Top 10 Best Portable Beach Umbrellas 2019

If you are looking for a beach umbrella then to buy the best one you will have to consider a number of things. You should not focus on their aesthetically attractive looks but also ensure about their durability and stability. It can be difficult for you to choose the best one as they are available in wide variety in the market manufactured by a number of popular brands. The information provided in this write-up about some of the best beach umbrellas can help you in buying the most suitable one in 2019.

1. Versa-Brella All Position Umbrella by Sport-Brella

This beach umbrella can be used in various positions to protect your skin from UVB/UVA rays. The cover of its canopy is made from rugged materials to ensure protection from sunrays along with its durability. The Sports-Brella connector provided with it can help in installing it safely on tubular or round surfaces. This 1.8 pound umbrella can be transported easily in folded condition. It will allow you to spend as much time as your want in outdoor location.

2. Folded Beach Umbrella by AMMSON

The canopy of this foldable beach umbrella is made of printed polyester fabric coated with silver internally and supported by 8 ribs made of steel. It can provide maximum shade by adjusting its tilt made of iron. The materials used in its canopy are completely waterproof to protect in any weather condition. Along with beach it can also be used to protect you during picnic, fishing, camping, patio, pool side, golf and backyard etc. Its foldable design allows you to carry is easily in the carry bag

3. EasyGo Travel Beach Umbrella by EasyGoProducts

Though the size of this beach umbrella is full but it can be carried easily in a suitcase while going to a beach due to its foldable design. It is very durable due to its anodized aluminum 1.25 inch thick pole with silver finish and steel frame. Its height and tilt can be adjusted to get maximum shade just by pushing a button. It can be inserted into the sand easily through its sand anchor and it can keep you cool through its large vents. It is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days.

4. CJ-UV72HS Beach Umbrella by Caribbean Joe

This 6 feet wide beach umbrella available in two designs – blue stripes and solid mint shade can provide you full protection from UV rays of the sun while relaxing at a beach on a sunny day. It can be tilted easily in required direction just by pressing a liver. It is easy to transport from one place to other in the carry case of matching color and design provided with it.

5. Rainbow Beach Umbrella by Bayside21

This beach umbrella can stand strongly in the sand with the help of its anodized 1.25” thick pole made of rust resistant aluminum. Its canopy is supported by fiberglass ribs to ensure its durability. You can maximize your protection from UV by tilting it with a push button. Its heavy duty stake with screw allows it to stay firmly in the sand or grass. To improve its stability its canopy has vents to regulate flow of air. It can be moved and stored easily in the fabric carry bas provided with it.

6. Sun Protection Beach Umbrella by RIO Gear

This beach umbrella can be used on patio or poolside along with beach to provide you almost complete protection from UVA/UVB rays. In order to provide better stability its canopy includes wind vents. It can be tilted in required direction to provide you better protection from sunrays. Its canopy is made from strong polyester fabric, 300D. Its ribs and pole are made of powder coated steel.

7. Double Layer Inverted Umbrella by MRTLLOA

The C-shaped handle of this umbrella makes it easy for you to hold your bags or baby by wearing it on your arm. Its double layer canopy is made reversible so that you can fold its outer wet layer into the second dry layer while storing it. An embedded button provided on it can help you in operating it manually as well as automatically. Its eight rib frame made of steel provides you a smooth top. It can be ideal gift for your loved ones as its quality is backed by replacement guarantee.

8. Outdoor Beach Umbrella by Unknown

The 7 feet wide canopy of this beach umbrella, supported by 8 ribs made of fiberglass, is vented to provide it more stability and flexibility on a windy day. Ts height and tilt can be adjusted to provide you shade as per your requirement. It can be anchored easily in the sand due to the design of the bottom of its pole. The polyester fabric used in its canopy can provide maximum protection from UV rays. Along with on beach this umbrella can be used while outdoor fishing, garden, park, recliner, poolside, camping and at picnic.

9. Kid Umbrella Chair by Sorbus

This umbrella for kids is provided with a foldable beach chair and adjustable tilt to allow your kids to have fun whether on the beach or in pool parties, campfire or watching the games of their favorite sport etc. It is easy to transport due to the foldable design of its chair. The umbrella of this setup can be tilted to maximize their protection from UV rays. It also includes a storage pouch with zipper to allow your kids to store their essentials. Its fame is made of white powder coated steel and the umbrella has white piping around it to make it more adorable.

10. Outdoor Sun Beach Umbrella by BECREA

This beach umbrella can be used at different outdoor locations along with beach to protect you from UV rays as it can be carried easily in its 46” long carry bag. Its canopy is made from smooth and fine fabric of bamboo fiber. Its pole with adjustable height is made from strong and eco-friendly carbon fiber. It can withstand strong winds through its wind resistant ground anchor.


The information provided in this write-up about a number of beat beach umbrellas can help you in buying the most suitable one in 2019 for you and your family. Along with focusing on their visual beauty you should also focus on their durability and stability while finalizing one.