Best Brands in 2017 – Multipurpose Scissor Jacks for Car Owners

Most vehicles come with a scissor jack. Manufacturers prefer them because of their lightweight designs. They also have compact designs that do not crowd cars as traditional jacks often do. Have you lost the stock jack that came with your vehicle? Is yours old and non-functional? Many third-party brands are available in stores such as Amazon. Buy yours to enjoy their array of benefits.

Even though simple looking, scissor jacks are workhorses that help people to tackle most roadside emergencies. Unfortunately, many fake brands are also available online. To avoid such items and get value for your money, buy one of the 10 jacks we have reviewed herein. They are functional accessories. You can use them to change tires or stabilize trailers. They are also durable and cheap.

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Eaz-Lift RVBecause of their compact and powerful designs, scissor jacks are among the must-have safety accessories in cars. They are perfect for addressing roadside emergencies such as flat tires. Paired with the best jack stands, they also come in handy when evaluating engines of small cars. If you are looking for a new one for day-to-day use, this RV stabilizing model from Eaz-Lift is the best in 2017. Made of heavy-duty steel, this is a durable product. Its versatile design, on the other hand, works well welded or bolted onto surfaces. This is a quality item.

Have you wasted cash on many low-capacity scissor jacks that failed to meet your needs? If you are conscious about personal safety, do not make a similar mistake. Buy a heavy-duty scissor jack such as Eaz-Lift instead. Even though simple looking, this jack supports 7500 pounds without crumbling. You can use it to lift most small cars safely. You can also use it to support most trailers.

When exposed to the elements, some brands of scissor jacks rust and or lose their efficiency. Even though Eaz-Lift does not last a lifetime, it will serve you well for years. Its metallic frame is durable. After many sessions, it will work as new. Its powder-coated surface, on the other hand, prevents it from rusting.

This is an affordable product. If you have a tight budget, do not settle for the low-grade jacks that disappoint car owners often. It is a better option. Each pack contains two long-lasting scissor jacks. You also get a scissor jack socket that supports most power drills. This makes it ideal for cars and workshops.


  • Fragile snap ring

Husky 76862Are you shopping for a new set of stabilizing jacks for personal or commercial use? Amazon stocks many reputable brands. However, to get one of the best scissor jacks in 2017, buy Husky 76862. With a new set, you get two stabilizing jacks, each with a 24-inch lift height. This is ideal. You can use them to lift your trailer off the ground. While changing car tires, this set of jacks also comes in handy. At full stretch, each of these jacks lifts and support up to 6500 pounds.

Like the best windshield sunshades, most motorcycle scissor jacks look the same. However, based on their quality of construction, they work differently. Popular online, for instance, this set of Husky 76862 jacks are among the most stable in the market. Their wide base plates (35 square inches), grip surfaces well. Both jacks also have sturdy steel frames that do not bend or break easily.

If you can afford an original set, you will appreciate the quality of these jacks. Their lifting power is amazing. With a bit of effort, you can lift most vehicles up to 24-inches in the air. They also have a stylish (black) powder coated finish that protects them from rust and corrosion. You can use the outdoors daily.

This set of jacks comes ready to use. In addition to the two professional-grade jacks we have talked about, you get detailed instruction on how to use them. This eliminates gambling and, therefore, the safety concerns people have with some jacks. You also get attaching hardware and a long-lasting swivel handle.


  • Fragile self-tapping bolt

Torin Big Red T10152Shopping for the best scissor jacks challenges most motor vehicle owners all over the world. Most people buy cheap products that break after one or two sessions. Others buy flashy brands that fail to deliver good results. If you are one of them, we have found a better option for you. Buy Torin Big Red T10152 to get a heavy-duty scissor jack for vehicles made of steel. This jack is durable. With a lift capacity of 3000 pounds, it also handles most lifting jobs efficiently.

The trunk space of most cars has not increased over the years. If you have a bulky third party jack that you plan to use every day, transporting it might be an issue. This is not the case with Torin Big Red T10152. Its small does not clutter the trunk space of vehicles. You can travel with it effortlessly every day.

To maximize personal safety while working on your car, buy a well-balanced jack such as Torin Big Red T10152. Its stability is impressive. The wide base that it has, for instance, grips most surfaces well to prevent slipping. It also prevents this jack from swaying from side to side, which is often bad news. Buy with confidence that you are getting a safe and reliable scissor jack for your car.

You do not need a fat bank account to own an original Torin Big Red T10152 scissor jack. This factory-tested jack (100%) is cheap. Its parts are durable. Finally, because of its reliability, you will not think about buying another jack soon.


  • Clunky system (old fashioned)

Ultra-Fab Products 48-979006Do you enjoy camping? Do you have a difficult time stabilizing your travel or cargo trailer during your numerous stops? Leaving a trailer hitched onto your truck can damage it over time. This can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that you would have avoided in the first place. Use this Ultra-Fab Products 48-979006 scissor jack instead. Perfect for stabilizing trailers, its stability is desirable. The risk of it toppling over without warning is slim. You can also use a new one to stabilize your cargo trailer or fifth wheels with good results.

Outdoor weather conditions wear out car accessories fast. When exposed to rain or water, for instance, low-grade brands of scissor jacks rust easily. They also corrode and lose their strength and or efficiency over time. With Ultra-Fab Products 48-979006, however, these are non-issues. Its steel frame is durable. The powder coated black finish that it has prevents it from rusting.

Do you have a scissor jack that tilts or sinks on loose soil whilst in use? Do you have a difficult time securing your trailer well because of its short height? You will enjoy using a new Ultra-Fab Products 48-979006 one. This is a functional scissor jack. You can extend it from 4-3/4-24-inches without compromising its stability. The large (5×9-inches) footpads that it has combat tilting and sinking.

With this Ultra-Fab Products 48-979006 scissor jack, you get two installation options. If you want to use it permanently on your trailer, you can weld it on its frame without compromising its structure. You can also bolt it with similar results. Buy from Amazon to get the best deal. It is affordable. Each scissor jack that you purchase also has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on defects.


  • Lacks a crank handle

Fasmov Scissor JackTo drive worry-free on a day-to-day basis, you need two essential accessories in your vehicle. The best in-dash navigation system will help you to navigate uncharted areas. You also need one of the best scissor jacks for addressing roadside emergencies. Many people have the former. However, when it comes to the latter, they own low-grade brands that do not work well. If you are part of this group, buy this scissor jack from Fasmov. Built for heavy lifting, it has a durable steel frame. At full stretch, you can lift up to 1.5 tons with a new one.

Travelling with this Fasmov Scissor Jack is not as challenging as other models are. This is for two main reasons. First, its streamlined design collapses into a compact jack that you can travel with easily. It will not clutter your car’s trunk. Even though made of steel, it is lighter than other jacks. You can carry it easily.

Never waste your money on a jack that cannot lift or support your car. Ideal for lifting trailers, cars, and SUVs, Fasmov Scissor Jack works the best. It is a versatile product. With a maximum height of 13.8 inches, it is also one of the most functional products in this list. It handles support and repair jobs well.

Recommended for personal or professional use, the quality of this scissor jack is admirable. You will like its striking red theme. It is eye-catching. It is also visible in the dark and designed to resist rust and corrosion. The stability of this jack is also desirable. When working on solid or loose surfaces, its broad base prevents it from sinking. The risk of it shifting whilst in use is also slim.


  • Not as strong as OEM jacks

Alltrade Powerbuilt 640819Mechanical scissor jacks are heavy-duty accessories that handle most types of lifting jobs well. They are durable tools. Their set up and operation are also straightforward, which appeals to most car owners. If you have saved for a new one, buying Alltrade Powerbuilt 640819 is a good decision for numerous reasons. This product is durable. Made of heavy-duty steel, its frame does not bend or wobble over time. You can use it to do heavy lifting jobs daily without compromising its structure over time. Its heavy-duty saddle is equally as good.

The reports of scissor jacks bending or collapsing whilst in use are worrying. In homes and commercial spaces such as garages, people have even reported deaths because of the cheap scissor jacks in their possession. With Alltrade Powerbuilt 640819, these are non-issues. The oversized base that its buyers get maximizes its stability and support. The strong lift action that it generates betters the experience of people further. You will handle most jobs like a pro.

Are you looking for a mechanical jack with a high lift range? Do not hesitate to buy a new Alltrade Powerbuilt 640819 jack. Its compact design (4-inches) extends to 14-inches. When changing tires, people get enough clearance for working safely. This mechanical jack is also perfect for supporting trailers.

Designed to exceed the recommended ANSI standards, this is a durable jack. No matter how hard or long your abuse it outdoors, the risk of its crumbling under stress is slim. It is also safe. Judging by the number of satisfied users on the web, its quality is desirable. Finally, it is easy to use. You can set it up easily under cars or trailers. You can also adjust and collapse this jack effortlessly.


  • No instructions provided

BAL R.V. Products Group 24002DHave you used many leveling scissor jacks that have either broken under stress or failed to generate the needed lift force? BAL R.V. Products Group 24002D will not let you down. Buy one to get a feature-rich 24-inch leveling jack that works flawlessly. Its patented roller-bearing system, for instance, is convenient. Its screw system works smoothly. It also does not require a lot of energy to operate well. People of all cadres (including women) can use it well.

When lifting heavy equipment, some brands of jacks wobble or rise cooked. This causes a range of issues that compromise the safety of people. If you have had several close shaves with your current jack, replace it with this brand. Its well-built scissor arms have an advanced tooth gear design that ascends vertically. The crank handle that you get is also smooth and easy to operate.

Apart from stress, rust is one of the major enemies of scissor jacks. It not only degrades their structure but also compromises their strength over time. With BAL R.V. Products Group 24002D, however, expect better results. Its long life frame and crank serve people well for years. They also have a rust-inhibitive E-coating that protects them from corrosion and rust. This jack never disappoints.

BAL R.V. Products Group 24002D is a cost-effective USA-made jack with a well-engineered crank system. If you have a tight budget but want to handle your emergencies well, this is one of the best products to use. If you are looking for a jack that you can use easily on demand, it is also one of the best in 2017.


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Red Hound Auto Levelling JacksLiked by individuals and professionals, Red Hound is a set of advanced leveling jacks for cars. Perfect for trailers, RVs, and campers, they are versatile items. They are also durable and attainable as a detailed kit that offers value for cash. Buy yours to get four scissor lift jacks for leveling and stabilization. You also get two convenient handles and 3.5×7-5/16-inch mounting plates that boost their stability outdoors. Set up well, the performance of these jacks is laudable.

In terms of design, these are among the best scissor leveling jacks that you will come across online. Made of industrial-grade steel, their quality designs are weather-resistant. You can leave them in the rain, for instance, without worrying about them rusting over time. Their well-engineered designs are also reliable. Devoid of the jobs you do often, they hold up well over the years.

Closed, these jacks measure around five inches. This is ideal for people who travel often. You can transport them in your car every day without cluttering its trunk. They also have an impressive working range (13-3/4-inches to 23-1/2-inches). Finally, with a weight lifting capacity of 5000 pounds (2.5 tons) these are among the most powerful scissor jacks on the market. They can lift and supports cars, trucks, and trailers without crumbling under their weight.

Do not fall for the cheap and ineffective jacks available online because of your tight budget. This set of four Red Hound leveling jack is affordable. You also get all mandatory accessories for its use and a one-year hassle-free guarantee.


  • None

Cynder 00672Cynder 00672 is not one of the standard leveling jacks that sell dirt-cheap on the Internet. This is a professional-grade tool. It also has numerous admirable features that improve how people maintain their vehicles or stabilize trailers. Featuring a tall 24-inch design, for instance, this is a functional leveling jack. Its high load capacity also makes its one of the best scissor jacks for cars in 2017. With one, you can support up to 5000 pounds without structural or safety issues.

Like most leveling jacks that we have talked about herein, this is a versatile product. It fits most trailers and pop-ups. You can also use it to stabilize and or level RVs and camper motorhomes without major structural problems. Finally, unlike some models that work in one orientation, this one of a kind jack supports both weld-on and bolt-on installation. Its users like this as well.

Used outdoors, you do not have to worry about rust degrading this lift jack. It is a durable product. Its eye-catching design also has a protective powder coat finish (black) that offers optimal rust protection. This prolongs its life further.

For years, people have avoided premium scissor jacks because of their eye-watering costs. This is no longer a major concern. Cost-effective versions such as Cynder 00672 are readily available in Web stores such as Amazon. As noted earlier, its quality is amazing. Its performance is even better. Buy yours now.


  • None

Libra 26020Mediocre scissor jacks often compromise the safety of people outdoors. The risk of damage to property is also high whenever they fail. Before buying one, think about these consequences. Shop smartly. Buy a trusted product such as Libra 26020 to get one of the best scissor jacks in 2017. Perfect for stabilizing and leveling trailers and RVs, these are sturdy tools. They are also durable and have a lift capacity of 5000 pounds each. Combined, you can lift and or support up to 20,000 pounds without structural or safety issues. This is impressive.

Each of the four scissor jacks that you get has an adjustable 24-inch design. They also have bow-tie bases that work well on all surfaces. You can use them to enhance the stability of your camper on tarmac. On soft soils such as sand, they also perform flawlessly. Use a power drill or handle to set them up well.

With Libra 26020, you do not have to worry about the storage issues people have with some brands of jacks. These are compact tools. Fully retracted, they measure only 5-inches tall. Whether you have an RV or a truck that you use often, you can transport them easily. They also consume less space in garages.

Made of steel, these multipurpose scissor jacks have an impressive breaking strength. They are also rust proof and do not bend as easily as some low-grade brands often do. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty use. People who are conscious of their spending also like this. They do not have to buy jacks often.


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Shopping Tips for the Best Scissor Jacks

Which are the best scissor jacks in 2017? To get value for your money, do not buy the cheapest or the most stylish jacks. Use this guide to find the best in 2017:

Capacity: People use scissor jacks in different ways. A majority use them to address roadside emergencies. Other individuals use them to support campers, RVs, and other travel items they use for camping. To get a scissor jack that will serve you well, make sure it can satisfy your needs. What is its weight limit? If you have a 5000-pound camper, buying a scissor jack that can only support up to 2000 pounds is a bad decision. Do your homework well before shopping.

Stability: Wobbly scissor jacks are safety hazards. They crumble under stress. They also compromise the safety of people and their properties outdoors. Avoid such products at all costs. The scissor jack you buy should be stable. The material used to make it, for instance, should be heavy duty. Steel is the best. It should also have a steady platform that works well on most surfaces.

Ease of Use: Look for a scissor jack that you will enjoy using. Compact and or portable designs, for instance, are convenient. You can travel with them daily without issues. The cranking system of your jack of choice must also be ideal. One that requires you to exert a lot of energy to work will only frustrate you.

Longevity: Do not buy a scissor jack that will break after one or two weeks. The product you buy should be as durable as possible. Check its material. Can it resist rust and corrosion over the years? Such a product will serve you well. You should also check its design. Can it support a lot of weight without bending or breaking? Research on the product you want to buy to know its suitability.


Do not use logs to stabilize your camper whenever you are camping outdoors. We have a better solution for you. The 10 scissor jacks we have reviewed are versatile tools that support a lot of weight. They are adjustable. They are also durable and designed to level and or stabilize campers, RVs, and motor cars.


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