10 Best Oxygen Sensors in 2017

While maintaining their cars, most people install the best brake pad sets. A majority of people also check their spark plug wire sets to make sure they are working fine. Unfortunately, even though ignored, oxygen sensors are vital motor vehicle accessories. They monitor the gas and air mix or vehicles and tell people when their cars are running lean or rich. This improves the performance of vehicles. It also saves people a lot of gas money in the end.

According to the federal laws of the US, oxygen sensors are mandatory for light trucks and small vehicles. Driving one without a sensor or with a bad sensor might attract you significant fines when you least expect. The next time, you are servicing your car, do an engine scan. If you have a trouble code for your oxygen sensor, replace it with one of our recommended models. They are easy to install. They are also cheap and suitable for most vehicles.

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10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Denso is home to some of the bestselling spark plugs for Toyota cars. Over the years, it has also manufactured quality oxygen sensors with this Denso 234-9005 standing out in many ways. If you are tired of the inconsistent or inaccurate readings that your oxygen sensor generates, this is one of the best oxygen sensors to use. It is an accurate product. With one, you will be able to monitor the exhaust gas/air fuel ratio of your car easily. This is important.

Many brands of low-grade oxygen sensors break down easily or melt onto connectors over time. Denso 234-9005 is different. Even though it comes cheap in reputable web stores, this is a durable product. The materials used to make its case and connectors, for instance, last long. Their heat tolerant designs also work well in harsh environments without degrading over time. Finally, you will like the zirconia solid electrolyte this oxygen sensor uses. It is super-efficient. Its ability to deliver reliable results over time is also ideal.

A few brands of oxygen sensors require special tools or a lot of experience to install well. This is not the case with Denso 234-9005. In addition to its longevity, most people like its ease of installation. Once you have removed the old sensor from your car, all you have to do is click this one into place.

Most people think the most expensive car parts are always the best. However, you do not have to break the bank every time to get the best for your car. Ranked among the best oxygen sensors, for instance, Denso 234-9005 is one of the cheapest in 2017. The fact that you do not need a professional to install it is also ideal. This saves you the money you would have spent on labor.


  • Short wiring harness

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017People who have used one of Bosch’s trending products find it hard to use other brands for two reasons. Ranked among the best brands in the vehicle industry, its products work well. They are also durable and built to improve the performance of cars. Bosch Original Equipment 15717 is such a product. If you are looking for an oxygen sensor, you will like its performance. The protection tube that it has, for instance, ensures 100% accuracy. This is ideal.

The exhaust manifold (where oxygen sensors sit) has a hellish environment. It is hot. It is also wet and channels tons of corrosive gasses that lower the value of equipment over time. Bosch Original Equipment 15717 can withstand such a level of abuse. The laser-welded (double) stainless steel used to make its body, for instance, is durable. Its submersible design, on the other hand, offers superior protection against rust and contamination over the years.

Do you have a 3- of a 4- wire sensor in your vehicle? Are you shopping for a well-engineered oxygen sensor that will help you to monitor the performance of your engine well? Bosch Original Equipment 15717 is one of the best for many reasons. Its fast acting heater, for instance, delivers excellent results with both 3- and 4- wire sensors. It is also durable and, interestingly, cheap.

Bosch Original Equipment 15717 is a convenient product. Unlike some brands of oxygen sensors that require a lot of effort to set up, this one is easy. The coated threads it has eases its installation. This does not require special tools. You also get a long and coated harness with a snap-on adapter.


  • None

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Denso 234-9009 is a versatile oxygen sensor that works well in most types of cars. If you have wasted money on models that have failed to monitor your car’s performance accurately, this is the product for you. The sensing element for air/fuel ratio that it uses is one of the best. It is durable. The risk of it breaking down fast is slim. Because of its sophisticated design, its users also get precise proportions of air and fuel ratios, which is desirable.

Have you bought a few brands of oxygen sensors that have burnt out over time? Are you shopping for a heavy-duty model that will serve you well for long? Consider Denso 234-9009. Its double protected design is one of the best. It is durable. It also maintains the perfect temperature for generating accurate readings fast in most types of vehicles. Finally, its quality cover protects its ceramic element from contamination. This boosts its efficiency.

Most brands of oxygen sensors have issues with their platinum electrodes. Because of their low-grade design, this element contaminates easily. This lowers their efficiency and thus accuracy over time. With Denso 234-9009, this is a non-issue. In addition to a ceramic cover, it has a trap layer made of aluminum oxide. This prevents both silicone and lead poisoning over time.

Forget about Denso 234-9009 corroding or rusting as some low-grade oxygen sensors do. Its stainless steel housing is durable. It is also rust and corrosion-proof. Finally, its watertight body performs well in harsh environments of exhaust manifolds. If you buy an original, forget about replacing it soon.


  • None

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017The best in-dash navigation cameras help people to navigate unfamiliar roads easily. To monitor your engine’s performance well, however, you need one of the best oxygen sensors in the market. Most companies claim to offer valuable products. However, to get a trusted product that delivers excellent results always, buy a new ACDelco AFS105 sensor. It monitors exhaust gasses accurately. This enables you lower emissions and maximizes the economy of your car without breaking the bank. Do not hesitate to buy one online.

Have you used some of ACDelco’s brake pads with good results? Expect a similar result with this top-rated AFS105 oxygen sensor. Recommended for most GM vehicles, its premium design meets OE specifications for function, form, and fit. As such, you will not struggle to install it in your car. It will also perform to your expectations, devoid of the car brand in your possession.

Liked for its durability, ACDelco AFS105 is an excellent day-to-day oxygen sensor for cars. Do not waste your money on cheap models that fail after one or two months. The components of this sensor are of OE quality. They do not rust or corrode over time. Its tight sealed design is also very reliable.

While shopping for car parts, people fork out large sums of money to get the best brands in the market. If you are tired of such hefty expenditures, buy ACDelco products instead. Even though professional-grade, this sensor is affordable. The fact that it is durable and designed to work in most GM cars is also ideal. You do not have to replace a sensor whenever you are servicing your car.

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Are you struggling to monitor the air to fuel ratio of your car? Does it ride poorly because of your negligence? You do not have to buy a new car or buy expensive car parts to improve its performance. All you have to do is replace your old oxygen sensor with this premium Denso 234-9120 one. Ranked among the best air and fuel ratio sensors in the market, this is a valuable product. Set up well, it monitors that air-fuel ratio of the exhaust gas of most vehicles accurately. You will not regret buying one for your car.

When shopping for car parts, look for durable brands that offer value for cash. In the oxygen sensor niche, Denso 234-9120 is such an item. Featuring a zirconia solid electrolyte, its efficiency is desirable. If it indicates that your car is running lean or rich, that most probably is the case. Materials used to make its case and other components are professional-grade. Their durable designs withstand the harsh environments in exhaust manifolds of vehicles.

Do not question the accuracy of Denso 234-9120. If you have used a few brands that have let you down over time, this one is different. Its premium design delivers fast and accurate results in most types of vehicles. All you have to do is set it up correctly to monitor your car’s performance easily. Its long snap-on cable is also convenient. It eases its installation in vehicles.

Denso 234-9120 comes ready to use. You do not have to modify its parts or prepare it in any way to work. Once you have removed your old or worn out oxygen sensor, all you have to do is screw and snap it into place to have a functional oxygen sensor. It is also an affordable product. You do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money to get a versatile sensor that works well.


  • Warms up slowly

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Have you noticed that your car has poor fuel economy? Have you failed your latest inspection or smog check because of excessive emissions? Installing the best oxygen sensor in your car is one of the best remedies. Even though simple, reputable brands such as ACDelco AFS21 monitor the air and fuel ratio in cars accurately. Whenever it detects a rich or lean mix, it instructs your car’s computer to make changes that improve its efficiency. With one, thus, you will notice a significant increase in fuel savings. The emissions of your vehicle will also be optimal. This benefits the environment.

Do you have a GM vehicle? Are you having a hard time finding an original oxygen sensor that will improve its performance? ACDelco AFS21 is an ideal product. GM-recommended for use in most vehicles, this is a versatile item. Its premium design also works as well as the original sensors GM cars have.

The versatility of ACDelco AFS21 appeals to most car owners. If you are in the market for a durable and or reliable oxygen sensor, it is also one of the best brands in 2017. Buy yours today. Its steel housing lasts long. It also has a durable cable and a quality plastic adapter that does not melt over time.

Have you bought a few oxygen sensors that failed to fit your car well? Does the sensor in your car generate erroneous results occasionally? ACDelco AFS21 is a good option. Manufactured to GM’s OE specifications, it fits all GM cars like a glove. You will not struggle to install and remove it, as is the case with some brands of oxygen sensors. It also works well. Whether you have a sedan or a light truck that you use daily, you get value for money.


  • Unnecessarily long

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Which is the best oxygen sensor in 2017? If you have serious performance issues that an oxygen sensor can address, buy Bosch 13474. Like the best rotary tools that people like the Bosch brand for, this is a valuable item. The premium sensor that you get, for instance, detects rich and lean conditions accurately. Its well-engineered protection tube, on the other hand, not only boots its performance but also longevity. Buy yours online today. Your car will run like new with an original Bosch 13474 oxygen sensor in its manifold.

Are you tired of your oxygen sensors contaminating and or losing efficiency over time? Do not buy one of the cheap brands that are available online. A well-engineered sensor such as Bosch 13474 will serve you better. Made of stainless steel, its laser-welded design (double) is durable. The material does not crack or degrade over time. It is also submersible. The tight seals that it has protect it against contamination for long. This sensor will serve you well.

Some brands of oxygen sensors are slow and inefficient. Their specialized designs, on the other hand, work in a few selected vehicles. With this Bosch 13474 sensor, expect better results. Its fast-acting heater boosts its efficacy. Its well-engineered design also delivers accurate results in most vehicles.

You will never struggle to install this Bosch 13474 oxygen sensor. Its coated threads, for instance, secure it well on manifolds. Once set up, the risk of it slipping, as is the case with some brands, is slim. It also has a universal plug and a long and coated cable that eases its installation further. Buy one now.


  • Not compatible with all cars

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017NGK, like Denso, is a premium brand with quality replacement parts for cars. If you are struggling with poor mileage or an OBD2 scan hints at an oxygen sensor problem, NGK 25013 is a perfect solution. Reputable worldwide, its performance is desirable. It checks the amount of oxygen in your car’s exhaust in real time. If it detects a rich or lean reaction, it instructs your motor car’s computers to make the necessary changes. For just a few dollars, thus, you will improve your car’s fuel efficiency. You will also lower your carbon footprint.

Some brands of oxygen sensors melt when exposed to the sweltering heat of exhaust manifolds. Others rust or corrode fast or have low-quality parts that degrade under stress. With NGK 25013, these are non-issues. The quality of the materials used to make it is desirable. They are abrasion resistant. The risk of them rusting, corroding, and or melting over time is also very slim.

Some brands of oxygen sensors require professional installation to work well. This frustrates most people, considering the amounts some mechanics charge for the service. With NGK 25013, this is a non-issue. Its metallic head has a convenient screw on design that bolts into exhaust manifolds. Its plug and use adapter, on the other hand, is ideal. It works well with most cars.

Backed by a 12-month parts and labor warranty, this is an affordable item. You do not have to empty your bank account to keep your car working well over the years. It is also a durable product. If you get an original one from your favorite store, you will not replace it anytime soon. This saves you the money that you would have spent on several low-grade oxygen sensors.


  • Fragile circuit

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Do you live in a city with strict motor vehicle emissions laws? Have you had issues with your car’s fuel consumption of late? To pass emission tests and protect your car’s catalytic converter from damage, pay attention to your oxygen sensor. The cheap and low-grade models that people buy on the Net often do more harm than good. An OEM grade product such as Bosch Original Equipment 15664 will serve you better. Its ability to detect oxygen levels in exhaust gasses accurately, for instance, is invaluable. It can also direct onboard computers to solve rich or lean conditions whenever they present. This improves fuel economy. It also optimizes the emissions of your vehicle.

A good oxygen sensor should deliver accurate and consistent data always. Even though most brands offer this, Bosch Original Equipment 15664 stands out in many ways. The long-life ceramic technology used to make it is also very consistent. You also get a platinum power grid and three OE heated wires that capture precise voltage signals for the ECUs of most engines.

Like most oxygen sensors that we have talked about, the installation of Bosch Original Equipment 15664 is a breeze. All you need is a wrench to screw its head into the exhaust manifold of your car. The plastic adapter that it comes with is plug and use. You do not need tools to set it up well.

Are you looking for a cost-effective oxygen sensor that works as well as the expensive brands found online? Bosch Original Equipment 15664 is a good option. It is an affordable product. The quality of its design is also desirable.


  • Does not fit some vehicles

10-best-oxygen-sensors-in-2017Even though cheap, some brands of oxygen sensors do not meet the OE specifications of some vehicles. They, therefore, do not perform well under both normal and extreme conditions. If you have such as product, replace it with a new Bosch 15895 oxygen sensor. This is an affordable item. You do not need deep pockets to get the best oxygen sensor for your vehicle. Its performance is also desirable. Whether you are looking to improve fuel consumption or lower the emissions of your car, this is the best sensor to use.

You do not have to modify this oxygen sensor for it to work well in your car. Its direct fit design has an OE connector. This fits hassle-free in most types of vehicles. Its coated threads are also ideal. Devoid of the type of vehicle in your possession, you will never struggle to install this oxygen sensor.

The performance of Bosch 15895 exceeds the OE specifications of several cars. As noted earlier, its fit is accurate. This eases its installation. It also detects oxygen level in exhaust gasses and computes fuel and air ratios accurately.

Bosch oxygen sensors are popular for their longevity. This 15895 model is not different. Made of stainless steel, it does not corrode or rust over time. The material is also durable and has double-welded seams that do not leak over time. The risk of it contaminating over the years is slim.


  • Works only downstream

Shopping Tips for Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors boost the performance of engines. They also lower harmful emissions by optimizing combustion. Use these tips to get the best in 2017:

Specifications: Never use an oxygen sensor that is not compatible with your car. It will lower its performance over time. When emissions are out of control, damage to critical components such as catalytic converters is also common. To avoid such issues, check the specifications of your oxygen sensor before spending money. Will it fit your engine well? Is its adapter compatible with your motor vehicle? A well-engineered sensor will serve you well for years.

Longevity: In exhaust manifolds (where oxygen sensors are), temperatures reach searing levels. Look for a product that can withstand such a level of abuse. The material used to make it should be durable (preferably stainless steel). It should also have a durable element and a universal connector.

Ease of Use: Mechanics charge exorbitant fees to install engine components such as oxygen sensors. To avoid such expenditures, look for a sensor that you can install easily. Again, it should have a convenient connector. Oxygen sensors with coated threads are also easy to install. Look for the best model.

Performance: An oxygen sensor that cannot monitor exhaust gasses well is not worth your time. Before reaching for your wallet, gauge its performance. Does it monitor the oxygen level in air accurately? Does it communicate with Engine Control Units (ECU) well to optimize combustion? A product with the foregoing attribute will serve you the best. Buy from a good store.


Whenever you are shopping for an oxygen sensor, do not rush to pick the first brand you come across. To get a durable and high-performance sensor that works well, our top 10 picks are the best. They meet the OE specifications of most cars. Their longevity, ease of use, and accuracy are also desirable.


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