Facts on the Best USB Car Chargers in 2017

To most people, vehicles are like their second homes. They use them for traveling. Many people even stay in them when camping outdoors. Phones, on the other hand, are popular devices for men and women for many reasons. Their powerful/ multi-functional designs, for instance, improve how people communicate. They are also ideal for entertainment and have versatile Internet-enabled designs that improve how people work. If you have a phone with a low capacity battery and a vehicle that you travel in often, the best USB car charger can help you to keep it powered. They are easy to use, very fast, and support most phones.

Keep a smartphones or tablet charged is no longer a chore. In home and offices, the best iPhone chargers work well. They are safe. They also have reliable systems that do a good job every time. In cars, on the other hand, a compatible USB car charger will come to your aid. Even though effective, pay keen attention to the product that you buy to get the best results outdoors. Is its compatible with your phone or tablet? Using a charger of the wrong voltage degrades and damages batteries in the long term. Second, is it the correct product for your car? Most USB chargers need 12V cigarette lighter ports. If your vehicle has a different one, buy a compatible charger. This article reviews the best sellers in this niche.

  • Product Name
  • Image
  • Description
  • Cable Matters 10W 2A Mini Dual-USB Car Charger

    Package of two durable chargers, Convenient plug and use design, CE and FCC-compliant systems, Integrated over-current fuses, Space-efficient mini designs, Support most phones and tablets, Intelligent USB charging technology, Dual USB charging ports (1A and 2A)

  • Jelly Comb USB Car Charger

    Cost-effective car charger, 12-month warranty, Chargers up to six devices, High-speed system (13A), Long (3.3-feet) adapter cable, Durable ABS plastic case, Exclusive SI technology, Smart identification technology, Plug and use design

  • Anker Quick Charge 2.0 36W Dual USB Car Charger

    18-month warranty, Detailed welcome guide, Powerful (2.0A) USB ports (two), Heavy-duty plastic body, Friendly customer service (24/7), Bright LED ring, 75% quicker that most chargers, Qualcomm Quick charging technology, VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies, Supports most phones and tablets

  • TechMatte Dual-Port High-Speed Car Charger

    Powerful USB ports (Two 2.1A), High-speed charging technology, Durable case and circuitry, Subtle LED indicator light (blue), Portable/low-profile design, Plug and use system, Supports most smart devices, Works in most vehicles, 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty

  • RAVPower Car Charger 24W 2-Port Metal USB Car Charger

    Temperature and overcharge protection, Built-in short-circuit protectors, Maintains a constant voltage, Smart charging technology (ismart), Powerful (2.1A) USB ports (two), Durable aluminum case, Clutter-free design, Supports most phones and tablets

  • SCOSCHE USBC242M USB Car Charger

    Charges most smart devices, Dual USB charging technology, Power-on LED lights, Faster (up to 35%) that traditional chargers, Powerful (12-watt) circuit, Cost-effective USB charger, Durable design, Plug and use design, Works well in most vehicles

  • JETech Car Dual Rapid USB Car Charger w/Micro USB

    Charges and powers most devices, Built in micro USB cable, Dual port USB charging technology, Over-current protected, Over-heat protection, Does not overcharge phones, Plug and use design, Does not interfere with radios, Sleek mini design

  • AUKEY CC-S1 Flush Fit Dual Port Car Charger

    Detailed user manual, 24-month warranty, Durable dual port charger, Overheat protected, Over-current safeguards, Over-charge protected, Plug and use charger, Compatible with most devices, Fits flush in vehicles, Two full speed (5V/2.4A) USB ports

  • Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

    18-month warranty, Detailed instruction guide, Friendly customer service, Compact and portable design, Plug and use USB charger, Certified safe for day-to-day use, Chargers most phones and tablets, Reputable brand

  • Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port Car Charger

    Compact and portable design, Powerful 5V 4.8A USB ports (two), One-year warranty, Charges phones and tablets, Durable design, Reliable charging system, Certified safe for cars, Overhear protected, Overcurrent protected, Overcharge protected

What to Look for in a USB Car Charger

USB car chargers are dependable in-car accessories that charge phones and tablets well. To get the best brand for your vehicle, here are a few attributes that you should check out:

Compatibility: When shopping for a new USB car charger, buying a model that does not support your phone or your car’s system is a bad decision. To avoid this mistake, check the design of the charger that you are planning to buy beforehand. Is it compatible with the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle? If yes, determine whether it supports your phone. Compatible chargers work fast. The risk of damaging your smartphone’s battery is also low.

Amperage: The amperage of a USB car charger reflects the amount of current that it uses to charge smartphones or tablets. The higher the amperage of a charger, the powerful its system is. Keep this is in mind the next time you are shopping. Which is the best amperage for charging most traditional smartphones and tablets? Most iPads and Android tablets need only 1amp to charge at their normal speeds. iPhone and advanced Android phones, on the other hand, needs at least 2.1amps to charge optimally. Check the system of the type of the device that you have and buy the best USB car charger that will power it well.

USB Ports: In-car USB car chargers use USB ports to charge phones and or tables. If you are looking for one, check the number of ports that it has. Does it have one, two, or three ports for charging phones or tablets? If you have two or more devices that you use often, look for a USB charger with more than one port. Second, check the specification of the USB ports that your charger of choice has. Is it is USB 2.0, 3.0, or 3.1. Advanced USB chargers have a higher specification. They charge faster. They also charge most smart devices safely.

Charging Cable: The best USB car chargers connect to and power phones using the USB chargers. Before buying one, therefore, check if it has this vital accessory. If it does, check the quality of the cable does it comes with. Does it kink or break often? Check the reviews of other users to judge its quality. Second, is it of the correct size? Different cars have cigarette lighters in different spots. Its USB cables should be long enough to charge you phone well from different locations. If your car USB charger does not come with a USB cable, make sure it works with third party ones. Most phones have stock cables anyway.

If you follow these rules, you have a better chance of finding the best USB car charger in 2017. To ease this process further, we have reviewed 10 best sellers that meet this threshold.

Cable Matters 10W 2A Mini Dual-USB Car Charger

Do you enjoy camping in the wood? Do you have a field job that requires you to spend a lot of time outdoors? Having a fully charged phone is beneficial in many ways. In the event of an emergency, for instance, you can easily call for help from your family or authorities. How can people achieve this? Do not buy multiple phone batteries, as some individuals often do. A good USB car charger such as Cable Matters works the best. Attainable as a pack of two USB chargers, it is an affordable product. Both chargers are also eye catching and have universal designs that work well in most types of cars. They will serve you well.

The smartphone industry has grown over the years. Many brands and types are currently available in web stores such as Amazon. If you are struggling to keep yours powered, this pack of dual USB car chargers from Cable Matters will serve you well. Made of heavy duty plastic, both chargers are durable. They also have universal designs (plug and play) that work well with most types of Apple and Android devices. If you have an iPhone, for instance, you will not regret buying this charger. It works fast. It is also safe for both phones and batteries. Owners of Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus devices also enjoy similar results.

Cable Matters 10W 2A Mini Dual-USB Car Charger

To most people, cars are like their babies. Components that clutter their interior and or fail to work as advertised often find themselves out most of the time. This is not the case with Cable Matters dual USB car chargers. First, these 2amp accessories work well. They are powerful. Devoid of the type of device that you have, they also deliver the right amount of power for optimal charging. Both chargers also have compact mini designs that do not clutter personal space, as larger ones often do. You can use them every day with positive results. Finally, their dual USB ports enable you to charge two devices simultaneously.

The reports of the best USB car chargers damaging phones or compromising the capacity of batteries are worrying. This is a result of the influx of many fake chargers in most Web stores. Avoid such products like the plague. To get a reliable alternative charger that will meet your needs always, consider buying Cable Matters. With a new package, you get two intelligent USB chargers that stand out in many ways. Their durability, for instance, has made them sought-after USB car chargers worldwide. If safety is a concern, these chargers will not damage the system(s) of your expensive phone in any way. Both are CE and FCC-compliant, for instance. They also have integrated over-current fuses that protect phones.


  • Not eligible for return

Jelly Comb USB Car Charger

Keeping several smart devices charged outdoors is a challenging affair for most people. The solar chargers common in advertisements, for instance, are slow and disappointing. Buying several batteries is also an ineffective solution that most people like. For the best experience, buy an advanced USB car charger such as Jelly Comb. It is a durable product. It also ranks among the most powerful USB chargers in 2017, with an output of around 13A (65W). If you have power hungry devices that you use often, thus, this is one of the best chargers to use. It delivers the maximum charging speed of up to six devices at the same time.

Forget about the inefficient USB chargers that people waste money on every month. To get a well-engineered model that lasts long, do not shy away from Jelly Comb. With each original one that you buy, you get a durable USB charger that works well for many years. It has a convenient plug-and-use design. Finally, you get an exclusive SI technology that improves how it charges phones and tablets. Whenever you plug a device, for instance, it smart identification technology recognizes it automatically. After a careful analysis, it then computes the maximum amount of current that it needs to charge it. This is impressive.

USB car chargers, as other smart accessories have their share of cons, some models break down easily. Others have safety loopholes that compromise the safety of phones over time. With Jelly Comb, however, you do not have to worry about these issues. The industry grade materials used to make it, for instance, are among the best in this niche. Its ABS plastic cover, for instance, does not break or melt easily. You also get a premium circuit that works well for many years. Finally, you get a safety certified charger with a universal system that works in most cigarette lighter ports.

Jelly Comb USB Car Charger

Do you have to bend too much to use your existing USB car charger? Does it have a low-grade adapter cable that fails to meet your needs most of the time? If you are looking for a suitable replacement, buy Jelly Comb. It is a powerful device. No matter the type of phone or tablet in your possession, you will get fast and optimal results every time. It is also a durable product. It does not break down easily, as some comparable ones often do. Finally, each original one comes with a long 3.3-foot adapter cable that works well. It is durable. Because of its impressive length, users have a good reach when charging phones.

Jelly Comb USB Car Charger is a top-rated accessory. However, unlike some brands that cost people a fortune, you do not have to break the bank to own one. It is an affordable charger. Each package also has a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects.


  • Interferes with radio signals

Anker Quick Charge 2.0 36W Dual USB Car Charger

Anker products are among the best-selling worldwide. The best portable power banks that it has manufactured, for instance, have won the hearts of millions worldwide. The car USB chargers in its arsenal are also best sellers in reputable stores such as Amazon. If you are shopping for one that can keep your iPhone or Android phone, well charged, Anker Quick Charge 2.0 stands out. Like other Anker products in the market, it has a stylish design that blends well in most vehicles. It also has an uncluttered mini design with two USB ports that charge most smart devices. This includes the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

If you have a problem charging your phone well on a day-to-day basis, take advantage of the Qualcomm Quick charging technology that this USB car charger has. Ranked among the most advanced charging technologies in 2017, you do not have to wait for long for your phone to charge. Because it is around 75% quicker (2.1A) than most standard chargers, people have a memorable experience with it. In just 15 minutes, you will have a fully charged smart phone with the help of this USB car charger. The VoltageBoost and PowerIQ technologies that Anker Quick Charge has improve both its speed and reliability further.

Anker Quick Charge 2.0 36W Dual USB Car Charger

Everybody likes quality products. If you are one of them and hate the cluttered USB car charger that you use often, Anker Quick Charge is a suitable option. It stands out in many ways. First, made of zinc alloy, it has a stylish design that blends well in most types of cars. Whether you have a sedan or an SUV, thus, do not worry about it looking out of place. The material is also durable. Scratches, for instance, are non-issues. You can also use it every day for seven days a week without worrying about it falling apart over time. Anker Quick Charge 2.0 36W Dual USB Car Charger is plug and use. Many people also like the LED rings that it comes with. In low-light conditions, it creates a stunning show. It also eases plugging and access to charged phones without using your vehicle’s lights.

You do not need deep pockets to own an original Anker Quick Charge 2.0 36W Dual USB Car Charger. As most chargers reviewed herein, it is affordable. Even with your shallow pockets, you can afford an original one for day-to-day use. It is also a versatile product. In addition to this quality two-port charger, for instance, you get a detailed welcomed guide that will help you to use it effectively. You also get friendly customer service that you can access 24/7. Finally, you get an 18-month warranty that covers defects (limited).


  • Does not fast-charge all phones

TechMatte Dual-Port High-Speed Car Charger

Modern-day smartphones and tablets have improved in terms of both style and function. However, this has increased the amount of power that they need to stay functional. If you have one that runs out of charge fast, do not replace it with the weaker traditional models that people use in the past. Buy this Dual-Port High-Speed Car Charger from TechMatte instead. It works well in most types of cars. It also has a reliable system with an advanced 2.1A circuit board that charges most types of phones well. If you have an iPhone, for instance, you will keep it charged and working well outdoors. This USB car charger also supports iPad, most Samsung Galaxy phones, and numerous HTC phones, to name a few.

Charging phones or tablets in cars is not as easy as in homes or offices for many reasons. First, people have to maneuver small spaces to plug and charge their phones. The DC power in vehicles is also not as powerful as AC. TechMatte Dual-Port High-Speed Car Charger solves both issues well. Featuring a light and portable design, for instance, you can travel with it effortlessly at all times. This benefits people who spend a lot of their time on the road. It also has an unobtrusive design. Whether you have an SUV, a truck, or a family-sized sedan, you will connect and use it effortlessly whenever you need to. Finally, fitted with two charging ports, the high-speed charging technology that this device employs is ideal. On the road, you can charge up to two devices without lowering its performance.

TechMatte Dual-Port High-Speed Car Charger

Whilst in use, the best USB car chargers undergo a lot of abuse. Constant plugging and removal, for instance, strain their systems to the core. During storage, they are also prone to scratching or damage as people explore rugged terrains. Even though TechMatte Dual-Port High-Speed Car Charger does not last forever, its value is impressive. The high-quality materials used to make its case and or circuits, for instance, are among the best. They are heat resistant. They also have sleek designs that withstand physical abuse well. This charger is also reliable. With an original model, you will charge all your devices fast and safely. Devoid of your charging habits, you will never think of buying another one soon.

Do you have a problem seeing whenever you are charging your smartphone in your car? If you hate using your car’s interior lights in the dark, consider buying this USB charger. It powers most devices optimally. It also has a portable low-profile design that works well in most vehicles. Finally, because it has an on-board LED light, you can easily locate your phone as it charges. The subtle blue LED indicator that it has is clear and non-distractive.


  • None

RAVPower Car Charger 24W 2-Port Metal USB Car Charger

The development of cheap yet effective USB car chargers such as RAVPower as improved how people power their phones. Instead of relying on slow USB or lighting connections of your unreliable battery charger, consider buying one today. It is a durable accessory. Made of aluminum alloy, you do not have to worry about scratches or physical damage over the years. The material also protects its circuit well and has a stylish outlook that blends well in most vehicles. Forget about the cluttered and low-powered USB car charger that you use occasionally. This one will never let you down.

Many people waste money on stylish or celebrity endorsed USB chargers that disappoint them in the end. Even if you have a lot of money to spend, do not make this mistake. Such products often damage the charging system of phones and therefore their functionality. RAVPower Car Charger 24W 2-Port Metal USB Car Charger is the better option. With one, you get a premium charger with a dual output for charging two phones simultaneously. Each USB port is universal. As such, you can use them to charge most types of phones and or tablets with positive results. Even though they do not support QUALCOMM quick charging, the have powerful (2.1A) systems that charge most power-demanding devices well.

RAVPower Car Charger 24W 2-Port Metal USB Car Charger

USB charging is a delicate process that requires the best chargers to do well. Most random models fail without warning. They also often fail to deliver the correct amount of current, which has its share of cons. Do not subject your phone to such abuse. Buy RAVPower Car Charger 24W 2-port metal USB car charger instead to get professional-grade results. Featuring a smart charging technology (ismart), for instance, this charger detects smart devices automatically. It also learns their systems and sets current output automatically to deliver the best charging experience. Its ability to maintain a constant voltage is also invaluable. This makes it safer. The technology also shortens phone-charging time.

With RAVPower Car Charger, you do not have to worry about the safety issues that some chargers have. The premium circuitry that you get, for instance, does not compromise the battery or electrical systems of phones. Whether you have an expensive or cheap one, you will charge it optimally without safety issues. You also get temperature and overcharging protection. These protect phones further. Finally, RAVPower has short-circuit protectors that guarantee a 100% safe charging experience in most vehicles. Consider buying yours today. Even with its advanced design and many notable features, it retails cheap online.


  • Does not support QUALCOMM quick charging


Good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately, when charging their phones, most people do not have the time to wait for hours. If you are one of them, we have a good remedy for you – SCOSCHE USBC242M. Ranked among the best products in this niche, this is also one of the fastest chargers in the market. It supports both Android and iOS devices and has a convenient dual port design for charging two devices. If you have a smartphone and a tablet that you rely on for work, thus, you will enjoy using this car charger. Instead of powering one device at a time, you can charge them both without compromising its performance in any way. Buy an oroginal one for the best experience.

The best USB car chargers come in a plethora of designs that meet the needs of different people. In stores such as Amazon, for instance, you can find bulky low-powered ones that often disappoint. You can also find durable models that deliver professional grade results every time. SCOSCHE USBC242M USB Car Charger falls into the latter group. Made using heavy-duty plastic, it withstands abuse well. Even though minor scratching is inevitable, you do not have to worry about it breaking down after a few weeks. Both ports also have high-powered 12-watt systems that boost its value further. If the underpowered USB charger in your possession lets you down always, you will enjoy using this one. It is faster (up to 35%) than traditional chargers. You also get a stable and reliable charge every time.

Car owners hate the cluttered USB car chargers that sell dirt cheap on the Internet. Most of the time, they do not perform as advertised. Their non-charming designs also often clutter and lower the value of motor vehicles. SCOSCHE USBC242M USB Car Charger is different. Even though powerful, you get an ultra-low-profile USB charger that fits flush in most cigarette lighter ports. It is also easy to set up (plug and use) and saves valuable space around your dashboard that you can use in other ways. Buy yours to solve you phone’s power issues professionally. This is SCOSCHE USB car charger is affordable too.


Because of their small and dark-themed designs, identifying car chargers in vehicles is a daunting task. Identification of charging ports is even more challenging because of their size. With SCOSCHE USBC242M USB Car Charger, you will overcome this problem for one key reason. Both the USB ports that it comes with have power-on LED lights that increase their visibility. You can plug your phone and or tablet easily even at night. You can also access your phone/tablet without relying on the roof lights of your motor vehicle.

Do not waste your money on several phone specific chargers to power several of your devices. With SCOSCHE USBC242M USB Car Charger, you get a versatile all-in-one USB car charger that supports most devices. If you have an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad, for instance, you can charge it on demand without any problems. You can also use it to charge Android phones, GPS devices, the best Bluetooth speakers, and digital cameras.


  • Does not install flush with sockets
  • Bright LED lights

JETech Car Dual-Rapid USB Car Charger w/Micro USB

In today’s modern era where phone and tablets are important, many people have more than one devices that they use often. To keep them powered, however, they have to charge one device at a time, which is a long and tedious process. If you are in the same boat and want a long-lasting solution, this car USB charger from JETech is ideal. Made of plastic, it is a durable accessory. It also has a portable design that you can travel with easily and two charging ports that work well. Their universal designs support many devices. Unlike some low-grade chargers, it also has interference free ports that do not mess with radios.

With JETech Car Dual Rapid USB Car Charger, charging of phones and tablets is no longer a daunting chore for many reasons. First, because of its convenient plug and use design, you do not have to struggle with set up. All you need is a free and compatible cigarette lighter port for it to work well. This charger also has a compact form factor. Whilst in use, thus, it saves a lot of dashboard space for your phone and other accessories. This is vital, particularly to those conscious about the outlook of their cars. Finally, you do not need a new micro USB cable to use this charger. You get one built in one and a long add-on one that you can use every day. Both cables are durable. They also support most phones.

JETech Car Dual-Rapid USB Car Charger w/Micro USB

JETech Car Dual Rapid USB Car Charger w/Micro USB will protect your phone and or tablet from damage. With most of the low-grade models that people have depended on for years, for instance, short circuits are very common. This one, on the other hand, has a protective chip that prevents this from happening. It will also protect your phone from overheating or overcharging whilst in use. Finally, its over-current protected design stops charging automatically once your phone’s battery is full. You will enjoy using an original.

Liked because of its versatility, JETech Car Dual Rapid USB Car Charger charges most types of devices well. If you have a battery-powered media-streaming device that you use often, this is the best charger to use. It is efficient. It is also safe and made of the materials in this niche. You can also it to power a third-party navigation system or charge phones, PDA, and most other smart devices. Only a few devices can do this safely and at high speed.


  • Flimsy attached cable (micro USB)

AUKEY CC-S1 Flush Fit Dual Port Car Charger

The quality products that AUCKEY has produced for years now remain sought-after to date. This flush fit dual port charger, for instance, is a reputable car accessory that takes charging to the next level. Featuring an aesthetic black theme, it blends well into cars. It also has a durable and low profile design that works well in most cigarette ports. Whether you have a small car or a large one, therefore, you will have a good experience with one. You will charge your phone faster without damaging its battery and or system over time.

Most people have at least two devices that they depend on for work or school. If you are one on them and have problems charging them on the road, this charger will serve you well. Under its durable plastic case, for instance, you get two full speed (5V/2.4A) USB ports for charging up to two devices. Both ports have universal designs. You do not have to customize them in any way to charge your phone or tablet well. They also have adaptive power output. Instead of producing a consistent current for all devices, it varies its output to optimize results. This enables you to charge 1A-2.4A devices without safety issues.

AUKEY CC-S1 Flush Fit Dual Port Car Charger

Do you have an Android or iOS phone or tablet that is sensitive to heat? Have you used a few brands of chargers that have compromised its system over time? You will enjoy using AUKEY CC-S1 Flush Fit Dual Port Car Charger. Apart from being one of the most powerful products in this niche, it is also one of the safest. Its durable case, for instance, is heat resistant. You also get built-in safeguards that protect devices against overcharging and from excessive current whenever you are charging. This protects them against damage. You also get a better charging experience devoid of the type of device in your possession.

Many people think that the most expensive USB car chargers always work the best. This is not the case. If you have a tight budget but want the best in this niche, AUKEY CC-S1 is readily available online. It is an affordable USB-charger. All components are functional and durable. Finally, the package that you get has all essential materials that you will need to create a functional charging system. In addition to this dual-port charger, for instance, you get a user manual. You also get a 24-month warranty that attests its value.


  • Does not fit deeper sockets well

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Christened the PowerDrive, this 24-watt USB car charger from Anker is a powerful car accessory that eases charging of smartphones. Reputable all over the world, its value is impressive. For instance, unlike some models that charge only specific brands of phones, you get a versatile product that supports most smart devices. You can use it to charge your iPhone, for instance, with excellent results. It also charges Samsung Galaxy smart phones and several brands of tablets fast and safely. Do not let your power thirsty phone compromise how you work or play outdoors. Buy this charger to get an affordable remedy.

Will this Car Charger damage my phone’s battery over time? Is it safe for day-to-day use? When shopping for new USB car chargers, most people have these and many other concerns. If you buy an original Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger, however, you do not have to worry about these issues. It is a durable product. It is also one of the safest car chargers in online stores such as Amazon. Buy yours, for instance, to get a certified-safe accessory that supports most devices. Overheating, overcharging, and over current, are also non-issues. If you travel often, you will enjoy using it.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger

Some people do not like using USB car chargers because of their cluttered designs. Other models have large yet low-powered designs that fail to meet the demands of most people. If you have such a product, consider replacing it with a new Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger from Amazon. Ranked among the smallest products in this niche, it blends well inside vehicles without cluttering space. It is also portable, easy to install, and has two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. Finally, if you have problems charging your phone in the dark, you will enjoy having this one. The bright LED light that it has illuminates its vicinity well without distracting drivers.

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger, as other USB chargers that we have listed herein, comes ready to use. You do not have to assemble parts or customize it in any way to work. Once you have plugged it into a compatible cigarette lighter port, all you have to do is connect your phone to it to charge. Each package comes with a detailed user guide. You also get friendly customer service and an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty that covers all defects.


  • Not very fast

Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port Car Charger

The best USB car chargers have improved how people charge their phones outdoors. They are easy to use. They are also powerful and have safe systems that charge most devices fast without sacrificing safety. Even though many reputable brands are available online, Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 is the cream of the crop. It is one of the best-selling brands in stores such as Amazon. It also has a well-engineered two-port design that you can use to charge all of your favorite mobile devices. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone, for instance, you can charge it easily. This USB charger also supports MP3 players and PDAs.

Have you bought many types of chargers that have either melted or broken down over time? Do not waste your money on cheaply made products with the hope that they will serve you well. A premium model such as Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 always works the best. In addition to its versatility, for instance, you get a durable charger with a tough double injected frame. It also has a durable polycarbonate layer and a soft-grip thermoplastic polyurethane cover that lasts long. Whether you charge your smartphone in your car occasionally or daily, you will not regret buying an original one online.

Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port Car Charger

With Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port USB Car Charger, forget about lags and other performance issues that comparable chargers have. It is a premium accessory. Featuring an intelligent circuit design, for instance, it recognizes phones automatically. You do not have to try several times to get a secure connection. Both USB ports also provide optimal charge for most types of smart devices. You do not have to worry about over-charging and thus damaging your phone, as is the case with some chargers. Finally, used as directed, this charger will protect your phone from short-circuiting or overheating whilst charging.

Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port Car Charger is an affordable product. Just because you have a tight budget, you do not have to sacrifice that safety of your phone with a low-grade charger. It is also convenient (plug and use) and has a one-year limited warranty.


  • Not a fast charger


Do you have a problem keeping your smartphone or tablet charged outdoors? Do not buy two or more batteries as some people often do. One of the 10 best USB car chargers that we have talked about will serve you better. Their universal designs work well in most cars. They also charge most smart devices well and have durable and certified-safe designs.


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