10 Best Snow Boots for Men in 2018

Winter is a treacherous season associated with cold, ice, and snow. If you are planning for the upcoming months, do not forget two things – a warm coat and winter shoes. Many people have the former. However, because of negligence, they wear their everyday boots outdoors with negative results. Do not make this mistake. The best winter boots for men are not only cheap but also attainable in many designs and sizes online.

Are you struggling to choose the best winter boots? In this review, we have identified and profiled some of the bestselling brands in 2018. We have looked at remarkable features such as toughness and waterproofing. We have also looked at their designs, padding, and the quality of components such as soles whilst choosing winter boots. Buy one with confidence that you are getting one of the best winter boots for men in 2018.


  • MaterialLeather
  • ColorBrown
  • Size6-12
  • SoleRubber

Cole Haan

  • MaterialLeather
  • ColorBlack
  • Size7-9
  • SoleRubber

Merrell Thermo

  • MaterialSynthetic-Leather
  • ColorBlack
  • Size7-11
  • SoleChameleon Thermo

Columbia Omni

  • MaterialLeather/Textile
  • ColorBlack/Charcoal
  • Size7-13
  • SoleRubber

Kamik Greenbay 4

  • Material600D Nylon
  • ColorBlack
  • Size7-15
  • SoleSynthetic RubberHe

Merrell Moab

  • MaterialLeather/Fabric/Synthetic
  • ColorBlack
  • Size7-15
  • SoleSynthetic

Timberland High

  • MaterialLeather/Fabric
  • ColorDark Brown
  • Size6-10
  • SoleSynthetic


  • MaterialLeather
  • ColorBlack
  • Size6-10
  • SoleRubber

Northside Dawson

  • MaterialSuede
  • ColorCamel
  • Size8-13
  • SoleRubber

Sorel Cold

  • MaterialSuede/Fabric
  • ColorBlack/Noir
  • Size8-11.5
  • SoleRubber

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018During freezing winter months, wearing a pair of comfortable winter boots is beneficial in many ways. The risk of injury, for instance, is low. You do not have to worry about frost irritating or harming your feet over time. They also grip snow well, which is beneficial to people. KINGSHOW Men’s M0705 meets this threshold. If you are upgrading your winter apparel, buying one is a good decision. It has an accurate fit. Its design and overall quality of construction are also suitable for men of all cadres.

The low-quality winter boots that men buy cheaply online do not withstand day-to-day abuse well. They rip easily. They also fail to protect people from the cold and other harsh elements common during winter. KINGSHOW Men’s M0705 is different. Made of genuine leather, it is one of the toughest products on our list. The risk of it ripping whilst in use is slim. The material is also cold and waterproof, which come in handy outdoors.

These lace on boots fit snug on the feet. As you explore deep snow, therefore, the risk of them coming off and predisposing you to frostbite is slim. Their high profile (6-inches) shafts are also ideal. Apart from stabilizing the feet, they also keep the legs warm. This is important during cold winter months. You can wear this pair of boots with most types of clothing without them looking out of place.

When shopping for winter boots, many people choose KINGSHOW Men’s M0705 because of its performance on snow. Made of thick leather, for instance, it keeps people cool and comfortable. The thick rubber sole that it has is another major pro. It does not freeze nor crack as easily as most low-grade models do. It also grips surfaces well. This boosts the safety of people on slippery surfaces.

Our Verdict

KINGSHOW Men’s M0705 is a pair of true to size winter boots, each made of genuine leather. They are warm and comfortable. They are also durable and have non-slip rubber soles that do not crack over time.


  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Supportive heel (6-inches)
  • Genuine leather uppers
  • True to size boots

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018Since its inception in 1928, Cole Haan has manufactured quality men’s apparel for over 80 years now. Its collaboration with many reputable companies has seen it manufacture bestsellers that people like to date. This Bryce Zip winter boot, for instance, is a quality accessory for men of all ages. You will like it for many reasons. Made for quality leather, for instance, this is a durable product. You do not have to worry about it ripping and or losing it shape over time. This boot also has a warm and flexible design.

Whenever you are hiking or spending time outdoors during winter, nothing is as frustrating as wearing a pair of uncomfortable boots. A well-designed model such as Cole Haan will serve you better for many reasons. Its flexible upper, for instance, is novel. It does not irritate people. It also enables people to walk naturally on all surfaces. The thick rubber sole that you get is also ideal. Apart from soothing impact, its non-slip design improves the traction of people on most surfaces.

Whilst exploring rugged terrain, many people trip and hurt their ankles because of the non-supportive boots in their possession. If you are one of them, this pair of Cole Haan boots will serve you well. Its tall (7.5 inches) arch, for instance, keeps the foot warm outdoors. This lowers the risk of frostbite. It also stabilizes the foot and orients it naturally whilst walking. This not only improves the endurance of people but also their safety.

You will like wide and comfortable boot openings of these pair of boots (11.5 inches). It eases wearing and removal. Openings also have smooth and well-finished designs that do not irritate people over time. Even without socks, you will enjoy wearing these winter boots outdoors.

Our Verdict

These Bryce zip winter boots are comfortable accessories that also protect the feet of people outdoors. They are warm. They also have durable leather upper and non-slip rubber soles that grip most surfaces well.


  • Comfortable openings (11.5 inches)
  • Heavy-duty leather upper
  • Non-slip rubber soles
  • Water and cold resistant
  • Stable 7.5-inch shaft

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018Merrell, as most brands that we have reviewed, is home to some of the best cowboy boots for men in stores. If you are looking for a pair of winter shoes, most of its products are valuable. Chameleon Thermo 6, for instance, is a lightweight model made of durable synthetic leather. Unlike cowhide leather, the material is smooth, flexible, and luxurious. As such, the quality of the boot that you get is top-grade. If you are looking for a pair of warm and durable winter boots, it is also one of the best. Most people like its quality.

Leaky boots predispose people to many dangers during winter. The risk of developing frostbite, for instance, is high. Such boots are also uncomfortable when worn for long. To avoid such issues, buy this pair of Merrell Chameleon Thermo 6 boots. Its waterproof design works well outdoors. It also has mesh bellows and an insulated lining (300g fleece with aegis) that keeps its wearers warm and comfortable.

To keep wearers as comfortable as possible for long, this winter boot for men has many add-ons that you will like. Its tapered nylon insole, for instance, cradles and supports the foot well. The risk of slipping is small. It also lowers irritation and the risk of developing blisters if you wear these winter boots for long. Finally, you get a midsole with air cushioning and an advanced Q-Form™ Alignment System that positions the foot naturally. This lowers the risk of injuries further.

Slipping on snow is common with a pair of the standard boots that most people have at home. With Merrell Chameleon Thermo 6, however, this is a non-issue. Made of Trek Dura rubber, its Vibram® Chameleon Thermo™ Sole is not only durable but also non-slip. It also has a high comfort range (-26F/-32C), which makes it ideal for day-to-day use. Finally, it 6mm lugs grip most surfaces well. These include snow and mud.


  • Trek Dura Rubber sole
  • Wide comfort range (-26F/-32C)
  • Comfortable synthetic leather
  • Air-cushioned midsole
  • Insulated (300g fleece with aegis)

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018Many brands of winter boots for men often fail to protect people outdoors. Others have heavy and or irritant designs that harm people over time. If you are one of them, expect better results from Columbia Bugaboot plus III Omni Cold boots. Made of leather and textile fabrics, they are light, breathable, and durable. You can wear them for long in most environments without straining your feet or ankles.

Did you know that winter boots are only as good as their soles? An expensive brand with brittle synthetic soles will let you down over time. Look for a quality pair of Columbia Bugaboot plus III Omni Cold boots instead. Apart from their comfortable materials, you will like the durable rubber soles that these boots have. They absorb shock and impact well. They also have flexible designs that grip most surfaces well.

In terms of comfort, these ankle-length Columbia Bugaboot plus III Omni Cold boots stands out. They tall ankle-high (7-inches) shafts, for instance, keep people warm in cold weather. They lower the risk of your feet freezing outdoors. They also have waterproof seams that boost the comfort levels of people further. Finally, because of their Omni-Heat reflective lining (with 200g insulation), you will enjoy using these boots outdoors. They are warm, comfortable, and non-irritant.

Every winter, tens of people suffer broken bones whenever they slip and fall down. Even though some cases are unavoidable, many are a result of the slippery shoes that people wear outdoors. Purchase Columbia Bugaboot plus III Omni Cold boots instead to avoid such issues. Their non-marking rubber outsoles have an advanced Omni-Grip technology that improves traction.

Our Verdict

This pair of boots will keep you warm and well-protected outdoors. If you have bought brands that have ripped or irritated you over time, you will also enjoy using an original pair. Their durable and waterproof designs have insulated interiors that cushion the feet well.


  • Light textile and leather upper
  • Tight and waterproof seams
  • Advanced Omni-Grip technology
  • Reflective lining (with 200g insulation)
  • Warm and comfortable winter boots

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018If you are preparing for upcoming cold winter months, buying any random pair of boot is a bad idea. Pay attention to the style of your product of choice. You should also look at its durability and level of comfort before spending your money. Kamik Greenbay 4 offers these and numerous other benefits. Made using a 600D nylon fabric, for instance, it is one of the lightest products on our list. Most men who travel a lot or like spending time outdoors during winter months like this.

We have stressed the importance of buying winter boots with quality soles many times on this list. They grip surfaces well. They also have durable and non-slip designs that improve the balance of people on most surfaces. The synthetic RubberHe sole that this boot has meets this threshold. Even though lighter than rubber, it lasts for long. The sole also grips most surfaces well to improve both the performance and people.

Are you shopping for a comfortable pair of winter boots for men? Kamik Greenbay 4 stands out for many reasons. Its wide boot opening (13-inches), for instance, makes it fun to use. You can wear it easily. You can also hike and explore the outdoors for long without irritating your calf and or legs. You also get a stable 13-inch shaft with an 8mm thermal-guard lining that keeps people warm and comfortable.

Our Verdict

Even though you should buy a size larger for this boot to fit you well, its quality is impressive. The 600D nylon used to make it, for instance, is lighter than leather and other fabrics used to make boots. It is also durable and has a smooth and flexible design that does not irritate people over time. The thermal-guard lining and synthetic RubberHe sole that this boot has are also admirable. They boost warmth and comfort respectively.


  • Stable shaft (13 inches)
  • Comfortable opening (20-inches)
  • Waterproof upper (600D nylon)
  • Tight-sealing drawstring closure

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018The Merrell brand has featured a few times on our list because of its quality. Whether you are looking for the best basketball shoes for women or winter boots for men, its products are bestsellers. Moab Polar, for instance, is a durable leather and fabric shoe that performs well during winter. Because of its light and comfortable design, for instance, you can wear it for hours outdoors without issues. This rip-proof material is also durable and has a winter-ready silhouette with color-blocked overlays.

The design of this winter booth from Merrell is suitable for outdoor use. Because of its low-profile shaft, for instance, it is lighter than most comparable winter boots are. It is also supportive and has a low-profile heel (1.25 inches) that normalizes the movement of people. You will never strain to walk in this boots. You can also climb and run long distances without straining your ankles.

One of the major reasons why people buy winter boots to standard ones is to maximize comfort. Even though Merrell Moab Polar is comfortable by design, it has quality add-on features that boost its performance further. The M-Select DRY treatment that it has undergone, for instance, boosts its water resistance. It also has a comfortable footbed (EVA) and a padded insole that improves the comfort levels of individuals.

Snow is dangerous to walk on. The risk of slipping and breaking your limbs is high, especially with the low-grade boots available on the internet. Merrell Moab Polar Winter Boots offer better results. They are light and comfortable. Both boots also have thick rubber soles with M-Select ICE GRIP outsoles that work flawlessly well in ice and snow.

Our Verdict

Even though lighter than most brands, Merrell Moab Polar will keep you warm and comfortable outdoors. Recommended for use during winter, they also have low-profile designs with non-slip M-Select ICE GRIP outsoles. You can run, walk, and play in them without compromising safety.


  • M-Select ICE GRIP outsoles
  • Low-profile heel (1.25 inches)
  • Durable leather and fabric upper
  • Comfortable footbed (EVA)

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018Judging by its reputation, there is no doubt Timberland is one of the bestselling shoe brands of all time. Its boots, in particular, are reputable all over the world because of their strength and stunning outlook. Buy Timberland Schazzberg, for instance, yo get a pair of brown-themed leather boots with a synthetic lining. Even though tough as nails, these are comfortable boots. You can wear them for long without irritating your feet or straining your ankles.

The lightweight synthetic soles that these shoes have come in handy in many ways. The fact that they are light, for instance, is beneficial to people who spend a lot of time outdoors. They lower fatigue. Both soles also have frost-resistant designs with non-slip outsoles that rip both ice and snow well. As you engage in winter sports with friends, you will have the time of your life with these boots.

To stay warm and comfortable, you should cover your body as much as possible. Timberland Schazzberg will help you with this. Featuring a tall 8-inch shaft, the level of protection that people enjoy is notable. Apart from stabilizing your feet, for instance, it will also keep them warm and dry always. This is beneficial in sub-zero winter temperatures.

This boot’s D lace system guarantees a snug and comfortable fit. It also has a padded footbed (Ortholite) and an insulated interior (PrimaSoft) that boosts the comfort of users further. These boots are ideal for day-to-day use.

Our Verdict

You might not like the stiffness of these pair of winter boots for men. However, if you are looking for a durable pair of boots that will protect you from the elements, this is an ideal brand. Its leather upper is durable. It also has a stable mid-high shaft with a lined interior that keeps people warm.


  • Waterproof mid-high shaft
  • Sturdy D-ring lacing system
  • PrimaSoft insulation
  • OrthoLite footbed
  • Durable leather upper

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018Pay keen attention to the type of winter boots you buy online. Even though most brands are cheap and readily available in stores, look for a well-designed one such as KINGSHOW M0705. Made from leather, it has an eye-catching design that withstands a lot of abuse as well. Large tears, for instance, are not common. Because of its waterproof design, it also protects people from water and the cold.

Wearing a pair of uncomfortable winter boots is not only frustrating but also unsafe for most people. Fortunately, this is not an issue with KINGSHOW M0705. These winter boots are true to size. If you wear a size 10 and buy an original size 10 online, you will never have issues with it. Both boots also have wide and comfortable designs that benefit people with wide and narrow feet.

You will like the overall structure of this KINGSHOW M0705 winter boot. If you are looking for a quality pair that will cradle and support your feet well, this is an ideal product. Made of genuine leather, both boots have supportive 6-inch shafts that boost the performance of people outdoors. They lower the risk of injuries. They also orient the foot naturally, which has many advantages.

These are oil proof, weatherproof, and slip-resistant pair of boots. Apart from keeping warm during winter, you can use them whilst hiking with good results. In factories, they are also ideal for preventing injuries.

Our Verdict

Made of genuine leather, this pair of winter boots for men resists water and oil. They also have durable and supportive designs (6-inches) with non-slip soles that grip snow and ice well.


  • Oil, water, and slip resistant
  • Durable leather upper (genuine)
  • Supportive 6-inch shaft
  • Long-lasting rubber sole

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018In the past, winter boots were charmless accessories that weighed down and irritated men over time. This is no longer the case. Quality and eye-catching brands such as Northside Dawson are readily available in stores such as Amazon. Perfect for winter, this is a warm and comfortable boot. Even though low-cut, its stable design also protects the foot from injuries as you explore different terrains.

The style and performance of this winter boot for men is on another level. Made of suede, for instance, it is lighter than most reputable leather boots are. Whenever you are spending time outdoors, therefore, you can explore challenging terrain easily without getting tired. The material also has a charming outlook that does not stain or lose its value over time.

Do you explore slippery slopes often? Have you escaped death a few times because of the slippery winter boots in your possession? This Northside Dawson Winter Shoe will serve you better for many reasons. Its non-slip rubber sole, for instance, boosts its performance in most environments. The risk of slipping on snow or ice is slim. Its snub-toe slip-on design also has an elastic goring at entry that keeps snow and dirt out.

Our Verdict

You do not need one of those bulky and expensive winter boots for men to stay warm and comfortable outdoors. Low profile models such as Northside Dawson work even better. Made from suede, it is both stylish and durable. Its water-resistance is impressive, while the thick rubber sole it comes with boosts the stability and safety of people outdoors.


  • Durable rubber sole
  • Elasticized goring at entry
  • Padded insole and collar
  • Comfortable low-cut boot

10-best-snow-boots-for-men-in-2018Sorel Cold Mountain is a comfortable casual boot for winter made of suede and fabric. Even though it is not as charming as most timberland boots are, its performance is desirable. If you are looking for a pair of light yet warm boots, for instance, this is a suitable option. The fabric-lined suede used to make it traps heat well. It is also smooth, non-irritant, and therefore recommended for day-to-day use.

Apart from its comfortable fabric, the structure of this boot’s sole has made it sought-after worldwide. Made of rubber, it is durable. It also has a flexible design with thick lugs that grip most surfaces well. On ice and snow, you will walk comfortably in these boots without worrying about slipping or sliding. Its performance outdoors is desirable.

Rated to work well at temperatures of up to negative 25 degrees, this boot does not degrade as fast as some low-grade brands often do. Its quality fabric does not crack or lose its elasticity over time. It also has a waterproof shell (injection molded) and a Thinsulate insulation (200 grams) that keeps people warm and comfortable.

Unlike some winter boots that leak over time, this pair works well in all environments. Their waterproof thermal shells, for instance, do not leak over time. This lowers the risk of suffering frostbite significantly.

Our Verdict

This pair of winter boots keeps people warm to temperatures of up to negative 25 degrees. Its injection-molded shell is durable. It also has a comfortable lining with 200 grams of thermal insulation. This comes in handy during winter.


  • Waterproof thermal rubber shell
  • Durable injection molded shell
  • Comfortable upper (suede/fabric)
  • Withstands -25 degree temperature
  • Thinsulate insulation (200 grams)

How to Choose the Best Winter Boots for Men

Material: Winter boots for men keep people warm and comfortable outdoors. However, the experience that you get depends on the fabric of your product of choice. Pay keen attention to this when shopping. Leather, for instance, is durable and flexible. Rubber, on the other, has better waterproofing. Research well online and choose the best.

Size: Is the winter boot that you are planning to buy true to size? Brands that run small or large irritate people over time. Avoid them. Instead, look for a comfortable pair of boots that you will enjoy wearing for long.

Sole: Never ignore the type of sole that your boot of choice has when out shopping. Is it synthetic or rubber? Both are durable. However, because of their deep lugs and non-slip designs, rubber soles rip ice and snow better. Look for a boot that will protect you from injuries outdoors.

Weight: Avoid the heavy and or bulky pair of boots that sell for a fortune online. They weigh people down outdoors. Most people also find them frustrating to use, especially for long hours. Lightweight boots are ideal.


If you are planning for winter, buy one of our recommended winter boots as well. Even though expensive than traditional boots, they are warm and comfortable at sub-zero temperatures. Their waterproof designs also have non-slip soles that boost traction on most surfaces.


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