Best Corkscrews in 2017 for Wine Lovers

During special occasions such as parties, most people serve wine to their guests. Many people also use it for cooking or during celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. For the best experience, it is advisable that you buy the best wine from your local store. You also need the best corkscrew to open and serve wine well.


Which are the best corkscrews for personal or professional use in 2017? These are cheap and simple accessories. However, to get value for your money, the product that you buy should be as durable as possible. It should also have a well-balanced design that opens most wine bottles. The 10 we have reviewed meet this threshold.

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best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversMost people use brute force to pen their favorite bottles of wine. Others use low-grade corkscrews that chip bottles and or compromise the quality of their wine in one way or another. If you are one of them, we have identified the best product for you. HiCoup Kitchenware is a quality waiter’s corkscrew that works well. Its precision crafted design fits and opens most types of wine bottles. It is also durable and has a well-engineered system that most people can use effortlessly. Do not let its low price fool you. This is one of the best corkscrews online in 2017.

The quality of the materials used to make this corkscrew is desirable. If you have a low-grade model that has broken over time, replace it with this one. The 420 stainless steel used to make it is durable. The risk of it bending, breaking, and or rusting over time is slim. You also get a comfortable Rosewood handle that grips tight in hands whilst in use. If you enjoy drinking wine every day, you will like it.

Some brands of corkscrews are challenging to use. If you have experimented with many of such products with poor results, this is the corkscrew for you. The precise groove that it has reduces drag whilst drilling. This eases the process. It also lowers the risk of your wine’s cork crumbling and contaminating your wine while opening. The expert foil cutter that it has is also ideal. It slices both plastic and foil well.

Do you have several bottles of wine with long corks? Do you struggle to open them whenever you are preparing for supper or an event? HiCoup Kitchenware Waiters Corkscrew will come to your aid. Its double-hinged fulcrum has a high leverage. This way, you can grip and unscrew most types of corks (including long ones) without issues. It also has a convenient two-stage cork removal system and a free lifetime warranty on defects. Order a new one today to get value for cash.


  • Fragile handpiece

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversKitchen items such as the best bread loaf slicers are popular in homes. People who enjoy drinking wine are also often on the lookout for the best corkscrews that make entertainment fun. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. The set of corkscrews that we have reviewed herein are valuable products that satisfy the needs of most people. This wing corkscrew from HiCoup, for instance, is an elegant product that delivers professional results. Order yours online today.

The design of this corkscrew appeals to most people. If you are looking for a well-built one that you will enjoy using every day, order one online. Its ergonomic handles do not irritate users. It also has broad (3-inches) wings that require minimal force to operate. As such, people of all cadres can operate an original one effortlessly.

Although manual, you will never struggle to operate this corkscrew wine opener. Its set up on most types of wine bottles is straightforward. Once you have placed its coated corkscrew on a cork, twist its handle gently to insert its worm. Once the cork rises, press its wings down to extract the cork. Most people can do this.

This is a versatile household accessory. You can use it to open most types of wine bottles. This includes types with short and long corks. You can also use it to open most beer bottles and clean it in a dishwasher without lowering its value. Buy an original one today. It is affordable. You also get a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.


  • None

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversGone are the days when people had to wrestle with wine to pop open their corks. The development of quality corkscrews such as Truetap has eased the process. You will like its feature-rich design. If you camp outdoors often and like carrying a bottle or two of wine, this is the product for you. It has a compact and portable design. You can carry it in your backpack or pocket without major problems.

The design of this waiter’s corkscrew from Truetap is impressive. Made of a long-lasting metal, this product will serve you well for long. You can use it on a day-to-day basis without compromising its structure in any way. It also has a curved and comfortable handle that most people enjoy using. It does not slip whilst in use. The risk of it irritating your palm or fingers whilst popping bottles is also slim.

This double-hinged corkscrew from Truetap is one of the best for opening wines. This is not its only strength, though. Buy one to get a free foil cutter that works well. Whether your wine bottles have plastic or wire foils, this product will serve you well. The 5-turn worm that it comes with is also convenient. It drills and secures corks well without crumbling. You will enjoy using one on a day-to-day basis.

Are you shopping for the best Christmas gift for your husband or father? He or she will enjoy an original Truetap Metallic corkscrew. It is a durable product. It also has a stylish design with a functional system that serves most individuals well.


  • Does not last very long

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversLike the best onion choppers, the designs of corkscrews have improved over the years. Advanced models such as Houdini, for instance, are popular worldwide because of its premium design. If you struggle to open wine bottles on a day-to-day basis, you will enjoy using this one. Its innovative corkscrew design drills and secures most types of corks. It is also durable and has a seamless system that makes wine opening a breeze. You will enjoy using a new one at home and in your restaurant.

Whilst in use, corkscrews withstand a lot of abuse. Breakages are common. They also wobble and lose their efficiency over time. If you have such as product, this lever corkscrew one from Houdini will serve you well. Tested to withstand up to 20,000 cork pulls, it is a durable product. You also get hardened metallic gears and heavy-duty handles that do not crumble under pressure. It never disappoints.

You do not need big muscles or a lot of skill to operate this corkscrew. Like most products that we have listed, people of all cadres can use it effortlessly. Using its top handle, push its metallic screw into your wine bottle’s cork. You should then use its bottom handle to pull the cork out without cracking or crumbling it. This is a straightforward process. Both professional waiters and every day Joes enjoy it.

With an original Houdini lever corkscrew, you get a professional-grade product that makes entertainment fun. You also get a matching foil cutter and an extra spiral with each original product that you buy on the Internet. Buy yours now.


  • Wiggly screws and hinges

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversCoutale Sommelier Innovation Corkscrew stands out in many ways. Liked for its innovative design, it is a perfect day-to-day accessory for use in restaurants and homes. The patented spring-loaded lever (double) that it has is also ideal. If you own a manual corkscrew that requires a lot of effort to use, for instance, this is one of the best alternative products to use. It grips most types of corks well. It also eases their extraction without crushing them and or damaging wine bottles.


To access and extract corks, people have to cut the metallic or plastic coils that most wine bottles have. With the wrong set of tools, this is often a challenge. Buy Coutale Sommelier to have a fun time doing so. The on-board foil cutter that it has cuts both plastic and metallic foils efficiently. It also has an automatic knife closure (patented) that lowers the risk of injuries. This product will serve you well.

You will appreciate the design of this one of a kind lever corkscrew. Made of solid stainless steel, for instance, this is a durable item. The risk of it breaking, rusting, or corroding is slim. The material also has a stylish and well-finished design that does not irritate people whilst it is in use. You will open 100s of bottles without issues.

The Teflon-coated worm that Coutale Sommelier has works better than plain metal ones that traditional corkscrews have. It is durable. Like its handles, the risk of its breaking or rusting over time is slim. Because of its low friction, it also spirals smoothly into most corks, which allows for a smooth and effortless cork pull.


  • None

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversDo you crumble corks often whenever you are serving wine? Are you tired of spending money on low-grade corkscrews that break easily? Do not let the flashy advertisements some companies use to market their products to confuse you. Look for a trusted product such as Barvivo Professional instead. Ranked among the best corkscrews in 2017, its value is impressive. Buy one, for instance, to get a heavy-duty wine opener that withstands everyday abuse well. Its classic double-hinged design is also ideal. It grips and pulls hard and fragile wine corks easily.

The low-grade materials used to make some brands of wine corkscrews crumble under stress. Others rust or bend out of shape, which is often frustrating. With this waiter’s model from Barvivo, this is never an issue. Made of stainless steel, you get a solid and durable corkscrew for day-to-day use. It also has a luxurious outlook. Whilst hosting parties at home, it will attract you many compliments from visitors.

A few brands of manual corkscrews irritate the hand whilst in use. Others require people to exert a lot of effort to pull natural or synthetic corks. With this Barvivo Professional Waiters Corkscrew, however, expect good results. Its beautiful and well-crafted handle is comfortable. Irritation and injuries are non-issues. Its serrated foil cutter (integrated) also works well. It slices most types of wine foils swiftly.

This is a perfect gift for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Unlike some models that let people down over the years, it works well. It is also durable and comes with a stylish gift box (free) that you can also use for storage at home. Do not hesitate to buy yours. You will get a good conversation piece on a budget.


  • Foil cutter dulls easily

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversIn popular Internet stores such as Amazon, corkscrews come in many shapes and sizes. The technologies used to make different models also differ significantly. If you are looking for a luxurious one that will serve you well for years, this vertical rabbit corkscrew from Metrokane is ideal. It is a good-looking accessory. You can use it at home or in your restaurant without it looking out of place. Its versatile design also drills and pulls corks from most types of wine bottles in one swift motion. At home or in your business premise, you will not struggle with a new one.

If you enjoy drinking wine, you will enjoy the structure of this corkscrew. Made of stainless steel, it is a durable product. The risk of it breaking without warning is slim. Rust and corrosion are also non-issues. Finally, its polished surface is not only smooth but also comfortable to handle. It does not callouse hands. The risk of it scratching your hands and or harming you over time is also slim. Buy yours.

With this Metrokane Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew, you no longer have to tear wine foils using your teeth. You should also forget about the knife that you use on a day-to-day basis. This wine corkscrew has a built-in foil cutter that works well. It is durable. It also cuts both plastic and metallic foil without issues. Finally, with each original model that you buy, you get an extra spiral for added convenience.

Do you struggle to extract wine corks whenever you are entertaining with friends of your family members? You will enjoy using this product. Drilling wine corks is a straightforward process. You do have to exert a lot of effort or use special skills to achieve this. It also pulls corks swiftly and releases it immediately after opening.


  • Shreds corks often

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversRabbit Vertical Corkscrew is one of the bestselling in the market. If you have an inefficient model or one that crushes your corks occasionally, you will like this one. It is one of the fastest products on our list. Set up well, you will be able to pull most wine corks in just three seconds. This is desirable, especially to people with businesses such as hotels and restaurants. Finally, if you have a degenerative disease such as arthritis, this is the product for you. It does not irritate joints or hands.

As other corkscrews that we have reviewed, this is a durable product. Its handles and screw are high-grade. Made of stainless steel, for instance, they do not break or rust easily. You also get a free decanter with an original model that you buy. Instead of wasting money on one, buy this product. Like most conventional pourers, its system is efficient. It is also easy to use in most types of wine bottles.

Rabbit is a reputable brand of corkscrews. Most of its products work well. They are also cheap and recommended for personal and professional use. This Vertical Corkscrew is such a product. Apart from popping corks easily, its users enjoy perfectly aerated win on a daily basis. It also fits most bottle sizes and has a high tech design that withstands up to 20,000 cork pulls. You get value for money.

Rabbit Vertical Corkscrew is an affordable product. If you have a tight budget, this is the product for you. It is also durable and has a limited 10-year warranty. If yours breaks after one or two months, you can ask for a replacement product.

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversWhen shopping for items such as corkscrews, people buy random products that disappoint them in the end. Do not take such an expenditure lightly. If you enjoy wine and want to have an easy time during its preparation, buy a quality corkscrew such as HQY. It stands out in many ways. For just a few dollars, for instance, you get a well-engineered product that works well. The 2-stage hinge mechanism that is has, for instance, is efficient. It has good leverage. It also needs little effort to operate well. This makes it ideal for pulling long and short corks.

HQY is a multi-functional corkscrew. Buy an original one to get an advanced 3-in-1 accessory that will improve how you entertain at home. Equipped with a sturdy corkscrew, it is one of the best for pulling corks. You also get an onboard bottle opener and a serrated cutter for removing both plastic and metallic coils.

This is an affordable product. Order yours to get a package of three waiter’s corkscrews with color-coded designs. They are eye-catching. Made of stainless steel, you also get a set of heavy-duty corkscrews that offer value for money. Do not hesitate to buy yours. You can use them at home or in your restaurant on demand.

Whilst shopping for day-to-day products such as the best spice grinders, cost is a major challenge for most people. As a result, a majority buy low-grade items that fail to satisfy their needs. With HQY Stainless Steel Waiters Corkscrew, this is not a concern. It is an affordable product. It also has a lifetime customer guarantee.


  • Challenging to use

best-corkscrews-in-2017-for-wine-loversIpow products are among the bestselling in many niches. They are durable. They also have well-engineered designs that handle different types of jobs efficiently. If you are shopping for the best corkscrew, for instance, this stainless steel wing one from Ipow stands out. Constructed using stainless steel and zinc alloy, it is a durable product. Under stress, forget about it bending or breaking easily. These materials are also food-safe and have charming designs that most people like.

Whilst opening wine bottles, the low-grade corkscrews that some people have scratch or irritate their hands. Others have inefficient designs that crumble corks or damage wine bottles whilst in use. Ipow is different. Both hands have soft-touch panels that do not irritate people. Both panels are also non-slip. This eases its use in all environments. It also punctures and extracts most types of wine corks easily.

The demand for stylish and functional corkscrews is high worldwide. If you are on the market for one, you will like this stainless steel model from Ipow. It is very durable. It also has a style guaranteed design that will not go out of style soon. If you are planning a romantic night, therefore, an original model will serve you well. It is also one of the corkscrews for use in bars, restaurants, and even homes.

You do not have to empty your pockets to own a good quality corkscrew. Look for this premium model from Ipow instead. It is a durable product. It is also stylish and most importantly attainable cheap in reputable web stores such as Amazon.


  • Low-quality hinges

Shopping Guide for the Best Corkscrews

Corkscrews come in handy whilst entertaining. If you enjoy drinking wine, you will never struggle to pull corks from most bottles. Use this guide to get the best:

Material: When shopping for the best corkscrews, most people buy the cheapest items. To get value for your money, however, check the material of your ideal product before buying. Fragile corkscrews break easily. Avoid them at all costs. A heavy-duty model made of a solid material such as stainless steel will serve you well. The material is very durable. It is also food-grade and able to resist rust.

Ease of Use: Different types of corkscrews use different technology. To get a model that you will enjoy using; look for an easy-to-use product. Its set up on different types of bottles should be as easy as possible. You should also be able to screw and extract different types of wine corks easily. When shopping, keep this in mind.

Add-Ons: Does your preferred corkscrew has add-on such as a ring cutter and or bottle opener? When shopping, try to get as many tools as possible within your budget. A ring cutter, for instance, will help you to open the metallic and plastic covers that most types of wines have. Beer openers are also good for entertaining.


In the review, we have talked about 10 of the bestselling corkscrews in 2017. If you are shopping for one, do not hesitate to buy yours. They are durable items. They are also efficient and have versatile designs that extract most types of corks.


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