Top 10 Best Fried Ice Cream Machines in 2019 Reviews

I guess you love the taste of fried ice creams like me. Whenever I stroll around my office and see a fried ice cream vendor passing by, I can’t let him go without dropping me one… Okay, it’s a yummy chow and in fact, Ice creams have undeniably become a wildly popular food nowadays. That has been followed by people looking for a way of bringing the food closer to home. By bringing it home, these people (me included) start looking for what’s used to prepare it and bring it home. To bring fried ice creams at home, the Fried Ice Cream Machine is a must-have. Read on…

Let me promise you that when you are in search of these machines, you’ll find a myriad makes outside there. Choosing one won’t be like a walk in the park. So? We considered that and decided to explore the market, and, consequently came up with a list of the Top 10 Best Fried Ice Machines in 2019. But, before we get into the list, pore over the following factors to consider (and we considered them) before buying a fried ice machine.

Tips To Buying The Best Ice Machine in 2019.

1. Look For Easy-To-Use Types.

Who’d like using something like s/he keeps on making mistakes since it is hard to use? Absolutely nobody. That’s why you need something whose usage guidelines are simple and easy to master. That’s what we have for you in our list pals!

2. Is It Automatic Or It Requires Your Presence?

Some fried ice machines only need you to do some “set up” and leave them alone to perform the remaining “miracles”. If this sounds like what you need, well and good, one of such is in the list. If not, still well and good, we have yours too.

3. look At The Size.

Do you want to use your machine at home or for commercial purposes? Smaller machines are meant for small scale usage ~ at home, while the larger ones are preferably for commercial use. Our comprehensive list contains both types. So, which one is yours?

4. Price.

Practically, this is the first factor that always comes into the mind, isn’t it? Everyone needs to save.
However, these aren’t the only factors. More include; functionality, power consumption, efficiency, a brand company, and more. We had all in mind during our selection, too.
Now, here is the list:


10. Zinnor Commercial Fried Ice Cream Machine, 740W.

This is the machine I couldn’t possibly relegate from my top 10 list. I fell for its novel structure design, which is both sturdy and elegant. The machine’s 304 stainless steel body wear adds to the beauty and longevity. You don’t need much efforts to use this machine and it’s highly portable, with wear proof rubber wheels. Featuring a large frying pan and six buckets for ingredients, this is the machine you need. The price is highly affordable.


  • Highly portable.
  • Very wide.
  • Beautiful design.

9. TX commercial fried ice cream machine, with 2 round pans.

Featuring two square frying pans and 5 buckets, this is the machine you need for commercial purposes. Its price was set so that it fits all classes if ice cream lovers. The TX commercial fried ice cream machine is extremely easy to use. Don’t worry about its lifetime. It Lives longer than you can expect. Have a look at its features below:


  • Pan made of stainless steel ~ sure to last for long.
  • Pan size:13.78’’x13.78’’ ~ large enough.
  • Temperature range: -50c to -30c.

8. Thai Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker (from Hanchen Instruments).

If you need a fried ice cream machine that will save you on both money and electricity bills, why not hit the link above and acquire this beautiful machine from Hanchen Instruments? It comes packaged in a strong and beautiful closed wood case. I really loved it’s large square pans (50 by 50 centimeters). Have a look at more features below:


  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible and Portable.
  • Uses only 1500W.

7. Kolice USA snack food equipment ETL UL NSF 110V.

In the buying guide section, I talked about having machines that cool themselves. Here’s one. The Kolice USA snack food equipment ETL UL NSF fried ice cream machine was made to conserve power. With auto defrost function, this machine is made from highly sophisticated technology. Be sure to use the brakes while moving it.


  • Large frying pan measuring 52 by 52 centimeters.
  • Has a Panasonic compressor.
  • Easy to use.

6. BestEquip Double Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine.

If you need to make both soft and hard I’ve creams, you need this product from BestEquip. You can freely use it for commercial purposes in a café, bars, dessert stores, and more. It easily copes up with prepared formulas, pure water, ice porridge, and many more. A double pan system and five buckets will fit your commercial needs. Take a look at more features below.


  • Stainless steel assures one of long service.
  • Very flexible.
  • Easy to use.

5. Happybuy Commercial Ice Roll Maker 740W.

This is another power saver. So? Reduce your power consumption with it. The price is pocket friendly and I fell for its design as well. It features a stainless steel frying pan, which is always very healthy and lasts for a lifetime. It’s pedal design is highly easy to operate. Likewise, the whole machine is easy to operate, too. Here are more of its features.



  • Features air vents for ease in cooling.
  • Very easy to move about with.
  • Costs friendly.

4. Forkwin Fried Ice Cream Machine 1800W.

With the best defrost operating system so far (controllable via a button and the pedal), the highly portable machine looks elegant and can be used in the house. Its temperature ranges are easy to adjust too. Low price, check! Strength, check! Elegant look, check! What else could you be looking for? Here are more features:


  • Large pans.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Relatively higher power consumption.

3. Happybuy Ice Cream Machine Maker 1800W.

Right at the third position is another one from HappyBuy. This is a company that has for long dominated the industry with quality products ~ no wonder this is their second product I’m our list. With high efficiency and fast cooling speed (amazingly 58 seconds), the HappyBuy machine can make for you a high number of ice cream rolls within no time. What I lobed again is the fact that it saves power. More features are below.


  • Exquisite craft.
  • Copper cooling system (pipe).
  • Easy to move.
  • Made of a stainless steel frying pan.

2. My Ice World US WH Fried Ice Cream Machine.

Our runners up were My Ice World US WH Fried Ice Cream Machine. I personally use this. You won’t ever regret this choice ~ the best of the best when it comes to efficiency. The machine features a thick stainless steel frying pan. It is highly portable and quite lighter than the others of its kind. Consumes low power amounts to save your electricity bills. Can be used anywhere owing to its high portability.


  • Highly portable.
  • Convenient pedal design.
  • Sturdy and elegant design.
  • Best price on

1. Ridgeyard Fried Ice Cream Machine, 110V.

The best Fried Ice Cream Machine we met outside there was the Ridge yard Fried Ice Cream Machine. Elegant in look and efficient in performance. Its go-for price is the best if you need to save. You can use it in restaurants, milk bars, and all other sorts of cool meeting places. Suits both commercial uses and indoor uses. This is not the type of machine that heats up the whole room in seconds, no! It has a self-cooling system to eradicate such phenomena. Make sure you get one for yourself pal.


  • Easy portability.
  • Copper pipe cooling.
  • Elegant design.
  • Highly efficient and power saving.
  • Stainless steel pan and 6 buckets.

I bet this list was helpful. Your time is certainly saved by this godsend piece of review. It’s now your turn to select your best of the best, visit Amazon (using the links), get into your pocket and manage out with your fried ice machine. All I can say now is: Thanks and have a good luck pal!