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Top 10 Best Screen Protector For IPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review (January Update)

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review

The screen protector is the most common cell phone accessory you can find on the market. And most cell phone owners get a screen protector for their phone to protect the display, especially with smartphones with touchscreens. There are thousands of manufacturers around the world producing all kinds of display protectors with different price tags. Then do you have any idea how to pick the high-quality protectors from the bad ones?

There are several ways to test a display protector. The first is to test its transparency. Screen protectors are designed to be attached on the screen of a cell phone, so it has to be transparent enough to allow users see through it. However, the light would become weak after going through a medium because some of the lights would be lost during transmission. And due to the restriction of handcraft limit, the max transparency of the current optical glass is 97% or so. But a protector made of plastic materials cannot reach the transparency of 97%. Therefore, you should take a second thought when a seller pushes you a screen protector with the transparency of 95% or higher. The best screen protectors on the market have the transparency between 92% to 95%.

The second way to test a film is to test its abrasion resistance. As the film of a cell phone screen, it is supposed to resist the wear and abrasion from fingernails and other harsh things like keys maybe. Therefore, one with higher abrasion resistance would be better. However, it is not cool to judge it only by the abrasion resistance.

The third you should consider when choosing a film would be the size and quality. It is better to get a screen protector that is specially designed for your cell phone. It would fit your cell phone better. For instance, if you own an iPhone 4s, then it is better to get a specially designed iPhone 4s screen protector or iPhone 4 display protector other than a universal one. And an excellent one should be easy to attach and easy to remove, without any residuals on your cell phone’s screens.

Another thing you should know is that some cell phones display already have great abrasion resistance that no need to put another plastic layer to protect them. iPhone is a great example. The screen of iPhone is made of high-quality glass which is durable enough for everyday use, so some experts say there’s no need to use any film layers. Here are top ten screen protector for iPhone:

10 BONGEEK [Smooth as Silk] 0.26MM 9H Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 1

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The screen protector highlights exact set patterns for iPhone 7 Plus. Its matte surface keeps up fingerprints clear always and is as smooth as silk while being against glare as well. No more stress over oily deposit and fingerprints and not anymore regular cleaning for your cell phone screen.

It brags industry-driving 9H hardness and multi-layered guard against harm by affect. This screen protector effectively protects the screen from all types of scratches, scratches, and clean. It is Bubble-Free setup makes establishment such a breeze.

9. Rose Gold Alloy Metal Frame Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 3

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The screen protector has 3D adjusted edge-to-edge outline that fits your iPhone 7 Plus screen flawlessly. It likewise covers the whole front while leaving a little hole, augmenting the assurance against edge-breaking, clean, and scratches. This screen protector takes after Apple’s unique plan dialect that splendidly coordinates your iPhone’s rose gold shading.

With 99 percent High-definition hydrophobic and clear oleophobic screen covering. The iPhone 7 screen protectors are unique mark verification. They highlight exact cut-outs and interesting plan with smooth Surface that backings 3D touch highlights. It saves the first survey quality

It’s imaginative flip-over arrangement, and a situating sticker permits quicker and more exact situating. The screen cover can self-prohibit air rises by a delicate push on the focal point of the glass cover. The F-shading brand offers Lifetime bother free guarantee for your iPhone screen protector and the friendliest client administration to take care of any issue opportune.

8. JETech 2-Pack 0.2mm – 0991A Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 5

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It is composed with top quality 0.2mm ultra-thick treated glass with exquisitely adjusted edges only for 5.5 inches iPhone 7 Plus. The first class screen protector includes high-straightforwardness and high-reaction capacities. It is sans bubble, clean free and unique finger impression free. With one-push super basic establishment, introducing it is only a snap. In light of the round edge of iPhone 7 Plus, this screen protector does not cover all screen, but rather just the level territory.

7 JETech 2-Pack Premium – 0990A Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 7

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The 99.99 percent straightforwardness of the screen safeguards the first screen brilliance. You can appreciate an uncommon survey involvement with not so much glare but rather more brilliance with this screen protector. The great screen protector includes fantastically high hardness that opposes scratches as much as 9H (harder than a common blade). With high reaction affectability, the protector can keep up the first reaction affectability that guarantees smooth amusements, speedy video playing, and snappy application dispatch.

6. OMOTON iPhone 7 Plus Glass Protector Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 9

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The screen protector’s laser-sliced measurements offer the greatest insurance to the show of your gadget. The Iphone’s bent edges can’t be secured. It is outlined solely for Apple iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch and does not fit some other cell phone.

The 9H Hardness Screen Protector will proficiently shield your iPhone 7 Plus cell phone from undesirable scratches and scrapes by keys, cut, and other greatly hard substances. Its air pocket free glue makes it a breeze to set up this iPhone, screen protector. The 2.5D adjusted edges give the protector an unbelievably smooth inclination at all the edges.

It gloats HD retina lucidity include with high-straightforwardness to convey top notch clear review. Oleophobic, hydrophobic screen is covering ensures the screen against oil and sweat deposit from fingerprints and keeps up the
high-affectability touch reaction.

5. Klearlook Screen Protector Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 11

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The screen protector is particularly intended for iPhone 7 or more. The back Matt PET protector and the tempered front glass protector give the greatest assurance to your telephone. Have near 100 percent straightforwardness. The low reflection and the Optical review transmittance features stereo emotions and guarantees completely clear picture. Experience distinctive shading in addition to agreeable visual impact with retina show.

Have sublime against scratch execution and exceptional steel preparing. This protector highlights excellent hardness of as much as 9H that can enough shield the screen starting with no outside help of sharp protests, wear, and impact. With interesting specialty preparing, the screen protector has suburb electrostatic adsorption. The establishment procedure will be staggeringly simple and air pocket free.

4. Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 7 Plus 5.5-inch Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 13

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Icarex protector is 3D touch perfect. The treated glass hostile to the scratch protector for iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch highlights 9H hardness. It gauges 0.33mm in thickness and has 2.5D adjusted edges. It takes into account dry application and is staggeringly simple to set up and expel. It is additionally without bubble and build-up free. It has top-notch straightforwardness film, which guarantees the greatest determination for retina show.

Being antibacterial and highlighting TrueTouch affectability work, it gives immaculate and undetectable insurance on the touchscreen. It highlights consummate set patterns on the front to forestall obstruction with responsiveness or sensors. It is uncommonly intended to fit the bent edges of iPhone 7 Plus.

3. IQ Shield Anti-Bubble Film screen protector Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 15

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The screen protector incorporates a restrictive screen protector, build up free fabric, squeegee, establishment plate or shower arrangement, and natural establishment instructions.It highlights an Innovative LIQuidSkin glue joined with interesting IQ Shield that guarantees dissatisfaction free, simple, and air pocket free establishment. This setup will leave the film effectively formed to any gadget.

The IQ Shield LIQuidSkin screen protectors are outlined utilizing a front line process that consolidates self-mending strength, non-yellowing optical straightforwardness, and high reaction affectability with a solitary layer of adaptable yet the tough film. Classified as a “smart film” and optically straightforward when connected, the LIQuidSkin line consistently combines client intelligence and portable security into a solitary charming knowledge.

2. SPARIN Screen Protector Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 17

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Sparin screen protector is exceptionally intended for 5.5 Inch iPhone 7 Plus that covers the level piece of a screen. It does not cover the bent edge open for a similarity of the case. The screen protector is super thin and 3D touch perfect. The screen protector is made using the Anti-Scratch 9H Strong Hardness safety glass, which is three times more grounded than an ordinary screen protector film. It can adequately secure your iPhone 7 Plus screen against inadvertent scratches by either keys or other hard questions.

The screen protector highlights 99 percent light transmittance, 99 percent top quality lucidity, and keeps up the striking and splendid picture quality. It is extraordinarily made and decisively cut for iPhone 7 Plus. The ideal set pattern can bolster the high determination of the camera.

1. Maxboost Tempered Glass 7 Plus/iPhone screen protector Review

Top 10 Best Screen Protector for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus 2019 Review 19

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This protector is one of the main screen protectors in the whole world. Bragging an industry-driving slender outline and cut at 0.2mm the protector, it offers remarkable assurance without including mass. The top quality clear tempered screen protector is exceptionally made to work superbly with the bent edges of the new iPhone 7 and is laser-sliced to hold fast to the screen while leaving adequate space to fit the defensive packaging case cover. The screen protector likewise gloats a 9H surface hardness that is three times more grounded than the PET film and offers the first screen encounter you require.

Reasons Why Your Smartphone iPhone Needs a Screen Protector

A smartphone’s screen is one of its most vulnerable areas, and therefore must be protected not only from scratches but also from dust, glare, and UV rays. And the best way of achieving this is by using a protector.

There are many benefits of using a protector, some of which are discussed below:

  • Enhance Privacy: Do you have friends or aunts who are always curious about what you’re doing on your phone? If yes, then privacy protectors are a must-have for you. These types of screen protectors not only shield the screen of your smartphone from prying eyes but also keep any confidential information from being exposed to anyone around, even it happens accidentally, as the screen is only clearly visible to the person right in front (you). The contents of the screen become masked when viewed at an angle, making privacy protectors a good option for business users.
  • Reduce Glare: Anti-glare protectors that use a matte finishing coat and diffusion, cut down on the glare on a smartphone’s LCD screen. Therefore, you won’t need to squint to view the screen in bright light, which will reduce eye strain.
  • Prevent UV Damage: These protectors work similar to anti-glare protectors, with the added benefit of protecting the smartphone screen against UV rays by bending light as it falls on the screen and reduces reflection. Furthermore, anti-reflective (AR) protectors also have a hydrophobic surface layer which repels water and even grease.
  • Prevent Sticking of Fingers: If you use your iPhone to play games which require you to constantly run your fingers in all directions, ultra-clear protectors will work best for you. Since these are thinner than other types of protectors, they will let you maneuver your fingers on the screen smoothly without sticking.
  • Anti-Finger Prints: We love to use our smartphones but hate it when the screen is painted with our fingerprint marks. Anti-fingerprint screen protectors are fingerprint-resistant as they are made from a lipophobic coating which repels skin oils and helps prevent the appearance of fingerprints and smudges on the screen.These are just a few of the many benefits of getting a protector for your iPhone.

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