Top 10 Best Bed Sheets for Comfortable Sleep – 2017 Reviews

Did you know that most people spend 1/3 of the day in bed/ that is if you sleep 8 hours a day like the health experts recommend. Well am not about to start you on another boring health lecture, am just trying to underline the fact that your comfort in the bedroom is paramount. That is especially true if you are a heavy sleeper like me. So you want to make sure you have the right kind of bed sheets that will transform your bedtime into restful moments; a time for you to be refreshed and replenished. Because we realize the need for this, we take you on a journey as we explore the top 10 best bed sheets of 2017.

10.Clara Clark Supreme 1500 Collection 4pc Bed Sheet Set

– Queen Size, Navy Blue

Clara Clark is a reputable brand in this business. It is well known globally for manufacturing some of the best quality products for those who desire to scale up their living. And this here is an opportunity to upscale your living with the Queen Size 4 piece set. Flat sheet size is 102″x90″, and the fitted size is 80″x60. All the four come with deep pockets that simply hug over your mattress. It matters not the size of mattress. Even 18” fits into this bed sheets. With Clara Clark, we are talking supreme 1500 series brushed microfiber with fine threads that feel smooth and comfortable all the way.

If you know that microfiber is used to make some of the finest linen in the world, you know what we are talking about.  It feels smoother to the skin than most cotton and is breathable. They are a lightweight so you can wash more per laundry hour and also holds up quite well to regular use and do not pile. They also resist wrinkle and shrink. This is the ultimate choice for those who suffer allergies to dust, pollen and fabric. With Clara Clark your bedtime will completely be transformed into what you desire.


  • Queen size-it fits on 18” mattress.
  • Hold up well to regular use
  • Does not pile
  • Easy to wash


  • The elastic is not very strong

9. Cal King Size Bed Sheets Set, Royal Gold (Camel)

– Best Quality Bedding Sheet Set, 4-Piece (California King), Deep Pockets Fitted Sheet, 100% Luxury Soft Microfiber, Hypoallergenic, Cool & Breathable

Cal King size bed sheets are bed sheets of choices. When we say king size we are talking about a flat sheet size of 108″x102″ and a fitted size of 84″x72″. You van comfortably use these with a 16” mattress. This is surely a perfect gift for your loved one. As they soft silky touch and the comfort that comes with it, they will certainly love you more. Made from the highest quality fabric-Cal king size bed sheets are durable. The microfiber is double brushed on both sides to ensure that extra soft feel you want.

You want a bed sheet for your kid’s bedroom, guest house or vacation house, the choice is yours. When you use them you completely feel like they have 1800 thread count. Their strength and durability is not questionable. Also shrink and wrinkle are simply out of question. The secret behind NestlebBedding is to provide quality products that meet customers’ expectation. If it doesn’t satisfy you can return without any questions. Still it comes with a wide array of color choices so you have all that to choose from.


  • Microfiber is brushed on both sides for extra comfort.
  • Durable due to strength of fiber
  • They are super soft
  • Hypoallergenic free


8. Bed Sheet Bedding Set, 100% Soft Brushed Microfiber with Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet

When a manufacturer puts the best workmanship and the highest quality microfiber together, the product is super soft double brushed microfiber sheets. And you can tell it will last because of the strength of the fabric. It is brushed from both sides making it one of the most comfortable bed sheets you will ever find. We inspire you to have a restful night and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic. This bed sheet will completely hug your mattress-you do not need to worry about the fit. It is a full size luxury set that comes with 4 pieces. Also it has deep pockets so it totally covers your 16” mattresses. And with elastic edge all round (not just at the edges) it is one of the easiest to tuck in. Whichever rooms you want to place it in go ahead.

Be it your master bedroom, kid’s room or guest room it is suitable. It also comes with a wide array of color choices so you do not miss out on the colors you really love. Its durability is given. We dare say I it is more durable than cotton. And it is easy to wash and care for.


  • Fade wrinkle and shrink resistant
  • Durable and long lasting
  • It is very affordable


7. Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheets Set

– Best, Softest, Coziest Sheets Ever! 1800 Prestige Collection Brushed Microfiber Bedding (White,…5281

This is a full size 4 piece set of sheet (81″ x 96″) flat sheet. They are deep pocket fitted with an elastic all round. Making your bed cannot get any easier; you just simply tuck it in. This is a top quality product made from silk.  It perfectly fits mattresses up to 14”. The bed sheets do not give in to wrinkles and do not fade either. During winter, we assure you of a warm and cuddly friend even if you will be all by yourself in bed. The microfiber sheets make it fit and feel like a cozy t-shirt. If you tend to be sweaty in the night, this is a perfect choice. It is able to wick the moisture, remain cool and dries a faster so you do not get uncomfortable in bed.

Those with hypersensitivities are taken care of too. The bed sheets are totally hypoallergenic. The other amazing thing is it suits any kind of bed regardless of what interior décor and style you have. Still, you get all this at a very reasonable price. You do not have to spend a fortune on this like it is with most quality bed sheets.


  • Affordable
  • Suits most types of beds regardless of interior décor
  • Ideal for those who sweat at night


  • Does not have many color choices.

6. Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheets Set

This is yet another Mezzati product. Now this specific one is pink for the ladies and you all who are fabulous free souls.  It might pleas you to know it is an imported product. The 1800 Prestige Collection Bed sheets are carefully made with microfiber giving them a soft silky touch that feels very comfortable in bed. These give you the ultimate bedtime experience making sure you wake up strong and ready to face the day. It is totally breathable so you know we have you taken care of even if you have hypersensitivity to fabric. This one will not be a problem to your breathing at all. The full size flat sheet measures 81″ x 96″ and 54″ x 75″ when fitted. It also comes with deep pockets and an all-round elastic edge.

This sees to it that you do not have to hassle making your bed. You just tuck it in and it completely hugs your mattress. Additionally, it is resistant to wrinkle and shrink. It does not fade when washed either. So this winter you know what to shop for if you want extra comfort and warmth. Don’t worry about your interior décor, it will absolutely complement. Go ahead and make a purchase


  • Excellent solution for those who sweat at night
  • Breathable-suitable for people with hypersensitivity
  • Easy to care for since it is wrinkle and shrink resistant


  • They begin to pile especially after wash

5. ITALIAN Prestige Collection Twin Striped Sheet Set, Light BLUE 6304

It is a given fact that many consumers adore Italian products whatever they may be. Well this is yet another quality product from the Italian people. Prestige collection is inclusive of twin set includes 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and A Standard pillowcase. That’s more than you could ask for. They come with a long lasting understated sheen in a weave made from satin. It is simply fashionable. It has 12” deep pockets so you can fit your mattress into it. With a flat sheet size of 66″ X 96″ and a fitted size of 39″ X 75 it is ideal for a variety of uses. You can choose to have it in your kid’s bedroom, guest house or vacation home or even in dorm hall. Wrinkle and shrink resistance is a guarantee.

It is completely machine washable and is stain resistant too. They feel like 1800 thread count and hence are very smooth. They also come in a variety of colors so whatever choice you make, you have it. Enjoy a comfortable night with sheets that are exceptionally soft with a silky touch. They are very breathable too due to the fact that they are thin. With these, you keep yourself cool in the summer and warm in winter.


  • Superior quality-Italian
  • Comes with a standard pillow case
  • Has a soft silky feel


  • Very thin-may be unsuitable for winter
  • Material becomes knotty quite fast

4. Basics Microfiber Sheet Set – Queen, Navy Blue 8224

These Ama microfiber sheets are a suitable choice for a new apartment, a hostel or a school dorm given the blue color alternatively, you can have it as handy extra set for your laundry day. It still makes a smart choice for kids’ bedroom too. It is made from 100% polyester microfiber and is manufactured according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, which ensures the highest textile and environmental standards are met. For this reason, you can trust its quality. Ama is sure to add to the level of cozy in your bed. It has potential to stretch and fit snuggly over mattresses.

It doesn’t matter if the mattress is 16 inches wide; Ama has got your back, like literally. Still it is easy to wash and take care of. You may want to dismiss it as a cheap bed sheet but, hey! Not so fast! You must really love this. After all, who doesn’t want to save a few dollars?


  • Cheap
  • Good for kids
  • High quality polyester
  • Easy to machine wash


3. HC Collection Bed Sheets Set, HOTEL LUXURY 1800 Series Egyptian Quality

It has deep pockets that fit the mattress to 16”. The fully elasticized fitted sheet is just what you need. It guarantees you luxury you can see and feel. It makes your bedroom look and feel inviting to you and your loved one. Style and comfort meet right here in a bed sheet made from double brushed microfibers. This makes it more comfortable and breathable than the Egyptian cotton. It has a design that is excellently tailored incorporating elegance and sophistication. Style and comfort are no longer mutually exclusive. You will have a guaranteed restful night.

This collection of bedding is made with vibrant colors that do not fade at all. What is more? The color selections match other products from HC. You no longer have a reason to settle for cheap imitation anymore. You have the highest quality fabric made into a bed sheet. For this reason you can be certain it is made to last. It has optimum softness and is wrinkle and fade resistant. For all with hypersensitivity to fabric you need to worry no more. This fabric is hypo-allergenic and is resistant to mites and dust. All this comes to you at a reasonable price. You can wash it using a machine washer as long as it is tumble dry and low. The 1800 platinum collection is definitely a good choice. Make yourself comfortable in it.


  • Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not fade


  • The sheets are quite thin –good for summer

2. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set – Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

If you are looking for a difference in your sleep look forward to waking up feeling refreshed and rested, you have to test this. The true feel of silk and the softness will just amaze you. The King Size Luxury 4pc Bed Sheets Set is especially a set to die for. Whether you choose to have it in your master bedroom or in the kid’s bedroom you will love them either way. The sheets are deep pocketed, made to fit right over your mattress, not just at the corners alone like in several other sheets. It can fit on a mattress as wide as 16”.

Furthermore, it is resistant to wrinkle and shrink. It doesn’t stain neither does it fade. Made from the highest quality of microfiber it is made to last. That is what Mellanni is all about; they give you a partner that stays with you all the way. Let yourself in and feel the difference. And if not for you, why not for that person that you love whether its family or friends it is a smart choice.


  • Resistant to wrinkle and shrink
  • Neither fades nor stain hence easy to care for
  • Durable


1. 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft Queen Sheets Set, Black

In here you have luxury quality 4 piece sheet set that has the largest collection of rich and vibrant colors that will without a doubt add pomp tour bedroom life. For 100% premium comfort, the bed sheets are brushed to give you heirloom-style quality. These soft and cozy bed sheets are appropriate no matter the occasion. It is made from microfiber of superior quality so that you can rest knowing you have a reliable partner in bed. It is large enough to fit a bed as wide as 19’’ and is elastic as well. These sheets will give a reason to want to get to bed after a long day’s work. They are made in over 40 color choices and are Queen Size to give you that VIP feel.


  • Soft and smooth feeling comfortable
  • It lasts
  • Premium quality



How you sleep determines how you start the day and ultimately hoe you carry through the day. That is the precise reason why we carefully searched and compiled for you this list. It has all that you could ask for. Both the top spenders and the budget shoppers can find a suitable deal. I mean there is something or everyone. Why should you keep using cheap imitation when we have real stuff going on here? Make the smart choice and reward yourself with one of these bed sheets. You deserve it after all, after you have worked hard all day the least you could do is have a restful night, huh?

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