that cleans and polishes well? If the small and underpowered model in your possession has let you down on many occasions, we have a suitable brand for you. General Floorcraft KCD is a reputable 17-inch buffer that strips and scrubs most types of floors well. You can also use it for shampooing of for everyday cleaning of your home or office with quality results.

The quality of this buffer’s components has attracted it a lot of praise worldwide. The cool-running 1.5HP motor that it comes with, for instance, is one of the best. Its durable design withstands abuse well. Whilst in use, issues such as overheating are not common. It also has a durable body and a handle that satisfy the needs of most people. Expect a memorable experience with this product.

General Floorcraft KCD uses large 17-inch cleaning pads. These are beneficial in many ways. If you have a large home, for instance, they will come to your aid whilst cleaning. Compared to other brands, they have a wide cleaning path. Because of their superior quality, they also clean most types of floors well with little effort from people. This product will keep your home clean and looking radiant always.

This floor machine weighs 107lbs. Even though heavier than some brands we have reviewed herein, it is easy to use. The 6-inch non-marking wheels that it has are also ideal. They ease its use on most types of surfaces further.

Our Verdict

This is a wheeled floor buffer. Even though heavy, you will not struggle to use it on a day-to-day basis. It also has a durable and powerful design that cleans and grinds most floors. Its quality and performance are amazing.


  • Powerful (175 RPM)
  • Reliable 5 HP motor
  • Non-marking wheels
  • All-metal construction

When choosing a floor buffer for your home or office, look for a dependable brand such as Viper. Even though most of its products offer people value for their money, VN2015 stands out in many ways. With a deck size of 20-inches, this is one of the largest products on our list. It is also one of the most efficient. If you have a large home that you clean often, you will get work done quickly without sacrificing quality in any way. Buy and use the correct pad for the best experience.

Apart from its deck, you will like the quality of the motor that this floor buffer uses. Rated at around 1.5HP, this is a powerful item. Under heavy load, it does not struggle as most of the cheap models in some buffing machines often do. The motor also has an impressive 175-RPM system, which is sufficient for cleaning most types of floors. Whether you have wood, stone, or laminate floors, this product will serve you well every day.

Floor buffers, llike most of the best toilet seats for homes, undergo a lot of abuse. If you are shopping for a new one, therefore, choose a heavy-duty brand such as Viper Cleaning Equipment VN2015. This is a durable product. Breakages and electrical issues are not common. Its motor, handle, and all other parts also work well in most settings.

Our Verdict

For heavy duty cleaning of hard-type floors, this is one of the best floor buffers to use. In terms of design, you will like its durability and its efficiency. Both its frame and motor withstand abuse well for long. With an original, you also get a floor-safe buffer with a wide (19 inches) cleaning path.


  • Powerful motor (1.5HP)
  • Low-speed system (175 RPM)
  • Floor-safe construction
  • On-board protective bumper
  • Large deck (20-inches)


  • Poor handle lock mechanism

How to Choose the Best Floor Buffers

Power: Do you clean and or grind floors often? Are you planning to restore the faded high-traffic corridor in your home? To get excellent results, check the power of your preferred buffer before buying. What is the output of its motor? Does its pad oscillate at the correct speed for cleaning the floor in your homes? Buy a product that works well.

Structure: Whilst in use, some brands of low-grade buffers overheat and or break down when least expected. Avoid such products are all costs. For good results, always check the structure of your preferred floor buffer before reaching for a credit card. What is the material of its frame? Make sure it is durable. Parts such as handles and motors should also last for long.

Safety: Keep personal safety and the safety of your floors while shopping for a floor buffer. Tools that scratch floors or lower their value over time are not worth buying. You should also avoid models with consistent electrical issues.

Conclusion: To clean, buff, and restore the floors in your home or office, do not use one of the wet mops available online. Even though perfect for cleaning dirt, they do not strip grime/varnish, nor remove clear scratches and fading. Buy one of our recommended floor buffers instead. You can also use laminate floor vacuums. Click here to know more about them. They also have durable and versatile designs that work well on most floors.

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