10 Best Toddler Beds in 2017

Do you have a kid at home? Do you believe that comfort is an inalienable essential that your baby should enjoy at all costs? Buying the best toddler bed is one of the best decisions that you can make. This is a useful product for many reasons. It is safe and comfortable. It also enables babies to grow and develop healthily over the years. For the best experience, pay attention to the toddler bed you buy. Look for a reputable brand from a good store.

Toddler beds play an essential role in the growth and development of kids. To offer your child a good start to life, pay attention to the type of bed that you buy. It should be as comfortable as possible. Sturdy beds with heavy-duty platform also serve kids well for long. The 10 brands we have reviewed herein meet this threshold. Your child will enjoy using one on a daily basis.

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10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017Does your kid enjoy hosting sleepovers with friends or venturing on outdoor camping trips? Are you shopping for a bed that he or she will enjoy using during such adventures? Buying this Regalo My Cot is a good idea for many reasons. Made of steel and plastic, its sturdy frame supports a lot of weight. As your baby sleeps or rests on it, the risk of it bucking or crumbling is slim. Its unique royal blue design is also eye-catching. It blends well indoors. You can also use it outdoors without worrying about this bed staining over time.

Perfect for camping and outings, this is a portable toddler bed. Unlike most wooden toddler beds that weight a ton, this is a lightweight product. You can travel with it occasionally without straining your back. Its foldable frame is also very convenient. It is space saving. This comes in handy during storage. Finally, this bed has a free carry back. This eases storage and transport further.

Most brands of toddler beds require add-ons such as mattresses to work well. This is not the case with Regalo My Cot. It comes ready to use. Apart from its solid frame, you get a fitted sheet that your kid can sleep and rest on comfortably. The sheet is durable. It also has a machine washable design.

To keep their kids comfortable at home, most parents spend a fortune on toddler beds. If you cannot afford such products, we have identified a good alternative for you – Regalo My Cot. Even though top-grade, this is a cost-effective toddler bed. You do not have to apply for a loan to own a new one.


  • Sheet sags over time

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017The best mini cribs accommodate and secure babies well during their early years of life. As your child grows, however, replace his or her mini crib with a quality toddler bed such as Orbelle 3-6T. Made of solid wood, this is a stable household accessory. It supports a lot of weight. Its durable design also has a unique French white theme that blends well in homes. Whether you have a traditional, or contemporary themed one, this is the best bed to use.

The best bunk beds are cheap household accessories for people with many kids. Even though versatile, they are challenging to use. Kids have a hard time accessing the top bank. With Orbelle Toddler Bed 3-6T, this is not an issue. Its comfortable height is safe for most kids. The can get in and out of it without needing step on stools or the ladders that come with bunk beds.

Does your child roll over often while sleeping? To protect him or her from injury, buy a memory foam topper that fits his or her bed. They cradle the body well. This minimizes movement while sleeping. You should also buy a new Orbelle 3-6T toddler bed. Fitted with two non-irritant side rails, it is one of the safest products in this niche. You kid will enjoy using it every day.

Assembled, Orbelle Toddler Bed 3-6T measures 30-inches wide and 4-feet long. It fits in most rooms. It also accommodates most kids comfortably and comes complete with all the necessary tools for its assembly. You will not struggle set it up. You also do not need the help of another person to do this.


  • Way-off support holes

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017For many years now, the Dream On Me brand has captivated parents with quality items for kids. The toddler beds in its possession, for instance, are popular worldwide because of their quality. If you are transitioning your kid from a crib to a toddler bed, for instance, this sleigh bed is among the best to use. Its classic wooden design is durable. When slept in on jumped on, breakage is not common. The company has also set its frame low to the ground to ease entry and exit. Your kid will use it effortlessly on a daily basis.

Low-quality beds are safety hazards for kids. The toxic finishes they have harm kids over time. Kids also often fall from such beds, which has its share of cons. To avoid these issues, buy a quality sleight bed such as Dream On Me Classic. Ranked among the safest beds on our list, its ASTM and JPMA-certified design is ideal. It has a non-toxic finish. Kids can chew it without problems. It also has two side safety rails that protect kids from falling over.

Even though this sleigh bed ships in pieces, you will not struggle to put it together. This is a simple process for many reasons. First, its parts are very accurate. They snap in place effortlessly. You also get a detailed instruction guide that outlines its assembly and all the necessary tools for its assembly. With an original one, you will have a functional bed for your kid in minutes.

Most high-grade toddler beds available online cost people a fortune. Do not waste your money on such. Dream On Me Classic is an affordable sleigh bed that works better. Buy one for your kid online. Its quality is impressive.


  • Mattress sold separately

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017Toddler beds have undergone a radical change over the years. Unlike in the past when parents relied on heavy solid beds, portable inflatable ones are currently in style. Perfect for traveling, for instance, The Shrunks is a popular sleepover bed with a wealth of impressive features. Measuring 78x43x9-inches, this is a spacious toddler bed. Both toddlers and big kids enjoy sleeping or resting in it. It is also easy to set up. In just one minute, you can easily inflate it to the recommended level using a standard pump. Most people like this.

The Shrunks is a versatile travel bed. During your camping trips, you can fit and use it in tents without issues. It also has a signature tuck in feature that fits most standard twin-sized sheets. This maximizes the comfort level of its users. The risk of toppling over whilst sleeping is also slim. Finally, you do not have to worry about bedsheets shifting whilst it is in use. This is ideal.

For some time, people have questioned the safety of inflatable beds. With The Shrunks, this should be the least of your worries. In addition to its price and longevity, many people like its high safety rating. The heavy-duty fabric used to make it, for instance, is both lead and BPA-free. Kids aged 2-6-years old can sleep in it without developing health problems in the future. It is also phthalate-free. Finally, its raised security rails prevent kids from falling.

Perfect for day-to-day use, this is a durable toddler bed. Rips and leaks are not common. Each new package also comes full with all the mandatory accessories for creating a functional bed. You get a detailed repair kit for working on minor leaks and tears. You also get a powerful electric pump (Jetaire) and a convenient carry bag the eases its storage and transportation.


  • Low-quality seams

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017What are the benefits of buying a new DaVinci Modena toddler bed over other comparable brands in the market? If you are planning to buy a new one online, do not hesitate to do so. You will like a new one for numerous reasons. Developed with kids in mind, for instance, this is a safe toddler bed. Its ASTM certified design, for instance, does not crumble under stress. If you have a kid that jumps on beds often, he or she can do so without safety issues. Its multi-step painted surfaces are also non-toxic. They are phthalate-safe. They also lack heavy metals such as lead that often harm babies.

Even though you do not get a free mattress with each DaVinci Modena bed that you buy, its versatility is desirable. It fits most standard crib mattresses available in the market. You do not have to buy the expensive branded ones that some brands sell. It also has a low-profile frame that most children can reach easily. You do not have to tuck your kid in bed daily, as cribs require.

Many low-grade brands of toddler beds crumble under stress. They break easily. Others wobbly or compromise the comfort and safety of babies in other ways. With DaVinci Modena, these are non-issues. Buy yours to get a stable wooden bed that supports up to 50 pounds. It also has sturdy legs that boost its performance further and two side rails (wooden) for safety.

This highly rated DaVinci Modena toddler bed sells cheaply online. Do not waste your money on one of the expensive ones popular in advertisements. You also get free customer service and a replacement warranty for its parts.


  • Horrible chemical smell

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017In the toddler beds niche, you can never go wrong with a DaVinci product. Most of them are durable. They also have aesthetic and functional designs that satisfy the needs of most kids. If you are struggling to get the best, we have identified one for you. This sleigh bed from DaVinci is a popular low height toddler bed that kids of all ages like. It is safe to climb in and out. It also comes in a range of stylish finishes that blends well in most bedrooms.

Toddler beds, like the best activity cubes for kids do, undergo a lot of abuse in homes. If you are shopping for a new one for your bundle of joy, order this durable sleigh one from DaVinci. Made using New Zealand pine wood, this is a solid toddler bed. As your kid grows, it will support him or her well. It is also comfortable and 100% sustainable. Most environmentalists like this.

With this DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed, you do not sacrifice the safety of your kid in any way. The multi-step painting process used to finish its surfaces is 100% non-toxic. You do not have to worry about phthalates, BPA, or heavy metals such as lead poisoning your child. In terms of design, on the other hand, this toddler bed meets the required U.S. CPSC and ASTM safety standards.

As other DaVinci products that we have reviewed, this bed lacks a mattress. This is not a major limitation, though. Its well-engineered design works well with most standard-size crib mattresses. It will make your kid’s nights special.


  • Inaccurate colours

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017Themed toddler beds are currently in style. Attainable in many shapes and colorful finishes, they blend well in homes. Because kids enjoy sleeping in them, they also promote better sleep and development over the years. This sesame street design from Delta Children is one of the best in 2017. It is a fun looking bed. It has charming characters (including Cookie Monster and Elmo) that most kids like. Finishes are professional-grade, which boosts its value further. Delta Children 3D-Footboard Bed is a good addition to homes.

You will like the structure of this bed. If you have a heavy child, this is one of the best toddler beds to buy. If your child likes playing in his or her bed occasionally, buying this Delta Children bed is also a good idea. Its metallic frame is stable. Its heavy-duty plastic components also withstand the test of time.

Are you shopping for a kid-friendly bed that your bundle of joy will enjoy using every day? If he or she has a playful character, this toddler bed from Delta Children is one of the best. It has a charming outlook. Because of its kid-friendly design, toddlers weighing up to 50 pounds can climb in and out easily.

With this Delta Children 3D-Footboard Toddler Bed, the safety of your kid will be the least of your concerns. As noted earlier, this is a heavy-duty bed. The risk of its platform caving in whilst in use is slim. All finished are kid-safe. Irritants such as BPA and phthalates will not harm your kid over time. Finally, the two guardrails on its sides prevent kids from falling over at night.


  • Challenging to put together

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017Does your child like action heroes such as Spiderman? If you are looking for a bed that he or she will enjoy using, buying a themed toddler bed is a good decision. They are stylish accessories. Most models also have sturdy and comfortable designs that benefit kids of all ages. This toddler bed from Delta Children is such an item. Recommended for kids aged up to 15 months, it is a sturdy bed. Fully loaded, it can support up to 50-pound kids easily.

You do not special tools to assemble this toddler bed. It is an easy process. You even get tools to do this. Its light design is also convenient. Made of plastic, you can move it around easily during setup. It is also spacious. For a few dollars, you get a 53.94×29.13×26.18 bed that most children like.

Do you have a child who tosses and turns often while sleeping? This is one of the best toddler beds to buy because of its high safety rating. Whilst in use, the risk of toppling over is slim. The two attached guardrails on its side protect kids from this. It also has a CPSC, JPMA, and ASTM-certified design. Both its structure and the quality of finishes used on it are safe for children.

Delta Children is a reputable brand. Most of its products are also affordable and designed to have a good impact on the lives of kids and their parents. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed is such a product. You do not have to break your bank to own one. It is also comfortable and has quality parts that serve kids well for years. You will not regret ordering this toddler bed.


  • Flimsy platform

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017Do you have a hard time transitioning your kid from her crib to a toddler bed? The quality of the bed that you are using might be at fault. Replace it with this KidKraft Princess one to have an instant change. This is a stylish product. Attainable in pink, most girls love it. Its charming design also entices kids into sleeping well at night. With an original one, you will never struggle to lay your baby girl to sleep. She will also sleep soundly at night. This has a good impact on the health, development, and overall well-being of kids.

The tall bunk beds that some people have at home frustrate kids. They are hard to get in and out. Some models also have uncomfortable designs that irritate rather than soothe babies. KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed is different. This is a comfortable toddler bed. Because its baseboard and mattress are close to the ground, kids also have an easy time getting into and out of it.

KidKraft Princess is a decorative bed. If the drab-looking one in your kid’s bedroom lowers its outlook, replace it with this one. The rails on its side are both stylish and protective. You also get a well-finished foot and headboards with gold crown/ gold leaf details that boost their value. This is impressive.

Most parents buy this KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed because of its stylish design. If you are looking for a durable day-to-day one, it is also one of the best in 2017. Its wooden frame does not break easily. As most beds that we have reviewed herein, it also supports up to 50 pounds.

10-best-toddler-beds-in-2017Buy a new KidKraft Nantucket to get a stylish white-themed toddler bed that your baby boy or girl will like. It blends well in homes. It is also one of the best toddler beds for transitioning from cribs for many reasons. First, its low profile design is easy to use. You kid will not struggle to get in and out of it at night. This toddler bed also uses the same size mattress as most cribs. Instead of buying a new mattress, you can use the one your kid enjoys sleeping on. This saves money. It also eases the transition to toddler beds.

Wooden toddler beds are popular because of their longevity. They also have warm and eye-catching designs that kids enjoy using. KidKraft Nantucket is such a product. The solid wood used to make its frame and legs are sturdy. It also has a charming finish that lacks irritants such as lead and phthalates.

You will like the structure of this toddler bed. Unlike some modes that creak or wobble over time, its stability is desirable. Even if you have a kid who likes jumping and playing in bed, this bed holds up well. Its weight limit is also desirable. Fully loaded, it can support up to 50 pounds without problems.

Over the years, your child will not only stay comfortable but also safe in this toddler bed for three reasons. As noted earlier, its unique structure benefits most kids. These include both gentle and active ones. Second, both sides have fixed guardrails (wooden) that prevent kids from toppling over. Finally, all parts (including its finishing) are kid-safe. This is a good day-to-day bed.


  • Misaligned screw holes

Tips for Choosing the Best Toddler Beds

Most parents think that the most expensive toddler beds are the best. This is far from the truth. To get value for money, keep these attributes in mind:

Longevity: Like adults, kids sleep in beds for at least eight hours every day. If you are looking for one that your child will enjoy using, make sure that it is durable. The material used to make it, for instance, should be the best. Solid wood is ideal. It supports a lot of weight without breaking. Toddler beds with metal frames are equally as good. Look for the best brand online.

Safety: Do not sacrifice the safety of your kid with one of the low-quality toddler beds available online. Before spending money on an item, check its safety. Does it have guardrails? If your kid rolls often while sleeping, these accessories will protect him or her from injuries. The quality of the finishing on your bed of choice should also be ideal. Make sure that it lacks irritants such as BPA, phthalates, and lead. Finally, look for a durable toddler bed.

Weight Limit: Buying a toddler bed that cannot support your kid’s weight is one of the worst decisions you can make. Before spending money on one, make sure it can support your kid’s weight. Read the reviews on the Web.

Design: Buy a bed that your kid will enjoy sleeping in. If he/ she likes cartoon characters such as Spiderman, buying a themed toddler bed is a good idea. They are stylish beds. They also ease the transition of kids from cribs to beds. The color(s) and design of your bed of choice should also be to your kid’s liking.


In this review, we have highlighted 10 of the best toddler beds on Amazon. If you are looking for one for your kid, these are versatile products. Both boys and girls like them. They are also durable, comfortable, and kid-safe.


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