Best LED Rope Lights in 2017

The best LED rope lights have many uses in home and or offices. Whenever you are planning an event such as a birthday or a wedding, they are among the best décor to use. Their stylish designs light up spaces well. You can also use them to accentuate the beauty of staircases and or windows on a budget. Like the best Christmas lights, rope lights also work well outdoors. If you have the best garden genome that you want to highlight, for instance, rope lights work the best. They are affordable. They are also easy to install and have water-resistant designs that do not degrade over time.

The vital role that rope lights play in homes and offices is invaluable. Unfortunately, if you cannot find the right product, the cons often outweigh the pros. Some low-quality models waste electricity. If you are planning for season-long occasions such as Christmas, they will cost you a lot of money in the end. The risk of electric shorts and thus fires is also high with one of the low-grade products in some stores. Do not waste your money on such product. The best LED rope light should be durable. You should also check the flexibility of your product of choice and the type of bulb that it used before spending your money. Our buying guide covers these major attributes in detail.

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  • Description
  • Starlotus LED Light Strip Kit

    Works well in most areas of homes, 18-month worry-free warranty, Flexible printed circuit board, High quality LED lights (300), Self-adhesive 3M backing, Flexible and bendable design, Power-efficient 12-volt systems, Long 16.4-foot design, Reliable IR and 44 Key remotes

  • LTROP 2 Reels 12V Strip Light Kit

    High-strength self-adhesive tape, Measures 32.8 feet (combined), Waterproof (IP65) rope lights, 50,000-hour LED lamp life, Works well indoors and outdoors, Two portable reels, Powerful LED bulbs (300), Power-efficient 12-volt system, Bendable and flexible design

  • LEDJump Bright Pure White Dimmable Linkable Strip Lights

    5000K-6000L LED bulbs, Long (16.4-foot design), Does not kink or break over time, Water-resistant cover, Power-efficient system, Uses both AC and DC power, 300 durable LED bulbs, Easy to install and remove, Convenient plug-and use design, Cuttable and linkable system

  • LampLust 24 Ft. Plugin Rope Lights

    90-day warranty, Long 24-foot rope light, Connects up to seven additional strands, Plug-and-use system, Generates 7.2 watts per strand, 288 super-bright LED bulbs, Waterproof plastic case (clear), Decorative blue lighting, Flexible and bendable rope

  • WenTop LED Strip Light Kit

    Full 12-month warranty on defects, 30-day money back guarantee, Water-resistant rope light, Ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting, Super-bright LED bulbs, Long (16.4-foot) LED strand, Plug and use design, Low working voltage (12V), Self-adhesive tape

  • Rxment LED Strip Lighting

    Worry-free 18 months warranty, 3A Power Supply, Friendly customer service, 10-meter RGB light strip, Adhesive 3M backing tape, Durable color-changing LEDs (300), 44-Key IR remote control, Easy to install and customize, Double-layered copper wire

  • Divine LEDs Gorgeous String Lights

    Handmade (2700K-2900K) LED bulbs (100), Illuminate dark areas well, IP65 waterproof (100%) design, UL-certified low-profile adapter, High-quality copper wire, Plug-and-use design, Cost-effective accessory, Power efficient system, Flexible and bendable structure

  • WenTop LED Light Strip

    30-day money back guarantee, Full 12-months guarantee, 5M adhesive tape, UL listed adapter, Bendable copper wire, Color-changing LEDs (300), Long (32.8-foot) rope, Power efficient 12-volt (DC) system

  • Triangle Bulbs T93003 LED Strip Light

    Durable 16.4-foot rope light, Power-efficient LED bulbs, Cost-effective rope light, UL certified adapter, Cuttable after every three LEDs, Effective self-adhesive tape, High-intensity illumination, >50,000 hours lamp life

  • TaoTronics LED String Lights

    12-month warranty, 24/7-hour support, Cool-touch surface, Waterproof copper wire, UL-certified adapter, Power efficient system, Easy to install (flexible), Dependable LED bulbs, Works well indoors and outdoors, Long (33-feet) design, Have 100 LED bulbs

What to Look for in LED Rope Lights

The most expensive LED rope lights are not always the best. To get a valuable product that you will enjoy using, here are a few attributes to keep in mind:

Bulbs: LED bulbs are better than incandescent bulbs in terms of both their efficiency and power. Not all work the same, however. Whenever you are shopping for a new rope light, pay keen attention to its bulbs. What is their wattage, for instance? High watt bulbs are brighter that low watt ones. However, because they consume more power, many people tend to shy away from them. For the best experience, look for a wattage that works best for you. If you have a dark space that you want to light up well, a high watt bulb is ideal.

Before buying a rope light, you should also check the color temperature of its bulbs. Are they 3000k, 4200k, and 6200k ones? The higher the color temperature of your bulbs, the brighter/hotter your room will be.

Materials: LED rope lights consist of three main parts. You have the bulbs (LED). You also have wires that transmit electricity and a sheath or cover that holds everything together. Before buying one, make sure that all these components are of the best quality. Bulbs, for instance, should have a high run-time. Buying a product that will burn out in one or two days is a poor financial decision. You should also make sure that its wires and cover are the best. Avoid rope lights that whose wires break often. You should also avoid rope lights with cheap covers that degrade over time.

Safety: Confused by the pomp and the color that the best LED rope lights offer, many people sacrifice safety with disastrous results. Do not make the same mistake. Before you buy a new rope light, for instance, make sure that its LEDs do not contain hazardous materials such as lead. They are unsafe for the environment and humans. Its electrical system should also be top notch. A LED rope light that short-circuits or bursts into flames unexpectedly will put you and your home at risk. Avoid it at all costs. Finally, check the UL and RoHS status of your product of choice. They are good indicators or quality.

Length: The best LED rope lights come in an array of lengths. You can find both short and long ones for various occasions. If you are decorating the reception area for an upcoming wedding, for instance, a long rope light will serve you the best. Because you do not have to join wires to cover a wider area, they are safer in this circumstance. They are also easier to handle even with your limited electrical know-how. Short LED rope lights work well on windows. They are affordable and among the best for decorating Christmas trees.

Starlotus LED Light Strip Kit

Whilst decorating their homes for special occasions or for fun, people have a plethora of options. Glitter and ribbons, for instance, work well. However, for the best experience, consider using a LED rope light. They are affordable accessories. Advanced models such as Starlotus also have innovative designs that improve the value of homes well. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere indoors and or illuminate installations such as stairs, this product works well. It is an affordable accessory. You do not have to spend a lot of money to improve the value of your home. The colored options that you have also enable you to experiment with various looks to find one that works best.

The best LED rope lights not only light up homes but also induce various effects that people like. However, the quality of the product that you buy matters a lot. Cheap ones do not last long. They also break easily and often fail to meet the needs of most people. With Starlotus LED Light Strip Kit, expect a different experience. Fitted with a round 300 LED bulbs, for instance, you get a bright accessory that works well in most areas. SMD 5050 RGB bulbs used are also durable and have power-efficient 12-volt systems that will not let you down. This LED Light Strip Kit measures 16.4 feet.

Starlotus LED Light Strip Kit

Off the shelf, this Starlotus LED Light Strip Kit comes ready to use. The bulbs, for instance, are in a long and continuous roll that you can move around easily. The cable has a flexible and bendable design that you can mold into different shapes. It also has an adhesive backing (Self-Adhesive 3M Backing) that eases its installation. Instead of damaging your walls with nails, you can install and remove it effortlessly with no issues. You also get remote controls (44K Key and IR) that you can use to control lighting, a flexible printed circuit board (PCB), and an 18-month warranty. You will enjoy owning it.

Spending money on products that damage easily is not only frustrating but also a waste of money. Such products also often lower the safety of people if they use electricity. Recommended for both commercial and home use, Starlotus LED Light Strip Kit offers good results. You can use it to light up décor, your kitchen, or a stairway with excellent results. If you are looking for the best LED rope light for use outdoors, it is also one of the best brands in 2017. It is easy to install. You do not have fumble with electrical circuits to get it to work. It also has a rainproof design.


  • Loose electrical connections
  • Poor quality adhesive

LTROP 2 Reels 12V Strip Light Kit

The development of strip light kits has improved how people decorate their home. Highlighting of fixtures such as stairs and windows is also easier because of their versatile designs. If you are looking for a new product for your upcoming event, you have diverse options online. LTROP, for instance, is a popular light kit that is attainable cheap in the Amazon store. This does not mean that you get a poorly constructed product that will disappoint you in the end. The two reels that you get have around 300 bright LEDs (150 per reel). You also get connectors, a power adapter, and all other accessories that you will need to create a functional system. Do not buy the ribbons or flitter that people have used to decorate homes for decades. This strip light kit works best.

When decorating their homes using rope lights, many people run out of lights. The short and low-grade models that some people buy also break easily and compromise the experience of users. With LTROP 2 Reels 12V Strip Light Kit, however, you do not have to worry about these issues. It is a durable accessory. The LED bulbs that you get have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Even if you use it every day, you do not have to worry about them blowing over time. Its wires are also durable. They do not kink or break easily. Finally, with a combined length of 32.8 feet, this is one of the most versatile LED light kits in the market. You can install it anywhere in your home with good results.

Most LED rope lights work well indoors. For their outdoor designs, however, many brands charge a fortune. This is often a frustrating affair for people with a tight budget. Those trying to light up large areas also have issues, considering the vast amounts charged per foot. LTROP 2 Reels 12V Strip Light Kit is a different product. The two reels that you get are long and durable. You also get an affordable accessory that works well outdoors. If rain is a major issued, for instance, you can install this strip light on your home with no issues. Both the LED strips that you get are waterproof (IP65). Even though their connectors are not waterproof, they also work like a charm outdoors.

LTROP 2 Reels 12V Strip Light Kit

Are you decorating your home for your boy’ or girl’s upcoming birthday party? Are you decorating the reception area for a wedding that you are hosting? To get good results, consider using this LTROP 2 Reels 12V Strip Light Kit. Because of its versatility, it is one of the best LED rope lights for decorating indoors and outdoors. The fact that you are getting 300 LEDs, for instance, makes it an ideal rope light for decorating. It also has a bendable structure that you can mold around objects without damaging their structure. This makes it an ideal product for use on patios, balconies, and even gardens.

Do not let the length of this rope light to scare you. It is one of the easiest to install for many reasons. The self-adhesive tape that it has, for instance, works well on surfaces. You can use it on concrete. You can also use it on wood and on finishes such as drywall. You can also cut this rope light after three LED bulbs without compromising its system. Whilst decorating a small area, thus, you do not have to use the entire roll, as some brands require. This enhances its convenience.


  • Poor quality controllers (not durable)

LEDJump Bright Pure White Dimmable Linkable Strip Lights

The technology used to manufacture LED rope lights has improved over the years. Unlike the flimsy ones that people used in the past, they have become tougher. People also get improved lighting systems that improve the value of homes and offices. LEDJump Bright is such as product. If you are shopping for a pure white rope light that you will use for long, do not hesitate to buy one. Measuring 16.4-feet, it is a long and versatile accessory. You can use it to decorate most spaces without it looking out of place. The 5000K-6000L LED bulbs used to make it are also among the best. They are durable. Numbering 300, you get around 18 lights per foot, which is highly impressive.

In the past, installing rope lights was a chore that only electricians could do correctly. This is not the case anymore. With the advent of technology, companies have come up with convenient models that all Toms, Dicks, and Harrys can install. With this bright white strip light from LEDJump, for instance, you get a plug and use accessory that never disappoints. During installation, for instance, you do not have to hard-wire it for it to work. You simply plug it into a compatible outlet. The adhesive tape that this kit has also eases its installation further. It binds it well on wood, concrete, and even on dry walls.

Are you looking for the best LED rope lights that you can use outdoors? Many brands are attainable cheap online. However, to get a durable brand that offers value for money, consider these LEDJump Bright Pure White lights. Because of its cuttable and linkable design, you can install it in various locations effortlessly. This strip is also durable and has a waterproof case that protects it lights from the elements. Whether you have a statue that you want to light up or a patio that needs some TLC, this product works well. It supports both AC and DC power.

LEDJump Bright Pure White Dimmable Linkable Strip Lights

Many people associate LED rope lights with power wastage. This is the case with most low-grade models. However, with a top-rated one such as LEDJump, this will be the least of your worries. It is a power efficient accessory. Because it uses LED bulbs, for instance, this rope consumes a fraction of the power most incandescent bulbs use. This saves you a lot of money in the long-term.

LEDJump is an affordable LED rope light. Many people can afford the low amounts that its manufacturer charges. Moreover, because it is a durable accessory, you do not have to worry about kinks and or breaks over time. This saves you money that you would have spent on replacement rope lights.


  • Poor quality adhesive
  • Bad return policy

LampLust 24 Ft. Plugin Rope Lights

In the rope lights niche, LampLust is a reputable brand with a host of quality products. With these Plugin rope light, for instance, decorating for Christmas, wedding, and birthday parties is easy. If you have a drab looking patio or a dark staircase, it is also one of the best products to use for many reasons. Featuring a heavy-duty rope stand with a clear cover, for instance, it is a durable accessory. It works well indoors. Its plastic cover, on the other hand, is stain proof and has a water-resistant design. This makes LampLust an ideal product for lighting the outdoors as well.

Did you know that a LED rope light is only as good as the type of bulbs that it uses? Instead of buying an expensive one that does not light up, for instance, consider a cheap model that illuminates well. LampLust 24 Ft. Plugin Rope Lights meets this threshold. People consider it among the best LED rope lights because of its affordability. The 288 super-bright LED bulbs that you get are also among the best. They are durable. Even if used on a day-to-day basis, you do not have to worry about the blowing over time. The thick protective case that this product has prolongs their lives further. At full capacity, LampLust generates 7.2 watts per strand.

The decoration of homes is a complicated process that involves selection of colors and appropriate decorators. Do not complicate the process further by purchasing a hard-to-use LED rope light. Simple and efficient models such as LampLust work better for many reasons. It is easy to install. Unlike some models that require hard wiring to work, its plug-and-use system is convenient. You can even involve your kid in its installation without sacrificing his or her safety. As most products that we have reviewed herein, it also has a bendable design that you can maneuver easily. Finally, its adhesive backing works well on most surfaces.

LampLust 24 Ft. Plugin Rope Lights

With LampLust 24 Ft. Plugin Rope Lights, you do not have to worry about running out of rope whilst decorating. The long 24-foot strands that you get, for instance, are impressive. If this is insufficient, you can easily connect up to seven additional strands without lowering its performance. It stays bright. It also has a cool-touch surface that is safe for both kids and pets.

Have you ever spent a lot of money on a rope light that failed to meet your needs? To protect you from such heartaches, LampLust offers a 90-day warranty for this rope light. If your LED lights flicker or burn out before this cover expires, the company will replace the product for you. It also covers structural issues such as kink or breaks caused during production.


  • Chunks of lights flicker over time

WenTop LED Strip Light Kit

Perfect for lighting up kid’s bedrooms, cabinets, and outdoor installations such as patios, WenTop is a reputable product. It is also durable and has soothing warm white LED bulbs that create a stunning light show in homes. Do not hesitate to buy one. With each original package that you order, you get a complete LED tape light set that works well. Wires and LED bulbs are durable. The plastic cover that it has is also durable and fitted with a self-adhesive tape on the back for easy installation. The adhesive lasts long. It also works well on most surfaces.

Electrical devices such as the best Himalayan salt lamps play a crucial role in homes. When shopping for one, however, you should never sacrifice safety at all costs. This is the same with the best LED rope lights. Even though low-grade models are cheap, buy this WenTop Led Strip Light kit instead. It is a durable product. It also performs well and, most importantly, one of the safest products in this niche. The LED bulbs used to make it, for instance, do not have irritants such as lead. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor lighting. The low working voltage (12V) that this product has is also ideal. It does not heat up over time, as some low-quality rope lights often do.

The versatility of WenTop has made it a preferred LED Strip Light Kit for decorating homes and commercial spaces. The quality of the bulbs that people get, for instance, is invaluable. Whether you want to create a stunning light show or improve the safety of your staircase, they work well. This strip of LEDs is also cuttable and linkable. After every three LEDs, you get a cutting mark that you can use to shorten your light or connect it to another one. This not only saves product but also helps people to eliminate clutter whilst decorating their homes. Instead of using the entire 16.4-foot roll in a small space, you can customize its look easily.

WenTop LED Strip Light Kit

Are you shopping for a light strip that you can use to decorate the outdoor of your home? WenTop LED Strip Light Kit works well. Because of the super-bright LED bulbs that it uses, it illuminates dark spaces well. You will not only see it from a distance but also create the impression that you want easily. This rope light is also waterproof. Unlike some brands that stain or shirt circuit under such conditions, this one works well. Do not install it under water, though. Your safety should come first.

With WenTop LED Strip Light Kit, you get a durable rope light that works better than most comparable products. It is also affordable and under warranty. If you get a defective batch, you can return it within 30 days to get your money back. You also get a full 12-month warranty on defects.


  • No installation instructions
  • AC adapter sold separately

Rxment LED Strip Lighting

Several brands of LED rope light look the same. Some even share the same technology. However, they do not work the same. Quality ones such as Rxment have versatile systems that improve how people how people decorate their homes. Fitted with 300 5050 RGB LED lights, it is a bright accessory. It also has a unique color-changing system that creates a stunning light show whenever it is in use indoors or outdoors. If you have used a few types, thus, with poor results, you will like this one. It comes with a 44-Key IR remote control for easy customization. You also get a durable control box (24V) and a long (32.8 foot) cable that works well in most areas.

LED rope lights come in a plethora of interesting colors that create a stunning show indoors. RED LEDs, for instance, are popular due to their romantic ambiance. Blue, on the other hand, has a calming effect that most people appreciate. If you like both colors, this is a good product for you. The color-changing LEDs that Rxment has used light up areas and fixtures well. They are also durable and have a warm glow that most people appreciate. For good measure, the manufacturer has thrown in Pure White and green LEDs as well.

Rxment LED Strip Lighting

Do not buy one of the cheap rope lights that break easily. You should also avoid the flimsy ones that kink over time or blow up whenever their wires touch. Rxment will serve you better. In terms of style, it is one of the best products in this niche. The double-layered copper wire used to make it is also one of the best. It is durable. It also transmits electricity well to keep its bulbs lighting optimally all day. Finally, the upgraded plastic case that you get is not only durable but also has an adhesive 3M backing tape that eases its installation.

Rxment LED Strip Lighting Kit is an affordable product. Unlike some lights that cost a fortune, you get an affordable rope light that works better. Each kit that you buy also contains all equipment you will need to create a functional system. In addition to its 10-meter-long light, for instance, you get an RGB control box for customizing its lighting. You also get a 3A Power Supply, friendly customer service, and a worry-free 18 months warranty.


  • Fussy remote control

Divine LEDs Gorgeous String Lights

Most people like gorgeous things. If you are one of them, this gorgeous string light from DIVE LEDs will satisfy your needs. Unlike some types that clutter homes, for instance, its streamlined design never disappoints. It offers a visual treat both indoors and outdoors. You will also appreciate the warm and soothing light that it produces. Whether you are planning for an upcoming date or want to surprise your child during his or her birthday, this is one of the best rope lights to use.

Does this rope light consume a lot of power whilst in use? When shopping for new lights, most people have this concern. The thought of paying hundreds of dollars more in electricity is often hard to stomach. If you have a similar concern, choose these Divine LEDs Gorgeous String Lights instead. It is a cost-effective accessory. You do not have to break the bank to own an original one. It is also power efficient. Even if you leave in on for the whole day, it will have a negligible impact on the amount you pay for electricity.

With all electrical accessories, personal safety is a major concern when buying. If you have used a few lights that have let you down over time, this one will serve you well. The high-quality copper wire used to make it, for instance, is not only durable but also safe. You can bend it around furniture, for instance, without worrying about it snapping over time. Short circuits and electrical shocks are also non-issues. The low profile adapter that you get is also one of a kind. UL-certified, for instance, it is a safe accessory. It is also durable and easy to set up in most electric outlets.

Divine LEDs Gorgeous String Lights

If you are planning an outdoor event, do not hesitate to use these Divine LEDs Gorgeous String Lights. Their illumination is impressive. You also get a 100% waterproof accessory that works safely in all environments. With a rating of IP65, this rope light works well under heavy rain. The plastic case that covers its LEDs and wires is also stain proof and has a stylish outlook that most people like. Do not fall for the fake imitations in some online store. For the best experience, buy from a trusted offline or online stores.

The handmade LEDs used in this product are among the best in the market. They are durable accessories. They do not stain nor blow out easily, as some low-grade ones often do. Numbering 100, they also illuminate dark spaces well. Finally, these bulbs (2700K-2900K) create a romantic vibe indoors. This makes them ideal for wedding parties. They also make birthday parties and date nights special.


  • None

WenTop LED Light Strip

Do not experiment with the unproven LED rope lights that often fail people. If you are conscious about style, reputable products such as WenTop work the best. Buy yours to get a 12-volt (DC) rope light with a UL-listed power supply. In terms of safety, thus, it is one of the best products for use in homes. The long (32.8 foot) rope that you get is also ideal. Whether you are decorating your staircase or the patio on your lawn, you will not run out of lights. Finally, the 300 LEDs that you get are not only durable but also illuminate dark spaces well. They will never let you down.

Color changing LED lights are popular, especially during parties for many reasons. They are entertaining. The mix of lights that they produce also make occasions such as kid’s birthdays special. If you are looking for a new rope light that meets this threshold, WenTop is ideal. The LEDs that it comes with are bright and durable. They also have a color-changing system that you can customize using a third-party controller. With an original, you get diverse color options. You can also dim and increase its light on demand depending on your needs.

WenTop LED Light Strip

Wherever you install it at home, you do not have to worry about the safety of this WenTop LED Light Strip. The bendable copper wire used to make its electrical system, for instance, is durable. It does not kink or breaks easily. You also get a UL listed adapter that works well with most electrical outlets in homes. Finally, because of its low powered design, WenTop LED Light Strip does not heat up as some comparable rope lights do. If you have a pet or kid who mills around it often, it will not burn nor injure him or her in any way.

WenTop LED Light Strip, as some advanced LED rope lights, has a cuttable and linkable design. Whenever you are working on a project, thus, you can customize its appearance easily. The 5M adhesive on its back, on the other hand, eases its installation on most surfaces. Finally, this product has a 30-day money back guarantee and a full 12-months warranty. If it fails, you can get your money back or a replacement rope light hassle-free.


  • Fussy power supply
  • Adhesive peels off easily

Triangle Bulbs T93003 LED Strip Light

Quality LED rope lights are readily available in online stores. However, if you are planning to use decorative lights during your wedding reception or birthday party, Triangle Bulbs T93003 works best. Fitted with high-quality SMD (3528) LED bulbs, its performance is impressive. The bulbs are also durable (>50,000 hours) and have a high-intensity design that illuminates most areas well.

Like most rope lights that we have reviewed herein, installation of this model is a breeze. Because of its flexible design, for instance, you can install it in most areas effortlessly. You can also wind it around furniture or Christmas trees without compromising its value. Second, you can cut this rope light after every three LEDs without damaging its system. This enabled people to accomplish most types of projects without wasting ropes. Finally, this rope has a self-adhesive tape for easy and secure application. The tape works well on most types of materials.

Triangle Bulbs T93003 LED Strip Light

Are you concerned about electricity consumption at home? To improve its outlook while keeping costs down, choose this Triangle Bulbs T93003 LED Strip Light. The fact that it is using low-powered LED bulbs, for instance, appeals to most people. Even though bright, the lower power consumption significantly. The UL certified adapter and quality copper wires used to manufacture this product also improve its performance further. Do not hesitate to buy your today. This rope light will not let you down.

Are you having a challenging time finding a cheap yet quality rope light for use at home? Do not fall for the low-grade ones that some companies sell dirt-cheap. Triangle Bulbs T93003 LED Strip Light will serve you better. It is an affordable product. Whether you have deep or shallow pockets, you can afford an original one. The 16.4 feet of rope that you get is also impressive. You can cover vast distances with an original model. Because it is durable, you also save money that you would have otherwise spent on several low quality LED rope lights.


  • Strop plastic smell
  • Adhesive does not last long

TaoTronics LED String Lights

The best LED rope lights have improved how people decorate their homes and or offices. These durable accessories also come cheap in reputable stores. To get the best of the best, TaoTronics LED String Lights is our product of choice for 2017. This is not by coincidence, though. The quality of the product that you get will improve how you look at rope lights as decorations. Measuring 33-feet, for instance, this is a long accessory. You can install it in most areas of your home without running out of wire. The 100 LEDs that you get, on the other hand, are bright and durable. They will breathe life into your home or outdoors.

Several types of LED rope lights overheat whilst in use. Other burn out and or compromise the safety of pets or kids in homes. If you have a similar product, replace it with TaoTronics LED String Lights today. This is a durable kit. It is also powerful and has a safe system that you will enjoy using on a day-to-day basis. Tested to stay cool after over 14 hours of continuous use, it is safe for use in homes and offices.

Decorating the outdoors is a popular practice, especially during special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween. Even though most rope lights work well indoors, only a few can withstand elements such as UV and rain. TaoTronics LED String Light is one of them. Featuring a clear and waterproof case, water cannot damage its electrical system easily. The copper wires used to make it are also waterproof. Finally, its UL-certified adapter works well outdoors.

TaoTronics LED String Lights

Because of its thin and flexible design, you will never struggle to install this rope light from TaoTronics. It is easy to handle. You can also move it around objects easily and create secure connections without using nails and other materials. Because of its cool surface, you can also use these string lights around plants, without compromising their health.

TaoTronics LED String Lights is an affordable product. With over five million satisfied customers all over the world, it is also one of the best-selling products in this niche. Buy yours today to join this group. Your home or office will look nice. You also get a power efficient rope light with a 12-month warranty.


  • None


LED rope lights are decorative accessories that improve the value of homes. Many people also use them to highlight statues or bring trees to life during occasions such as Christmas. If you are looking for one for an upcoming party, this article has done the legwork for you. The 10 rope lights that we have reviewed are the best in 2017. They are durable. They also have efficient designs that light up homes well.


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