Top 10 Best Leica M Cameras For Beginners in 2019

Leica has a long history when it comes to cameras. As technology evolved so did the company and today their cameras became extremely appreciated. They are mostly built for professionals but now and then beginners and enthusiasts get a Leica just for the experience of taking perfect shots. Their quality is also reflected in the price which is why they are considered more exotic. Here are the top 10 best Leica M cameras for beginners in 2017.

top-10-best-leica-m-cameras-for-beginners-in-2017Leica M8

The M series has plenty of models to choose from but only a few are truly affordable by the average person. Leica’s M8 is one of the more affordable models that comes with the same image quality as the rest of the cameras. It has a smart CMOS sensor and it is compatible with a wide range of lenses. Like all other M models it preserves the same classic and compact look that makes it extremely appealing.

Price Range: Low



top-10-best-leica-m-cameras-for-beginners-in-2017Leica M9

The M9 is the latest series from Leica that comes with plenty of features and the traditional classic camera look that is common for all the models in the series. It comes with a 18 megapixel CMOS sensor it is made of metal. It comes with the same leather strap around it. In terms of pricing the model is a bit more affordable for the average consumer.

Price Range: Medium



top-10-best-leica-m-cameras-for-beginners-in-2017Leica M 10770

The M 10770 is a camera dedicated to the ones that appreciate extravagant. It comes with an advanced 24 megapixel CMOS sensor and it does not include any lenses. The lens need to be purchased separately. In terms of visual aspect the model uses design elements of much older M cameras. Due to its construction the model is water resistant which will protect it when taking photos in difficult weather conditions.

Price Range: High



Leica M 10771

The 10771 M is a product for the enthusiasts and pretty much anyone who can afford it. It is made completely out of metal and like other Leica models it uses a classic design that makes it extremely appealing. The model uses a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor that is able to record crisp clean images. It is compact, reliable and offers excellent image quality.

Price Range: High



Leica M 10773

Leica made the M10773 to compete with the most advanced and compact professional DSLR camers. It comes with a powerful 24 megapixel CMOS sensor and is built to last a long time. Using an all-metal body the model resembles classic cameras. It is great looking, powerful, reliable but quite expensive.

Price Range: High


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Leica M 10759

The 10759 from Leica is a compact camera with a reliable 18 megapixel CMOS sensor. This particular model was made mostly for enthusiasts and professionals. It is quite expensive which limits the number of people that might just consider one. It is made metal and comes with a classic design that is typical for the M series.

Price Range: Medium/High



Leica M 10772

There are very few other cameras that have such a clean and pure look as the 10775 from Leica. It has most of the elements that are typical for the M series but there are also some features that make it slightly different. It does not have any kind of branding on it and it comes with a scratch-resistant display covered with sapphire glass.

Price Range: High



 Leica 14495 Multi-Functional Handgrip M (Black)

The 14495 is the model that Leica decided to make for the general consumer and enthusiasts that always desired to own one of their products. It is a compact camera that comes with some useful features such as a GPS module that can be used for geotagging. It features the same classic design that Leica uses for almost all its cameras from the M series thus making it a great looking luxury gadget.

Price Range: Low



Leica M 10370

The Leica 10370 is an excellent camera with a build quality that is difficult to match. It has a full metal body and comes painted in black. The model is built to resemble the old Leica M3 model which was a great success at its time. According to the manufacturers the camera combines the best elements from film and digital ages and the result was the 10370.

Price Range: Medium/High



Leica M 10454

When it comes to professional and extravagant gadgets the M 10454 is difficult to match. Its high price is justified by the use of platinum for the camera’s body and the plate. Combining mechanical elements with newer technologies the Leica preserves the classic design of cameras making it more of a collectible item.

Price Range: Very High


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