10 Best Prescription Sports Goggles in 2019 Reviews

If you genuinely love riding your bike, running your race, pushing your jogging strollers, and bombing down slopes, then you already know the pleasure that comes with using prescription sports goggles when carrying out such activities. Equally, when shredding down a mountain, participating in an intense game, or speeding down the highway, it is essential that you see everything around you while at the same time, keeping your eyes safe.

Players and coaches have realized that having protective eyewear can take their sport to the next high level. We are always on a mission to help you see better while doing the things that you love. For more than a decade, we have been keeping a close eye on trends in the prescription sports goggle market. We have been doing this but with a closer focus on the activities above.

As such, we are proud to denounce that we have mastered the art of prescription sports goggles, always ensuring we feature the best the market can offer. These goggles are tailored uniquely to your vision and sports needs. We have, therefore, conducted intensive research on the entire collection of prescription sports goggles in all shapes and sizes. Our list entails goggles designed for all types of outdoor activities and sports.

List of the 10 best Prescription Sports Goggles in 2019:

10. Basketball/Football Avant-Garde Fashion Sports Glasses

Most people find this prescription sports goggle suitable for them due to their versatile and adjustable design. Its anti-fog lens and hard frame protect the user’s eye throughout the exercise. Its soft silicone nose pad and adjustable strap give a comfortable fit such that the user never has to feel tired. More interesting is that one can replace the dustproof, windproof, and anti-fog lenses with prescription lenses. The manufacturer gives a 30-day money-back warranty.

9. PONOSOON Sports Goggles

These prescription sports goggles feature anti-fog dual lens, and hard frame that provide the user’s eyes will full protection throughout their sporting activity. It has an adjustable and changeable design that makes it suitable for most people. Its EVE case with a hook makes it freely linkable to your bag. You can also replace its dustproof, windproof, and anti-fog lenses with a prescription lens. Its soft silicone nose pad and an adjustable strap make it generally comfortable to use.

8. ToolFreak Spoggles, Safety Glasses, and Protective Goggles

We loved this prescription sports goggle for its impeccable design and high clarity clear lenses. It is much more than just simple peace of safety eyewear. It has a stylish design which makes it usable as a fashion accessory. You can use it for outdoor and sports activities to keep debris, dust, and wind out of your eyes. It is also a stipple of industrial and professional eyewear. It combines the best features of safety goggles and protective glasses, making it the most versatile and unique piece of protective eyewear.

7. Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses Football Perfect Personality Goggles

Most people love this eyewear for its simple design and functionality. It features a plastic frame, plastic lens, and is generally non-polarized. It has a lens height of 49 and a lens width of 58. Its bridge is 13. This simple protective eyewear is recommended for sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, and cycling.

6. EnzoDate Optical Swim Goggles

This top-of-the-line piece of protective eyewear commands a whopping 4.6-star rating on Amazon. It comes in different shapes and sizes, and as such, both adults and children can never lack something for their fit. It features three sizes of nose bridges which fits all faces. Among its top features are anti-fog, anti-UV, earplugs, and hard case mechanisms.

5. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

The unique thing about this middle-priced piece of protective eyewear is its outside lens, which is coated with H2X anti-fog technology. Its outer polycarbonate lens protects the user against the harsh environment, while its inner acetate lens prevents fogging. Its scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens provides UVA/B/C protection of up to 99 percent.

4. Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles Protective Eyeguard

Those who participate in high-impact sporting activities such as racquetball, baseball, floor hockey, and lacrosse will find this the best piece of protective eyewear. It protects your eyes against injuries and provides optimal support for various contact sports in which protection is a priority and It also an anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-shock, fully adjustable eyewear. It has a vented design for maximum flow of air.

3. HEAD Racquetball Goggles

The manufacturer has paired the modern technology with decades of experience to come up with the best racquetball protective eyewear on the market today. It features highly durable lenses that have been tested and proven to be both scratch-resistant and posses anti-fog property. Its durable frames are made of lightweight, sturdy material. For extra comfort, the eyewear features adjustable hinged-style temples.

2. Bangerz HS-OTG Goggles Protective Eyeguard

ASTM has approved this piece of protective eyewear for safety. It supports high-impact sports such as soccer, lacrosse, racquetball, basketball, floor hockey, and other contact sports. It is a shutter-resistant eye guard with anti-shock and anti-fog features. and It also has a vented design to allow maximum flow of air. The eyewear is generally comfortable to use.

1. Aegend Swim Goggles

This is one of the most comfortable prescription sports goggles we could ever come by. Its improved nosepiece and flexible silicon frame provide you with extreme comfort that neither hurts your nose nor leaves a mark on your face. It also has a stylish look that makes it fashionable.

How to Choose Prescription Sports Goggles:

Knowing you need prescription sports goggles is one thing, finding the right one for yourself is another. If anything, you need the best eye protection possible. So then, how do you get to know what to look for? There are quite several aspects of eye wearable that you need to look into carefully. Here are a few but critical factors to consider.

The material of the Goggles
The material should meet the stringent standards of ASTM F803. Goggles that meet this standard are capable of withstanding impacts and protecting your eyes. Additionally, they need to be flexible, light, and comfortable. You want to forget about them while on the court as such, they shouldn’t appear as though they are an additional burden to you.

Perfect Fit
The best prescription sports goggles are those that you will wear and perfectly fit in your face. If they don’t fit right, you are most likely going to leave them at home or have troubles when using them. Fitting may imply the goggles have some soft silicon support for the nose and plenty of adjustment in the strap. This will ensure the glasses are both secure and comfortable to use. The size of the lens should also be a perfect fit for you. For overall protection and consistency of vision, wrap-around lenses always tend to carry the day.

Right Gear for the Sport
Flying objects, racquets, sticks, and balls represent different potential eye injury. It is also undeniable that various gaming activities have different hazards. As such, different sports demand that players have special eye wearable designed explicitly for them.

Optimal Lens Coatings and Tints
This is yet another essential factor to consider once you have the right fit and frame. For those with goggle fits, anti-reflective coating and anti-fog coating will help protect the lens and minimize glare during the sports.

Have an Updated Eye ExaminationUsually, the standard eye prescription validity period is two years for adults and one year for children. In the event your eye prescription is outdated, you should visit a local optical shop and attain your current prescription. Once your eyesight is examined, ask the optometrist to give you a copy of the results. You should be able to consider these details when placing an order for prescription sports goggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do prescription goggles work?
The prescription sports goggle inserts are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate. They hold your prescription lenses securely inside your goggles. They are custom-fitted to every sports goggle to ensure safety, perfect fit, and comfort.

What is the meaning of OTG?
OTG refers to Over-the-glasses. It is a term commonly used to refer to sports goggles that are tailored to fit your eyeglasses. The design was developed way before goggle inserts came to existence.

What is Asian Fit?
Asian fit is also sometimes referred to as universal or global fit. It describes the difference in the way a goggle or frame fits on the nose of the user. It is designed to better accommodate higher cheekbones, flatter nose bridges, or a combination of the two.

Final Thought
It is not unknown to us that you value your sporting activity. At the same time, it is also true that you do not wish to subject your eyes to injury all in the name of enjoying a game. To strike an excellent balance between the safety of your eyesight and having fun while playing, we have developed a comprehensive list of the best eye wearable to use when sporting. It is now upon you to choose your very best from our condensed list.

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