Top 10 Best Spinning Fishing Rod in 2019 Reviews

There are many activities you can enjoy doing in your leisure time; fishing is one of them. Going fishing, you can enjoy the great view of the lakes or rivers, have fun and get food at the same time. Anyway, when it comes to choosing the right fishing rods, it can be hard especially for beginners. Worry no more since you can now browse through reviews of top 10 fishing rods on the market and make your own decision! Start fishing today with the fishing rod of your own choice and you will never regret!

10. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod


Although it comes at number 10, it’s equipped with one of most modern tools and technology. This Ugly Stik fishing rod is designed very thoroughly, and it is very good-looking. It comes with a very strong handle enabling you to fish all sizes of fish ranging from huge to tiny. Moreover, it is a spinning fishing rod, so you never have to use a lot of energy when fishing. As a result, you are able to fish more enjoyably.


9. Shimano Stimula 2-Piece Spin Rod


This one is a different from the previous one in terms of look and design. It’s built with low profile aluminum which doesn’t develop stain, so your fishing rod will always look good throughout years. Plus, its handle is shaped in a way that you can grab hold of it very firmly and easily. It has a very acceptable length of 6 inches, which is easily to keep and handle. What’s more special is that it has a medium light weight enabling not only adults but also so kids to use.


8. Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod


Again Shakespeare, one of the company known for producing fishing kits, has developed another model of fishing rod with even better quality. What makes this fishing rod special is that its rod is equipped with perfect light and ultra-light actions making it possible for anyone of any ages to use. Also, the tools it comes with is stainless steel that makes your rod look as great no matter how long you use it.

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7. Eagle Claw Pack-It Telescopic Spinning Rod


This fishing rod is suitable for all types of fishers. With its high quality, it is fully ensured that it can provide its consumers with reliability, durability, and strength. Moreover, before it comes into the market, it is carefully tested so that you can enjoy using it to its fullest. Its foam handle allows your hand to feel smooth and you won’t lose grab of it easily. Plus, you can get a rod with this many advantages with an affordable price.


6. Shakespeare Medium Action Travel Mate Spinning Rod


This model of fishing rod from Shakespeare is quite different from the previous ones. It is suitable for any fishers especially those who like to travel because this one is designed for on-the-go fishing and is always ready to travel with you. It is portable, so you can keep it anywhere you like. Plus, it comes with a travel case which protects your fishing rod from any possible damages. It reliability and durability is fully ensured!



5. Shimano FXS 2 Piece Spinning Rod


Having a very firm look, this fishing rod is developed with durable aeroglass construction rod blank that keeps your fishing rod working perfectly no matter how long you use it. Further, it is equipped with aluminum oxide guides that ensure the duration of your lovable fishing rod. Also, it come with a very comfortable handle making your fishing even more enjoyable and fun. Having ultra-light power, it will fully satisfy its consumers because they can move the rod as fast they want to.


4. Shimano FXC 2 Piece Casting Rod


Shimano has produced not one but many models of fishing rod, and this is one of them. This fishing rod is pretty similar to its previous model but the quality has been greatly developed. It comes with a solid locking graphite reel seat that ensures safe fishing and enables you to grab hold of your rod easily. What makes it different is its length, because now it is enlarged. Therefore, you can now enjoy fishing in a greater distance!

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3. Okuma Tundra Surf Glass Spinning Rods


This Okuma fishing rod comes in two popular and modern-looking colors, black and white. Its medium heavy action is very suitable for any fishers especially those with very strong power. Its equipped tools are those with very high quality such as ceramics. The butt cap is built with rubber enabling a firm grip and fun fishing. Moreover, the reel seat comes with resistant stainless steel that assures a long duration of usage.


2. Shakespeare Telescoping Spinning Rod


Again, the leading company in fishing kits, Shakespeare, has introduced another high quality fishing rod to the market. It is designed to look very technologically modern with the color black. This fishing rod is suitable not only for regular fishers but also for those who like traveling because it is travel-ready and you can carry it anywhere. The rod is portable which means it can break down for any form of storage. Also, it comes with a protecting case for your lovable rod.


1. Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod Retractable


Now let’s move your attention to the top 1 fishing rod on the market. With its high quality component such as elasticity, carbon fiber and fiberglass, your rod is very strong and can endure any force. Also, it’s equipped with stainless steel which is what everyone wants from steel. What makes this rod comes at top 1 is that it is manufactured very carefully with sophisticated technology. Moreover, this fishing rod is portable, so you can always carry around and do on-the-go fishing!