Best Laptop Locks for Students in 2017

Laptop theft has reached astronomical proportions worldwide. In schools and universities, for instance, the reports of people losing their laptops in libraries or dorm rooms are high. In eateries such as restaurants and cafes, the threat is even higher because of the poor security in such areas. To avoid such problems, always be aware of your surroundings. Who is close to you? You also need the best laptop lock. They secure laptops well in most areas.


Losing a laptop to a thief is frustrating. It is also expensive to students with a tight budget. Finally, whenever people lose laptops, they also lose valuable data for school or work. Fortunately, you do not a security team to prevent this from happening. One of our recommended laptop locks will serve you well. They are secure items. They are also affordable and very easy to use.

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best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Do you have a problem securing your laptop in libraries or in eateries such a cafes? If you enjoy working in such areas and want to maximize safety, buy a good laptop lock. Kensington 64068F MicroSaver, for instance, is a reputable brand that has saved people thousands of dollars. Buy yours to get a quality lock that works off the shelf. You do not need brackets or screws to use it well. Moreover, you do not have to update your computer for it to work well.

Spending money on an expensive lock that does not work well is a poor decision. A secure model such as Kensington 64068F MicroSaver will serve you better. The patented T-bar that it has secures it on computers well. This is unlike some low-grade models that you can wiggle out of place easily. It also fits a range of products with Kensington security slots. These include laptops, laptops, and projectors. Do not hesitate to buy an original one online.

Thieves use a range of techniques to steal secured laptops. They saw off locks. Hammer attacks are also common. Kensington 64068F MicroSaver resists most of such attacks well. Made of steel, the security cable that you get is durable. You cannot saw or break it easily. The Kevlar brand fibers it contains boost its longevity further (up to 40%). It protects computers well.

This is an affordable laptop lock. If you are tired of losing laptops every time, you can secure it at a fraction of its cost. Its durable design also serves people well for long. You will not think about buying a replacement soon.


  • Does not secure some computers

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Replacing a laptop and lost data is a tedious and often expensive affair. To avoid such issues, investing in a good preventing remedy is one of the best decisions. A good combination lock such as Sendt, for instance, will protect your notebook or laptop well because of its premium design. The four-dial combination lock that it has, for instance, is durable. It is also foolproof. It has up to 10,000 user-settable combinations that you can use, as you want.

This is a functional combination lock. Unlike some brands that fail easily, for instance, it works flawlessly in all environments. The six-foot cable that you get is also desirable. You can secure your laptop to your desk’s leg without issues. It is also durable. Like its lock, it boosts the security of laptops well.

You will appreciate the versatility of this Sendt combination lock. If you own a laptop or notebook, for instance, you can use it outdoors worry-free. It is also one of the best locks for securing projectors, plasma screen, and LCD screens. For those in the electronics business, it is one of the best locks to use.

You do not need special tools or a lot of experience to use this lock. Ranked among the best models for day-to-day use, it is also one of the easiest to use. Follow the directions it comes with to set and adjust combinations. Via standard Kensington slot, you can use it to secure your laptop or notebook.


  • Does not fit all laptops

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Perfect for securing the best gaming laptops and office accessories such as projectors, Kensington locks are the best. The foolproof designs secure items well. They are also easy to install and made of premium materials that last a lifetime. Kensington Combination Ultra (K64675US) is such a product. Buy yours to own an affordable laptop lock with a high-strength lock head. It is resistant to tampering. It also resists damage from elements such as water.

Most of the complicated laptop locks attainable online frustrate people. During installation and removal, they also tend to damage computers and anchor points such as desks. Kensington Combination Ultra (K64675US) lacks such issues. Its unique push button design is convenient. Using one hand, you can secure and release it without damaging your computer. It is also keyless. This boosts its convenience further. You will not regret buying one.

This is an effective laptop lock. Even though most people choose it to its competition because of its price, you will also like its combination lock. Its four-wheel design is durable. It is also easily resettable. You can choose up to 10,000 possible combinations for securing laptops. Re-setting is also easy.

To maximize the safety of laptops, you need the best laptop lock. You also need a solid anchor point. Kensington Combination Ultra (K64675US) is a quality lock. It also works well on fixed structures such as tables and desks. As such, you can use it at home, in a library, or in a café with good results.


  • Useless rubber clasp

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Do you have a laptop that you use for work or school? Have you come close to losing it several times because of your luxe security? If you treasure it and the data it contains, invest in a new laptop lock. Kensington K64637WW ClickSafe, for instance, is a novel brand with an advanced 1-step security system. Even though simple, it works well. With a single click, you can secure your laptop or notebook in a library or café. Considering its cost, this is impressive.

Laptop locks offer visual deterrence from a distance. This does not mean that all random model will secure your computer well. Buy a well-engineered product such as Kensington K64637WW ClickSafe for the best experience. The disk-style combination lock that you get has a tamper-proof design. Its materials and technology provide a near impenetrable level of protection.

Which types of machines does this Kensington K64637WW ClickSafe lock secure well? Do not question the performance of this laptop lock. Buy one today to get a versatile laptop lock that fits most Kensington security slots. Whether you have a new or old machine, a new one will serve you well. It fits seamlessly. The tamper-proof cable it has also comes in handy outdoors.

This is a keyed laptop lock. This does not mean that you sacrifice quality or safety in any way. Its lock is hard to compromise using picks and hammers. Each lock also has two keys. Keep the emergency somewhere safe. You can use it to access the lock if you lose the first key. If you lose both keys, you can easily request a new set from Kensington. You simply fill your details.


  • Not suitable for Asus laptops
  • Bodyguard

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017In social spaces such as libraries and restaurants, it is interesting how many people sacrifice the safety of their laptops. When going for short calls or long calls, they leave computers unattended. This has seen a rise in laptop theft cases worldwide. To avoid such losses, buy a laptop lock. Bodyguard, for instance, is an affordable model with a wealth of novel features. You will like its universal security cable. Measuring 6.2 feet, it is long and functional. The 60mm dia it comes with secures most devices with a security slot well.


To secure laptops from thieves, different locks use different technologies. With Bodyguard, you get a keyless 4-dial combination lock that works well. It is durable. It also has resettable combination codes (10,000) that you can change whenever and wherever you want. Because they are only four, these codes are easy to remember. You can also personalize them as you like.

Do you wrestle with keys to lock and unlock your preferred laptop lock? If you can afford a new one, replace it with Bodyguard. This is a secure item. It is also one of the easiest to use on our list. The one key lever and push button it has, for instance, ease its set up and removal. You can do this with one hand or looking away. Do not hesitate to order yours from the Internet.

Buying a laptop lock that cannot secure and protect your computer is a poor decision. Most of the unique brands available in stores have this problem. Bodyguard, however, is a universal one that supports most laptops. You can also use it to secure your notebook and electrical devices such as televisions and projectors. If they have Kensington slots, this lock will secure them well.


  • None

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), US citizens lose over three million dollars yearly due to laptop theft. Even though buying insurance is a good cushion, it attracts hefty premiums. Moreover, insurance companies do not cover the data found in laptops. Most of these laptop theft cases are unavoidable. However, because of negligence, millions of people lose their laptops at work and in communal spaces such as libraries. Buy this RUBAN cable lock to avoid such problems. It is a durable product. With one, you also get a universal security cable with a dependable 6.2-foot design.

This is a lock-based laptop lock. Unlike numerous standard models that often fail without warning, however, this is a dependable product. The foolproof lock that you get secures laptops well. You also get to spare lock keys that for security. If you lose one, you do not have to damage it to access your laptop.

The T-bar locking mechanism that this lock has secures most devices well. If you have a laptop or notebook with a Kensington security slot, you can secure it on demand without compromising its structure. You can also use it to secure docking stations, televisions, and desktops with similar results.

This is a portable laptop lock. If you travel often with your laptop, you can travel with it effortlessly. The long cable that you get also works well on most sturdy fixtures. These include table and small poles. Finally, it is easy to install. When needed, you can set it up well without exerting a lot of effort.


  • Somewhat wiggly

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Apart from laptops, phone theft is at an all-time high, especially in vehicles. To secure such items well, women resort to storing them in the best handbags. Men, on the other hand, resort to hiding them from the public, which is often a chore. Do not subject yourself to such stress. Buy a versatile anti-theft lock such as ChargeTech instead. Made of extra-strength steel, it has a tough cable. The hardware of its lock kit is also exemplary. It is foolproof.

Most locks that we have reviewed secure laptops via Kensington security slots. This is not the case with ChargeTech. The 3M adhesive disk that it has works better. It is easy to install. Simply attach it to the back of your phone or laptop to secure it well. Its fast-acting formula forms fast. This improves the safety of phones and computers. You can also attach it to wood, steel, drywall, and most other solid surfaces with similar results. This is desirable.

In reputable stores such as Amazon, you will come across two broad types of locking mechanisms – combination and keyed. Both work well. However, people have varied experiences with both. ChargeTech offers both options. If you like keyed locks, its traditional key lock option works well. The high-grade steel used to make it is both stylish but also durable. Its combination lock is also impressive. Its smooth mechanics eases its set up and removal.

Whether you are looking for private or commercial security for your items, this is one of the best locks to use. It is affordable. You can buy several locks without breaking the bank. It also secures most electrical devices. It works well on smartphones. Its adaptable design also secures computers and iPad.


  • None

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Ranked among the bestsellers on Amazon, Kensington MicroSaver K64538US is a retractable lock that works well. If you are looking for a good portable lock, you will enjoy using this one. In terms of security, it is also one of the best products in this niche. Buy yours to get a well-constructed laptop lock with a hidden pin technology. Compared to some laptop locks, picking it is almost impossible. Set up correctly, it also resists saw and hammer attacks.

Laptop locks are very visible. They deter thieves from a distance. They also have well-engineered locks that rarely fail. Kensington MicroSaver takes its level of protection a notch higher. In addition to its visibility and its quality of construction, you will like its Tamper evident technology. Whenever a person tampers with it will alert you about the attempted breach. This way, you can take better care or your laptop or invest in add-on security devices.

Kensington MicroSaver Retractable (K64538US) has a retractable four-foot cable. This enables you to secure your laptop on most desks or tables. The structure of the cable is also desirable. Made of steel, it is durable. The risk of it breaking after one or two weeks is slim. It also has a tamperproof loop. This boosts the safety of computers and other accessories you are securing.

The patented T-bar lock that this lock has supports up to 99% of laptops. If you have a notebook or a compatible television set that you want to secure, this is also one of the best laptop locks to use. Its installation and removal are easy.


  • Thin wire

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Most of us like Dell computers and laptops because of their performance. They are also durable and designed to satisfy the needs of most people. If you have one that you use every day, consider securing it with this keyed computer lock. Measuring 6.4 feet, this is a functional lock. You can use it secure laptops on different surfaces without issues. Its high-security design is also desirable. Made of composite steel, it is very hard to cut/saw.

This is a sleek keyed computer cable. Unlike some models that compromise the outlook of computers, it blends well with most brands. Its pivoting head (90 degrees) is also ideal. You can install and remove it easily. The risk of scratching or damaging your computer is also low. You will enjoy using one.

Dell XHC2X has many advanced features that boost the safety of laptops. In addition to its cable, the structure of its lock has attracted it many positive reviews worldwide. Its hidden pin technology, for instance, is ideal. You do not have to worry about thieves picking it while you are away. Made of high-grade steel, its lock is also durable. It does not rust, crack, or degrade over time.

Even with its quality design, this is an affordable lock. If you like shopping on Amazon, you will own an original one without spending a fortune. Its durability is also one of its major strengths. If you find a new one, you will never worry about replacing it anytime soon. Most individuals like this.


  • Not compatible with Noble slots

best-laptop-locks-for-students-in-2017Password cable locks have grown in popularity for many reasons. Their durable and foolproof designs secure personals well. They are also highly convenient. You do not need keys to operate them. Ruban is such an item. Buy an original to get a high-performance cable lock that secures phones, tablets, and laptops well. Its 4-dial combination system works well. It is durable. Its set up and operation are straightforward. Finally, the tablet lock kit that it has a well-engineered adhesive plate that grips most surfaces well.

To protect phones and laptops outdoors, you must secure them to fixtures such as poles or desks. Ruban eases this process. In addition to its glue-on mount, it has a long 6.2-foot cable that people like. The cable is durable. It is also flexible and has a smooth cover that protects items from scratches. You will enjoy using a new one on a day-to-day basis in all environments.

Which products can you secure with this Ruban cable lock? If you have a laptop or notebook that you use often, this is one of the best items to use. It is durable. Its level of protection is also desirable. It is also one of the best locks for securing notebooks, MacBook, smartphones, and tablets indoors.

Whilst shopping for cable locks, many people think the most expensive ones are the best. This is not the case. Although commercial-grade, Ruban is an affordable lock. Individuals of all cadres can afford one. It is also under warranty. Its manufacturer covers production defects for up to 18 months.


  • None

Shopping Guide for the Best Laptop Locks

To secure your computer well, do not buy the first laptop lock that you come across online. Use this shopping guide to find the best brand in 2017:

Design: When shopping, most people base their decisions on price. Even though this is acceptable, a cheap product that cannot secure your laptop is virtually worthless. Before buying, check its design. Does it have a long and durable chain? This is vital for safety. You should also look for a product with a durable metallic lock that will secure your laptop or tablet well indoors.

Lock: Do you need a keyed or a combination lock? Both are equally safe. However, each model has its pros and cons. Keyed laptop locks are cheap. However, most people find them cumbersome to use. Combination locks are versatile. Because they do not use keys, you need a good memory to use them. Compare the pros and cons of both locks and choose a suitable one.

Portability: Every day, people travel with their laptops to work or school. If you are looking for a lock for securing yours, look for a portable one. It should be easy to transport. Products with retractable cables are the best.

Installation: Look for a laptop lock that you can use effortlessly. It should be easy to install without damaging your laptop. It should also be easy to remove with a similar result. Check reviews of buyers before ordering yours.

Compatibility: Make sure that your lock of choice is compatible with your laptop. If it has a Noble slot, for instance, look for a product that can secure it well. Kensington security slots are also common. If your computer and or Notebook has one, look for the best laptop lock that can secure it well.


Millions of people lose their laptops at work or in libraries every year. To avoid being a part of this statistic, buy a new laptop lock. The 10 brands we have talked about secure most laptops and notebooks well. They are also affordable and have foolproof designs that offer a high level of protection.


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