Top 10 Best Safety Razors

Hair is the growing part of a human body, and sometimes hair is kept for beauty and other times, it is hated by other people. Today razors are introduced as a tool to provide easy shave for people. Nearly every person on earth has experienced shaving their moustache or beard, and thus, razors have been a daily tool people use at home. More recently, razors come in many forms and features. Users look at not only its usefulness, but also its beauty. A lot of modes are added to the function and features. Finding these top 10 modes of razor is recommended.

10. Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

As dubbed in its name, Merkur has a long handle that is to give a safe grip to you while shaving. Moreover, the product is made in Germany and is covered in chrome. It looks shiny. Merkur is a high-quality razor that matches well with razor blades, making a complete shave. More than comfortable handle and close shave function, it is cautiously made for safe shave and avoiding accident cut.

09. Parker 99R – Long Handle SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT Butterfly

Made to be used with Shark Super chrome blades, this Parker 99R has a heavy long handle. Budded in “Butterfly” name, it is actually an easy-to-open razor. This kind of razor has been well known for more than 40 years. Having one Parker 99R at home is like having a luxurious tool because its chrome plated brass will be sustainable with you forever. Maybe, one has never realized that a razor can be the best gift, especially an expensive-material razor like Parker.

08. Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C (Blade Included)

This is another Merkur but a double edge design. No doubt, it is made with twin edge to provide safe shave to you. Merkur is also made from stainless steel, a well-known product from Germany. Today, buying one Merkur is attached with a free high-quality blade within. This beautiful white razor will just complete your shaving satisfaction by Merkur’s technology. It looks stylish. Why not have one at home?

07. Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

Born in Parker’s family, 96R is another long-handle design with safe butterfly opening. Therefore, you would find it easy to install blade in. This razor also has double edge design to function a complete shave. Moreover, the frame is covered in brass and the handle has a rough surface, easy for gripping. If you buy 96R now, you will get a bonus of five Shark blades. What an amazing match! The razor and blade complement each other for fabulous a shaver.

06. Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger is a razor of double edge design, and is covered in chrome. Besides its high function to provide a close shave, its chrome cover looks beautiful in white. You don’t have to care about kinds of blade to match with this razor because it fits all types. Don’t ever think it is a short-time shaver. Every owner of Edwin Jagger will have it forever unless it is disposed of because of chrome durability.

05. Weishi 9306c Twist to Open Dark Silver Double Edge Safety Razor

Weishi 9306c is exclusively designed in unique color of dark silver. Like other butterfly-open family, Weishi also has twin edge that secure shaving operation. Trust it for durability by thick copper alloy cover. It is even made easy for a complete travelling mode, with an attachment of mirror on the box. You can use Weishi with all types of blades, but of course, there is a bonus of other blades within every purchase of it.

04. WEISHI 9306CL Long Handle Version Heavy Weight Butterfly

9306CL is also in Weishi family. Like the previous razor, it is designed for strong grip and with butterfly-opening mode, users find it very easy to install blades. Likewise, this mode has double edge that provides a close shave. Designed for durability and in copper alloy cover in dark grey silver, it is an awesome razor ever. It is a very trusted product with nearly five-star rating. Don’t wait! Come to purchase Weishi 9306CL to get a bonus of YingJiLi blades.

03. Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor

Merkur 1904 Classic is a very beautiful razor—a classical shaver with complicated textile on the handle. Designed and covered in copper white, it also has twin edge for complete shave. If you want to shave think hair, Merkur 1904 is recommended. In Merkur family, it has been evidenced that 1904 is one of the best quality. If you want to use a cool razor, this fashionable razor of Merkur should be your option. Come on. This one has received the most rating stars.

02. Ultimate Shaving Experience! Safety Razor

This is Ultimate Shaving Experience Razor—an exact satisfaction for you. This obvious quality razor is made of chrome with a long handle for easy grip. Like other razors, it is an ultimate mode of butterfly and has double edge. No doubt, this is guaranteed for shaving quality. Furthermore, it is very stylish designed shaver. You will also find it useful because of its extra wet shaving. This includes a package of 5 derby blades.

01. Perfecto Long Handled Safety Razor

Indeed, some of razors are made for safety first, and Perfecto Long Handled Safety Razor is also one of them. It has a long handle to make an easy grip and safety. Don’t doubt its shaving capacity. It is from the most star-rating generation. Strong, and beautiful in chrome cover, Perfecto is made for everything you expect from a razor. Again, it is a full five-star product.

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