Best Vertical Mice Reviewed in 2017

Computers have had a positive impact on the lives of many people. Communication, for instance, has become easier. Unlike in the past when people depended solely on phones, you can now send emails. You can also video conference using applications such as Skype. Work has also become easy. Even though companies still depend on paper to share memos and documents, most operations in offices are digitized. This saves time. It also improves the productivity of people over time. To enjoy these benefits, you need the best computer. You also need a quality keyboard and most importantly, the best computer mouse.

Computer mice have undergone a lot of transformation over the years. Unlike in the past when people relied on wired mice for work and or playing, high-quality wireless models are currently available online. If you have painful wrists and or want to avoid pronation. Even though they look like alien devices from sci-fi movies such as Star Trek, they are comfortable to use. You do not have to worry about wrist strain whenever you are working for long. Most models are also durable and have versatile designs that you can customize to meet your needs. If you are shopping for a new one, we have identified 10 best sellers that are available on Amazon. We have also looked at several attributes that you should keep in mind to find the best vertical mouse.

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description
  • Sharkk High Precision Optical Vertical Mouse

    Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, Smooth and durable cover, Adjustable DPI (1000/1500/2000), Ergonomic vertical design, Compatible with most computer, Plug and play USB connection, Positions hands naturally, Responsive optical sensor, Cost-effective vertical mouse, Non-slip rubberized texture

  • J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Vertical USB Mouse

    Comfortable vertical design, Heavy-duty plastic case, Durable buttons (5 million clicks), Durable scroll wheel (200,000 circles), Adjustable DPI settings (600/1000/1600), High-resolution optical sensor, Plug and use USB connection, Smooth/non-irritant contours, Removable thumb rest

  • LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mouse

    24-hour customer service, Eight million keystrokes (lifetime), Comfortable ergonomic body, Long (4.43-feet) connection cable, 100DPI resolution, Sensitive optical sensor, Advanced USB 2.0 technology, Lightweight right-handed design, Easy to maneuver on all surfaces, Aesthetic black theme

  • Evoluent Vertical Mouse

    Compatible with most OS, Universal USB connection, Long and durable cord, Well placed buttons, Pointer controls (side mounted), Top-mounted LED lights, Extra-wide thumb rest Durable thumb buttons (two), Smooth and comfortable design, Regular sized (4-inch) vertical mouse

  • Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

    Durable vertical mouse, Responsive 2.4G wireless technology, Adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600), Back and forward thumb buttons, Comfortable ergonomic design, Comfortable palm rest, 18-month limited warranty, Detailed welcoming guide, Broad compatibility, Sensitive optical sensor

  • Sharkk Wireless Mouse Ergonomic Mouse

    Durable plastic body, Powerful wireless (2.4GHz) technology, Next/previous buttons (side mounted), Broad compatibility (Linux, Mac OS, or PC), Plug and use receiver, Auto sleep feature, Adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600), Sensitive optical sensor, Comfortable ergonomic design

  • Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse

    18-month limited warranty, Comfortable vertical design, Versatile 5-button mouse, Detailed instruction guide, Universal USB cable (4.8 feet), Supports both Windows and Mac, Lightweight (4.5 ounces) vertical mouse, 1000DPI resolution, Sensitive/precise optical sensor, Lifetime technical support

  • Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

    High capacity battery (40-days), Fast charging system, Sensitive dark field laser sensor, Tracks well on most surfaces, Fast and lag-free performance, Inbuilt Bluetooth adapter, Connects to up to three devices, Smooth/non-irritant contours

  • Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

    18 months hassle-free warranty, Wireless battery powered design, Powerful 2.4G wireless receiver, Smooth and comfortable contours, Power-efficient design (with idle), Adjustable resolution (800/1200/1600 DPI), Advanced optical tracking technology, Ergonomic design and buttons

  • Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

    Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, Universal USB receiver (2.4GHz), Battery-powered system (2 AA), Responsive from up to 30 feet, Works well on most surfaces, Connect up to six compatible devices, Cradles hands naturally, Lowers hand and wrist strain

What to Look for in a Vertical Mouse

For those with desk jobs or spend a lot of time on the Internet, buying a vertical mouse is a good decision. To find the best model, however, here are a few attributes that you should keep in mind when shopping:

Performance: Whilst working or playing, many people hate using low-quality mice. Lags, for instance, are frustrating. Mice that need special pads to work well are also equality frustrating. Before you buy a vertical mouse, therefore, check its performance. What is its processing speed? Mice with high processing power perform better than low powered ones. You should also check button placement. Even though vertical mice are awkward by design, make sure that you can reach its buttons and use them easily. This will improve your productivity at work or at home.

Comfort: One of the major reasons why people buy vertical mice is to protect their wrists and fingers from injuries. A mouse that cannot do this is not worth your time. Once you have identified a powerful vertical one, check these attributes to ascertain its comfort level:

Contouring: to get a comfortable vertical mouse that you will enjoy using, it is advisable that you check its contours before buying. Does it have smooth or pointed corners, for instance? Pointed corners have irritant pressure points. They will irritate you over time.

Size: Whenever you are shopping for a new vertical mouse, remember that size matters. The largest mice in the market are not necessarily the best. To have a fun time whenever you are working or playing, buy a mouse that you can hold comfortably. If you have a small palm, for instance, a small or medium-sized mouse will serve you the best.

Weight: Online, vertical mice are of different weights. Even though heavy ones are stable and somewhat accurate, they are challenging to maneuver. Keep this in mind. Even though they are ideal for work, they are not suitable for playing fast-action games. Individuals who browse the Internet for hours every day also find them frustrating to use.

Features: Once you have ascertained that your vertical mouse of choice is comfortable and performs well, check its features. Does it have an adjustable DPI rate, for instance? People use vertical mice in different ways. Being able to adjust DPI is invaluable. Second, does your mouse of choice have programmable buttons? These enable you to customize its performance to suit your needs. Finally, look out for stability features such as thumb rest, side grips, and size shifters. They make the best vertical mice much easier to use.

Sharkk High Precision Optical Vertical Mouse

Computers are currently the main medium for communication, work, and entertainment. As such, people spend tens of hours in front of them every week. With one of the low-grade mice that people have depended on for years, thus, wrist strain and or injuries are common. The productivity of people also drops significantly because of their tiresome designs. If you have one of these challenges, consider replacing your standard mouse with this high-precision one from Sharkk. It has a comfortable vertical design. At home or at work, therefore, you do not have to twist your hand in wired angles to work or play. Because it promotes a natural hand positioning, you get excellent results always.

Are you right handed? Are you shopping for the best vertical mouse for day-to-day use? You can find a plethora of novel products online. To get a good one that meets the needs of most people, however, this high precision optimal model stands out. It is comfortable. It also has a versatile design that works well with most devices. If you have a Windows computer that you use often, for instance, this mouse works well. Its wired design has a fast response rate. It also connects reliable via most USB ports. People with Mac OS X or Linux computers also appreciate its value. Its plug and play design never disappoints.

Sharkk High Precision Optical Vertical Mouse

The Dots per Inch (DPI) level is a computer mouse is a reflection of its sensitivity. Generally, high DPI mice are very sensitive. They are the best to use whilst engaging in fast-action activities such as video gaming. Low DPI mice are accurate. Because of their slower speed, they are ideal for work and browsing the Web. With Sharkk High Precision Optical Vertical Mouse, you get both. Instead of the single DPI level that some mice have, it has an adjustable one (1000/ 1500/2000). Using the DPI switch that it comes with, you can easily increase and or decrease its speed to your desired level. This system works well.

When shopping for computer accessories such as the best surround sound cards, money is a challenge for most people. As a result, they opt for low-grade products that fail to satisfy their needs. With this Sharkk High Precision Optical Vertical Mouse, however, you do not have to worry about money. It is an affordable accessory. From popular stores such as Amazon, you even qualify for discounts for all original products that you buy. This product is also durable. With an original one, you do not have to worry about buying another one soon. This is ideal, especially if you have a tight budget. Finally, this mouse has a lifetime warranty. If you get a defective one, its manufacturer will replace it hassle-free.


  • Non-responsive buttons
  • Non-braided cable

J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Vertical USB Mouse

Do you know that mice are among the most important computer components? Even if you have the most powerful computer, you will not use it well if you have a poor and responsive mouse. Whenever you are shopping for one, keep this in mind. Instead of the cheap and non-responsive models that people waste money on, look for a well-made one such as J-Tech Digital. Designed to lower wrist and hand pain whilst working, it has a comfortable vertical design that most people like. It is also light and has smooth contours that do not irritate the palm or hand whilst in use. This enables you to for long with no issues.

Buying an expensive mouse that does not work well is one of the worst decisions that you can make. Before you spend money, for instance, make sure your model of choice is easy to install. It should also be easy to maneuver and have a responsive design that works well on most surfaces. J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Vertical USB Mouse meets this threshold. Even though wired, for instance, you get a high precision digitized mouse that responds well in all environments. Forget about the lags and or performance issues that your current mouse has. The two thumb buttons that you get are also invaluable. They respond very well to touch. You can also use them for forward and backward navigation whilst browsing.

J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Vertical USB Mouse

Browsers and gamers like fast or overly sensitive computer mice that can make swift moves. Office workers, on the other hand, like slow and accurate ones that can improve their performance. As the Sharkk High Precision mouse that we have reviewed, J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Vertical USB Mouse appeals to both groups. It is a very comfortable accessory. Whether you spend minutes or hours in front of a computer, you will enjoy using it every day. The adjustable DPI settings (600/1000/1600) that it has, on the other hand, enable you to customize its speed and sensitivity. Finally, you get a high-resolution optical sensor that responds fast and accurately on most surfaces.

Between all computer accessories, mice and keyboards endure the most abuse. If you are shopping for the best vertical mouse, therefore, make sure that it is a durable as possible. The material used to make its cover, for instance, should be top notch. J-Tech Digital, for instance, has a heavy-duty plastic case that never disappoints. It is durable. It also has a smooth, stylish, and scratch proof surface that most people like. You will do too. Finally, the quality of its buttons is exemplary. With a lifespan of three million clicks, for instance, you do not have to worry about them breaking down anytime soon. Its scrolling wheel has a lifetime of 200,000 circles.


  • Inconsistent texture
  • Scroll wheel lacks a click

LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mouse

Vertical mice are popular worldwide because of their performance and convenience. They are fun to use. They also improve the endurance and performance of workers in various industries. However, the quality of the product that you buy matters a lot. Any random vertical mouse will not serve you well. Look for a valuable one such as LuguLake for the best experience. Attainable in black, this right-handed optical mouse has a stylish outlook. It will blend well in your desk or office. It also has a durable wired design that works well with most computers. Whether you are using a Windows or Mac computer with a USB connection, this vertical mouse will serve you well.

To stay comfortable at home or in offices, people do many things. A majority buys the best standing desks to maintain a natural working position. Others take breaks to recharge after sitting for many hours. Even though these strategies are effective, consider replacing your mouse as well. Ergonomic vertical models such as LuguLake, for instance, do not strain hands or wrists, as standard ones often do. Its smooth and well-contoured design, on the other hand, is very comfortable to hold. It does not irritate the hand. The risk of bruises and injuries is also slim. Finally, because of its lightweight design (5.3 ounces), you can use for long without getting tired.
LuguLake Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Optical Mouse

To work or play well, you should be able to focus targets and execute commands as fast as possible. Most standard computer mice suck at this job. Most models are slow. They also lag often and stick on most surfaces whilst in use. This is not the case with LuguLake. Apart from its broad compatibility and ergonomic design, most people like its performance. Its optical sensor, for instance, is sensitive. Whilst in use, it responds smartly. It also tracks well on most surfaces. Finally, even though non-adjustable, the 100DPI resolution that you get is ideal. You will work well. You will also browse the internet effortlessly.

Most brands of vertical mice cannot withstand the abuse that most people subject such devices. Their wires break easily, for instance. They also scratch and or lose a button or two after weeks of abuse. With a LuguLake ergonomic mouse, you do not have to worry about the foregoing. It is a durable mouse. The 4.43-foot cable that you get, for instance, is not only convenient but also durable. The risk of it kinking and or breaking over time is slim. Keystroke lifetime, on the other hand, is around 8 million times. This mouse will serve you for long.


  • Flimsy construction

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Vertical mice have improved how people work or play. Even though bulkier than standard mice, for instance, their durable and ergonomic designs are ideal. Because of this, advanced models such as Evoluent Vertical Mouse are comfortable to use. Its regular sized 4-inch design also fits snug in the hand to improve the comfort levels of people further. If you strain your hand or wrist often whenever you are working, therefore, consider buying this mouse. You will work for long with no issues. The wired USB connection that it uses is also convenient. You do not have to worry about running out of charge as you are working or browsing.

In addition to its comfortable design, many people like this vertical mouse from Evoluent because of its ease of use. Set up, for instance, is very easy. Unlike wireless mice that require you to install receivers to work, its plug-and-use interface is super convenient. You can use it straight out of the box with no problems. Its overall design also meets the demands of most people. For instance, because it has well-located and spaced buttons, you do not have to contortion your fingers to operate this mouse. Everything comes naturally. The two thumb buttons that you get are also convenient. Finally, you get a well-built thumb rest with an extra wide lip that protects users.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

To open applications and execute commands, mice use optical sensors. Their designs, however, vary from one brand to another. With this vertical mouse from Evoluent, for instance, you get a sensitive optical sensor that you can adjust to satisfy your needs. The software that it comes with handles this process efficiently. You also get responsive pointer controls (side mounted) that you can use to adjust speed up and down easily. Finally, this vertical mouse has top-mounted LED lights that reflect its pointers speed. Instead of gambling, you will know if it is extra low, low, medium, or high by looking at the lights.

As keyboards and mice, computers are of many types. Some people have personal computers. Others have laptops and notebooks with different types of operating systems. Devoid of the type of computer that you use, you will have a good time with this vertical mouse. USB connection (backward compatible) that it has, for instance, works well with most computers. This includes both old and new ones. This mouse also works well with most operating systems. Whether you have Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, this mouse will serve you well. Visit Amazon today and buy yours to improve how you work or play.


  • Poor finishing
  • Not suitable for gaming

Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

When shopping for the best vertical mice, many people choose the most stylish models. Even though they improve the outlook of offices, a low-quality one will not serve you well. Do not buy the cheapest mouse either. Look for a well-engineered product such as Anker Ergonomic instead. As its name suggests, you get an ergonomic accessory that handles heavy-duty use well. The 2.4G wireless technology that it uses is also very convenient. If you are tired of wires cluttering your desk or office, this mouse will serve you well. It is easy to connect. You also get reliable connections that improve its overall performance.

Because of their non-ergonomic designs, most standard mice strain and or irritate hands whilst in use. People who spend a lot of time in front of computers, thus, often have a challenging time using such accessories. If you are one of them, we have a good product for you. Buy this Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse to solve your problems permanently. Recommended for working, browsing, and playing, it is a comfortable accessory. You do not have to worry about it contours irritating your palm whilst working. Instead, its superior design fits and moves seamlessly with the hand to prevent finer and wrist strain.

There is nothing as frustrating as using a non-responsive mouse at home or at work. They are slow. They also compromise the performance of people as they go about their day-to-day duties. Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse lacks this limitation. If you like its comfortable design, you will like its performance even more for two reasons. First, the optical tracking technology that it uses is one of the best. It is sensitive. It also works precisely on most surfaces. Second, this vertical mouse has adjustable DPI levels (800/1200/1600). When working and or playing, you can adjust its responsiveness on demand to meet your needs.

Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

The functionality of Anker ergonomic vertical mouse is impressive. Its plug and use design, for instance, is convenient. Once you have connected its USB receiver to your computer, you can connect it and use it with no problems. It even has a memory function that remembers and connects your device automatically. The thought of eliminating wires from your desk is also an appealing one. Finally, its thumb rest and back/forward buttons make web browsing easy. Combined with the side controls that it has, the sky is the limit.

Off the shelf, you get all mandatory accessories. In addition to this mouse and its receiver, you get a detailed welcoming guide. This covers installation and troubleshooting. You also get an 18-month warranty and free customer service.


  • Not suitable for large hands

Sharkk Wireless Mouse Ergonomic Mouse

Even with their consistent battery issues, wireless vertical mice are sought-after because of their convenience. They also work well and have feature-rich designs that satisfy the needs of most people. If you are struggling to find one, consider Sharkk Wireless. This is a reputable brand. Unlike some mice that lose connection often or fail to work with some computers, for instance, its 2.4GHz system is ideal. It connects fast via a USB receiver. Signals are fast and reliable. Finally, you get an auto-sleep functional that not only conserves battery power but also prolongs battery life.

In addition to their performance, many people like vertical mice because of their comfortable designs. If the standard mouse in your possession stresses or strains your wrist often, for instance, they are ideal alternatives. All you have to do is buy a quality one such as Sharkk Wireless. Even though awkward-looking, its ability to position the hand naturally is invaluable. You will be able to work or play longer with the help of an original one. It is also easy to maneuver. Because of its compact and lightweight design, you can maneuver it easily whilst working.

In homes and or offices, many people grapple with non-responsive and or lagging computer mice occasionally. Even though low spec computers cause this problem, the quality of mice is always to blame. Do not let yours compromise your performance. Quality ergonomic mice such as Sharkk Wireless will serve you better. You will like its comfortable design. You will also like its sensitive optical sensor and the adjustable DPI technology (800/1200/1600) that it has. Whilst working, for example, you can adjust the speed of its cursor to your desired level.

Sharkk Wireless Mouse Ergonomic Mouse

Is this vertical mouse compatible with most computers? Will it work with our Windows or Mac PC? Do not let such thoughts to trouble you. If you are planning to buy this vertical computer, go ahead. The USB receiver that it connects to works well with most computers. Whether you have Linux, Mac OS, or PC, you will have a fun time with an original one. Because of its compact design, the receiver also installs flush in most USB ports. As you travel to work or school, you do not have to remove it to protect it from damage.

Sharkk Wireless Mouse Ergonomic Mouse is a feature-rich accessory. In addition to the foregoing standard ones, for instance, you get an auto sleep feature that prolongs battery life. You do not have to replace its battery often to keep it working optimally. You also get side-mounted next/previous buttons for faster browsing. You will enjoy using one.


  • Does not support wrists well
  • Hand rubs on desk

Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse

Popular for its collection of the best USB car chargers, Anker has made the lives of millions of people better. It is also home to quality portable power banks and most importantly vertical mice. Backed by sound science, for instance, this wired optical model is one of the best for working and playing. In terms of comfort, for instance, it is of the best. The smooth and well-finished contours that it has do not irritate the palm. This prevents irritation when working for long. Its ergonomic design, on the other hand, improves arm and wrist health by orienting them naturally. Users perform better as a result.

Sensitivity and tracking are two essential attributes that you should never take lightly when shopping for a vertical mouse. Both should be optimal to have the best experience whilst working or playing. Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse excels in both. Whether you like working on a hard table or your bed, you will like using this mouse. The innovative optical sensor that it uses is both sensitive and precise. Devoid of the surface you are working on, you will have good results always. The 1000DPI resolution that you get is also ideal. Even though non-adjustable, it is sufficient for browsing and gaming.

Anker Ergonomic Optical USB Wired Vertical Mouse

The button configuration (five) of Anker Ergonomic is very convenient. Even though slanted, for instance, you get easy-to-access right and left click buttons. Whilst working or playing, therefore, you can execute commands faster than you would with a standard mouse. You also get a responsive scroll wheel and next/previous buttons that come in handy whilst browsing the Internet. Instead of manipulating your browser to achieve this, you can do so easily and directly from this mouse. Anker Ergonomic is a lightweight (4.5 ounces) vertical mouse. It is also compact (101x82x80mm) and has a l4.8-foot USB cable.

With vertical mice, one of the commonest problems that people have is incompatible devices. Most people spend a lot of money on high-end devices only to realize later that they do not support their laptops of computers. With Anker Ergonomic, this is never an issue. With an original one, you get a versatile product that works well with most computers. If yours has an accessible USB port, expect good results from this one of a kind mouse. It does not matter whether it uses Windows or Mac OS. Each package has a detailed instruction manual. You also get lifetime technical support and an 18-month limited warranty.


  • Flickering lights (side)
  • Non-responsive scroll button

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

A popular product in the vertical mouse niche, Logitech MX Master is one of the best for work or play. Even though larger than most products that we have reviewed herein, it will never let you down at home or at work. Because of its lightweight design, for instance, you can maneuver it effortlessly as you work or play. Its ergonomic design also plays an important role in the performance of peace. The quality plastic used to make it, for instance, lacks irritant that might lower your experience over time. This mouse also has smooth contours that do not irritate hands and a unique thumb wheel that works well.

Are you tired of your wired mouse that clutters your desk or office whenever you are working? Consider replacing it with a new Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse. It is comfortable. You also get a versatile vertical mouse with a wireless system that most people find invaluable. The unifying receiver that it has, for instance, works well with most computers. It is also powerful and installs flush in USB ports for easier transportation of laptops and notebooks. Finally, this mouse has an inbuilt Bluetooth adapter that connects to up to three devices wirelessly. The technology is reliable. You can also switch between the paired devices easily with the touch of a button. Buy yours.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

With most standard mice, tracking is a major issue, especially on smooth surfaces such as glass. Others perform poorly on desks and or soft surfaces such as couches or mattresses. With Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, you will never worry about these issues again. The dark field laser sensor that it uses tracks flawlessly on all surfaces. You can use it on a glass desk, for instance, without lags or performance issues. You can also use it on wood and on high gloss surfaces up to 4mm thick with positive results. Most comparable mice cannot achieve this.

If you buy Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, you will forget about the wires that clutter your desk or workstation often. You also get a powerful vertical mouse with a battery-powered design that never disappoints. Whether you spend hours or minutes in front of your computer often, thus, you will never run out of charge. At full capacity, the rechargeable battery that it comes with lasts for up to 40 days. Considering its price, this is invaluable. Its charging speed is also desirable. In just four minutes, for instance, you get enough charge to last you a full day.


  • Wheel drifts occasionally
  • Performs poorly with Mac

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker products have earned a spot among the most dependable in this market. They are also durable and have innovative systems that work well for long. If you have used several vertical mice with poor results, for instance, you will like this one. Featuring a 2.4G wireless technology, for instance, its performance is desirable. The wireless receiver that it comes with, for instance, connects reliably with most computers. Connections, on the other hand, are fast and reliable. Whilst working or playing, you do not have to worry about it dropping a connection and causing serious downtime.

Research has shown than vertical mice are safer to use than most standard models. They cushion the wrist well. They also orient the hand naturally, which enables people to work comfortably for long. If you are skeptical, try out this Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse. Made of quality plastic, it has a smooth surface that cushions the palm well whenever you are working. Irritation is a non-issue. It also has smooth contours and an ergonomic design that orients the hand naturally and healthily. If you have a frustrating desk job, thus, this vertical mouse from Anker will make your life better.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse is a comfortable accessory. This is not its only strength though. In terms of performance, it is also one of the best because of its premium design. Because of its lightweight body, for instance, you do not have to struggle to move it around. You will be able to work seamlessly and for a long time with no problems. The optical tracking technology that it uses is also one of a kind. Whether you are working on a wooden or glass desk, for instance, you do not need a mouse pad to maximize its sensitivity. It works well on a range of surfaces. You can even adjust its resolution (800/1200/1600 DPI) to get your desired results.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

At work or school, most people browse the Internet for research or for entertainment. Having a comfortable and responsive mouse is thus essential, especially if you spend a lot of time on computers. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse meets this threshold. It is light and comfortable to use. It is also sensitive and has a premium optical sensor that works well on most surfaces. To ease your life further, this mouse has next/previous buttons for navigating web pages back and forth. Both buttons are responsive. They are also durable and placed conveniently on its side.

Anker 2.4G Wireless is a battery-powered accessory. Even though it uses standard AAA (two) batteries, it is a power efficient mouse. It even has an idle feature that turns on automatically after eight minutes. This saves power further. Finally, with each mouse that you buy, you get a free instruction manual. You also get a hassle free 18-month warranty on defects (manufacturing).


  • None

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

Are you shopping for a wireless long-range mouse that you can use at work or at home? Do you want a comfortable vertical mouse that can alleviate the wrist strain you suffer daily? In online stores such as Amazon, many products meet this threshold. However, Logitech M570 is currently the best vertical mouse in 2017. Backed by years of research, you get an advanced vertical mouse with one of the most functional systems. Its sculpted shape, for instance, is highly comfortable. It cradles and supports the hand well. It also enables people to move the cursor without shifting their hands around. This lowers strain. It also minimizes fatigue whilst working for long hours.

With Logitech M570, working and playing have never been easier. The fact that you can do it anywhere without worrying about wires improves the experience of people further. Designed to connect to computers via a unifying receiver, you can use this mouse from up to 30 feet. You can also connect up to six compatible devices without sacrificing its performance in any way. Finally, because this mouse’s optical sensor tracks well, you can use it on most surfaces with good result. At work, for instance, you can use it directly on your wooden or glass desk with good results. This mouse also works well on beds and even couches.

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse

With most wireless vertical mice, battery life is a major issue for many people. Some brands drain batteries fast. Others require special types of batteries to work well. This is not the case with Logitech M570. Even though it uses standard AA batteries, it has a power efficient system that serves people well for long. Each new pair of batteries, for instance, will serve you optimally for up to 18 months. This is ideal for people who spend a lot of time behind computers working or playing.

Do you have a Windows or Mac computer that you use every day? Are you looking for a new vertical mouse that you can use to work and or play with no problems? Logitech M570 is a suitable product. The universal receiver (2.4GHz) that it comes with works well with most computers. These include Windows (all versions), Mac, and Linux.


  • Challenging to use at first


Vertical mice are novel computer accessories that enable people to work comfortably for long. They are also durable and have feature-rich designs that are perfect for playing, working, or browsing the Web. If you are shopping for the best brand for day-to-day use, the 10 brands that we have reviewed stand out. They are reputable globally. They are also comfortable, powerful, and made of the best materials and components.


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