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Are you considering buying a USB wall charger for your office and or home? Here are the reasons why this might be a good idea. Compared to the best iPhone chargers, USB chargers are fast. Their 2.4A and 5A systems charge smart devices faster without compromising safety. Their plug-and-use designs are also durable and highly convenient to use at home and or in offices. While in use in small areas, they tuck neatly on walls to eliminate clutter. They also work with stock and third-party USB charging cables that most people have at home. Here are a few bestsellers in 2019:

iClever BoostCube USB Wall ChargerThe BoostCube from iClever is a plug-and-use USB wall charger for iPhone and Samsung phone. If you have a power-hogging one that requires frequent charging, add this device to your home or office. The 24-watt dual charging ports on offer are powerful. At home, you will be able to charge up to two devices at high speed without compromising their safety. They ports fit most standard USB charging cables and have SmartID technology that optimizes charge speed automatically. While charging, the system detects the type of device that you have in hand automatically. It then computes its electrical needs and boosts charging automatically.

Even though iClever BoostCube does not support quick charging of some devices, it is a reliable all-around USB charger. Whether you have an HTC Nexus, Samsung smartphone, and an iPhone, you can use it safely. It is also a recommended device for charging portable devices such as the best Bluetooth speakers. Once you have plugged a cable and connected a device, it does the rest for you.

Most people opt to use wall chargers at home because of their low profile designs. If you are tired of wires cluttering your home or homes, this is a good remedy. Its small two-port design fits flush on the wall. Thus, pets can walk around it without knocking it over. It also has an indicator light for power and a lightweight structure, which you can travel with effortlessly. During local or international trips, you can carry it around easily and use it when needed issue-free. All you need is a 100-240V outlet for it to work.

Our Verdict

The iClever BoostCube can charge up to two devices at the same time at a speed of 24 volts. It supports all 100-240V outlets and has a portable design that installs discretely on walls while in use.


  • Compact and portable charger
  • Money back guarantee (30 days)
  • Uses 100-240-volt power outlets
  • Supports most smart devices
  • Convenient plug-and-use design
  • High-powered 24-volt ports (2)

Anker USB Wall Charger (60W)The Anker USB charger has a six-port commercial-grade design that works well in most settings. If you have a high-traffic office or salon with many USB-powered devices, you will love it for these reasons. Its supports for most smart devices (USB-powered) has made it a sought-after brand. You can use it to charge the Note, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone at the same time. Moreover, because it supports both the VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies, its speed is on another level. Whenever you are using all six ports, it delivers a top charging speed of 12amps. However, the fastest possible charge that you will get per USB port is around 2.4 amps.

Anker is a renowned brand of USB wall chargers because of its safety. If your delicate iPhone needs “pampering” while charging, this is an excellent remedy. Its systems meet all requirements for UL certification. It also has an advanced MultiProtect system that offers complete protection to smart devices such as phones. While in use at home, you can rest easy that your device is safe.

USB chargers are among the most used devices in homes, offices, and areas of commerce. The charging system of most models also heats up while in use, which strains them further. When choosing one, therefore, opt for this dependable six-port model from Anker. Its plastic shell is durable. The risk of it burning out or breaking while in use is relatively low. Its power cord is long (5 feet) and durable, while its support for 100-240V power outlets fascinates users. As such, it ranks among the best multi-port brands for traveling.

Our Verdict

To get the best out of this 60-watt USB wall charger from Anker, try not to overload its port. It is fast, durable, and comes with a detachable power cord (5-feet) that supports 100-240-volt outlets.


  • Universal multi-port charger
  • Supports 100-240V outlets
  • Advanced MultiProtect system
  • Worldwide 100-240 volt AC input voltage
  • Responsive PowerIQ technology
  • Supports most smart devices


  • Ports burn out when overloaded

AILKIN USB Wall ChargerStatistics indicate that most people use two or more smart devices at the same time daily. However, because of the limited electrical ports in home and offices, keeping them charges is challenging. Two port USB chargers such as AILKIN have eliminated such issues. With one, you will charge up to two devices at the same time at speeds of up to 2.4A. As such, it is a time-saving device for people who depend on such smart-devices for working or playing.

AILKIN’s multi-purpose design is one of the safest in this niche. For a few dollars, you get a safety assured product that protects smart devices from damage in many ways. First, while in use, the risk of it overcharging phones and damaging their batteries and or charging systems is low. People with sensitive and expensive phones such as the iPhone will benefit from one. AILKIN is also less susceptible to overheating, which is a plus for people conscious about safety. After charging a phone to capacity, the charger stops charging automatically to prevent the preceding or other issues.

AILKIN has a lightweight design (0.48 ounces) that measures just 1.2×1.2 inches. If you want a charger that you can travel with easily, thus, it is a recommended choice. Its plug-and-use system is easy to use. To charge a phone, tablet, or rechargeable wireless headphone, plug it into the wall charger with a standard USB cable. Although it lacks the SmartID technology of the iClever BoostCube, its charge output is optimal. AILKIN is also power-efficient item.

Our Verdict

AILKIN USB ports run slightly small. However, if your charging cable has a secure connection, its performance is admirable. Both ports are fast (2.4A) and protected from overcharging or heating phones. You can use it safely devoid of the device in your possession.


  • Lightweight design (0.48 ounces)
  • High-speed charging ports (2.4A)
  • Has a limited 12-month warranty
  • Overcharge/overheat protection

Anker Elite USB ChargerAnker Elite is a popular dual port USB charger with a dependable 24-watt design. Its durable design and ability to charge most types of smart devices have made it a popular product worldwide. You will love the fast charging technology that this USB wall charger has. By combining both VoltageBoost and patented PowerIQ systems, Anker has made this charger faster than its predecessors. Devoid of the type of device in your possession, you get charging speeds of up to 2.4A, which is desirable. People appreciate this attribute.

Have you wasted money on chargers whose prongs have broken over time or whose systems have failed unexpectedly? Anker Elite’s heavy-duty design will serve you better. Its textured casing, for instance, lasts for long. It also has heavy-duty legs that fold into its shell for easy transportation and quality internal components. Used as a day-to-day USB charger, therefore, its value is terrific.

With Anker Elite, you get a travel-ready USB charge that works well with 100-240-volt outlets. Whenever you are at home, work, or a hotel room, you can use it to charge a phone without issues. Both ports are plug-and-use, while the indicator light on its top eliminates guesswork. You can know when Anker has power and is ready to charge a phone or tablet by simply checking the light.

Our Verdict

Connect to the right electricity port, Anker Elite charge phones, tablets, and Bluetooth players seamlessly. Whole its tendency to short frustrates some people; it rarely fails if used well. Moreover, due to it has an 18-month warranty, Anker has you covered when it happens.


  • Limited warranty (18 months)
  • Friendly customer service
  • Fits most 100-240-volt outlets
  • Heavy-duty foldable legs
  • Fast dual port charging (2.4A)
  • Durable casing (textured)

AmazonBasics 3-Outlet Surge Protector with USB PortsAre you looking for a dependable multi-outlet charger (USB) for your home or office? AmazonBasics offers you more than these benefits. Its low-profile plug-in design has two USB port with different charge speeds (1.0A and 2.4A). Whether you have an old phone or a new smart device that needs high-speed charging, buy this product. Both ports have universal plug-and-use designs that support most USB cables that phones, iPod, and iPad have.

During electrical surges, damage to electrical devices such as phones is common. Even though fast and dependable, most brands of the best USB wall chargers fail to protect phones from such issues. However, this 3-outlet surge protector from AmazonBasics does. In addition to charging most smart devices optimally, its cETLus listed design protects devices from such surges. During a power surge, this item taps up to 900 joules of electricity, which is good.

AmazonBasics’s space-saving design works in most areas of the home. It works well in offices and homes without looking out of place. It also has a compact design that you can carry locally or internationally. Moreover, to get a charger that will not crush under stress of fail when needed the most, buy this brand. Its ABS plastic shell is durable. Its safe-certified circuitry is also durable.

Our Verdict

Make sure AmazonBasics can fit the electrical outlets in your home or office before buying one. If it works, you will not only enjoy fast charging speeds but also surge protection for your devices.


  • Surge protection (900 Joules)
  • Space-saving dual-port design
  • Has an AmazonBasics warranty
  • cETLus listed model
  • Good speed (1.0A and 2.4A)

Anker 60W 10-Port USB Wall ChargerCharging sensitive smart devices such as the best iPhone require care and the best wall-chargers in the market. Stock chargers are good. However, you can charge only one phone at a time, which is a limitation for people with a few sockets at home. The 60-watt Anker USB wall charger can help you to overcome this issue. It is a trusted brand worldwide with a few innovative technologies that better the experience of people. Like all the best Anker USB Wall chargers we have reviewed here, this model supports both VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies. In synergy, these systems boost charge speed to 2.4 amps (12 amps overall) without lowering safety. Unfortunately, it lacks support for Qualcomm Quick Charging.

The safety of your device should be a major consideration while choosing a USB charger for day-to-day use. Safe and dependable models such as the Anker 60W always get the job done without major issues. All ten ports have a MultiProtect system that lower the risk of overcharging. The ports also have overvoltage protection and convenient plug-and-use designs that support all USB cables. While in use, therefore, you will never worry about your phone overheating and its circuitry or charging system malfunctioning.

Anker 60W, like most products reviewed on this list, is suitable for traveling for two key reasons. First, its compact and portable design is beneficial to people who spend a lot of time on the road. Moreover, even though corded (five feet), you can detach the cord for safe and ease storage whenever you are planning a trip. Second, the Anker 60W is compatible with all 100-240-volt sockets. Thus, powering it in homes, offices, or hotel rooms is relatively easier.

Our Verdict

Anker is a reliable 10-port USB charger with an 18-month warranty. It supports all 100-240 volt electrical outlets and has a long power cord (5-feet) that you can detach for easier storage and transport.


  • Support 100-240-volt sockets
  • Powerful (60W) 10-port design
  • Limited warranty (16 months)
  • Detachable power cord (5-fee)
  • Advanced multi-protect system

AILKIN Wall ChargerAILKIN is a package of three wall chargers each with two 5-volt USB charging ports. In addition to their portability, ALKIN USB chargers are popular because of their superior performance. The two USB ports on each device are super-fast. Each generates 2.1 amperes of power, which is ideal for charging most smart devices. Whether you have a Samsung phone or an iPhone, for instance, you can use this set of chargers worry-free. They are compatible with HTC and Motorola devices and smart items such as an iPad.

The safety assurance that AILKIN offers for these USB chargers makes them good for day-to-day charging. Whether you have a 100 volt or a 240-volt power outlet at home, these chargers will not let you down. They have a broad compatibility with sockets found in homes and offices, which is a plus for people. They also protect phones from overheating, over current, and overcharging by stopping automatically once charging is complete. As such, they will protect your phone catching on fire in left charging all night.

These colorful USB wall chargers from AILKIN make excellent gifts for colleagues or loved ones. Furthermore, because of their functionality, people appreciate them better than ties and the best Christmas gifts for boyfriends available online. All wall chargers have a light and portable design. Shells (ABS plastic) are durable, while their compact and portable models are perfect for traveling. If a few of USB wall chargers have let you down, this pair will restore your faith in such items. They all have a 100% breakage warranty.

Our Verdict

AILKIN is not as fast as advertised. However, in terms of dependability and overall value for cash, it is one of the best in 2019. The three USB wall chargers on offer support most smart device. They also have safe plug-and-use designs that are light and highly portable.


  • 12 months breakage warranty
  • Support 100-240 volt outlets
  • Dependable dual-port USB adapters
  • Overheat and overcharge protection
  • Broad compatibility with devices


  • Not as fast as advertised

Nekmit Ultra-Thin Flat USB Wall ChargerOccasionally, less-known makers of USB wall chargers produce “killer” products that are beneficial. The dual port Nekmit USB wall charger is one of such items. Its low-profile and ultra-slim design blend seamlessly with wall sockets. It also has a versatile three port design (one is an electrical outlet) that are beneficial to most people. If you have a Samsung phone and an iPhone you would like to charge at the same time, order one now. Even though compact, it has two high-speed USB ports that are compatible with most smart devices. Both ports also have a Smart IC technology that detects devices and optimizes charge output automatically.

Nekmit’s smart charging interface rarely disappoints. Connected to a 100-240-volt AC outlet, you get a charge output of about 3.4 amperes, which is sufficient for most smart devices. Fortunately, even at such high speeds, Nekmit charges safely. Its three-prong design has a safety system (multi-protect) that generates a stable charge. As such, its risk of overcharging or overheating a phone is relatively low compared to its competitors. You can use it with a Samsung phone, an HTC phone, an iPad, or an iPhone issue-free.

In addition to its speed and safety, you will love the longevity of this Nekmit USB wall charger. The risk of its hard plastic shell breaking when dropped on a hard surface is low. All prongs are solid metal, while its premium circuitry is resistant to both heat and current. The shell, prong, and circuitry of Nekmit have a 1-year warranty.

Our Verdict

Nekmit is a safe and high-speed USB wall charger for the iPad, iPhone, and most other smart devices. Its space-saving design sets up flash on walls. It also has a durable design with a multi-protect safety system that prevents your devices from overheating while charging.


  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Multi-Protect safety system
  • Supports 100-240-volt AC outlets
  • High-speed USB ports (3.1A)
  • Low profile design (0.7 inches)

AmazonBasics One-Port USB Wall ChargerThe AmazonBasics One-Port is not beneficial to individuals who use more than one smart devices at the same time. However, if you have a phone or tablet that you have a hard time charging, it is an excellent remedy. With its charge speed of around 2.4 amps, AmazonBasics’s 12-watt design can charge almost all smart devices at home. Its plug-and-use port detects the type of devices you have connected and boosts charge output to offer the best results. Although you only get normal speed from it, it never disappoints.

The cheap yet low-grade chargers that some people use at home have many adverse effects. Reports of phones overcharging and or circuits frying while in use are common and worrying. These are non-issues for this one-port USB charger from AmazonBasics. Components such as its shell and its electrical circuit are durable. Its circuitry, on the other hand, has an internal safety switch that shuts it off automatically after charging. While in use, therefore, the risk of phones overcharging and blowing up is relatively low.

The need for portable, high-performance USB wall chargers is high worldwide. If you want a USB charger that is beneficial on the road, read on. The AmazonBasics One-Port charger weighs only 1.76 pounds. It also has a small (2×1.6×1.1-inches) design that you can carry easily in your pocket, handbag, and backpack. Even though scratching is unavoidable during such trips, the risk of this charger breaking down is relatively low. Its prongs, case, and USB plug-and-use system is durable and backed by a 1-year warranty.

Our Verdict

If you use the AmazonBasics One-Port charger at night, you may find its blue indicator light distraction. However, it is a top-grade product overall with a shut-off feature that protects smart devices from damage. Devoid of the product you are planning to charge, this one-port USB charger from AmazonBasics never disappoints.


  • Light, compact, and portable
  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Powerful 12-watt design
  • Has a sleek outlook (black)
  • Auto shutoff safety system


  • The indicator light is bright

Seenda USB Wall ChargerMost of us cannot leave without our phones. However, when buying chargers, we gamble with low-quality brands that do more harm than good. For the best results, opt for a trusted product such as the Seenda USB wall charger. Its compact, freestanding design has six 2.4 amp ports with a combined output of six amperes. All ports are plug-and-use and have a smart identification technology that optimizes charge output to match your device. The system not only saves people time but also makes the charging process safe.

Overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting are common issues for individuals with low-quality USB wall chargers. However, with Seenda, these will be non-issues for you. Its UL-certified design is less prone to overcharging phones. It also has short circuit and overheat protection that offers complete protection of all devices. Use the Seenda charge to power your iPhone worry-free. It is also one of the best for charging Samsung phones, tablets, and the iPad.

Recognized as one of the best USB wall chargers for travelers, the portability of Seenda is fantastic. Its 7.5-ounce 4.1x2x2-inch design fits comfortably in the pocket. It has a universal system that works with 100-240-volt outlets that are standard globally. If yours fails to support such a socket or breaks down in days or weeks, the company has you covered. Its 18-month warranty covers all factory defects.

Our Verdict

With Seenda, you get six USB charging ports with a combined output of six amperes. It is a portable plug-and-use product with an 18-month factory warranty and a universal 100-240 volt AC input.


  • 18 months factory warranty
  • Six USB charging ports
  • Universal AC input (100-240V)
  • Overheat and overcharge protection


  • Lacks Qualcomm Quick Charge

How to Choose the Best USB Wall Chargers

Compatibility: USB wall chargers have eased how people charge their phones at home, at work, and on the road. Even though helpful in today’s technological era, you need a quality product that will benefit you for years. Check the compatibility of the wall charger you want to buy on the outset. Does it support Android and iOS run smart devices? If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, purchasing a USB wall charger that only charges the iPhone is a waste of money. It can even damage your phone or cause you more losses.

Ports: Have you identified a set of USB wall chargers that support the type of smartphone in your possession? To streamline charging, evaluate the kind of ports that your preferred USB wall charger has. How many ports are available? The standard one and two port chargers such as the Anker one-port charger and the iClever USB charger are suitable for traveling. However, if you have two or more smart devices that you use every day, buying one might be a bad decision. Shop for a wall charger that will satisfy you always.

Apart from the number of USB ports, check the technology of your product’s USB ports. Which type of Bluetooth technology does it use? The most recent USB 4.0 and 5.0 interfaces are the best because of their power and reliability. They pair seamlessly with most devices and deliver fast and professional results devoid of the device you are charging. Research and choose the best one.

Finally, does your chosen USB wall charger have smart systems such as VoltageBoost, PowerIQ, and Qualcomm Quick Charge? Not all USB wall chargers have these features. However, here are the reasons why buying a charger with them is the best decision that you can make. First, Anker’s exclusive VoltageBoost technology offsets the speed reduction that most chargers have due to cable resistance. As such, whenever you are charging your phone and or table, it gets the recommended voltage and therefore charges fast and safely. Therefore, if you can afford an Anker charger with a 60-watt system, you will be able to charge all devices issue-free.

The PowerIQ is another novel system that boosts the performance of USB wall chargers. Unlike VoltageBoost that eliminates cable resistance, this smart chip adjusts voltage automatically to meet the needs of the connected device. As such, it boosts not only the charging speeds of phones, tablets, or Kindle but also their safety.

Finally, Qualcomm Quick Charging is an innovative technology that delivers lightning-fast charging when needed. If you depend on your phone for communication, this is a must-have technology in your USB wall charger of choice. Its Snapdragon interface is fast, safe, and compatible with most smart devices (Android/iOS).

Amperage: Different types of smart devices need different amounts of power to be able to recharge their batteries. Referred to as amperage, this is the third most crucial attribute to check out whenever you are buying a USB wall charger for day-to-day use. Does the charger have a 2.1A, 2.4A, or a 4.8A system? The higher the amperage, the faster your wall charger of choice will power the smart device in your possession. However, if your device does not support such high levels of electricity, you are more likely to damage its charging system over time. Therefore, before buying a new USB charger, make sure its power output matches the demands of your phone, tablet, or iPod. If it requires 2.4A of electricity to recharge, a less-powerful 2.1-ampere USB wall charger will disappoint you as well.

Structure: Most of the time, people look for the best wall chargers that can power their devices fast when needed. However, the design and or style of a USB wall charger is also vital for most people. Check this out before you reach for your pocket and order a new USB wall charge today. What is the size of your preferred charger? If you have a small office with furniture placed close to the wall, do not buy a bulky wall charger. Such items not only clutter space but also compromise the outlook of resting areas such as living rooms. Low-profile chargers that set close to the wall are better. While shopping for a USB charger for traveling, always check the weight of your product of choice. Can you travel with is easily? Most bulky chargers are heavy and thus unsuitable for traveling.

Safety: The safety of your phone and or home should be among your key considerations while shopping for a wall charger. For instance, buying a brand with the reputation of overheating while in use is one of the worst decisions that you can make. Such chargers tend to damage the structure and functionality of phones, which is bad. You should also check if your preferred USB charger has over-current and overcharge protection. By shutting off automatically after recharging phones, they lower the risk of electrical damage. For the best results, look for a product with safety certification and or the CE mark of quality. They are safe for charging most devices.

Longevity: The best USB wall chargers cost slightly more money that plug-and-use cable ones. While shopping for a new one, therefore, you need a brand that will last for long. Check the quality of materials used to make your brand of choice. Are they durable? Brands with cases made from ABS plastic will not let you down. The circuitry and components (prongs or USB cable) of your preferred should also be of the best-grade. To ease the selection process, check the reviews of other users. If they complain about breakages and or the propensity of a charger to overheat, look for a different brand.

Conclusion: To solve your phone or tablet’s charging issues, buying a USB wall charger is an excellent decision. They are safe, fast, and have convenient plug-and-use designs that benefit people of all cadres. USB wall chargers are also safe and recommended for charging most devices, which included tablets and phones. Whether you are shopping for one for traveling or your home, we have your back. After a careful analysis of the USB chargers that have attracted, we have identified ten best brands for everyday Joes. These items not only charge fast but also have multi-functional designs with many safety features that protect phones from damage.

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