Top 10 Best iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Battery Cases in 2017 Reviews

The iPhone 7 & 7 Plus smartphones are finally out. Apple has done all that’s in their power to bring you these amazing smartphones. Their making is futuristic. In fact, other manufacturers are in shock as it will take them a long time to beat the technology, performance, and elegance of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones. However, battery life is one thing that even the Apple Company has not managed to address adequately. Though the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones boast the best making, their battery life, despite being the best so far, may be inadequate in some cases. Fortunately today, manufacturers are having sleepless nights to ensure that you reap the best experience with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Battery cases for iPhone 7 & 7 plus have come up. With a high-quality battery case, you can boost the battery life of your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus by over 100%. Battery cases also play a significant role in shielding your precious phone from all forms of damage including scratches, dings, cracks, to mention but a few.

Below, we review the top ten best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus battery cases. We have taken our time to analyze the available products on the market before settling for the top ten in this category. Read on below to achieve a clear insight of which iPhone 7 or 7 plus battery cases suit your needs, budget, and other secondary preferences in the best way.

10. Foxin 2200mAh iPhone 7 Battery Case

This battery case by the Foxin Company is custom made to work with various iPhone models including iPhone 5/5S/se/6/6 plus/7/7 plus. Its universality, excellent design, and performance allow it to rank among the best products in this category. It comes with an inbuilt 2200mAh rechargeable battery which boosts the battery life of any of the mentioned iPhone models by a significant degree. Its compact and lightweight design make it ideal for regular travelers who may not wish to add any extra bulk to their pockets or hands. It does not cover the entire phone, ensuring that you can showcase the beauty of your precious iPhone with no interference. The included LED battery level indicators are there to provide you with an accurate figure of the available juice in the case. With all its features, you can tell that this battery case will go beyond your expectations in its service delivery.

9. Zuzo iPhone 7 Battery Case

The Zuzo Company is the proud manufacturer of this one-of-a-kind iPhone 7 battery case. It features an ultra-slim design with the aim of fulfilling your desire to use a high-grade case that performs without adding extra weight to the pocket. Within this case is a powerful 3100mAh rechargeable battery cell with the ability to provide more than 100% extra battery life to the iPhone 7. It features an elegant, secure 2-piece sliding design which includes an extended lip all around the screen, durable frame, and an extra screen shield film to protect your precious phone from all forms of damage. It’s an MFI approved product so that you can be sure about its quality.

8. Peyou 3200mAh Ultra Slim iPhone 7 Battery Case

Whenever you think of a battery case that will boost the performance of your iPhone 7, this product by the Peyou Company should ring a bell in your mind. Its structure is unusual, while its battery life boosting ability is rare to find in other battery cases within its price range. It features an ultra-slim, lightweight design which allows it to fit perfectly in the pocket or hands without adding significant bulk. Its inbuilt 3200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery can provide more than 100% extra charge to your phone. It features sync-through technology which allows you to sync your iPhone to the computer with no interference whatsoever. It also comes with an embedded kickstand which promotes face timing and video watching by providing a perfect viewing position. Also included in its making are precise cutouts for the camera, microphones controls, and sensors, thus easy phone operation. Its power switch allows its user to turn it on/off with ease.

7. Peyou 4000mAh Ultra Slim iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

The Peyou manufacturing firm is pleased to present you with this fantastic battery case for your iPhone 7 plus. It’s a battery case built to offer you excellent services in boosting the battery life of your iPhone 7 plus. This product features a powerful rechargeable 4000mAh lithium battery which can provide beyond a full charge to your iPhone 7 plus. It charges and sync via USB, therefore, you can synchronize your precious phone to your computer without having to remove the juice package. Also featured in its making is a kickstand with the aim of facilitating comfortable and relaxed face timing and video watching from your phone. The precise cutouts on this battery case are there to allow for easy access to the microphones, controls, camera and sensors on your phone. Its integrated switch facilitates switching this case on/off, thereby saving on power.

6. Bovon 4000mAh Ultra Slim iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

Designed with customer satisfaction in mind, this battery case by the Bovon Company will provide you with excellent services regarding protecting your phone from damage and boosting its battery life. It’s custom made for the iPhone 7 Plus so you can be sure about its perfect fit. Say no more to the use of the stubborn wired chargers and start charging your phone wirelessly through this fantastic battery case. It’s a battery case that allows for wireless charging and data synchronize. It lets you sync your computer to your iPhone 7 plus without taking off the battery case. Within it is a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 4000mAh. With its four battery level LED light indicator, you can always tell the remaining power in the battery case to avoid surprises. Again, this product allows you to save on power by turning it off when out of use through the included on/off switch. Its lightweight and sleek nature facilitate its excellent fit in the hands or pocket. You will also appreciate its flexible design which allows for easy and comfortable access to the ports and buttons.

5. Vproof 4000mAh iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

The Vproof battery case for iPhone 7 Plus is just another product in this category that will serve you in the best way. It has the power to maintain your iPhone alive for an extended period while still protecting its back from scratches and other depreciating factors. It features a built-in 4000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery whose power is sufficient to offer more than 100% extra battery life to your phone. Its entirely comprehensive bumper style, as well as a tough shell back plate, allows it to provide maximum protection to your iPhone 7 plus from everyday wear and tear as well as scratches. Its compact and lightweight nature allow it to fit comfortably in the hands or pocket. You will appreciate its sync-through technology which lets you sync your phone to a computer without having to take off the battery case. The featured micro USB will let you recharge your iPhone 7 plus and the battery case simultaneously. Also, included in the making of this battery case is a LED battery level indicator which accurately indicates the remaining power.

4. Trianium Atomic Pro iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

The release of this iPhone 7 plus battery is a reason to smile for the iPhone 7 plus enthusiasts. It’s a battery case that ranks in its class regarding the ability to boost the battery life of the iPhone 7 plus and keeping it protected from all damaging elements. This case features a built-in 4000mAh battery, so you can gauge its performance in maintaining the phone functioning before recharge. Through its sturdy shell back plate, this battery case comes with the power to provide all round protection to the iPhone 7 plus. Also featured in its making, is a LED battery level indicator which shows the remaining power in the battery case. You will be free to charge this case simultaneously with your phone through the included micro USB. It’s a high-quality battery case that will serve your needs in the best way.

3. UNU DX-7+ iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

When it comes to extending the battery life of your precious iPhone 7 Plus, then you can rely on this high-performance battery case. It’s a battery case that comes with an embedded rechargeable 4100mAh li-polymer DX battery. With this battery case installed, it can provide more than 100% extra power to your phone. Thanks to its sync-through technology, you don’t need to remove it from your phone whenever you need to synchronize your iPhone to the computer. Again, you can concurrently charge your iPhone and battery case through the featured micro USB cable. Its simple but secure 2-piece sliding construction design comes with a hardened shell back plate to protect your phone’s back from scratches and fading. Its ultra slim design allows it to fit perfectly in the pocket without adding any extra bulk. It’s also compatible with the iPhone 6/6S Plus.

2. ZeroLemon 4000mAh Slim Juicer iPhone 7 Battery Case

Ranking in the list of the best iPhone 7 battery cases is this product by the Zerolemon Company. It brings you nothing short of performance and reliability by featuring a built-in 4000mAh battery. Its battery has the power to boost the battery life of the iPhone 7 by more than 140% which is impressive. Its sync-through technology allows for interference-free synchronization of the phone to the computer without removing the case. Its slim fit design ensures no compromise occurs to your phone’s stylish look with its application. Also included in this battery case are 4 LED lights which show the battery level as well as the charging status. Its one-year guarantee warranty is a clear indicator of its quality. You should, therefore, purchase this battery case with utmost confidence.

1. QCell 4000mAh Charging Case iPhone 7 Battery Case

The ranking of this iPhone 7 battery case among the best sellers on the re-known online markets like Amazon is a clear sign that people in today’s world appreciate the work of committed manufacturers. Qcell is the manufacturing firm that has had sleepless nights in the quest to deliver this particular battery case to the iPhone 7 enthusiasts. It comes with the ability to boost the battery life of the iPhone 7 by up to 163% thanks to the included 4000mAh rechargeable battery in its making. It also features sync-through technology to allow you sync your iPhone to a computer without demanding the removal of the case. Also, with this case, you can simultaneously recharge it with your phone with no conflict whatsoever. It also has the power to provide 360-degree protection to your phone through its hardened back plate. Its super-slim and lightweight nature mean that no extra bulk comes to your hands and pocket with its application.

The top ten best iPhone 7 & 7 plus battery cases reviewed in this post are of the best quality. You can choose any of the reviewed products and apply it to your phone. You will appreciate the power of any of the reviewed battery cases to boost the battery life of the iPhone 7 or 7 plus battery life while providing protection from damage and depreciation.

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