Best Magnetic Toys in 2017

Over the years, toys for kids have undergone a radical transformation. Unlike in the past when girls played with dolls and boys with toy cars, the best robot dogs have taken over. Their lifelike designs are charming. They also keep kids entertained for hours without losing interest. Magnetic toys for kids are also popular. Their educational designs improve the development of cognitive and motor skill. They also improve problem-solving skills of kids.

Are you shopping for a new set of toys for your kid’s upcoming birthday? Are you considering buying a magnetic toy? Many high-quality brands are available on Amazon. However, our top 10 picks stand out for many reasons. They are affordable toys. Most parents can afford them. They are also durable, kid-safe, and have functional designs that boys and girls enjoy playing with.

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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Most kids have outgrown the dolls and toy cars that were popular in the past. Complex yet easy to use one such as magnetic toys captivate a majority of both boys and girls. To get a versatile one that your kid will like, consider buying PicassoTiles. Children have no limitations with these tiles. They can build structures as big as they like. They can also create also experiment with many different designs to create masterpieces during their free time. These titles are scalable. They are also compatible with most reputable brands.

Did you know that most kids learn by playing? They also develop faster and better with the help of the quality magnetic toys available online. For the best experience, this is one of the most recommended products to use. Its geometrical and 3D tiles improve cognitive development of shapes. Over time, your kid will also have a good sense of color and learn the essentials of good architectural designs at a young age. Most parents appreciate these.

Do you have a 3+-year-old kid at home? Do you want to improve his or her creativity without compromising safety? PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles are among the best toys to use. They are kid-safe. The plastic and all other materials used to make them do not harm kids over time. They also improve the activity level and creativity of children from a young age. Both have their share of benefits. If you are planning a birthday party, order one as a gift.

Premium kid’s toys sell for a fortune online. This has forced parents to stick to traditional toys such as dolls, which do not captivate most kids. We have a better option for you. PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles are affordable. They are also durable, easy to store, and recommended for boys and girls.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Babies and kids enjoy playing with magnetic toys. They are easy to assemble. Kids can also create different structures every day with the same set of tiles. This does not mean that you should buy any cheap brand you come across. Have your kid’s well-being in mind. Look for a premium product such as IMDEN Magnetic Blocks to make playtime special. These toys are perfect for playing and learning. Kids can combine them into different patterns with ease. With a bit of effort, they can also make structures such as planes and animals such as dogs at home. This is unlike dolls that often bore kids fast.

Over time, magnetic toys attract dirt and grime, which can harm kids over time. Buying a brand that is challenging to clean, therefore, is one of the worst decisions you can make. Buy these IMDEN Magnetic Blocks instead. They are super easy to clean. You can use a damp cloth to wipe their surfaces. You can also dump them into a bathtub and wash them without damaging their structure or lowering their performance. A quality set serves kids well.

Have you bought brands of magnetic toys that have chipped over time? Have your child’s old tiles or blocks lost their magnetic power after a few months? Buy this set of IMDEN Magnetic Blocks. Made of quality plastic, they are durable toys. They also meet all American safety standards for toys.

IMDEN Magnetic Blocks come with a free storage bag. While not in use, you can store it out of sight in your kid’s bedroom. Because of its portability, it is also a good travel accessory. During your trips, you can travel with your kid’s favorite toys without cluttering space or damaging their structure.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Playing plays an essential role in the development of kids. It improves their coordination. It also sharpens their problem solving and critical thinking skills, which come in handy in adulthood. For the best experience, buy him or her a versatile magnetic toy such as Newisland. Perfect for playing and learning, the magnetic toys on offer encourage creativity. By challenging kids, they also improve brain development at a young age. Do not waste your money on kids tablets and other similar toys. They do more harm than good.

The safety of kids is often a concern with one of the plastic toys available on the Internet. If you have a close shave with some premium brands, this set of Newisland Magnetic Blocks will serve your kid well. They are durable plastic (ABS) toys. They also have tight and well-finished designs that do not irritate kids whilst in use. Finally, all magnets that they have are kid-safe.

These blocks come in a range of interesting designs that appeal to most kids. Their color combinations are perfect. Apart from making eye-catching structures, they also improve cognitive development of color. With a new set, children can also experiment with many DIY designs, which is admirable.

This is an affordable set of magnetic blocks. For a few dollars, you get forty blocks (24 square and 16 triangles) in random colors. You also get a free double zippered bag for storage or transport of these magnetic blocks.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Magnetic toys are ideal play accessories for kids because of their versatile designs. They are also fun to use and come in an array of appealing designs that both boys and girls like. This 118-piece set from Playmags, for instance, is one of the best in 2017 for many reasons. Recommended for kids aged 3+ years old, it offers hours of educational entertainment at home. Children can also build, play, and learn from them without sacrificing personal safety. Forget about the dolls or cars you are planning to buy. This type is better.

Magnetic toys have magnetized components that you can transform into different shapes. Unfortunately, because of the low-grade magnets that some brands use, their pieces lose their grip over time, which frustrates kids. With Playmags, this is a non-issue. The quality plastic used to manufacture its piece is durable. They also have extra powerful magnets that are great for building tall structures (3D). Your kid will have a fun time with this set.

This 118-piece magnetic toy set from Playmags keeps kids entertained at home. If you are looking for an educational set that can also improve your kid’s IQ, this is the product for you. The Clickin’s that it comes with pop into its tile windows. This enables kids to explore their creativity. It also improves critical thinking skills and mental health over time. You also get letters and windows that will teach your boy or girl the alphabet and other cool things.

This is a versatile magnetic toy for kids. Its pieces have fun and colorful designs. Most kids like this. They also have engaging designs that work well with building boards, cars, and more. These make it an excellent gift.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Has your child gotten over the best pedal car that you bought for his or her birthday? Are you looking for a new toy that he or she will enjoy using for long? Buying a magnetic toy is a good decision. They are functional toys. Most brands are also safe and improve the physical and cognitive development of kids. To get the best in 2017, order this set of Stick N Stack magnetic tiles today. Even though considered a starter set, you get 60 pieces of tiles, each with a charming and long-lasting design. You also get four windows.

Most kids like colorful toys that they can use in numerous ways. This set of Magnetic Stick N Stack Tiles is popular for this reason. The 60 magnetic tiles on offer are durable. They also come in interesting colors (yellow, red, green, and blue) that most boys and girls like. Consider buying one today.

Some low-grade brands of plastic toys compromise the health of kids in many ways. The small components they have are choking hazards. Others contain harsh chemicals such as BPA and phthalates that harm kids over time. Magnetic Stick N Stack Tiles are different. Made of top-grade plastic, they are durable accessories. Their safety-tested and approved designs also meet the recommended American guidelines for kid’s toys. This is noteworthy.

Liked by both parents and kids, this is a versatile set of magnetic tiles. When in use, your kid can orient them into different shapes and sizes. They are also fully compatible with other brands of magnetic toys. If you have an old set that you want to upgrade, this is the best magnetic toy for kids to order.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Even though SHAPE MAGS is not as detailed as some brands listed, it is a good junior set. If you are planning to introduce your kid to magnetic tiles, this is one of the best products to use. From Amazon, you get 32 playing pieces with many interesting features. Their longevity, for instance, appeals to most parents. Dropped many times, the risk of them shuttering is slim. They also come in eight interesting shapes, each with a powerful magnet that makes playtime fun. Your baby boy or girl will enjoy using them daily.

Magnetic tiles are among the best kid’s toys for improving shape recognition and motor development. They are fun to use. They are also safe and come in a plethora of interesting designs that appeal to kids of all ages. If you are shopping for a versatile model that your child will like, SHAPE MAGS is ideal. The frame-shaped tiles that you receive very easy to stack. They are also colorful and include triangle windows and doors for personalized designs.

The reports of kids choking on toys worry most parents. Some brands also have sharp edges and or chemicals such as BPA, which are equally deadly. With Magnetic Stick N Stack SHAPE MAGS, these will be the least of your worries. Their quality (both material and cut) is admirable. With an original, you also get a safety-tested kid’s toy that meets all American guidelines.

Many brands of magnetic toys are available on the Web at different prices. When shopping for newer models, people have to ditch their old ones because of incompatibility issues. This is not the case with Magnetic Stick N Stack SHAPE MAGS. This set is compatible with other brands of magnetic tiles. Each of its quality blocks has lattice and rivets the ease this process.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Gone are the days when kids used standard toys such as dolls to entertain. The demand for interactive toys has seen the development of premium remote control helicopters. The best magnetic toys for kids are also popular because of their affordability. To get one that your kid will enjoy using for long, this Classic Plus set from Magnetic Stick N Stack is ideal. Each package has 120 playing tiles that keep kids engaged for hours. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that enable most kids to explore their creativity.

Magnetic Stick N Stack 120-Piece Classic Plus is one of the most versatile sets of magnetic tiles that you will find online. Unlike some models that have standard blocks, its premium pieces make it a fun-to-use play toy. You get functional porch pieces, for instance. The two car bases, gates, doors, and windows that you get are also functional. Your child will enjoy owning one.

This Classic Plus set of magnetic toys is compatible with other brands. If your kid has an ever-growing collection of popular brands, add this one as well. It is a durable magnetic toy for kids. Its well-engineered tiles also bend well with other brands without compromising the stability of structures.

To make a quick buck, some companies use low-grade materials to make kid’s toys. These are dangerous. They cause physical harm to kids. They also contain chemicals that affect the health of kids in the long term. Magnetic Stick N Stack 120-Piece Classic Plus offer better results. All tiles and blocks that you get are kid-safe. They meet the required American safety guidelines.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Magnetic tiles are popular play toys for kids that also improve physical and mental development. To create stunning structures, however, you need a flat base. Wooden floors or low profile carpets work well. However, to inject life into your kid’s structures, add this stabilizer building plate to his collection. Available in red, it has a charming outlook. The 128 building blocks you get are also ideal. They are spacious (12×12-inches). Each block also has a powerful enclosed magnet. Set up well, they create a stable platform on most surfaces.

This board does not have Shape Mag pieces. However, the quality of the product that people get has made it a must-have toy in homes. With one, for instance, your child will build twice as tall magnetic structures. This makes playing fun. It is also compatible with most brands of magnetic toys. If you have a kid who likes to upgrade his buildings often, this is the product to use.

This is a durable stabilizer plate. The high-density plastic used to make it is one of the best. It is durable. Its fade-proof design is also appealing. The risk of it losing its charm over time is slim. Finally, all magnets are durable. Unlike some low-grade ones, they do not lose their strength over the years.

With some brands of toys, parents have to be close to their kids to maximize safety. The small and flimsy components that they have, for instance, are safety hazards. This Magnetic Stick N Stack Stabilizer Building Plate is different. Designed to meet the recommended American safety guidelines, it is one of the safest kid’s toys online. The BPA-free plastic used to make them is also ideal.

best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Among parents and kids, Playmags magnetic toys are among the most popular because of their quality. Unlike some brands that degrade fast, its products last long. They also come as versatile sets that improve how kids play at home. Even though simple, this two-piece car set offers value for money. Both have connected wheels. Your kid will enjoy playing with them on hardwood and low profile carpets. They are also safe for little kids and have stylish designs that appeal to kids of all ages. Do not hesitate to buy.

Like most magnetic toys that we have reviewed, these are versatile cars. They ride smoothly on most surfaces. Each car also has powerful in-built magnets that boost their performance further. You can connect them in series and or parallel to one another effortlessly. If your kid has magnetic tiles, she or he can also build them around each car to create custom tile structures.

Does your car sit for hours playing video games? To inject some life into his lethargic lifestyle, this is one of the best magnetic toys to use. As noted earlier, these cars are compatible with each other. Your child can convert the, into trains and buses without breaking a sweat. They also support most magnetic tiles. Their endless possibilities inspire creativity in children.

Suitable for children aged three years and above, these are safe magnetic toys. Their smooth and riveted edges, for instance, are safe. They also have inbuilt magnets that kids cannot access easily. Finally, tested for safety, the quality plastic used to make them is ideal. It lacks chemicals such as BPA.


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best-magnetic-toys-in-2017Most kids like magnetic toys. However, buying one of the cheap brands in Web stores is not a good decision. The experience that kids have is often different because of their poor quality. To get the best for your baby boy or girl, look for this premium set from Quadpro. Each new package has 36 magnetic blocks in beautiful colors. Both boys and girls like this. They are also ideal for kids of all ages. Finally, you get premium patterns such as a cat, a fish, a house, cars, and balls. These enable kids to make creative items.

You do not have to monitor your kid as a hawk as he or she uses this set of magnetic tiles. This is a safe product. The quality and non-toxic materials used to make them meet the recommended ASTM-F9633, CE, and EN71 safety standards. They also have smooth and well-finished surfaces and edges that do not irritate or harm babies. You get the best of the best kid’s toys.

You will like the excellent workmanship of theses Quadpro magnetic tiles. They are durable. Whilst in use, the risk of them chipping or fading is slim. The strong magnets integrated into their shells are also ideal. They are very durable. They also secure individuals tiles well to create sturdy structures.

Most parents buy these magnetic tiles because of their stylish designs. If you are looking for a set of toys that can educate and improve the physical or mental development of your child, they are also ideal. Used on a day-to-day basis, they improve the fine motor development of kids. These tiles also improve teamwork, the sense of touch, and cognitive development of color.


  • Flimsy wheels and base

Shopping Tips for the Best Magnetic Toys

Are you shopping for a set of magnetic toys for your child? Do not buy the first product that you come across. Use these tips to find the best in 2017:

Material: Even though often ignored, pay attention to the material used to make your magnetic toy of choice. Low-grade plastic has irritants such as BPA and phthalates. Furthermore, because of its brittleness, it does not last long. For the best results, look for an affordable set of blocks or tiles made of ABS plastic. It is durable. It also lacks contaminants such as BPA.

Design: How many shapes can your kid make using your preferred magnetic toy? Is it compatible with other brands of magnetic toys? To get value for your money, look for a versatile toy that will not bore your child in one or two weeks. If possible, look for one that works well with other types of kits.

Safety: In counties such as America, manufacturers must abide by several safety guidelines for making kid’s toys. These improve not only their safety but also their suitability for use in homes. Look out for such products. The materials used, for instance, should be chemical-free. Magnets should be kid-safe. Finally, look for toys with CE and ASTM certificates. They are the best.


Kid’s toys are diverse in web stores such as Amazon. Role-playing ones such as dolls are common. Bicycles and pedal cars are also bestsellers worldwide. However, to get an affordable toy that will help your kid to develop, buy magnetic blocks. The 10 brands we have reviewed are fun to use. They are also kid-safe and built to improve the motor and cognitive development of kids.


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