Best Portable Beach Umbrellas in 2017

Even though often ignored by many, beach umbrellas are essential outdoor accessories. They come in handy in many ways. If you spend many hours on the beach often, a quality one will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Use quality sunscreen as well for the best experience. Beach umbrellas also keep people cool outdoors. This boosts comfort. It also lowers the risk of developing skin complications such as melanomas.


Which is the best beach umbrella for outdoor lovers in 2017? The benefits of using beach umbrellas outdoors are diverse. To get a quality product that you will enjoy using for long, do not buy any random brand online. One of the 10 brands we have reviewed will serve you the best. They are durable, portable, and have well-engineered designs that deliver excellent results outdoors. They are also protective and attainable cheap on the Web.

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best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Do you enjoy spending time on the beach with friends and or family members? Do not let the harmful rays of the sun to irritate and or harm you over time. The best beach umbrellas are attainable cheap on the Web. Sport-Brella, for instance, is an affordable all-weather model that offers UPF 50+ protection outdoors. If you have sensitive skin, this is a valuable product to own. It filters over 99.5% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. It also has a cool shade and protective wind flaps that break strong and fast winds.

Beach umbrellas undergo a lot of abuse. Harsh UV rays bombard them for hours outdoors. Most low-grade models also break and or degrade easily when battered with high winds. Sport-Brella withstands such level of abuse well. The rugged polyester (210 D) used to make it is durable. It offers all-weather protection on most beaches. It also has a durable stretcher (5mm steel) and ribs (4.5mm steel) that rarely fail under stress. They will serve you well.

Buying a beach umbrella that cannot protect you from the elements on the beach is a poor decision. Look for a quality one such as Sport-Brella to have the time of your life. Its polyester canopy creates a soothing shade for more than two people. You also get zippered side windows for visibility and airflow. Finally, its sturdy steel frame is very easy to install on most beaches.

Travelling with bulky beach umbrellas is a chore that frustrated millions of people every week. With Sport-Brella, however, this is not an issue. It offers superior protection against the elements (sun, water, and wind). You also get a portable umbrella kit that you can travel will effortlessly on demand.


  • Flimsy center anchor pole

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Released in 2016, this beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama remains sought-after because of its superior design. Made of polyester, for instance, it has a long-lasting cover. The material is also fade-proof and designed to keep people cool and comfortable outdoors. This beach umbrella also has vents that boost the circulation of air and a built-in stand that secures it well on most beaches. The risk of it flying off with the wind whilst in use is very slim.

Lounging on the beach is enjoyable. However, the hours the people spend under the sun exposes them to harsh UV rays that harm their health. To avoid such issues, buy this Tommy Bahama beach umbrella. You will like its large polyester canopy. The canopy also has a protective aluminum coat (under) that protects people against harmful UV rays (SPF/UPF 100 Plus).

You will like the structure of this beach umbrella. Made of aluminum, for instance, it has a sturdy and long-lasting pole. This is unlike some brands that bend or crumble under stress. The fiberglass ribs it has are also ideal. They are durable. The risk of them rusting and corroding over time is slim.

The best pop-up tents help to keep people cool and comfortable in settings such as beaches. Unfortunately, their complicated designs are challenging to set up outdoors. This is not the case with this Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella. The well-placed sand screw it has eases its installation beaches. You can also install it on grass without straining your back. Finally, because this beach tent has wind vents, its stability is desirable. It never disappoints.


  • Shakes constantly

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Most people tag their kids along whenever they are spending time on the beach. To offer yours the experience of a lifetime, you need a few basic items. The best beach blankets protect them from hot sand. The best beach umbrellas, on the other hand, create a suitable environment for lounging. Buy a quality one such as this Rainbow Beach from EasyGo to have the time of your life. This is an eye-catching product. It blends well in most settings.

Low-quality beach umbrellas bend and break easily. Others fade and or lose their ability to protect people from the elements over time. EasyGo Rainbow is different. In addition to its stylish design, most people like its heavy-duty pole system. Measuring 3mm, it has a thick and durable design. It is also tall (8-feet) and made of rustproof aluminum. Finally, its pole system has both tilt and height adjustment options. You can set it up in numerous ways.

UV damage is a common problem for beachgoers. It irritates the skin. The risk of developing skin melanomas is also high. To stay safe outdoors, this is one of the best beach umbrellas to use. It has a wide and protective cover that shades a large area. On its underside, it also has a protective sliver coat that filters harmful UV rays. With one, you will lounge for long without issues.

Do you enjoy spending time on the beach? Do you camp outdoors often with friends and colleagues? Consider buying this EasyGo Rainbow beach umbrella. It is very easy to use. Its set-up, for instance, is straightforward. The screw stake it comes with also works well on most surfaces. You can set it up on grass, dirt, or sand effortlessly. You get a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Flimsy carrying bag

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas are valuable products that benefit people in many ways. First, they make beach-going fun. You do not have to worry about heat or UV rays harming you over time. They also break wind and protect people from the sandstorms that build up on beaches occasionally. Buy a quality product such as this 7-foot umbrella for the best experience. It is a sturdy item. You also get a durable polyester cover that does not rip and or degrade over time. You will enjoy using an original on a daily basis.

The harsh UV rays found outdoors not only irritate the skin but also damage it over time. Do not let such elements to harm you over time. With this one of a kind Tommy Bahama beach umbrella, you will stay comfortable and safe outdoors. Its polyester cover is large. It also has a special aluminum undercoating that delivers SPF/UPF 100 Plus level of protection on beaches.

The reports of beach umbrellas breaking and rusting over time are common. Even though human error is to blame, the low-quality materials use to make most products play a major role. Tommy Bahama is different. Made of high-grade aluminum, its seven-foot pole is durable. It is also portable and fitted with rustproof fiberglass ribs that withstand a lot of abuse (wind and rain).

This beach umbrella is easy to use. If you spend a lot of time on the beach, for instance, you will never struggle to install and use it. You can also install it and use it on grass and other surfaces without problems.


  • Not very stable

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Spending time on the beach is an enjoyable venture for men, women, and kids. Unfortunately, whilst having fun, most people sacrifice their safety and health in many ways. They use low-grade sunscreen. The deplorable beach umbrellas that they own also fade to shade and protect their skin from the sun. Rio Brands Beach Ultimate Sun Umbrella will help you to solve the latter problem. Its SPF/UPF 107FT Plus technology filters harsh UVA and UVB rays. This enables you to lounge in peace without irritation and or skin injuries.


Are you tired of the faded and or worn out beach umbrella that you use on a day-to-day basis? Replace it with a new Rio Brands Beach Ultimate Sun Umbrella. It is a cost-effective product. It also has a stylish green, blue, and yellow theme that blends well on beaches. You will appreciate its quality.

The design of this umbrella’s canopy is appealing. The heavy-duty polyester used to make it, for instance, is weather resistant. You do not have to worry about UV and elements such as rain damaging it over time. It is also large and has a vented design that does not blow with the wind easily. You will enjoy using an original one outdoors for many weeks or months to come.

Bulky and or heavy umbrellas are frustrating to transport to and from the beach. Others models are expensive and hard to set up on most types of soils. With Rio Brands Beach Ultimate, expect better results. It is easy to set up on sand and grass. It is also lightweight (6.55 pounds) and comes with a free carry bag for easier storage and transportation. It is a valuable item.


  • Somewhat fragile

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Are you struggling to get a well-designed beach umbrella for day-to-day use? Ammsun is a reputable product with many desirable features. Buy yours to get a polyester fabric umbrella that will serve you well for long. The material is rip-proof. The risk of it ripping when exposed to high winds is slim. It is also weatherproof. Water and harsh elements such as UV do not fade and or damage it over time. Order an original one from Amazon.

Measuring 7-feet tall, this umbrella accommodates both kids and adults. It is easy to set up. Finally, the air vented cover that it has is not only large but also has a stable structure with six supportive ribs. Do not hesitate to buy yours today. Its UPF 50+ protective coating filters up to 99% of UV rays.

Ammsun is a portable fabric umbrella for use on beaches and patios. If you own a heavy one that breaks your back whenever you are traveling, this is one of the best alternatives. Most people like its lightweight frame. You can transport it effortlessly to and from your preferred sites. Its iron pole also unscrews in the middle for easier storage and transportation. It works well.

Are you shopping for an affordable beach umbrella that will serve you well outdoors? Do not settle for the cheaply made brands that let people down in the end. Ammsun Polyester Fabric Umbrella is an affordable product. Buy yours to get a top-rated umbrella that shades the body well. It also filters harmful UV rays efficiently. Whilst lounging outdoor, expect no problems.

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Are you tired of your umbrella blowing with the wind whenever you are lounging on the beach? Do you have a low-grade model that has faded and or lost its efficiency over the years? Buy this all-in-one umbrella system from BeachBUB. Endorsed by the American LifeGuard Association, it is safe for day-to-day use. It is also sturdy and has a well-engineered design that keeps people safe and comfortable outdoors. Do not hesitate to buy yours.

This umbrella system comes ready to use. You do not have to screw parts and or dig deep holes in the ground to use it. Once you have deployed its fabric cover, all you have to do is adjust its tilt and set it up on the ground. Its wind-tested design is stable. Overall, it resists up to 35MPH wind speeds.

The transportation and storage of this one-of-a-kind umbrella is easy. Set up, for instance, its canopy and base weigh less than nine pounds. Both men and women can carry it to and from the beach effortlessly. It also has a foldable base, a padded carry strap, and a free carry bag for easy storage and transportation. This makes it an ideal travel accessory for most people.

This is a cost-effective umbrella system. If you have spent a lot of money on similar products that have let you down over time, you will like this one. It even comes with a three-year protection plan that covers its defects. If you get a faulty beach umbrella, its manufacturer will replace it for you free.


  • None

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017The sun is an excellent source of vitamin D. However, basking under it for long has its share of ills. Skin irritation or reddening is common. The risk of developing health problems such as melanomas is also high. To prevent such issues, buying this sunshade umbrella from Rio Brands is one of the best decisions you can make. Its wide polyester cover shades a large area of beaches. It is also durable and has a protective aluminum coating with an SPF50 sun factor. You will enjoy using an original one outdoors often.

Beach umbrellas are only as good as the quality of the materials used to make them. Rio Brands Sunshade Umbrella, for instance, is a highly rated product. Its powder coated steel pole is not only durable but also able to resist corrosion and rust. Its durable ribs also offer people value for money. They do not bend and or break easily even in high winds. This is desirable.

Rio Brands Sunshade Umbrella is a weatherproof product. If you have one that has faded over time, this is a good alternative. It is also rip-proof and made of a heavy-duty (76D) polyester fabric that is also water-resistant.

If you enjoy beach going, you do not have to worry about transporting this beach umbrella. It is a lightweight product. The shoulder strap and free PVC carry bag that it comes with ease its transportation further. You will like it.


  • Delicate lever section

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017If you are shopping for a new beach umbrella, you can never go wrong with the Tommy Bahama brand. It is home to many quality products that meet the needs of most people. This sand-anchor beach umbrella, for instance, is a quality product with an aesthetic green and blue theme. Its telescoping pole is ideal. You can adjust it up and down to meet your needs. You can also tilt it back and forth to move with the sun.

People with less melanin on the skin have a challenging time basking under the sun. The harmful UVA and UVB rays that it produces irritate and or burn the skin. This beach umbrella from Tommy Bahama will protect you from these rays. Its fabric cover is large and protective. Wind, rain, and the sun will not compromise your experience outdoors. It also has a special coating (aluminum) that filters harmful UV rays from the environment. This is ideal.

Measuring 7-feet, this is a spacious beach umbrella. Both kids and adults can fit under it comfortably. The 2.13-meter sand anchor that it comes with, on the other hand, is not only stable but also durable. Set up well, the risk of it blowing with the wind is slim. The risk of it crumbling under stress is also low.

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor, as most of the best umbrellas we have listed, is easy to set up. You do not have to exert a lot of effort to deploy its cover. The snap-on integrated sand anchor that you get is also ideal. You do not require a lot of skill and or effort to set it up as well. This is desirable.


  • Very light

best-portable-beach-umbrellas-in-2017Are you shopping for a large and durable beach umbrella that will protect you from the elements? This Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella Rainbow fits the bill. Buy yours to get an extra-large umbrella with a spacious 8-foot top. It shades a large area. It also protects people from elements such as rain and sunshine whilst camping or lounging on the beach. Instead of buying an expensive beach tent or a low-grade umbrella that lasts for a few weeks, buy this one. It is cost effective. Its users also enjoy quality service for years.

Rain and UV are major enemies of outdoor items such as beach umbrellas. They fade their components. Rust and corrosion are other major issues that such elements cause. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella Rainbow withstands such abuse. Its lightweight aluminum pole (1-1/4 inches) is durable. The risk of it rusting and or corroding over time is also slim. Buy yours online.

Beaches are windy. Most low-grade umbrellas fly off under such stress. They wobble and or break easily, which frustrates most people. If you have such an umbrella that you want to replace, this is one of the best products in 2017. The 16 support ribs (fiberglass) that it comes with are wind-proof. They are also extra strong. The risk of them breaking under stress is slim.

This vented beach umbrella filters up to 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays (UPF 50+). If you have sensitive skin, you will enjoy using one outdoors. The sun will not irritate or harm your skin. It also lowers the risk of skin problems such as melanomas. This umbrella has a sturdy strap and a free carry bag.


  • Fussy closing mechanism

Buy Guide for the Best Beach Umbrellas

To get the best beach umbrella in 2017, pay attention to the product that you buy. Instead of buying a random model, keep these attributes in mind:

Cover: The beach umbrella that you get is only as good as the quality of its cover. Low-grade ones rip often. Others fade fast or fail to protect people from elements such as the rain or the sun. Before spending money on one, therefore, check the material of its cover. Is it water-resistant? You should also check its size. Does it provide sufficient coverage whilst in use? For the best results, buy the best beach umbrella with a large and waterproof cover.

Stability: On beaches, wind and other elements bombard beach umbrellas that are in use. When choosing one, therefore, make sure it can withstand such a level of abuse. Its pole should be as durable as possible. A rustproof one made of quality aluminum will serve you well. You should also look for a product with heavy-duty ribs made of a quality material such as fiberglass.

Portability: Look for a product that you can travel with effortlessly. A heavy and or bulky model that you find offline will only frustrate you in the end. An ideal beach umbrella should be light. If possible, look for a foldable one with a free carry bag or padded strap for easy storage and or transportation.

UV Protection: Harmful UVA and UVB rays irritate and harm the skin over time. The beach umbrella you buy should protect you from such elements. Its cover should be ideal. Products with aluminum coating also work well.


Beach umbrellas keep people safe and comfortable outdoors. If you enjoy going to the beach, the 10 models we have reviewed also create a suitable environment for lounging. Buy yours to make your outdoor trips special.


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