Best Apple Watch Cases – Most Durable and Functional in 2017

For tech lovers, the Apple Watch is a sought-after product because of its superior functionality. It displays accurate time. Most Series also have smart features that help people to receive calls and or track their level of activity. Finally, the aesthetic value of Apple Watches is desirable. Whether you are a student or a businessperson, a new one will improve your outlook outdoors.

Do you own an Apple Watch that you use on a day-to-day basis? Does it have an old or scratched up case you are planning to replace? In this review, we have a collection of trendy Apple Watch cases that offer value for cash. They are stylish. They are also easy to install and do not compromise the performance of the Apple Watch in any way. Here are their desirable features:

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best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Many people like the Spigen brand for the quality iPhone cases it has made over the years. If you own an Apple Watch, however, it also has many great cases that boost their value. If yours has faded over time, for instance, this rubber-armored case is a perfect replacement. It fits most 42mm watches in the 3/2/1 series. Made with precision, it is also comfortable and designed to improve the functionality of the Apple watch. Apart from improving the outlook of your watch, you will access all its features and operate as usual.

One of the major reasons why people buy cases for their Apple watches is to protect delicate parts such as screens. To get a case that excels at this task, Spigen is one of the best in 2017. It is a durable case. Its resilient build absorbs shock well when dropped to protect phones from damage. It also has a raised 1.2mm bevel that protects its screen from scratches or damage.

The affordability of Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case has attracted it many customers worldwide. If you are looking for a quality case that you can install easily, it is also one of the best in 2017. Made of flexible TPU, its installation is quick and easy. You do not need special tools to do this well.

Are you allergic to metals or the low-grade cases for watches available on the Web? You will like this rugged one from Spigen. The quality TPU used to make it is smooth and comfortable. Worn for long, the risk of it irritating your skin is slim. It also has comfortable aluminum buttons with solid feedback.


  • Loose side button

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Like Spigen, SUPCASE is home to quality phone and watch accessories that improve both their value and longevity. Recommended for most 42mm first generation Apple Watches, for instance, Unicorn Beetle Pro is a reputable case with desirable attributes. If you are looking for one that can protect your watch from scratches, this is the best in 2017. Its rugged design absorbs shock well. This protects Apple Watches from disintegrating when dropped. It also protects against dents and scratches without lowering the value of watches.

With some brands of cases, people have a difficult time operating the screens and or buttons of their watches. This is not the case with SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro. Its protective design is perfect for day-to-use. It also has precise cutouts that boost the functionality of watches. You do not lose the touch functionality of your smartwatch. You can also access and use the buttons of your watch easily with this case on. Order one for your smartwatch now.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is easy to install. If you have used a few cases that need special tools or skills to set up well, buy this one. Its unique snap-on design is easy to install (tool-less). Because of its well-finished edges, the risk of it degrading your watch during installation is also slim. Whether you have the 2015 or 2016 edition of the Apple Watch, this case will serve you well.

Bumps and scratches are common on the stock cases that Apple Watches have. To protect yours from such issues, buy a quality case such as SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro. Its rugged design offers superior protection from both bumps and scratches. It also comes in many interesting colors on the Net.


  • Hard and rigid

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017The Apple Watch is a charming and functional product. However, the stock case that it comes with does not appeal to most people. Scratches and other physical damages also lower its value over time. To improve both the outlook and functionality of yours, i-Blason is one of the best cases to use. Made of hard polycarbonate and soft thermoplastic polyurethane, it is a tough yet comfortable case. It also has a hybrid bumper that protects the faces of most 38mm Apple Watches. The quality of this i-Blason case is desirable.

Even though eye-catching, some brands of cases lower the functionality of Apple Watches. This is not the case with this i-Blason one. It has a stylish design. Its premium design, on the other hand, has a plethora of innovative features that boost its functionality. Its precise cutouts, for instance, are ideal. You can access all the features of your watch with this case installed.

Some brands of Apple Watch cases require special tools to install well. Others scratch or leave residues on phones during installation and removal. This is not the case with i-Blason. The snap-on cover that you get is convenient. You can install it easily without using special tools. The risk of scratching or degrading your phone during installation and or removal is also very small.

Are you tired of the grey or black-themed cases that are available online? To add some color to your watch, i-Blason is one of the best Apple Watch Cases to use. It fits comfortably on 38mm watches. Many people also like its sporty designs and the multiple color options on offer. Whether you like pink, white, or blue watches, you can easily find a premium one online.


  • Horrible fit around wrists

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Do you have a 42mm Series 2 Apple Watch that you use to track time and or answer calls? Are you looking for a case that can protect its screen from dents and or scratches over time? This two-piece Monoy wcase-c3 is one of the best in 2017. Made of clear plastic, it does not compromise the looks of Apple Watches, as some low-grade protectors often do. It is also stain-proof and engineered to deliver all-around protection against minor dents and scratches. For a few dollars, you will protect your expensive watch well.

Do you have a protective case that has limited access to your watch’s smart functions? If you can afford a new one, replace it with this Monoy wcase-c3 case. Its ability to protect most Apple Watches from dents and scratches is invaluable. Because of its accurate cutouts, its users also enjoy full access to watch functions and features on demand. You can adjust time. You can also view calendars and make and or receive calls (if you watch supports this).

Even though tough, this protective case molds perfectly to the shape of most Apple Watches. This is beneficial in many ways. First, it improves the outlook and value of watches. The level of protection that it delivers is also invaluable. This includes protection against elements such as rain or sweat.

This is a snap-on protective case for Apple Watches. Unlike some models that require you to screw components for them to one, this one is ready to use. It also has a secure fit and brings out the true colors of most watches.


  • Affects screen sensitivity

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017The 42mm edition of the Apple Watch is among the most popular because of its design and functionality. The quality of its add-on accessories has also made it a sought-after device all over the world. If you have one that you want to customize with a new case, we have identified a good product for you. This case from Luvvitt is a premium Apple Watch accessory that fits all 42mm watch editions. Its blue theme is eye-catching. The high-Performance Fluoroelastomer material used to make it also has its share of benefits. Its flexible design fits most people. Because of its lightweight design, it is also comfortable.

Even though lighter than the plastic cases attainable online, this is a durable case. It lasts longer than the traditional silicone and TPU rubber cases that people have relied on for years. Its rubber-armored design is also desirable. It has an exceptional drop resistance. This protects phones from dents or mechanical damages when dropped. It also has a clean outlook and a dirt and heat-resistant design that keep Apple Watches looking good for long.

Did you know that the crown and buttons of Apple Watches are among their most delicate components? To protect them from scratches and other forms of damage, Luvvitt is the best case to use. Its raised bridge protects the crowns of most watches well. It also has covered buttons (with a tactile feel technology) that protects them from dust and elements such as water.

You will like this watch’s superior design. Unlike some models that sag over time, its premium design fits like a glove. It does not slip nor degrade as fast as some low-grade ones often do. You also get a premium accessory with a limited support and replacement warranty. Other brands lack these.


  • Poor durability

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Women like flashy items. If you are shopping for the best Christmas gift for the upcoming season, this plated Apple watch from OZAKI is a perfect one. This is a stylish accessory. If she owns a drab looking 38mm Apple Watch, this case will improve its outlook. Most women also like its ultra-slim 2-in-1 design. It is a lightweight. The risk of it weighing you down outdoors is very slim. Fitted well, it also protects watches from the elements and scratches.

Unlike some plastic cases available in stores, this case from OZAKI comes in many interesting themes. For a formal yet stylish outlook, consider buying a stainless steel coated case. It is appealing. Its chip and stain proof design also lasts long. On Amazon, its rose gold theme is also bestsellers. Its fun-looking and highly visible design appeals mainly to the youth and party lovers.

Once fitted, this case complements the original shape of Apple watches (38mm). It retains the smooth lines and edges that most people like. It also lacks the bulk that some traditional cases for Apple watches have. This boosts its charm. It also protects Apple Watches well and stays comfortable for long.

To improve the outlook and performance of your Apple Watch, you do not need deep pockets to afford premium add-ons. If you are looking for the best Apple Watch cases, for instance, OZAKI is an affordable model. Buy one to get a plated case that boosts the value of most watches. It is also durable, easy to install, and has a non-irritant design that appeals to most women.


  • Flimsy plastic

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Series 1 cases for the Apple Watch are in high demand in reputable stores such as Amazon. Even though many brands have responded to this call, the Spigen brand stands out. This 42mm gunmetal case, for instance, is one of the most popular because of its premium design. It is eye-catching. Most men like its manly design. The quality of its construction is also desirable. Buy yours to get a heavy-duty Apple Watch case that fits most watches well.

Are you shopping for a durable case that can protect your watch from dents and scratches? Spigen Tough Armor is one of the best for many reasons. Its polycarbonate exterior is not only light but also durable. It lacks the bulk that most traditional rubber cases have. Its TPU interior, on the other hand, has good shock absorbing properties. When dropped, it protects watches well. Finally, its raised 2.0mm lip protects the screen of watches from scratches.

The installation and removal of this one of a kind case is a breeze. You do not have to exert a lot of effort for it to fit your watch. Once you have cleaned your watch, snap this case into place to protect its face and components. Its removal is equally as easy. You do not need any special tool to do this.

Spigen cases are popular for their longevity. This Tough Armor model meets this threshold. The materials and technologies used to make it are the best. It is also fade-proof and has precise cutouts that boost the functionality of phones.


  • Not compatible with Series 2 Apple Watches

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Do not let scratches, dents, and precipitation to lower the value of your Apple Watch over time. Many good remedies are available online with this vault series Caseology case standing out. Even though slim, you will like its protective design. It absorbs shock well. The risk of your watch falling apart whenever you drop it is slim. The shock-resistant TPU bumper it has is also ideal. Whenever you place your watch on a table or your dresser, the risk of scratching its touchscreen is slim. Buy one for your 42mm Series 2 watch.

To improve the level of protection of watches, most brands bulk up their cases. This frustrates most people – especially those that use their watches on a day-to-day basis. With Caseology, however, expect better results. This is a lightweight case for Apple Watches. You will also like its ultra-low-profile design. It does not irritate and or weigh down people, as most bulky ones do.

Forget about the hard-shell case that you are planning to buy. They are hard to install. Some models also slip easily whilst in use. A sleek and well-designed case such as Caseology Vault Series will serve you the best. Its snap-on design is convenient. You can install and remove it without issues. When you are walking or running, it also stays on your watch. This boosts safety.

Even with this case on, you will never have a hard time using your phone. Its cutouts are accurate. They grant people unrestricted access to screens and sensors. Its tactile buttons, on the other hand, are not only durable but also have crisp feedback. This improves how people set up and use watches.


  • None

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017To protect their Apple Watches, people use many low-grade remedies that do more harm than good. Instead of the bulky cover that you want to use, for instance, buy this transparent case from Julk. Made of TPU, it is a durable product. The risk of it breaking or denting over time is low. Its low profile design (0.3mm) is also super convenient. It does not weight down people as some rubber and plastic covers often do. It also offers all-around protection (360 degrees) of most Apple Watches. You will enjoy using a new one.

Do you have a 42mm Apple Watch? Do you want to maximize its level of protection without compromising its outlook? Julk is one of the best Apple cases to use. Designed to fit all 42mm Series 1 Apple Watches, its versatility is desirable. On Amazon, you can also find versions for Series 2 and 3 38mm Apple Watches available online. Finally, its smooth and transparent design is desirable. It protects watches without compromising its looks or usability.

Avoid the bulky cases that compromise the natural viewing angle of most Apple Watches. To get a premium model that improves both the visibility and protection of watches, Julk is the best. The 360-degree viewing that people enjoy has made it a sought-after item worldwide. It is also durable and designed to protect watches from scratches on a day-to-day basis.

This is a cost-effective Apple Watch. If you are looking to protect your watch on a budget, this is the product to use. It is also durable and has a premium design that boosts the value of most Apple Watches. Buy yours today. It will improve the performance of your watch. Furthermore, for many months, you do not have to worry about scratches and other physical issues.


  • Traps moisture easily

best-apple-watch-cases-most-durable-and-functional-in-2017Some brands of Apple Watch cases promise people quality that they fail to deliver. Many quality ones are also available online with this Actionproof case topping the list. If you have sensitive skin, this is the best Apple Watch case to use. The hypoallergenic Laprene rubber used to make it does not irritate the skin. It is also flexible and has a durable structure that absorbs shock well. With one, thus, you can drop your watch a few time without damaging it. The risk of scratching your watch’s frame or face is also minimal.

You do not need special tools to install this case well. As most products we have talked about herein, its simple snap-on design is convenient. You can fit it onto most 42mm Apple Watches in seconds. Finally, its performance outdoors is desirable. You can hike or work out with it without any issues.

To maximize the protection of your watch, do not buy the low-grade apple cases that often disappoint. Actionproof has many desirable features that will serve you well. Its scratch and dent proof design, for instance, is ideal. It even features a raised bumper that maximizes the protection of watches. Finally, its smart design grants people full access to speakers, buttons, and all other controls of their watches. You do not lose its functionality in any way.

Are you conscious of your watch’s outlook? Actionproof is a functional and fun-looking case that will not let you down. It comes in many interesting colors (including red and black). It is also compatible with most wristbands and has an ergonomic design that complements the look of Apple Watches.


  • Somewhat bulky

How to Select the Best Apple Watch Cases

Are you shopping for a new case for your Apple Watch? Do not buy the first eye-catching brand you come across. Use these shopping tips to get the best:

Compatibility: Many times, people buy premium cases that fail to fit their watches. If you are planning to buy one, do not make this mistake. Make sure that your case of choice is compatible with your watch before buying. If you have a 42mm Apple Watch, for instance, look for a good 42mm case. A smaller 38mm case might not fit it optimally. It might even lower its value.

Performance: Are you looking for a case that can protect your watch from scratches? Check the performance of your preferred item before reaching for your wallet. What is its material? A durable case made of quality materials will serve you well. Second, does it have accurate cutouts? A case that stifles access to sensors, controls, and or speakers will let you down in the end.

Ease of Use: Because of their naivety, some people buy complicated cases that they have trouble installing. Others buy bulky models that irritate their skin and or lower the performance of their watches over time. Keep these attributes in mind when shopping online. Look for a product that you can install easily. It should also have a comfortable design that you will enjoy using.


Apple Watches are smart accessories with a legion of fans globally. However, like other smart devices, they are prone to scratching. Elements such as UV also compromise their looks and functionality over time. To prevent these issues, buy one of our recommended cases for Apple Watches. They are eye-catching. They also protect watches without compromising their performance.


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