Top 10 Best Range Hoods in 2017

If you are remodeling your kitchen or thinking to build one, then one of the most important appliances you should have is the range hood. It is one of the most beneficial appliances that helps to remove all the smokes, scents and particles which is produced while cooking.

The range hoods vent all these stuffs out from your room and keep the air fresh and healthy. Thus, it helps you to keep your kitchen and rooms safe from unhealthy smoke and unpleasant odors while or after you cook.

There are a lot of benefits of this range hoods such as extra lightning, keeping your kitchen cleaner and cool, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, moving the smoke out etc.

Types of Range Hoods

There are various types of hoods available for your stoves or range in the market. These are:

Under cabinet range hoods: This is one of the most common types and also an affordable choice. This is installed under the cabinet just above your range or stove. They are easy to install and quite functional.

Wall mount range hoods: These are also called wall-mounted chimneys which are installed on the wall over the stove. There are no cabinets above them. They are wider stretching to the full length of any range to capture all the smoke, odor etc. emitted from your cooking.

Island hoods: They are quite similar to that of the wall mount ones. But they are not installed on a wall but in spaces. It hangs straight down from the ceiling.

Insert hoods: These are also called power packs which provide great functionality. They are easy to insert into space. They are perfect for maintaining the aesthetic preferences of your kitchen. They are also affordable and designed for flexibility.

Buying Guide

There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying a range hood for your kitchen. These are:

Size: Of course the most important thing that you need to consider is the hood’s size. The size has to be directly related to the surface area of your cooking area. The price will differ according to the size you choose. Larger the size, more price you have to pay for it.

Power: It is another important thing that you have to consider. A very powerful hood can provide you with the best and most effective job. The power also depends on how much clean your filters are.

Looks & Design: As mentioned above, there are different types of hoods that differ in looks and designs. So, you have to choose the best hood that matches perfectly with your kitchen design and aesthetics.

Features: Before buying a range hood, you need to consider a lot of features such as noise, easy to install, fan speed, lights, filter indicator light and automatic shutdown. All these features are essential and make sure the hood you are buying have these.

10 Best Range Hoods

Here are the top range hoods of 2017:

10. Broan 413004 Under-Cabinet Range Hood (ADA Capable Non-Ducted)

This is a great range hood that can be installed non-ducted under the cabinet only with the charcoal filter.


  • Protective lamp lens is a great feature which helps to distribute light evenly on the range
  • 2-speed rocker type fan is installed which you can control along with the light.


  • Easy to install
  • Effective non-ducted filtration system
  • Removes smokes and odors
  • Work in an ADA-compliant application


  • Bulbs are not included
  • Accepts up to 75 watt bulb

09. Kitchen Bath Collection Range Hood STL75-LED

This is a fine wall-mounted range hood for your kitchen with LED lights. It is made up of high-end stainless steel.


  • High-quality LED lights can provide 3 times more brightness than other models
  • The control panel has touch screen feature for better convenience
  • 3 speed settings can help you to set the speed of the hood according to your choice
  • No vent installation helps to enhance the look of the kitchen


  • Two-piece adjustable chimney with no visible welded seams
  • Capable of no-vent installation
  • Control panel featuring a touch screen
  • Makes the kitchen very bright


  • Noise output is 150 mm which is not silent but not loud too.

08. Broan 403004 Range Duct

This is a range hood made up of stainless steel with duct to remove all he smoke and dust.


  • It has 160 CFM with both horizontal and vertical discharge
  • A protective lamp lens can help to distribute the light evenly over the range
  • It comes with a duct connector along with inbuilt damper


  • Easy to wash and clean aluminum grease filter (dishwasher safe)
  • Protective lamp lens saves light from grease and smoke
  • Built-in damper with duct connector
  • HVI 2100 Certified for best performance

07. Broan 413604 ADA Capable Range Hood

This is an ADA capable hood for your range. It is an under-cabinet hood made up of stainless steel.


  • Rocker-type switch for the fan and light that helps you to control the fans and lights
  • There is a protective lamp lens that helps to protect the lamp and also distributes the light evenly
  • The non-ducted filtration helps to remove all the smoke and odors


  • Effective smoke and odor removal
  • Easy to install with charcoal filer
  • Works in an ADA-compliant application


  • No bulbs are included
  • Accepts up to 75 watt bulbs

06. Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED Range Hood

This is the wall-mounted hood for your kitchen range or stove made up of stainless steel. It has tempered glass canopy and many other features such as:

  • Touch screen panel for convenient and easy operation
  • 30 inches size is enough to cover big stoves or ranges
  • High- quality LED lights that provide 3 times brighter light
  • 3 speed setting is perfect for different needs


  • Touch screen panel is easy and stress-free to clean
  • 3 speed settings provide great convenience
  • Capable of optional no-vent installation
  • UL-certified motors and dishwasher friendly grease filters


  • Vent exhaust has 6 inch diameter only

05. Broan 423004 ADA Capable Range Hood

This is an ADA capable hood for your kitchen range which can be installed under-cabinet. It is made up of stainless steel. Some of the important features of this hood are that the aluminum grease filter is completely dishwasher safe. It belongs to the Brown 42000 series round ducted range hoods. It can be installed as 7 inches round duct only. It also has control switches for light activation and fan speed.


  • Easy cleaning of grease filter
  • Controllable fan speed and light
  • Inbuilt 7 inches adapter


  • Only has vertical discharge
  • Bulbs not included

04. BV Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

This is a stainless steel under cabinet range hood featured with high airflow (800 CFM) duct. It also has 3 different speeds for fan with a push button control. It has stainless steel baffle filters along with oil tray. The high intensity LED lights provides great brightness to the kitchen.


  • Energy saver LED lights for brightness
  • Easy to remove and clean filters and oil trays
  • High airflow with 800 CFM airflow with dual motors


  • Only motors but provide efficient work

03. Broan 423001 Range Hood

This is another high quality under cabinet range hood (ADA capable). It features 190 CFM in its 30 inches set. It is installed as 7 inches duct only. It is HVI Certified for best performance. It comes with protective lamp lens that provide protection to lamps. It also helps to distributes light evenly.


  • Dishwasher safe grease filter for easy cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • Highly efficient in removing smokes
  • Protective lamp les distribute lightly nicely

02. Broan 42604 Range Hood

This range hood is ADA capable and is installed under the cabinet. It is highly efficient with 190 CFM. It installs as 7 inches round ducted only. Some of the features are:

  • The protective lamp lens can help you to protect the lamp from grease and also distributes light evenly
  • It has an inbuilt 7 inches adapter
  • It provides 6.0 Sone Performance with vertical discharge


  • Protective lamp lens for even distribution
  • Installs as 7 inch round ducted
  • Dishwasher safe easy to clean aluminum grease filter


  • Only vertical discharge
  • Bulbs not included

01. AKDY Kitchen Range Hood

This is a highly efficient kitchen wall mount range hood made of stainless steel. It has some distinct features like:

  • The LED touch screen panel to control lights and fan
  • High speed airflow of 400 CFM
  • 30 inches coverage provides great efficiency


  • Highly efficient air flow
  • LED touch panel control
  • Sleek and elegant look
  • 3 speed LED touch control


So, this are the top 10 most efficient and powerful range hoods that you can buy in 2017 for your kitchen. All these are highly efficient and also look great. It will undoubtedly make your kitchen more functional and beautiful.

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