Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs to Buy in 2017

Play is an essential part of life just as important as work. Therefore, as you take on your favorite video games whether it’s FIFA, street racing or any other you want to ensure that you are seated comfortable enough to stand as many hours of gaming as you want. We understand that you love your game and would want to play for hours on end but if you do not have the right kind of chair for this, you pose a serious health risk to your backbone. You need a gaming chair that ensures your comfort and gives you the sporty feel. The first step towards achieving all this is choosing the right gaming chair-which is the hardest part. Though this concept of “gaming chairs” is relatively new in the market, quite a wide variety of products are already in the stores. Looking through what is in the market in order to select a good gaming chair is no longer your job. We literally have your back when it comes to that. Now take a look at the list of the Best Gaming Chairs of 2017 that we compiled for you; anyone of them will do.

10. Homall Gaming Chair – Best budget multi-purpose gaming chair

Another quality product from Homall – the makers a wide variety of chairs and bar stools – so when it comes to gaming chairs they know what to make for you. You can bet there is no multipurpose chair better than Homall Gaming Chair in the market. It has a lumbar support region which ensures your back stays comfortable, better yet, it has a 360 degrees tilt and swivel capability. When you need to take a nap from that busy work or gaming session you can adjust and rock it back and forth anyway you like. It also comes with wheels for easy movement. Stay comfortable with this multipurpose chair whether working or gaming.


  • Not heavy-33 pounds.
  • Multi-purpose- suitable for gaming and office work.


  • Lacks wireless connection.

9. V Rocker 5130301 Gaming Chair – Best budget gaming chair

This promises to put an end to your search for a budget gaming chair. Just before you are put off by the word “budget”, come with me and explore its features. Wireless audio transmission is right here with a powerful subwoofer and two forward facing speakers to give you just the quality of sound you want. It is compatible with several systems such as home stereo, DVD/blu-ray player, MP3 and playstation. The control panel (volume, bass, input/output jacks) is located on the side. All these premium features are available to you at an affordable price. Check it out for yourself.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Light- weighing only 29 pounds.
  • Quality in built sound system.
  • The vinyl cover is stain resistant .
  • Gives you value for your money.


  • May be uncomfortable for taller individuals.
  • Children may fall off from it since it lacks side arms

8.  X Rocker 51491 Gaming Chair

Here comes our final from the XRocker series of gaming chairs. By now you know when we talk XRocker we are talking about quality sound output from strong speakers and powerful subwoofers. Its 2.0 speakers will give you nothing less than a personalized feel of the music.  You can play music from any source inclusive of headset and RCA output. Whether you chose to watch TV, listen to music or just relax, XRocker 51491 will do the job. If you buy yourself this and the separately sold Ace Bayous wireless kit, your gaming experience will never be the same.


  • At only 24 pounds its very light.
  • Has a decent sound system.


  • Might not be suitable for tall people as it sits on the floor.
  • Lacks wireless features.
  • Lack of side arms make it unsuitable for kids.

7. Giantex Racing Style Gaming Chair

Gamers sometimes want a chair they can use for the game and still as an office chair. This chair is the perfect choice for that. You want to wheel yourself to your computer so you can edit your gameplay for purposes of uploading to you youtube channel, you can do it with Giantex. Complete with a headrest, lumbar cushion and footrest strip your comfort and health is taken into account. Seat height is adjustable to your liking. It’s sleek and black with an elegant and ergonomic design.


  • It a multipurpose chair.
  • Easy movement.
  • Extra support for the feet with foot strips.


  • The castors are not the strongest1.

6. X Rocker 5127401 Gaming Chair

The XRocker 5127401 is quite similar to number 5 but is a little trendier. It sits on a pedestal making it a little higher off the ground also. This time you have a 2.1 sound system in two in built speakers and a subwoofer. Devices with compatibility to this include Xbox, Gameboy, Playstation, Nintendo Wii and much more. You have the convenience of a side control panel with volume, bass, input and output jacks as well as a band switch. The arms can easily flip and buckle back without hustle.


  • Suitable for people of all heights due to its pedestal.
  • Is flexible.
  • Trendy.
  • Quality sound output from quality speakers.


  • Pedestal may make it a little heavy.

5. X Rocker 5143601 Gaming Chair

We are back again with the Xrocker series. Nothing can match the XRocker interactive audio output. It doesn’t let you hear the music, you get to feel it. Here we are looking at subwoofers with great power built in two forward facing speakers. A wireless audio transmission is part of the package not to mention the headphone jack. The volume, bass, input and output jacks are on a control panel conveniently located on the side.


  • Light hence easy to move around.
  • Quality sound from good speakers.
  • Trendy.
  • Cons
  • For non tech savvy individuals, the instructions can be somewhat confusing.

 4. Vertagear Racing S-Line SL-2000 Gaming chair

The racing and gaming chair made its entry into the market in 2015 and has since been a serious bet for the top position. Beneath the high-quality PVC leather you will sit on is a solid structure made from heavy duty alloy. The chair is the epitome of durability. It has an ergonomic design quite akin to that of the DXRacer which makes it comfortable. With a super long backrest, your neck is assured of comfort. Your spine is protected by the lumbar cushion. Other models of Vertagear come at a premium price but this is quite affordable. For easy mobility, it has wheels which make it usable as an office chair too.


  • It’s multipurpose, can be used for gaming as well as office work.
  • It supports your back and neck.
  • Durable since it is strong.
  • It’s not very heavy- only 44 pounds.
  • Easy to clean


3-DXRacer Racing Gaming Chair – Best multi-purpose chair

You probably are wondering, why racing seat? Well if you check it out, its shape is pretty much like that of a racing seat. The comfort it offers is because it has both a headrest cushion and a lumbar cushion to ensure your spine protected even as you enjoy the game. The comfort of your neck is taken care of by the extra-long backrest while your shoulders and wrist will sit just perfect on its 3D straight armrests. If you need to take a nap during that long session the angle adjustor allows you to find a comfortable position. The chair also makes your movement easy because it has wheels. If you want a gaming chair that can also double up as an office chair, you have it all in this DXRacer Racing Gaming Chair which is made with an ergonomic design that promises you efficiency and comfort.


  • You can easily move around on its wheels.
  • It can double up as office chair.
  • Offers comfort for the neck and back.
  • Guaranteed durability since its mesh is aluminium-made.
  • It is simply looks good.


  • It is rather expensive.
  • It lacks in built speakers.

2. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal Gaming Chair

This chair ushers you into the world of interactive audio. It is not enough just to hear the music anymore, feel it with the two speakers strategically built inside the headrest and a subwoofer that is made from Ace Bayous Audio force modulation technology. The speakers and ported power subwoofers place you right in the middle of the excitement. Connect to any audio device using its wireless in built receiver that is inclusive of a wireless transmitter. Tilt and swivel anyway you want for extra comfort during your gaming. Additionally, the gunstock arms will provide your arms the support you need while still adding elegance to the chair’s look. With separate volume and bass controls, you can manipulate the intensity of the sound whichever way suits you.


  • It comes with a pedestal
  • Has an elegant design.
  • It has quality sound system.
  • It can be used for any gaming console.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • The pedestal makes the chair quite heavy
  • The leather wears away eventually, it’s not durable

1.  X Rocker 51259 – Best gaming chair to buy in 2017

For lovers of gaming, you probably already know of the dominance of brand X gaming chairs in this industry. If you do not that’s why we are here to explore the X Rocker 51259. Imagine sitting on four speakers and a subwoofer all built in on your gaming chair. These are not just any speakers; they are made to deliver sound quality like no other right into your ears with the Ace Bayous Audio Force Modulation Technology. While gaming the chair allows you to tilt and spin whichever way you want, which is what is expected of a top contender. When having a multi-player game, you can connect to other X Rockers through its output jacks that also allow you to connect to your audio source. What does it look like? Its sleek black appearance together with its stylish aesthetics makes it one of the best looking chairs in the market. In addition it comes with optional RCA cables.


  • Quality sound, the built in vibrations give a better experience.
  • Comfortable
  • Compatibility with all gaming consoles
  • Durable so saves you money
  • Easy to keep clean


  • The power cord is slightly short
  • It’s heavy and not easy to move around


Making the right choice for a chair with the wide variety available in the market has just been made easy for you. Firstly you need to determine whether you want a chair that sits on the floor, a wheeled one or one that serves multiple purposes. Consider having a gaming chair that offers you comfort so that your gaming experience is a fun moment. if it offers a personalized feel of the music that is an added advantage. Make sure you get the right armrests that will ensure your hands do not tire during the long gaming sessions. If you need a chair that can double up as an office chair you want to try one that has wheels so you can move around. Make sure you can also adjust the chair to your liking. With all that you are ready to go. Make the right choice!

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