Top 10 Best Electric Shavers in 2017 Reviews

Electric shavers are used to keep you skin clean with an easy-to-use device by everyone, men and women, along with saving lots of money as compared to traditional razors used for this purpose. So if you are planning to buy an electric shaver then you should read the Top 10 Best Electric Shavers in 2017 Reviews that available in the market to choose one as per your liking. The links provided with each review can also be used to buy one online at a very reasonable price.

10. Emjoi Ap17se Divine Cordless Blue Epilator:


This electric shaver from Emjoi is specially made for women. It contains 36 tweezer discs to remove more hair painlessly in lesser time. It lifts and remove the hair through its patented skin glide technology by gliding its discs over the skin without causing much irritation. You can enjoy smooth skin for several weeks as it channelizes the shrt and flat hair into its tweezer discs to remove them effectively.


9. Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Full-Size Rechargeable Epilator:


This red and white coloured epilator introduced by Epilady is available in corded and cordless models from which you can chose as per your suitability. Its wide epilating head allows you to use it at a perfect angle for the best epilation as it removes even the finest and shortest hair from your skin and keep it smooth for3-4 weeks.

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8. Clio Palmperfect Cordless Shaver for Women:


Clio Designs has introduced this cordless shaver for women only as it shaves hair painlessly. It can be used easily by them for dry or wet shaving.


7. Wahl Professional 8061 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver:


This electric shaver from Wahl Professional is known for corded and cordless operation, coated hypoallergenic foil for bump-free and very close shaving.


6. Old Spice Wet & Dry Shave & Trim:


This Braun powered shaver is like a pocket knife for your face as this one tool can trim, define and shave your face with gel and foam with equal efficiency. It can be cleaned easily as it is fully washable and backed by 60days money back guarantee.


5. Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology:


Remington has introduced this rechargeable shaving technique with flex and pivot interceptor technology to get the best shaving experience. LED fuel gauge, pop-up trimmer, rinseable design and quick rechargeable battery with 60minute runtime are its other features which make t one of the best.


4. Braun Series 3-340s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver:


This electric shaver from Braun is considered as the official electric shaver of the NFL. Triple action FreeFloat System, Wet and dry technology, integrated middle trimmer and Twin foils are the best features of this electric shaver.


3. Gillette Fusion Power Razor With 1 Razor Blade Refill and Battery:


Gillette as introduced this power razor with advanced 5-Blade Shaving Technology to give a comfortable and closer shave. Flexible comfort guard, lubrication strip indicator, precision trimmer, battery power, low battery indicator and automatic shut off are the other features which make it the best electric shaver as it provides perfect shcving experience even to novice users.

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2. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade “Close Curves” Wet/Dry Shaver:


Panasonic has introduced this wet and dry shaver with a number of features including 3-Blade System to capture and cut hairs in a single operation. It can be used in shower or tub due to its100% dry and wet operations. Its floating head shaving system matches with the shape of all of your body parts including legs to shave them comfortably. It is a nickel free shaver which can also be used by ladies without any risk of allergy as skin sensitive foils and hypo-allergic stainless steel blades are used in it.


1. Philips Aquatouch 2017 Limited Custom-made Collector, Wet and Dry Electric Shaver:


Philips has introduced this electric shaving device with Dualprecision shaving features. Philips has launched this limited edition electric shaver in 2017 especially for collectors and to send as gift to your family and friends at some special occasion. It is a great gift for the user of corded as well as cordless power shavers as its battery can be used continuously for 60 minutes for shaving whereas other shavers of this range work for 30-40 minutes. It smoothly glides on your skin to provide closer shave with the help of its comfort cut heads with rounded edges as they follow the curves of your face without any problem.

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