Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Women In 2018 Reviews

Electric shavers designed for women are essential accessories that every woman should have in her bathroom or handbag. Electric shavers make your soft skin and from cuts and hair. Using an electric shaver is better than using blade-based shavers. They are more affordable, convenient to use; no cuts, and thus ensure you achieve soft and less pain shave every time. There are many types of electric shavers designed for women; choosing one that suits you is quite difficult. If you want to ensure that you choose the finest shaver then look at the following list of the Top 10 Best Electric Shavers for Women In 2017 Reviews.

10. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade “Close Curves” Wet/Dry Shaver

This shaver has been designed to have a four floating heads to ensure safe cutting. It cuts long and rough hair without causing irritation on your skin. The shaver runs on a rechargeable battery. On a full battery, Panasonic ES2207P can shave utmost ten full body shaves without a charge.


9. Remington Purple Womens Dual Foul Shaver WDF4815ACDN/2

It has been designed to suit either wet or dry conditions. This shaver has a shaving foil providing you with comfort when shaving delicate areas such as the bikini. It has sharp blades with a comb that is adjustable which it can used comfortably to cut your eyebrows. It has been designed to fit out your hand for smooth, close shave.

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8. Ragalta RLES-260 Purelife Series Wet/Dry Ladies 2-Speed Epilator and Shaver with Pivoting Head

It has two-speed setting and ultra-close shaving technology that makes sure that you get more comfortable shaving time; with less painful and irritation when shaving. You can replace and clean its head simply by using a quick release button. It is designed in a way that makes shaving of risk body parts more easily, its weight is quite light you can easily carry around in your handbag.


7. Emjoi Divine Hair Remover, White/Pink

It can remove twice the number of hair than the regular shavers; it has 36 individual tweezers disc that operates without a glitch for fast, non-irritating and less pain hair removal. It has a finger attachment and a glide technology that makes hair removal easier and comfier. You can as well use it to cut hair in your legs, lips, chin and underarms. It has an embedded microbial protection against bacteria. Also, it is portable since it uses a battery.


6. Mitaki-Japan Ladies’ Wet/Dry Electric Shaver

This is an electric shaver that is really easy to use; it has fast moving shaving blades that slide through your hair without causing harm on your skin. it can work in either wet or dry conditions; also it has a rubber grip that ensures your hand doesn’t drop away as you are shaving your body.


5. Philips-Rasoir Féminin Ladyshave Hp6341

Philips HP6341 is one among the best shavers that can be used to shave hair in the whole body parts quickly and safely. It is designed with safe shaving systems that protect your skin while shaving. After every use of Philips HP6341, your skin will be so soft and smooth. It has two AA batteries that power it. Also, it is designed with a protection cap that prevents harm to shaving head. This shaver can operate either dry or wet conditions.

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4. PIXNOR POVOS PS1086 Portable Washable USB Rechargeable Women Lady Electric Shaver Trimmer Foil Razor

This Shaver has a unique biotechnology design that is wholly operated by LED light; hence providing maximum shaving experience, without any pain. It has an embedded battery that takes only eight hours to charge and be used for 40 minutes continuously when fully charged. Moreover, its blades are detachable hence it is easy and fast to clean.


3. Panasonic ES2291DT Ladies 2-Blade “Close Curves” Wet/Dry Shaver

It has the best, advanced features that give you an amazing and comfortable shave always. It is an excellent option for a safe bathing tub or shower shave. It has a twin blade shaving system therefore it covers a large area which results to small shaving time. It has sharp nickel free blades that take the shape of your body has you shave preventing unnecessary cuts and burns, hence making it more suitable for use on almost every sensitive skin. Besides, it works well in either dry or wet conditions.


2. Remington WSF4810B Women’s Travel Foil Shaver, White

It has double trimmers that help ensure fast and easy shave. As a women’s gadget, it is designed in a manner that guarantees the protection of the skin from common cuts. It is often operated by a battery hence there is no cord that webs you while shaving. Its compact design makes it more portable.


1. Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Full-Size Rechargeable Epilator

This is the best women’s electric shaver it has a sleek design and it is durable and handy. It has all the features you need for a smooth shave. It helps removes all hairs leaving your skin surface entirely smooth as well as hair free for at least four weeks. It is fascinating to note that it can be utilized both without a cord.

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