Top 10 Best Home Light LED Bulbs Review in 2019

Light LED bulbs have been consuming from many decades and up until now people still using it due to their advantages which provide them an incandescent bulb for easy to see. Furthermore, it is saving their money owing to an inexpensive price. However, you sometimes find that your bulbs are not bright enough which make you feel irritated for not seeing something around you clearly. Then, the best solution is changing the new one. Though, you may not know which light LED bulb that offers you an incandescent bulb to illuminate your surroundings. Hence, the list below will show you to decide which one is your satisfactory.

1. TCP LED A19

Looking for an incandescent bulb won’t be hard for you anymore because this one will be your nice help to bring you an illuminating and saving light LED bulb. This one is manufactured from TCP for guarantee as a good quality which you can use up to 18 years without any problems. It looks like a traditional A19 bulb which is not dimmed. You don’t have to switch it off often just because of saving your bill or any broken though it will save already while the quality is high and durable.



2. GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM

Another top quality of light LED bulbs is also designed with an intelligent manufacturing. Due to its brightness and longevity of consume, it got many rated as a good product. You will cost less of your electricity bill owing to using this one owing to 1 CFL lasts as long as 8 incandescent bulbs. Moreover, within electronic flicker free starting and a pack of 8 twist medium screw base compact fluorescent light bulb will illuminate your surroundings very perfectly.



3. Philips Energy Saver Compact Fluorescent Dusk-to-Dawn 14-Watt Twister Light Bulb

Designing with a beneficial light LED bulb, it will be your long last of using. It is built for a perfect fit to reach hard places, also with an easy to use in enclosed post light fixtures. Moreover, it is safe and secured to consume because of serene light with built-in dusk to dawn sensor. It is even great when you can use for lasting up to 13 times which is longer than a standard incandescent. It will be a nice tool to illuminate your surroundings.

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4. 4-Pack of Hyperikon BR30 LED Bulb

Coming up with a peculiar style, this one is also rated as a good quality of light LED bulb as well. It has its own benefits which attract many consumers to buy. You will spend less amount of money on electricity bill up to 80% which is perfect. What’s more? It is easy to install due to its shape and it will fit to all medium screw base fixtures directly. You can use it anywhere that you think you need, but it will be perfect if you use it in kitchens, living rooms or dining rooms. The special of this one is you won’t get electric shock and fire hazard because for consumers to be safe.



5. Homesita 60w Vintage Antique Edison Style Incandescent Clear Glass Light Lamp Bulb (6 Pack)

Constructing with a fascinating style, this one is highly recommendation from consumers as a good quality. Not only its quality, but also appearance. It looks gorgeous when you switch the light on. It will cost less of your money within 60 watt. Moreover, you don’t have to worry of any broken because of manufacturing for long term used. You will see clearly with a S21 shape. Consequently, having this one in your house or any others places, it won’t be dark anymore and you will be appreciated.



6. TaoTronics LED Bulbs E26 Light Bulbs

Having through a very high technical manufactured. This one has been known as the good quality of the light LED bulbs as well. You will find it comfortable for your eyes with the soft white light which does not glare. Moreover, it is safe and secured for using in your home, also the environment due to a free mercury. It is longevity which can be used extremely 25,000 hours and if you consume only 3 hours per day, it will last until 25 years. As a result by buying this one you can save your money while having a good product.



7. GE Lighting 60-Watt A19

Providing you a very high quality and saving your electricity bill, with this one you will not regret after using it. It will be a nice tool which offers you a very incandescent bulb to illuminate your surroundings for any positions which will suit perfectly due to approximately 840 lumens of light including 60 watt including soft white bulb which does not affect the eyes. Moreover, it has been sold in an inexpensive price which you can afford.

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8. Philips 100W Equivalent A19 LED Daylight Light Bulb

This one is also available on the markets as good price and got rated as the high quality from many consumers. You will save more of the energy owing to 14 watts of energy which has been used every day. It will be perfect if you use it in the table lamps, floor lamps and open pendant fixtures because it is designed to be fit in household consume. Furthermore, you will be surprised by the bright of light which is similar to natural daylight.



9. Philips 3 Way Bulb LED Light Bulb

Another light LED bulb is also got highly rated as a good quality through many consumers. It is on the markets with an inexpensive price which you can afford to buy. Not only its price, but also its advantages which bring you a bright light. You will cost less amount of electricity bill. The light is soft which is comfortable for the eyes. It is designed to be suitable in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and hallways or any others places which you think it is necessary to use.



10. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Extension A19 Bulbs, 2nd Generation

If you want to save your own electricity bill while having a high quality of light LED bulb, this one will make you satisfy. It is very convenient and fun to use by only using your smart phone or tablet, so you can recreate millions of various colors, set timers or alarms just connect to a different apps and dim the light. For the energy will be saving owing to hue bulb consumes LED technology to deliver up to 80 percent energy and longevity.