Top 10 Best Lint Removal Products to Remove Lint from Clothes

How to Remove Lint from Clothes by Use Lint Removal?

There are countless ways to remove lint from one’s clothes. Theyinclude: rubbing a pumice stone on the cloth, using a lint roller, using tape, and even using an electric lint shaver.

What Are The Different Types?

Different products have been put up to help remove lint easily and safely. Lint rollers are the most popular of them all. Others are lint combs and lint shavers.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying it:

For thick wool material, lint combs would work better as compared to the other lint removers. This shows that the material you want to remove lint from should be the main thing in mind when getting a lint remover.

Buying Guide

Portability may be the most important factor to consider when getting this product as you never know, you may get lint from anywhere hence one needs to carry the remover around. Other considerations include how easy it is to use, how much lint it can remove at once and whether it destroys the cloth’s fabric after using it.
Below is a comprehensive look at the top 10 best lint removal products available in the market that will help you remove lint quickly and reliably from your clothes:

10. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller, 95 Sheets, 5 Count

This roller uses scotch-Brite adhesive that works well to take on tough pet hair stuck on one’s cloths. It work on most cloth materials helping you keep them fuzz free. The lint remover can also be used for cleaning dishes and counters and also appliances.

09. Fabric Shaver By Deneve – Lint Shaver

The lint shaver has 6 steel blades built on a very large shaving surface that help leave one’s fuzzy sweaters fresh. Its adapter can be adjusted to make it suit any kind of cloth material, even if the material is old or worn out. It powers using 2 AA batteries.

08. Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer – Shaver

The Conair shaver has 3 preset modes that lets one put the shaver at three different distances depending on the type on cloth one is removing lint from. Its shaving head is large to increase shaving efficiency while its grip is firm and comfortable. The lint catcher can be detached and put back.

07. Kitchi Products Battery Operated Fabric Shave

This fabric shaver is powered using batteries to help keep one’s cloths lint free. Inside its head are three steel blades that rotate at high speeds to get lint of a cloth’s fabric. It works on all types of clothes and cloth material from t-shirts to blankets.

06. Remington Battery Operated Fabric Shaver RTFS-2

Compactly designed to make it easy to carry when travelling, this fabric shaver maintains a cloths good looks using t-blades that are fast and safely remove lint from any type of cloth fabric. Its lint storage compartment can be detached and put back. It is powered by 2 AA batteries.

05. Evercare Professional Lint Pic-Up Roller – Dry Cleaner Grade

The Evercare line pic-up roller works without the need of any liquid to pick up lint from any type of cloth fabric. It uses a unique zip strip technology that works efficiently and unfailingly to keep your clothes fresh while making it easy to remove for one to clean another layer.

04. Gardus RLE202 LintEater 10-Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System

This is a dryer that blows in air to absorb lint from the clothes. It has a 36 inch rod that is flexible, a vacuum adapter to blow in air, an augur brush for finishing the removal process, a tool for removing blockages and a dryer adapter.Its cleaning technology is reliable enough to provide one with his/her needs.

03. Evercare Fabric Shaver Small Remove Lint from Clothes Quickly

This shaver’s design is compact and elegant allowing one to easily carry it around. It uses a triple blade technology to remove lint. The technology is precise and reliable. The shaver’s grip is firm and feels comfortable on the hands. It is powered using heavy duty batteries.

02. 3M Mini Lint Rollers, Pack of 4

This product comes as a package that includes a set of 4 rollers that conveniently help one remove lint from almost any material. Using the roller is simple and it is reliable enough to leave no fuzz behind on your garment. The rollers are designed to be small and easily portable.

01. Home-it Fabric Shaver Clothes Shaver Lint Remover Electric Cord and Cordless

A very efficient and reliable shaver, this lint remover is driven using a motor that drives blades on the 2.5 inch diameter shaving surface to effectively remove lint from any type of material. The shaver sucks in fuzz on the top layer of the cloth leaving the fabric untouched. Its waste bin is easy to remove and clean.
Lint removers go a long way in helping one to safely remove fuzz, lint and fabric pills from cloth materials and even other objects such as appliances without damaging the material. There are different ways to prevent lint from getting on your clothes including washing the clothes that cause lint separately, cleaning inside the washing machine frequently and using dryer sheets in the dryer.

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