Top 10 Best Pocket Knives in 2017

Every person can try to remember at least just one instant when they needed a knife and there was not just one around. No matter of what the knife was needed for, in that instant a pocket knife may have been plenty of. It is the sort of accent that we usually overlook about and only try to remember it when we truly will need it. The pocket knife really should be a necessary accent for just about every man. There is no justification not to have just one. They have small blades, which usually means they are not deadly hence are unable to be considered weapons and they have additional gizmos built in that will establish to be valuable.

A good pocket knife really should not have only the blade. It really should be equipped to accomplish numerous other duties these types of as open up a bottle, slice wires, have a screwdriver built-in and even a scissors. Not all knives have these attributes but they really should have some or else they are unable to be considered legitimate pocket knives. Also, their blade really should be retractable so that they can be saved properly in the pocket. Ideal now, there are hundreds of unique pocketknife designs and there are some important dissimilarities among them. There are even tactical pocket knives which are impressed by military services style. What issues the most is the metal they are designed from as this will make a decision how long long lasting the knife will be.

Best Pocket Knives in 2017

For our checklist, we managed to uncover some good picks for truly good prices. Let us not waste any additional time and just jump correct into it. Listed here are the major 10 greatest pocket knives in 2017.

10. Learn United states of america Carbon Fiber Drop Place Spring Assisted Opening Tactical Pocket Knife

Learn United states of america Carbon Fiber fall level tactical pocket knife is a affordable and first rate model with a extremely essential style. It is a spring assisted knife with a black 3.25-inch blade and a present day carbon fiber styled tackle. The knife steps about four.five inches when shut building it extremely uncomplicated to carry in a pocket and it has a stainless steel blade building it fairly resilient.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Spring assisted style
  • Very reasonably priced


The knife will come in a small box in perfect issue but the companies do not make the blade specifically sharp. It is not blunt but it is not extremely sharp both. Most consumers will close up sharpening the blade immediately after having the knife. The good information is that it stays sharp for fairly some time owing to its resilient stainless steel blade.

9. Whetstone Matrix Stainless Metal Folding Knife

Whetstone Matrix is a awesome hunting very little pocket knife that will come with a extremely reduced price tag tag and a first rate construction. It has 50 percent of the blade serrated and it is designed out of stainless steel. When shut, the knife steps just five.five inches when the blade by itself is four.25 inches. The tackle is designed out of aluminum with acrylic plates when the overall style tends to make it glimpse additional like a tactical knife.


  • Very affordable
  • First rate make quality
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Serrated blade style


  • Blade are unable to be locked into area

Normally, a spring loaded pocket knife has a usually means of locking the blade properly into area. This is not the scenario with the Whetstone Matrix. It does stay correctly shut but when opened, the blade can be shut by incident by pushing the edge that is not sharpened. The knife does occur in a perfect issue with a extremely sharp blade.

8. Victorinox Swiss Army Typical SD Pocket Knife

Victorinox is a brand name with which most people today really should be common. They have the most popular pocket knives predominantly due to the fact they include a lot of applications in a compact variety element. The Typical SD pocket knife is a seven-in-one tool that will come with a blade, scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, nail file and numerous some others. The make quality is quality as predicted but it is also a bit additional high priced than a essential pocket knife.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Very compact
  • seven-in-one style with a good deal of valuable applications


  • The price tag tag will make some change absent

The principal purpose why the price tag tag may make some glimpse elsewhere is the truth that not everybody demands a seven-in-one pocket knife. It is a good tool to have around but it may not be worthy of spending so a lot on a multi-tool that will not be applied to the fullest. The kinds that do consider will will need these types of a pocket knife will need to know that there are not that quite a few other designs comparable to the Victorinox. Victorinox nonetheless features some of the greatest multi-tool pocket knives.

seven. Buck Knives 0371BRS Stockman 3 Blade Pocket Knife

Buck Knives Stockman is an attention-grabbing offering. Regardless of not possessing additional applications the knife does have 3 unique blades. The longest just one is the standard function blades when the other two are a bit shorter and have unique designs. It steps very little under four inches when shut and the longest blade is close to 3 inches in length. All blades are designed out of stainless steel for additional hardness and resistance to standard use.


  • Rather small but resilient
  • Built out of stainless steel
  • 3 unique blades


As opposed to other pocket knives the Stockman has extremely quick blades. It is nonetheless a good pocket knife but it could have been greater if they experienced a greater length. The stainless steel applied is extremely resilient building each and every blade continue being sharp for a long period of time or standard use.

six. The X Bay Pearl Manage Michael Corleone Milano Godfather Fashion Pocket Knife

The X Bay Pearl pocket knife has a selected attraction to it. The knife has a traditional style and in accordance to the companies, it was impressed by the pocket knife applied by character Michael Corleone in the film The Godfather. Leaving the style aside, the knife by itself is fairly very well designed with a stainless steel four.five-inch blade and a chromed tackle. It is available in numerous unique shades and it folds open up like a standard pocket knife.


  • Typical stylish style
  • Sturdy stainless steel blade
  • Accessible in various shades


  • The tackle feels a bit affordable

The tackle of the knife is very well designed but it feels a bit affordable. It has chromed accents and an acrylic deal with. It does not glimpse all that good the way the areas fit in jointly but nonetheless, it will not fall aside. The blade is extremely resilient and will come really sharp. When opened, the knife steps about 9 inches building it just one of the larger sized designs in our checklist.

five. Schrade Imprerial IMP16S Stockman Folding Pocket Knife

Schrade Imperial IMP16S Stockman folding pocket knife has a misleadingly reduced price tag tag. Astonishingly it is extremely very well designed and has a extremely compact variety element. The model hides 3 unique blades of numerous dimensions, all staying designed out of stainless steel. The tackle is very well made out of steel and acrylic that correctly holds into area. It is not a big pocket knife as the longest blade steps 2.five inches and the tackle is about 3.four inches.


  • Fast small and uncomplicated to carry in a pocket
  • 3 unique blades of numerous sizes
  • Very sharp stainless steel blades


The bolts that keep the tackle in just one piece also keep the blades. It would seem that the companies went a bit overboard with the safety and designed them extremely tough to open up. This can be a good component as children will have a extremely challenging time participating in with it when left around unattended.

four. Scenario Huge Blue Stockman Pocket Knife

Scenario Huge Stockman pocket knife is fairly comparable to some of the other Stockman designs in our checklist. The blades do have a unique form and the overall sizing of the knife is larger sized. The model steps four.25 inches when shut. Apart from for the acrylic covers on the tackle, the knife is totally designed out of stainless steel to make certain that it is long-long lasting and does not demand to be sharpened all much too often.


  • Very sturdy and very well designed
  • 3-in-one style with 3 unique blades
  • Many shades and sizes to pick out from


  • Price tag can be a key turnoff

Not a lot of people today are inclined to pay back a whole lot of money on a small pocket knife. It is legitimate that if you want a thing quality, you have to pay back a quality. The knife is nonetheless not overpriced as the steel applied and the interest to element tends to make it the two glimpse smooth and very well made. The blades have unique designs and lengths and they occur extremely sharp hence it demands to be dealt with with care.

3. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife with Velocity Harmless

The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur folding knife may not be identified as a pocket knife but it surely works like just one. It has a slender blade designed out of stainless steel that tends to make it a lot easier to slice with. The style is quite very simple and would seem to be impressed by hunting knives. It is a folding knife but it has an inset liner lock which tends to make it a lot additional safe and sound to do the job with.


  • Inset liner lock mechanism
  • Very slender and compact
  • Very sharp


The Kershaw is definitely a quality pocket knife. It is designed to checklist a lifetime if cared for correctly. With a slender profile and its steel blade, the knife will not will need to be sharpened whenever quickly. The tackle is designed out of aluminum and features a extremely good grip. Continue to, all this will come with a greater price tag tag and not everybody has this sort of funds for a pocket knife.

2. Tac Force Spring Assisted PAKKAWOOD Manage GENTLEMAN’S Folding Knife

TAC Force spring assisted folding knife has a additional traditional glimpse. It is the sort of knife just one would get on a excursion outdoors. The tackle of the knife is protected with wooden when the blade is designed out of stainless steel with a black coating. On just one of the sides of the tackle, the knife has a small clip. The blade steps 3 inches when the tackle is about four inches.


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Typical still stylish style
  • Picket tackle that features a good grip and dealing with


  • No blade locking mechanism

The knife demands to be dealt with with care. Not possessing a locking mechanism for the blade usually means that it is uncomplicated to close it by incident which can guide to accidents. This demands to be taken into thing to consider when shopping for it but it applied with a bit of interest, it really should provide just high-quality.

one. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife is possibly the most functional knife in our checklist. With seven unique features and a modest price tag tag, it is no question why this unique model has been promoting so very well. The knife and the applications are very well concealed and the tackle looks sturdy plenty of. Some of the applications it will come with are the knife, a nail file, scissors, screwdriver and numerous extras.


  • Very compact
  • seven-in-one style with scissors, screwdriver, a blade, nail file and numerous some others
  • Modest price tag tag
  • Significant-quality construction


Victorinox pocket knives are by no means big. In truth, they are the smallest in our checklist. For standard duties it really should be plenty of, the sizing really should not be a issue. However, some will disapprove of its really compact variety element. The larger sized model may be greater but that will come with a unique price tag tag.

Finding The Ideal Pocket Knife

Just like adult males, not all pocket knives are created equivalent. Our checklist features a good diversity of designs to choose from but it can be perplexing to just glimpse at a photo. Listed here are some of the additional important items took at when buying a pocket knife.

  • Acquiring the correct sizing. Designs and sizes can vary a lot. Normally, companies will state in the description of their knife how long the blade is. In most cases, the tackle will be about an inch extended than the blade.
  • Spring assisted or not? Spring assisted pocket knives can be enjoyment but dangerous. Thankfully, they open up with the blunt side out. Typical pocket knives that will need to be opened manually are a bit safer.
  • Uncomplicated or multifunctional knife? Normally, there is not a lot of a distinction in pricing among very simple knives and the multifunctional kinds. Greater and more powerful blades are applied in very simple knives when the multifunctional kinds are scaled-down and a bit thinner.

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