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Welcome to the weekly tech blog hop. This is the right place to know some the latest developments and news in the technology field on a weekly basis. Didn’t know which games or smartphones were released this week or what the tech giants are planning on to do? This blog will keep you up to date and ensure you don’t miss out on important piece of information. And if you have some exciting information to share, link up below. Go through the instructions prior to joining.

  • The struggles for Facebook don’t seem to end as the tech giant is likely to be imposed with a multibillion dollar fine as the company is negotiating with Federal Trade Commission to decide on the amount of fine to settle the investigation into lapses by Facebook in safeguarding privacy of its users. If imposed it would be the largest fine in history imposed by the agency on any tech company. It had all started over accusations that a political consultancy firm, Cambridge Analytica inappropriately accessed data of about 87 million users on its site.
  • Apple is all set to resume its older iPhone model sales in Germany following a ban last year. They will be equipped with Qualcomm chips in order to comply with a lawsuit won by Qualcomm for patent infringement against Apple. Qualcomm had accused the tech giant of infringing against its patent revolving around the ‘envelop tracking’ feature by which mobile phones save battery power while transmitting signals. Apple had been using Qualcomm chips for a long time until 2016 when it started to go with Intel chips and now the new models come with the intel ones while the older models still use Qualcomm
  • The Galaxy Tab Active 2 was launched in India by Samsung on February 14. It comes with Knox security platform to safeguard against hacks and malware. It comes with IP68 rating and with features such as enhanced touch support, a pogo pin connector and S pen integration. It has a super build quality which is MIL-STD-840G certified and will protect against shocks, rain, dust, vibrations and accidental drops. It is designed to last long for almost three years and to be used in rough environments like manufacturing and mining. It has runs on Android Oreo 8.1 and has a 8 inch TFT Gorilla glass display. It has a 3 GB RAM,16 GB internal storage and an 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera.
  • You may soon get to decide whether you want to be part of a WhatsApp group. Currently in the Beta testing phase on iPhone, this feature will be rolled out to other iPhone users as well. With this feature, you can change the settings in Groups about who can add you to a group. Setting this to ‘Everyone’ means, anyone can add you to a group. ‘My Contacts’ means your contacts can add you to a group while other users need to send you an invitation which you can accept or decline. Setting it to ‘Nobody’ means, every user will have to send you an invitation to join. The user will have to accept the invitation within 72 hours after which it will expire and he cannot join the group unless the group admin sends another invitation.
  • Recently Instagram was faced with a technical glitch which saw some users noticing a sharp drop in their followers count. It could have been the case of Instagram cracking down on fake and inactive accounts, it was actually the case of a bug as the company clarified in a statement. Tech companies such as Twitter and Instagram regularly clean their network by deleting inactive and fake accounts. They will be taking measures fake likes and comments.
  • NASA will launch a new space telescope, the Spectro Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionisation and Ices Explorer (SPHEREx) on a two-year mission in 2023. This space telescope will survey and collect data on more than 300 million galaxies and 100 million stars some far away and some near. It will look for answers for the origins of the universe and also identify some areas which could be subjected to further study by future telescopes such as the James Webb Telescope and Wide Field Infrared Survey telescope
  • The US government has introduced a regulation for all civilian drones to carry external markings making it easier to identify the owner of the drones. This is in response to concerns that by security agencies that drones could be used for carrying explosives in a concealed manner. The new regulation requires the drone owners to display their registration number on the outer side of their devices. Drone safety has become a concern of late because of latest incidents such as when a flight was disrupted when the pilots noticed a drone during their approach path to the runway.
  • Certainly, good news if you are an Apple fan and particularly if you enjoy listening your music using Apple AirPods. A recent leak suggests that Apple might be releasing the AirPods 2 in 2019 but you have to wait until Fall to finally lay your hands on them. This leak comes in line with earlier leaks which had predicted a similar timeframe for launch of apple items such as AirPods wireless charging case and the Apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad. The new AirPods will likely have a more powerful bass and a health feature such allowing you to monitor your heart rate.
  • E-sports is seeing a spurt in popularity and is likely to cross $1 billion in revenue in 2019. E-sports is a form of video game where players battle it out, usually in teams and the matches are streamed live. Crossing the 1 Billion dollar mark will actually see a growth of an impressive 27 % from last year because of rising revenues from advertising, sponsorship and sale of media broadcasting rights. Not only advertising, the revenues are also increasing with sale of merchandise and ticket sales. The e-sports industry is further expected to cross 1.8 billion dollar mark in revenues by 2022