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Do you command outdoor parades often? Are you planning an outdoor campaign that requires you to address large groups of people? If you want people to hear you well without screaming on top of your lungs, consider buying a new megaphone. These cone-shaped handheld accessories are loud. They are also portable and have versatile designs with sirens and media ports.

Megaphones improve how people communicate with and or direct large crowds of people. In stores such as Amazon, they come in a plethora of versatile designs that serve people well. Which is the best brand in 2017? If you are having a hard time sifting through the diverse products in stores, this article is for you. We have reviewed the 10 best brands in 2017 in detail.

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best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproWhile cheerleading or hosting outdoor drills, people have to scream on top of their voices for others to hear them. This is often a challenge when these activities are on for several hours. Good remedies are available on the Web, though. With Pyle PMP30, for instance, you get a powerful 30-watt megaphone that is effective over 800 yards. It projects loud and clear sound. Its easy-to-use design is also perfect for moderating most types of activities. You can use it to cover sports events. It is also good for cheerleading and safety drills.

Are you shopping for a portable megaphone that you can use effortlessly outdoors? Pyle PMP30 is one of the best products in the market. Its light and well-finished design is convenient. You can travel with it on a day-to-day basis over long distances without issues. It also has a handheld mic and an ergonomic handle that grips tightly in hands. Most individuals like this.

Unlike some megaphones that only amplify sound, Pyle PMP30 is a multi-functional product. Liked by firefighters, police, and cheerleaders, this device projects loud and clear sound. It also has easy-to-use volume controls and a 3.5mm AUX port that supports most phones. This enables you to blast recorded messages over long distances (800 yards) without sacrificing quality. Finally, its inbuilt siren is loud and clear. It is perfect for attracting attention.

Buy Pyle PMP30 to get a quality megaphone that most people find easy to use. Because of its lightweight design, for instance, you do not need large muscles to transport and or use it. Its battery-powered design also features a detachable handheld microphone that you will never struggle to use. Whether you are responding to an emergency or showing your love for a football team, this megaphone will serve you well. Order yours online today.


  • Fragile plastic clasp

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproPyle products are among the bestselling online because of their quality. The best audio mixers it has manufactured for years, for instance, appeal to most hobbyists and professionals. If you are looking for a megaphone, it is also home to professional-grade brands that serve people well. Pyle PMP53IN, for instance, is a long-range megaphone for cheerleaders, police offices, and firefighters. While in use, people will hear you from distances of up to 1200 feet. Considering its compact design, this is desirable. Sound quality is also notable. Your audience will not struggle to hear what you are saying.

Pyle PMP53IN is a reliable 50-watt megaphone. If you are looking for a top-grade model that delivers good results always, do not hesitate to buy one. Its light and ergonomic design is also convenient. It does not irritate hands. It also comes complete with a handheld microphone and conveying strap that boosts its value further. This megaphone will serve you well for years.

Pyle PMP53IN is beneficial in many ways. During seminars or outdoor drills, it is one of the best products for projecting sound. It is also one of the best models for advertising. Via its on-board AUX port, you can connect your phone and play pre-recorded messages aloud. You can also use its onboard microphone to relay custom messages or it inbuilt siren to warn people.

You do not need deep pockets to own this Pyle PMP53IN megaphone. It is an affordable item. Made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, it is also a durable item. The risk of its breaking down over time is low. The quality of its onboard components (including siren and handheld microphone) are also ideal. They do not break down, degrade, and or lose their efficiency over the years.


  • Cuts out occasionally

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproWhen shopping for megaphones, some people think that the expensive and or bulky models available online are the best. This is not always the case. Cheap yet well-engineered products such Croove work well. Even though power-efficient (30-watts), this is a dependable product. Whenever you are cheerleading or directing a crowd, people will hear you from up to 800 yards. The sound that it produces is also crisp and clear, unlike what people get with some low-grade brands. Do not look at other brands. This one works well.

While cheerleading, people spend a lot of time outdoors. Those with bulky or heavy megaphones have a hard time using them for long. If you have one that frustrates you often, replace it with this Croove Megaphone Bullhorn. It has a compact design. Both men and women can transport and use it easily. It also has a lightweight structure with a convenient carrying strap.

You do not require special skills to use this Croove Megaphone Bullhorn. It comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is install four D batteries to get it working. This megaphone also has a user-friendly control panel. You can turn it and off with ease. You can also adjust its volume to your desired level.

Croove, like other megaphones that we have reviewed, is a multipurpose device. Law enforcement and even organizers use it to control crowds. Fire departments and rescue teams like its loud onboard siren. Finally, you get many built-in sounds (including Ole Ole soccer song) that you can use anytime.


  • Not as loud as its competitors

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproLiked for its compact and powerful megaphones, Pyle is a reputable brand. If you are planning an upcoming march, do not hesitate to buy one of its bestsellers. Pyle PMP35R, for instance, is a portable megaphone with a well-engineered 30-watt system. It is loud. In open spaces, it has an impressive range of around 800 yards. During marches and or outdoor boot camps, people will not struggle to hear you. Its sound quality is also desirable. It is clear. It does not crackle as some low-grade megaphones do.

With some brands of megaphones, people have to buy and install third-party microphones for them to work. This is not the case with Pyle PMP35R. This is an all-in-one accessory. Apart from its premium bullhorn, you get a rear unit with a built-in microphone. Using an onboard trigger, you can control how it projects sound. You will also like its voice recording properties. It captures and stores up to 10-second recordings in its integrated memory.

Pyle PMP35R’s superior design has made it a sought-after megaphone all over the world. Made of ABS plastic, for instance, it has a rugged and long-lasting housing. Even though minor scratching is normal, the risk of this megaphone cracking and or breaking over time is very low. It also has a powerful siren and a variable volume control for customizing its performance.

Pyle PMP35R draws its power from four replaceable d batteries. During your trips, you do not have to worry about running out of charge. These batteries are also cheap and easy to replace when worn out. This megaphone is also lightweight (1.15 pounds) and has a one-year limited warranty on defects.


  • Unusable recordings (pop and crackle)

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproMany people use megaphones for cheerleading or yelling at their workers. You can do more with these versatile products. Quality models such as PYLE PMP45R, for instance, are good public address systems for many reasons. This megaphone’s 40-watt system works well outdoors. As you preside over rallies, people will hear you from over 1000 yards. This is desirable because of this megaphone’s compact design. Its pro dynamic system is also ideal. Used as directed, you will get clear and immersive sound in all environments.

Do you have a stall in a flea market where you sell your goods? Are you tired of screaming at the top of your voice to attract customers? Consider buying this PYLE PMP45R megaphone. It projects sound well. You do not have to strain to reach people. With one, you can also record up to 10-second messages and play them through its powerful speakers. This is perfect for marketing.

Rechargeable megaphones are beneficial in many ways. First, to keep them working well, you do not have to replace batteries often. The rechargeable battery packs they come with are convenient. Models such as PYLE PMP45R also have high-powered batteries that serve people well for long. Charged to capacity, this megaphone will serve you well for days (if not for weeks).

PYLE PMP45R has three operation modes. In talk mode, you can use it to communicate with people during rallies or other outdoor events. It projects sounds well. The microphone that you get also picks up sound well in this mode. You can also record custom messages or use its siren to respond to various emergencies. All modes are effective. You can also adjust volume easily.


  • Flimsy components (break easily)

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproWhile setting up public address systems, most people buy the best outdoor speakers. They also buy the best audio mixers that improve sound quality. Unfortunately, whilst buying megaphones, a majority opt for the cheapest products in the market. Do not make the same mistake. To have the time of your life, look for a quality product such as PYLE PMP20. Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, this is a durable PA system. With a power output of 20-watts (maximum), it is also one of the most efficient megaphones in 2017. Do not hesitate to buy an original one for personal and or professional use.

The best megaphones for traveling are compact and portable. One of the bulky and heavy models that sell dirt-cheap online will frustrate you in the end. PYLE PMP20 meets this threshold. During your trips, you can travel with it effortlessly. It even has a foldable handle and an inbuilt voice amplifier with a projection range of 400 yards. The performance of PYLE PMP20 is desirable.

PYLE PMP20 has two operation modes. In voice/talking mode, it amplifies your sound as your talk through its microphone. This system is loud. Thus, it is perfect for directing crowds. It is also perfect for issuing instructions during outdoor events such as marches. This megaphone also has a siren alert mode. This system is also loud. It comes in handy during emergencies.

Measuring 5.4×8.6-inches, PYLE PMP20 is a compact PA system. If you travel often and want a lightweight megaphone that you can use effortlessly, this is one of the best products. Its battery-operated design is convenient. All you need are four C batteries to direct crowds or wow your audience daily.


  • Clicky buttons and switches

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproSugar Home is a portable 20-watt megaphone with a striking green theme. This is a charming product. Its performance is also desirable because of its quality features. Its two modes of operation, for instance, are invaluable. In voice mode, you can make big advertisements during parties and rallies easily. It projects sound well. Furthermore, even at high volume, the quality of its sound is admirable. Its siren mode is equally as good. You can use it to attract the attention of people quickly indoors and outdoors. Order yours online.

Recommended for sports fans, Sugar Home is an excellent party item for many reasons. The fact that it can withstand tons of abuse whilst in use makes it a good outdoor device. It also has a folding handle that saves a lot of space and convenient carrying system (strap and pistol grip) that most people like. You will store, transport, and use this megaphone easily every day.

Like most megaphones that we have reviewed, this is a convenient battery powered device. It works with four C batteries (alkaline). You do not have to charge it to work. The batteries are also cheap and readily available online.

Buy this product with confidence that you are getting the best megaphone in 2017. It stands out from its competition in many ways. Its plastic housing, for instance, is durable. Dropped many times, the risk of its cracking and or breaking is slim. It also has a sturdy handle and a quality microphone (built in).


  • None

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproTo perform military drills and controls crowds well, you need a heavy-duty megaphone. This does not mean that you should buy the heaviest model around. Do not waste your money on the most expensive megaphone either. Look for a premium product such as ThunderPower. This Extra Loud device has an advanced 45-watt system that offered value for money. With a range of 1200 yards, for instance, it is one of the most powerful product on our list. It is also efficient and has a simple design that most people can use well.

You will like the quality design of this ThunderPower megaphone. Made of heavy-duty plastic, for instance, it is a durable item. You can use it on a day-to-day basis without compromising its structure. The volume control and siren that it has work well. You can customize its performance easily. You can also use it to attract the attention of crowds easily. Finally, measuring 18×12-inches, this is a compact megaphone. Its transportation is a breeze.

Do you have a set of recordings that you like sharing with congregations or your supporters? Do not buy one of the best Bluetooth speakers that most people often use. This ThunderPower Extra Loud megaphone will serve you better. It is affordable. It also has a universal auxiliary jack that supports most smart devices. These include microphones, phones, and MP3 players.

With ThunderPower Extra Loud, you do not have to worry about running out of power fast. Its power-efficient system does not drain batteries as fast as other megaphones do. Additionally, it has an onboard power supply that works with standard cigarette lighter ports in vehicles. Once set up, you can use it in your car for many hours without worrying about running out of charge.


  • Short-circuits easily

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproBuy this portable megaphone from Ideas in Life to get a compact device with a powerful 20-watt system. Its lightweight design is impressive. Unlike some brands that weigh down people on the road, you can travel with this one for hours without straining your hands or back. It also projects sound well. During sports events or New Year’s parties, you can communicate with people easily. It is also one of the best megaphones to use during birthday parties and during social and or political rallies. Its performance is exemplary.

Are you a tour guide? Are you a lifeguard? To get a quality megaphone that will help you to address various emergencies well, buy Ideas in Life. Because of its portable design, you can travel with it easily. In addition to its loud talk mode, it features an advanced siren mode that comes in handy during emergencies. It is loud. Its sound, on the other hand, grabs the attention of people well.

With Ideas in Life Portable Megaphone, storage is a non-issue. Its compact and space-saving design (8-7/8x-3/4-inches) does not clutter space. It also has a foldable handle (ergonomic) with a strap for easier transportation. Unlike some low-quality megaphones, you will have a good time with this one.

This portable megaphone from Ideas in Life is easy to use. Out of the box, for instance, all you have to do is install four C batteries to get it to work. Switching between talk and siren modes is a breeze. Finally, the satisfaction guarantee (100%), its manufacturer offers for it attests its high quality.


  • Weak battery latch

best-megaphones-in-2017-top10bestproChampion Sports is a sports-grade megaphone that projects loud and clear sound outdoors. Cheerleaders like this product for many reasons. With a range of 400 yards, for instance, its performance is desirable. You do not have to scream at the top of your lungs to convey a message. It is also good looking. Unlike some models that compromise the outlook of people, this one is eye-catching. Finally, its portable design is ideal. You can travel with it and operate it for several hours without straining your hands and wrists.

This is a battery-powered product. If you can afford six AA alkaline batteries, this is one of the best megaphones to use in 2017. Its setup is easy. You do not have to assemble complex components for it to work well. It is also power efficient. You only need 4-8 watts to project loud and clear sound.

Communicating with this megaphone is fun. Unlike some models that distort sound, this one delivers good results always. The powerful siren and onboard volume controls that it has are also ideal. They improve its performance.

This is a durable product. Unlike some models that shutter under stress, its plastic housing is durable. Its microphone, handle, and trigger are also top-grade. They are durable, easy-to-use, and work well in most environments.


  • Awfully loud

How to Choose the Best Megaphones

Whether you have a PA firm or cheerlead for your local soccer team, owning a good megaphone is beneficial. They project sound well. Other models allow you to record and play custom sounds as well. Use this guide to get the best:

Range: Megaphones play an essential role in many niches. However, this does not mean that any random brand your find online will serve you well. Check the range of your product of choice before buying. How far can it project sound outdoors? Loud megaphones have a longer range. This makes them ideal for addressing large crowds outdoors. Look for the best brand online.

Microphone: Does your megaphone of choice have a detachable or an onboard microphone? Both models are ideal. For the best results, however, the microphone of your megaphone of choice should be as powerful as possible. These pick out sound well. They also relay clear sound, which is admirable.

Ease of Use: Will you have an easy time using your megaphone of choice? To answer this question well, check the weight of your product of choice. Can you move it around easily? Light megaphones are easy to use. You should also look for a device with an ergonomic handle and a trigger system that you can operate effortlessly. Read descriptions before spending money.

Longevity: Durable megaphones are the best. Look for one made of a heavy duty plastic. The material does not crack or break easily. Components such as handles, microphones, and controls should also be of the highest quality.


Are you planning a protest march or a PA exercise with friends or colleagues? To project sound and pass your message well, buy one of our recommended megaphones. Even though cheap, they are powerful devices. They are also durable and have well-engineered designs that offer people value for their money.


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