Best Travel Power Adapters in 2017

Did you know that electrical sockets vary in different continents? The European standard of 220–240 volts (50Hz) is popular in Europe. The North American standard of 120 volts (60Hz), on the other hand, is popular in America and Africa. If you travel often and want to keep your phone or any other smart device powered well, keep this in mind. Even though the standard charger that came with your phone will work most of the time, buy the best travel adapter as well. They are durable. Their universal designs work with most sockets.


Which are the best travel power adapters in 2017? When shopping on the Internet, most people buy the most popular brands. Others buy low budget ones to save a few dollars. This should not be the case. Before you buy a travel adapter, make sure it works well with your phone. You should also look for a durable adapter that works well with electric sockets in many countries. The 10 brands we have reviewed meet this threshold. Buy yours online.

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best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Most people derive happiness from traveling abroad. The relaxing sceneries that some countries have appeal to different groups of people. Others also venture on business trips often or fact-finding missions with family members and friends. To keep your phone and other electronic devices powered during such trips, Ceptics International is one of the best travel adapters to use. Even though it does not convert voltage, it enables people to use different plug-ins using a single unit. It also supports most 110-250V electronics and has a compact design that you can travel with effortlessly. Do not hesitate to buy yours on the Net.

To keep the different smart devices in their possession functional, people use different types of remedies. Some buy different adapters for different devices. Others use the best portable power banks to keep their smart devices powered. Even though both remedies are ideal, a quality power adapter such as Ceptics International will serve you the best. Measuring 1.75 x2x2.35 inches, it has a compact design that you can transport easily. The universal plugs that it has, on the other hand, work well in over 120 countries. Its overall value is impressive.

This Ceptics UP-9KU international travel adapter us easy to use. Even though it comes with detailed instructions, most people do not require them to use it well. The slide out power plugs it has come ready to use. You do not have to customize them to work. Once you have connected your phone or tablet using a compatible cable, you simply plug it into an outlet.

This is a universal travel adapter. Whether you have a laptop, a phone, or a tablet, you can use it on demand without issues. It is also one of the safest products in this niche. The risk of it bursting into flames or short-circuiting your phone whilst in use is slim. Buy yours today.


  • Produces a strange noise

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Travel adapters come in many shapes/sizes online. While it is tempting to buy the largest in stores, look for a trusted model such as Insten. With one, you get a truly universal power plug that supports Chinese, EU, UK, and USA sockets. Instead of buying different plugs for different sockets, buy this one. It is cheaper and more efficient. Its dual USB ports, on the other hand, enable you to charge up to three devices (Android and iOS) at the same time.

The reports of low-grade power adapters damaging phones and tablets are high worldwide. If you have an expensive smartphone that you want to protect from such issues, buy this power plug from Insten. CE, RoHS, and FC-certified, it is one of the safest products on our review. It also fits most USB charging cables (2.4A) and has a compact and portable design.

As their name suggests, travel power adapters are for traveling. Buying a bulky or poorly designed one, therefore, is a poor decision. Insten Universal Travel Power Plug will serve you the best. It is universal. It is also safe and has a travel-friendly design (lightweight and compact) that you can travel with by bus or plane effortlessly. Business executives like this.

Insten is a durable power plug. If you use brands that have overheated and or broke down over time, this is one of the best alternatives. Its solid plastic case withstands abuse well. Its pins, ports, and other components are also professional-grade. You get value for cash.


  • Does not fit all half sockets

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017To keep your phone charged in your car, buying one of the best Bluetooth car kits available online is a good idea. If you enjoy traveling to different continents, on the other hand, buy a new travel adapter instead. Orei World, for instance, is a reputable 2100mA model with a powerful dual USB design. You can connect and charge up to two devices at the same time without issues. These include cell phones, iPhone, iPad, and most Android smartphones.

Weighing just 4.5 pounds, this is a travel-worthy power adapter. It is also compact (2x2x2.5-inches) and has a universal design that supports most three and two prong plugs from all over the world. Whenever you are traveling to the USA, for instance, you will charge your phone hassle-free. It also works well in Africa, China, Japan, and Australia to name a few.

Do you have a slow power adapter that takes ages to charge the phone in your possession? If you are shopping for new one that will serve you well, consider Orei World. Reputable all over the world, this is a fast adapter. Expect speeds of up to 2.1A when charging devices.

Are you conscious about your phones safety? If you are looking for an adapter for charging it one a day-to-day basis without issues, Orei World is ideal. Designed to exceed both RoHS and CE certifications, it is one of the safest products in this niche. The risk of its damaging or overcharging a phone is slim. It also has a convenient plug-and-use design that people like.

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Ceptics has manufactured quality electronics for years now. Its cell phones and cell phone accessories, for instance, are among the best in 2017 because of their premium designs. For travelers, this five-piece plug adapter set is one of the best. The quality adapter plugs (polarized) that you get work well in many countries. Whether you travel to America, Asia, or Africa often, you will enjoy using a new set. They are also durable (heavy-duty plastic) and built to power most dual voltage (110-240V) appliances such as phones and laptops.

Whilst shopping for the best travel plug adapters, people are conscious about the safety of their devices. If you are one of them, you will enjoy using this set of adapters from Ceptics. Even though ungrounded, the five adapters that you get are safe for day-to-day use. They do not overheat over time. Their premium designs, on the other hand, comply with all the recommended RoHS and CE regulations. You will have a piece of mind using one daily.

The quality of these travel adapters is desirable. If you have bought a few brands that have broken down over time, this set will not let you down. Made of plastic, all the adapters that you get are not only lightweight but also durable. Their metallic plugs are also durable and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If they fail, you can ask for your money or a new set.

Ceptics International adapters are easy to use. Out of the box, for instance, you do not have to assemble or customize them in any way to work. They also have convenient plug and use designs. If you have a compatible phone and electrical outlet, you can use one hassle-free.


  • Issues with EU outlets

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017The best travel adapters have helped people to keep their phones, tablets, and other items powered for years now. Unlike some of the best iPhone chargers that power specific types of phones, these are universal items. They also have well-engineered plug and use designs that work well in most continents. If you are looking for a versatile one, this travel adapter from BESTEK works well. It has four USB ports and three AC ports (6A). This enables you to charge up to seven devices at high speed. It also has a voltage converter (220V-110V).


BESTEK Travel Adapter is one of the best solutions for the consistent charging issues that people struggle with on the road. If you have a problem charging your iPhone or Android phone because of incompatibility issues, an original one will serve you well. It supports most types of smart devices. It also works well with different power outlets in different countries.

With this BESTEK Travel Adapter, you will not worry about the safety issues people have with some low-grade brands. NRTL-tested and approved, this is a safe day-to-day adapter. It also has an upgraded hardware that protects your devices from damage whilst charging. The risk of your phone overloading is slim. Overheating and short-circuiting are also non-issues.

BESTEK is a travel-worthy power adapter. If you are looking for a model that you can carry around effortlessly, this is the product for you. It is compact (6x3x1.57-inches). You also get a detachable five-foot power cable and a durable carry bag for easy transportation. Buy an original model from Amazon to improve how you charge your smartphone on the road.


  • None

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Recommended for use in over 150 countries worldwide, the performance of this FosPower power adapter is desirable. If you are a tourist or a student who attends many conferences every year, this is the best product for you. You can use it in the US without major issues. It also works well in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Union. Do not waste your money on many different adapters for your different phones or tablet. Buy this adapter.’

Do you have an iPhone, laptop, or tablet that you use on a day-to-day basis? Do you have a problem charging them when traveling internationally? In 2017, this is one of the best travel power adapters to use. Both of its dual USB ports have high-speed interfaces (3.1A) that charge most phones fast and safely. All ports are plug and use. Most people like this.

As highlighted earlier, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues with this power adapter. It supports most phone, laptops, and electrical outlets. The blue LED indicator that it has is also ideal. Whenever you are charging your phone, you will know when this adapter is ready to use. You do not have to gamble.

When shopping for the best accessories for phones for day-to-day use, most people want durable products. If you are one of them, you will enjoy using this FosPower International power adapter. Its single-piece construction is durable. It lacks loose or flimsy parts that can break loose over time. The quality plastic and metals used to make its components are also ideal. If you travel occasionally, an original model will serve you excellently for many years.


  • Supports USB charging only

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017What are the benefits of buying a new world adapter plug? If you are planning to buy a new one, do not hesitate. It will benefit you in many ways. First, its universal design works well in over 150 countries. You get plugs for use in the US and UK. You also get a universal 8-pin AC socket that supports different plug designs. As such, most people can benefit from it on a day-to-day basis. Set up and charging of different types of smart devices is a breeze.

Do you have three or more devices that you use every day? Are you tired of charging them one at a time at home or in your hotel room? This world adapter plug from LOOP will serve you well. Set up well, you can charge up to three devices simultaneously without problems. Its dual ports (USB) have high-speed interfaces. You also get a fused AC socket that works well.

Which devices does this LOOP World Adapter Plug support? Featuring an advanced Smart Power technology and a unique charging protocol, it supports a plethora of items. You can use it to charge your Android, iOS, or Windows phone on demand. It also supports tablets, the best Bluetooth speakers, and the power banks people have at home. LOOP works well.

Replace your old and worn out power adapter with LOOP to get a sleek accessory that lasts long. It is also durable and has an FCC, CE, and RoHS-certified design that with effective safety features. The strong sliders it has, for instance, work well for years. You will also like its one-of-a-kind plug lock system and the safety shutters that all its charging ports have.


  • Does not work in Australia

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Do not compromise the security of your smart devices with one of the low-grade adapters in stores. If you are conscious about their performance and safety, buy a quality adapter kit such as Poweradd. Recommended for use in most AC outlets, its versatile design has built-in protection. This prevents overcurrent, overcharging, and others issues that afflict phones. With a new kit, you also get smart USB ports with high-speed (2.4A) interfaces. Whether you have a phone, a laptop, or a tablet, this is one of the best travel power adapters to use.

The differences of the voltages of electrical outlets in different countries frustrate travelers. Instead of buying many chargers that address such discrepancies, choose this travel power adapter instead. Its dual voltage input (100V-240V) is ideal. The five international adapters that you get are also universal. You will enjoy using it in the US, UK, and many other countries.

Travelling with a bulky power adapter is challenging. They clutter space. People also have a hard time moving them around, especially during intercontinental flights. These are non-issues for these Poweradd Travel Power Adapter Kits. This is a compact package (4.7 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches). It also weighs only 7-ounces. You can carry this package easily anywhere.

With these Poweradd Travel Power Adapter Kits, you do not have to worry about the safety of your smart devices. Their C-UL and UL-approved systems maintain the integrity of phones and other devices. They are also durable and have a 24-month limited product warranty. Do not hesitate to buy a new package on the Web. It will make your international trips fun.


  • Somewhat bulky

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Do you enjoy visiting ancient sites in history-rich countries such as Egypt? Do you enjoy the beach life of the Caribbean whilst holidaying? Buy the best backpack. You should also order a new Yubi Power adapter to make your international trips special. Designed to work well in over 150 countries, it is one of the most advanced products in this niche. Its armor-protected design is also durable and has a power bank (in-built) that boosts its performance.

During their outdoor trips, most people lack the time to charge one device at a time. If you are one of them, this is the best travel power adapter to use. The two USB ports that it has can charge up to two devices at high speed. It also has a high-speed AC socket that you can use simultaneously with its high-speed USB ports. A new one will serve you well.

Many people use travel power adapters to charge their phones or tablets. They excel at this task. With Yubi Power, however, you get more than this. In addition to phones (Android and iOS), it charges the best Bluetooth speakers well. It is also one of the best adapters for charging MPS players, portable power banks, and the wireless headphones in the market.

You will like this adapter’s power bank. During blackouts, its improved lithium-ion cell (3000mAh) delivers up to three full charges to most smartphones. It is also safe (RoHS, CE, and FCC-approved) and has a fire-resistant design that does not overheat or explode over time. Use it worry-free on a day-to-day basis. An original one will never let you down.


  • Does not work well in Europe

best-travel-power-adapters-in-2017Do not let the varied electrical outlets in different countries to frustrate you. Many effective remedies are readily available online with this VCOO travel adapter standing out. With each package that you buy, you get four international adapters (plugs) that work well in over 150 countries. In the UK and EU, for instance, you will charge your phone and or tablet with no problems. People who like touring Australia and the United States also benefit from them.

VCOO Travel Adapter does not convert electrical output. However, if you are shopping for an efficient charger that supports types of devices, this is the best in 2017. You can use it with smartphones, tablet, and iPod with positive results. It also charges wireless Bluetooth speakers and wireless headsets well. This is unlike some low-grade ones that disappoint.

Many people like VCOO Travel Adapter because of its premium design. The plastic (heavy duty) used to make its case, for instance, is stylish and durable. Prongs are also durable and its ports fitted with retracting shutters for safety. Finally, you get a power indicator (LED) that tells you when it is on and a fuse. Forget about the untested charger you want to buy.

Whilst shopping for accessories for traveling, people part with a lot of money to get the best brands. This should not be the case. Ranked among the best power adapters in 2017, VCOO is also one of the cheapest. It also has a light and portable design that you can travel with easily.


  • None

How to Choose the Best Travel Power Adapter

All travelers need the best travel power adapters. They work with electric sockets in many countries. They are also portable and have quality designs that charge phones and other smart devices fast. Use this guide to find an effective brand that will serve you well for long:

Compatibility: Because of their love for money, many people buy low-grade power adapters that disappoint them in the end. Do not make the same mistake. Once you have specified your budget, check the compatibility of your preferred product before buying. Does it work well with the smart device in your possession? Will it work well in your destination? Check the descriptions of your preferred products and buy a new one that will serve you the best.

Safety: Many times, people buy low-grade products that damage their devices in the end. This is a poor decision. To get value for your money, the product you choose should be as safe as possible. Its components should be professional-grade. It should also have a fuse and an advanced circuitry that protects devices from overheating and or short-circuiting.

Ease of Use: The main aim of buying a travel power adapter is to ease charging of phones, Bluetooth speakers, and headphones. Keep this in mind when buying. For the best results, the product you buy should be easy to use. Quality plug-and-use ones often work the best.

Longevity: Buy a travel power adapter that will serve you well for long. Its case should be durable. One that scratches or fades easily will let you down in the end. It should also have sturdy prongs and well-designed ports (USB and or AC) that work well.


Travel power adapters work well with electrical outlets of various voltages. They are also portable and have universal designs that people of all cadres can use effortlessly. If you are looking for a quality brand with these benefits, we have done the legwork for you. Our top 10 picks are durable. They are also affordable and recommended for use with most devices.


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