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Top 10 Best Case For IPhone 7 And IPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review (December Update)

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review

People who have just purchased their first iPhone are wondering what kind of case is excellent to defend their new device. There is a wide array of cases available in practically any design, shape and color; you are looking for. But before buying a case, the first step is to consider if you do require a case and the reason for your purchase. Apple originally designed the iPhone to be used bare, without a case and is constructed to withstand the stress of daily use without having to buy a case. Those who opt to purchase a case do so to defend it against minor scratches, express their personal preference or defend it from falling it on rough surfaces because of accidents or mishandling.

The standard cases are plastic gel cases that envelop the phone entirely with holes for the screen, buttons, dock connector and headphone port. They are excellent as they help protect the phone against damage from a crash if you happen to drop it. Some have a stick to cover and defend the glass touch screen as well. They are available in different designs and colors. The main drawback is that they put on bulk and density to a phone meant to be the slimmest possible one. If you opt for this case, it won’t be thin anymore.

Some other kinds of cases are also available. One of them is a thin film that masks the whole phone. They work properly to defend against scratches due to keys and coins, but are useless if the phone falls and is hit badly. There are some hard cases that perform an excellent task of halting the damage caused by accident and make the phone bulkier. Here are top ten reviews of cases of both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus .

10. Wanderer Leather Folio Wallet Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 1

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If you’re searching for flexibility, Nomad’s Folio Wallet case gives you a reason to discard your conventional wallet. Made of Horween calfskin, within the folio incorporates spaces for three to six Visas, ID, and collapsed money without influencing it to feel cramped. With its smooth midnight blue shading — additionally accessible in a provincial darker — the dim tones interchange contingent upon the measure of daylight, it is under. As the patina creates after some time, the complete will begin ending up more matured and tough adding to the refined look.

9. Proporta Slim Stand Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 3

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A folio case for your iPhone with significantly more implicit security than expected, on account of the cover having an aluminum plate inside. It’s an awesome element. Does it secure the screen, as well as it gives a solid base when the case folds into a stand and can be utilized with Proporta’s attractive automount? The case is very substantial, however, be that as it may, the inside plastic telephone holder is moderate, giving the case a thin profile.

8. Nomad’s Rugged Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 5

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A rough case that doesn’t look or feel like a tough case? It’s the fantasy, and Nomad’s Rugged Case verges on acknowledging it. We cherish the honeycomb outline on the back, which is raised over the back of the telephone to make a stun engrossing layer of air. The case has been drop tried to two meters and has a more adaptable edge for all-around security. The best part is that it’s light and doesn’t add much mass to your telephone.

7.Sena’s Lugano Wallet Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 7

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Sena’s Lugano Wallet case considers every contingency for your iPhone. It ensures the body with hard wearing calfskin and strengthened plastic, alongside milder silicone encompasses for the catches and speakers, in addition to there’s a herringbone configuration covering to keep the telephone free from scratches when it’s inside the case. The edge is raised to keep the screen far from the surface if put confronts down, and the case gives tough stun ingestion. There are additionally three Visa spaces incorporated with the case.

6. iFace First Class Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 9

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The delicate elastic edges immensely enhance hold, while an uncommon honeycomb-molded inside expands crop insurance. The case additionally meets military drop-test benchmarks. The case is smooth, has an opening for a cord tie, and comes in different hues. We adore the dim pearl variant and the emerald green model. It’s lightweight, truly agreeable to hold, and very much estimated. There’s even a metal plate inside the case’s body for use with iFace attractive in-auto holder.

5. Native Union Clic Crystal Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 11

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Made with Native Union’s trademark care and consideration, the Clic Crystal takes after the pattern for straightforward areas to flaunt your telephone’s shading. Whatever is left of the case is produced using defensive elastic, prepared to retain stuns. If you’re searching for a grippy case with a ravishing style, despite everything that’ll flaunt your new telephone, with extraordinary compared to other fits we’ve attempted, this is it.

4. RhinoShield PlayProof Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 13

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A break from the numerous folio cases out there. It covers the iPhone 7 Plus effectively, including a considerable lip around the screen, in addition to the smooth polymer body will ingest stuns if you drop the telephone. The fit is incredible, and the inconspicuous RhinoShield is marking as an afterthought looks awesome, guaranteeing whatever remains of the case looks extremely basic. A standout amongst the most satisfying to hold cases we’ve attempted as well, on account of the smooth wrap up.

3. Sketch Polo Book cover Wallet Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 15

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A mix of the classy folio case, hard defensive case, and a convenient stand, the Polo Book is appropriate for all events. The hard case has a calfskin look raise board and a delicate covering, however, know, it’s made of stiff plastic, and once it’s on your telephone, it’s a battle to get it off. It attractively clasps to the folio area, which has two Visa openings and an ID window, in addition to the entire things overlays back to hold fast for the telephone. The flexibility of just utilizing the folio area when required, yet at the same time securing your iPhone with a hard shell case, influences the Polo To book champion.

2. Reptile Slim Hard Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 17

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If you’re searching for a thin, shabby case, yet you’d favor something hard, at that point look at this one. Reptile’s cases are without detail; you simply get a delicate touch matte complete that is agreeable to hold and in a plain piece shading. There are openings for the ports, camera, and controls and the polycarbonate case snaps onto your iPhone 7 Plus for a cozy fit. It’s just going to give extremely restricted insurance, yet it adds some grasp. This case comes in red, purple, or dark.

1. Sketch Echo Case Review

Top 10 Best Case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 2019 Review 19

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It’s difficult to locate a thin, straightforward case that offers okay drop assurance, yet the Echo by Sketch can deal with tumbles from up to 15 feet. The mystery is the furrowed edge, which consolidates interlocking materials to scatter stun. There’s additionally a raised bezel to protect the screen. The openings for your telephone’s camera and ports are substantial, as well, so there’s no obstruction or issue with iPhone adornments. You can get an unmistakable form or choose the translucent dark, which coordinates the dark iPhone 7 Plus.

Currently, the most popular cell phone is nothing but the iPhone 7 plus. Because of this, the case for this phone also has enjoyed great popularity. The case for iPhone 7 plus can not only protect it from scratching and wearing, thanks to various beautiful designs on the case; it also plays a role of decoration. Not only that, the case for iPhone 7 plus is capable of strengthening the signal. Cases for iPhone in the market are made of many different materials, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

In the early times, most protectors for cell phone are common engineering plastics whose appearance don’t have decoration and only has simple anti-skid strips or spray paints. Although these accessories for iPhone are very practical, they cannot satisfy consumers who are pursuing beauty. Besides, metal is another major material. The metal cases for iPhone 5 can resist unexpected shock. But it is very heavy.

Later on, most cases for iPhone have a gorgeous appearance. Among them, cases of piano lacquer enjoy great favor. Regarding appearance, the case of piano lacquer brings an upscale and magnificent feel. Meanwhile, it highlights the texture of iPhone 7 and has good hand fell. However, after long use, its paint may be peeled off, and it may be stained with the fingerprint to affect beauty. Moreover, its wear resistance is not so good.

Unlike the case of piano lacquer, the accessory for iPhone 7 plus that is made of the plastic coating cannot be stained with a fingerprint. So it doesn’t need too much maintenance. Moreover, it is anti-skidding and has good texture as well. Simply speaking, the plastic spraying technique is just to spray a kind of special paint on the case. After drying, it becomes dirt and fingerprint resistant. However, the adhesion of paint on the case gradually decays. What’s worse, after long time use, the plastic will be peeled off to seriously affect the appearance of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

In order to make cases for iPhone 7 plus both equipped with good texture and strong wear resistance, the designers spray a sand grind paint on it that is anti-skidding and wear resistant. Such a case doesn’t have serious wear, or even through wear happens; it is not so apparent because undertone of the most product is similar to the color of paints. The only disadvantage is that the case of sand grind paint looks cheap.

Besides, the leather case for iPhone 7 not only has a fashionable appearance, but also the rigorous structure design enables it to prevent peeling off effectively. Moreover, the dust and fingerprint on the case can be cleaned with detergent. But its maintenance is very troublesome. Damage to the leather case will be caused by the use of bad-quality detergent.

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