Top 10 Best Straight Razors In 2017 Reviews

Everyone wants to go the straight razor shaving way because of its immense benefits. First, it enables you to shave just as close as you would ever want. Second, no skin irritation as it happens with other forms of shaving. And, it is very economical. You will not go wrong with a straight razor and learning to use one takes just a few trials with enough patient because some blades are too sharp and you have to be extra careful when using them. Once you get the best aftershave balm and the best hair clippers, you will have everything about your looks figured out.

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Key Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Straight Razor

Grip: There is no shortcut when it comes to the grip. It has to be the best and the most comfortable. The grip determines how easy straight razor shaving will feel and if you will be able to shave and get the results you wanted. For people who like a close and clean shave, getting the right grip is the key.

Quality of the Material: You don’t want to wake up to a rusting straight razor. The quality of the material used for constructing it determines whether it will remain in shape and serve you for a long time. Stainless steel might be a great choice to go with.

Types of Blades: The only way to get a clean and close shave is by using the best blades. They have to be sharp and remain so throughout the shave. You don’t want to start swiping the blades in the middle of shaving simply because they are becoming dull too quickly. The blade should also be able to shave both long and short hair as well as hairs in all textures.

Ease of Use: Straight shaving is not so easy. You need to read the instructions and watch as many videos as possible before embarking on it. However, one thing that might make it even easier is how easy the straight razor is to use. Replacing the blades and cleaning it should be easy too.

Price: As always, the best product should be within your budget.

Feather SS Black Japanese Straight Razor

For the love of clean and quick shaving, this razor has been designed to make you look forward to the next shaving time. For as little as it is priced, you will be getting unimaginable shaving benefits. It is every shaver’s dream razor, and you will actually wonder just how you survived shaving every day without it. It feels good in your hands and even better on your skin. Shaving has never been this easy.

You will be getting an excellent grip and comfortable control from Super-engineered resin handle. When it comes to shaving and razors, anyone will tell you that the handle matters a lot as it determines how your grip will feel and how quick and easy you will be able to shave. With this razor, the handle is well-crafted to give you just the right grip thus enabling quick and safe shaving. The handle is also strong enough to be used for a long time.

If you are looking for an innovative razor, this here will amaze you by how far and how much effort has been put to make it look different, work differently and even feel different. You will feel proud of your purchase and look forward to using it from time to time. It is not just like any other straight razor. It stands out in every way possible.

The heat-resistant gum handle and stainless steel for smooth shaving while resisting chemicals, heat and other impurities makes it one of the best straight razor on the market. You can go on to shave just as many times as you want and no chances of any sort of contamination thanks to the stainless steel. In everything, your health comes first, and you should be sure that your razor won’t bring you any infections and this is only possible if the razor is made of high-quality materials.

Feather SS Black Japanese Straight Razor

The blade is replaceable, so you can always get a new one each time you feel like the one you are using is becoming blunt. Some people like to sharpen their blades but it might be a hard task for some, and it might also be hard to achieve the level of sharpness found in new blades thus a new blade wins most of the time. But, if you like sharpening yours, no harm in doing so. You will be experiencing a great level of comfort while shaving with this razor thanks to its design.

Rounded shaving head plus optimal blade exposure offers a smooth and soft shaving experience. You won’t have to straggle with stretching your skin for those folded or “sunk” areas as the rounded head does all this for you. Also, the head can be dismantled for cleaning and reassembled within no time. This helps you keep your razor clean all the time thus avoiding infections. And, changing the blade takes you just a few minutes, and you will be good to start shaving. It is a great product to place your money on. Take your shaving experience a notch higher by getting the best straight razor.


  • Not ideal for people who shave hurriedly.

Pure Wood Shaving/Cutthroat Razor/ Shavette Razor (cool cut) with a free pouch and blades

This here is a classy razor for an amazing price. You won’t believe how good of quality it is because the price is too low. It looks so great, and the design is super amazing. You will love how it feels when you hold it because the grip is so solid. If you have not owned a shavette before, this here is a good way to start, and I can tell you without a doubt that you won’t be looking back. It might take several shaves to learn how to use it correctly, but once you do, nothing and no one can stop you from using it.

Its handle is made of pure wood without paint or polish. If you love wood, then I have no doubt that you will love this Cutthroat Shavette straight razor. The price is just right, and you will have people thinking that it is more expensive because of how it looks. The wood looks good and feels great. The holding mechanism gives you a good grip for clean shaving. The blade stays in place securely, and you will love how easy it is to open and close.

Once you are done using it, you will easily tuck the blade back into the handle, and it does not flop open. With most other straight razors in this design, the Bras pivot screw keeps loosening from time to time from frequent use, but it’s not the case with this razor. You will love the nice curve of this razor, and as long as you take your time to shave slowly as you learn how to do it properly assuming you have not used anything like it before, you will never cut yourself.

Also, the Brass screw is adjustable thus giving you fine tuning. This ensures that you are able to shave with a great level of precision. Everyone wants to feel great after every shave, and this is what this razor gives you as it enables you to shave just as you want. With this razor, you will be able to personalize it to your liking thus get a close and neat shave thanks to the brass screw. With the plastic washers that ensure that the blade tang does not damage or rub against the wood, this razor will surely give you great services for a long time.

Pure Wood Shaving/Cutthroat Razor/ Shavette Razor (cool cut) with a free pouch and blades

You will have a great grip from the jimps as they offer your thumb a place to rest. This way, you can achieve just the level of shaving you want. Overall, it is super easy to use, and when it comes to blade replacement, you will have an easy time doing it. The handle is unique thus a big plus because it won’t look like just any other straight razor. Also, you will be getting a free carrying case thus travelling with your razor will become super easy.

Also, you will get a free pack of blades (5 Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Blades and you can easily snap them to get a total of 10 Blades) thus cutting on the total expenses. It is an excellent straight razor to shave with. It takes you back to those unforgettable old school shave experiences but in a new and improved way giving you a cleaner and closer shave. Even for people who will be using it for the first time, you will have an easy time learning the process.


  • Handle not varnished

Straight Razor Shaving Kit with 20 Shark Razor Blades for Straight Edge Razor and breaks into two from ten Double Edge Blades

They say that you become a “man” the moment you learn to use a straight razor. Well, how true that statement is will be a subject of discussion for a very long time given that not everyone buys the idea of straight razor shaving since it appears like the most dangerous thing. However, once you master the art, you will never look back to other ways of shaving because the results from straight razor shaving are incomparable. It gives you a whole new experience, and you will love shaving more and more. It is a great way to get change your shaving game.

First, with this straight razor, you will be able to say goodbye to all the nasty shave bumps or redness that result from using traditional razors once and for all. You will notice the transformation on your face or legs everytime you shave using it, and with time, you will become a pro and wonder why you never learned to do it earlier. Even for those people who have been using other brands of straight razors, once you give this a try, there is no turning back to your old ways. You will absolutely fall in love with it.

The razor has a nice balance thus ensuring that you have the easiest time shaving and you will feel comfortable in all the angles you choose. The difference between a good and bad straight razor can be judged by the amount of balance in each. If the straight razor lacks the right amount of balance, it might force you to apply more pressure or assume weird angles that might result in you cutting yourself and that’s just horrible.

You will be getting 20 blades from this kit all in good quality for greater results. Again, what matters most for a straight razor is the quality of the blades used. They must be able to do the job well and meet your expectations. Otherwise, there won’t be any need to go for straight razors. You also don’t want to stop in the middle of shaving to switch the blades simply because they are becoming dull within a short shaving period. It the razor is said to give 2-3 shaves, that’s exactly what it should give you.

Straight Razor Shaving Kit with 20 Shark Razor Blades for Straight Edge Razor and breaks into two from ten Double Edge Blades

Some people fear the straight razor business because they feel like it will take them ages to learn how to use them properly. However, with this straight razor kit, the story is different because it is very straightforward to use. There are instructions to guide you on how to go about it, and you can be sure that all will be well. However, you are advised to watch some videos along with the instructions given so that you get a clear picture of how to go about it.

Also, for first timers, this kind of shaving might take some time so create enough time for it to ensure that you do it to perfection but as you continue shaving, you will notice that you will be using less time. When it comes to installing your blades, it is just a simple task. Not complicated and not time-consuming. And, as long as you do it carefully because well, these blades are sharp and you don’t want them landing on your fingers, you will be at no risk at all.


  • Changing the blades might be a challenge at first

The Best Straight Razor- Stainless Steel with Shave Ready Quality, Never Rusts, Black-on-Black Handle, Foldable Blade

Forget about hair getting stuck on the Gillette blades or the electric shavers that leave many strands of hair behind while taking forever to give you a decent shave. Straight razors are the real deal for clear and clean shaving. With a straight razor, you get to shave and shape your beard just as you wish with zero frustrations. It might take you some time to learn how to do it like a pro, but once you reach that level, you will never look at Gillette or electric shavers with interest.

With this straight razor from the best straight razor, you will be able to get a clean barber shave from the comfort of your house. You will be able to do it just as you have always wished. And, the best thing is, you will get better with every shave thus walking towards perfection. The razor enables you to get just as better results as your barber gives you or even better. You will just need to take time and learn how to go about it for those great results.

The foldable blade gives it that sleek, professional look. You don’t want to shave with a razor that looks just like any other cheaply made straight razor. With this one, you will feel like a pro because it has the professional look thus great results. The blades play a major role in determining how effective the razor will be. Remember, all the other parts are just useless without a blade. Thus, it is good to ensure that the blade is of the highest quality for better results.

Its durable construction from stainless steel blade gives you the best shaving services for a very long time. You will be able to achieve your shaving dreams and enjoy it for a long time. Durability is the key point in any product because no one wants to buy a product only for it to stop functioning after a short while. Everyone hopes even the cheapest product they have bought will give them a decent service for a significant amount of time. And, you will be happy with this straight razor.

The Best Straight Razor- Stainless Steel with Shave Ready Quality, Never Rusts, Black-on-Black Handle, Foldable Blade

Featuring an exquisite quality workmanship, this straight razor makes an excellent gift for any man in your life. So, if you are looking for an exciting gift for any man, go for this straight razor and watch them thanking you countless times for thinking so highly of them. It is well-built and looks so presentable thus making a good gift. Help a man move to the next shaving level by getting them this straight razor.

If you want to be using it while on the go, you can do this safely and conveniently as the blade folds neatly to allow easy storage. You need to keep your good looks even when far from home and this razor will help you do this perfectly. You will also love to carry your shaving tradition with you as you do not want to interfere with your beard growth or the shape that you have been working so hard to maintain.


  • Might take you few trials to learn how to use it perfectly

The Shave Network, Shave Ready Straight Razor, Complete Gold Dollar Straight Razor Set, Synthetic Shaving Brush, Blades Grim Soap, GB Buckingham Strop

If you are just joining the straight razor shaving club, this right here is your best option. It is ideal for beginners, and it will make learning super easy and quick. It is shave-ready thus you can begin using it once you receive it. And, most importantly, the package includes everything you need to start shaving, maintain your razor and take good care of it. Along with the razor are synthetic shaving brush, blades grim soap, and GB Buckingham strop. You can thus shave with ease all the time.

It is a professionally sharpened 6/8” round point cutthroat straight razor thus you can expect only the best from it. One thing for sure is that as long as the straight razor is well designed and the user uses it as it should, the end results will always be incomparable. Shaving your own beard will become more interesting and enjoyable, and you will love the results each time. You will actually be paying less for blades while getting the most out of them.

It’s a real straight razor made from real and high carbon steel then kiln hardened. This tells you that you are not getting just an ordinary straight razor. This carries with it all the goodness and great features that should be in the greatest straight razor. It is also very durable thus offers great shaving services for a very long time. You will enjoy using it, and your beard will come to appreciate the good shave from the best straight razor.

The Shave Network, Shave Ready Straight Razor, Complete Gold Dollar Straight Razor Set, Synthetic Shaving Brush, Blades Grim Soap, GB Buckingham Strop

You get a great grip from the bottom jimps. As any straight razor user will tell you, the grip determines a lot when it comes to this kind of shaving. If you do not have a good grip, you will have uncomfortable shaving time, and the results cannot be great. This is why any buyer should test or be sure of how the grip feels like before ordering any type of straight razor to avoid bad experiences which might be discouraging mostly for beginners.

When it comes to cleaning it and rinsing, this is the easiest task you will ever get. You don’t even require any sort of instructions or advice because everything is purely straightforward. Also, this set comes with everything you need for a clean and close shave. You will be good to start straight razor shaving without thinking of where or how to purchase this or that. If you are a beginner, go for this razor. It will make the journey easy and enjoyable. As seen from the straight razor history, it has been a long journey to reach to the best straight razor and this here represents the final results of this journey.


  • Just ideal for beginners

Classic Samurai CS-102 Professional Barber Straight Razor, Stainless Steel

This is genuine Surgical-Grade Stainless steel straight razor. There is no compromise on the quality of materials used in its construction thus you can expect to have the longest durability with it. Thus, if you are looking for a good straight razor to serve you for several years without any hiccups, this here should be your priority. It is not only durable but also keeps performing perfectly for the longest time. With minimal maintenance as required, you will not regret purchasing it.

Because of its design and performance, this straight razor is ideal for personal and barbershop usage. It is super easy to learn how to use it thanks to its great but simple design. Barbers love it, and anyone looking to change their shaving game for the better will love it too. It makes shaving appear so easy and fun with amazing results. You will enjoy using it.

You can replace an old blade for a new one thanks to the exchangeable blade technology. Forget about having to sharpen the blade or dealing with a dull blade all the time because you have no other option. With this straight razor, you can always have a sharp blade whenever you need it. It takes just a few seconds to replace the old and dull one with a new and super sharp one thus getting the best results out of every shave.

Classic Samurai CS-102 Professional Barber Straight Razor, Stainless Steel

Its smooth handle is great when it comes to minimizing cuts. As anyone who has been using the straight razors for some time will tell you, the handle’s design plays a very significant role in determining how well you will go about with your shaving. For one, you don’t want to cut your face or legs as you shave because that can turn out so bad. Secondly, you don’t want to struggle by assuming all those crazy shaving angles because the handle is not supporting your mission. With this handle, you will have an easy time shaving and, if you take all the precautions, you will end up with no cuts at all.

You will get a free plastic pouch. Thus you will have an easy time storing and protecting your straight razor. The pouch makes it easy too when you want to carry your razor with you while traveling. You don’t want to risk losing or damaging your razor by packing it with other stuff. Also, it might pose a danger for you when packed without a pouch because you might end up hurting your hand as you try to retrieve other items from your luggage bag. However, it’s good to accept that straight shavers are not for everyone. If you feel like this is not the way you want to go, you can look into the best electric shavers for men or the best electric shavers for women and enjoy shaving.


  • No blade sharpening. You must have some in store to swipe when one gets dull

Parker SRW Straight Edge Stainless Steel Barber Razor plus 100 Shark Super Sharp Stainless Blades

With the genuine stainless steel (not aluminum) blade arm offering great balance/weight, you can only expect a great shave. The straight razor represents what a true straight razor should look like and perform like. It gives only the best of results with every use, thanks to its design. With a great balance, you can be sure that you will have a great time shaving, a thing that’s almost inexistence without the balance. Also, this razor’s weight is just right for your shaving purposes.

The end of the blade compartment features a rounded exposure to minimize cuts. Especially for newbies, cutting yourself accidentally as you shave is the greatest fear. And, this is not absolutely exceptional to pro as well. Everyone wants to know that their razors won’t bring them more harm than good. But, with the round exposure, you can minimize cuts by a great extent and if you are careful, no single cut at all.

Lock/Snap blade holder and inserts offering secure blade insertion. You have to be careful while purchasing any straight razor. If it does not have a secure blade insertion, this could pose a lot of danger on your side. A secure insertion ensures that the blade remains in place securely thus you won’t have any problem even when retrieving the razor from your luggage bag.

With this straight razor, you will be getting 100 shark-super stainless half blades. These blades are of high-quality and will give you great services any time you use them. Even for those with long beards, you can rely on these blades to give you a clean shave all the time. You can always replace them any time you want. The quality of the blade makes all the difference when it comes to straight razor shaving.

Parker SRW Straight Edge Stainless Steel Barber Razor plus 100 Shark Super Sharp Stainless Blades

Accepts barbershop single edged blades and double edged blade in one-half. This way you can always go for what works best for you. It is from the understanding that everyone has their unique preferences and what works for you might not work for someone else. You are therefore given a choice to decide which type of blade to use for your straight razor shaving. A neat man from the dressing to the beard can only complete the look by adding the best men’s watch. Get one boost your look in huge folds.

The unique “clip to close” technology that keeps the blade perfectly aligned and securely in place makes this straight razor the best on the market. You don’t need to sharpen it thanks to the blade swapping technology that takes you just a few seconds to swipe and continue shaving like nothing happened. With this razor, you will be able to get the closest shave with excellent precision, and it is very affordable. Whether you are new in straight razor shaving or a professional in it like most barbers, you will love it. And, it does not matter whether you like to shave daily or once a week. With it, the results will be just like you anticipated.


  • Some may have issues with blade swiping

Equinox Professional Straight Razor for Close Shaving with 100 single edged Derby Blades

This is a very affordable and economical straight razor for all your shaving needs. It brings out the real meaning of the phrase “old is gold” out clearly because it is a true prove of this. You will enjoy shaving with it and have everyone around you asking you about your shaving routine. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a shaving tool. This is a timeless masterpiece ideal for all men who love shaving.

No more rusting or tarnishing of your straight edge razor. This is made of high-quality stainless steel thus remains just as you bought it no matter how long you have used it. This is great news to people who have dealt with rusted razors before because it might force you to leave the house without shaving as it happens when you least expect. To avoid this, stainless steel material is the way to go so you are safe with this.

The razor gives you a great design for great comfort and stability. It gives you the right holding angle thus easy time shaving. Once you have the grip right, everything else follows smoothly. The design plays a great role in determining how easy it’s going for you while shaving and also, how comfortable you will feel in the process. Thus, this straight edge razor is a good deal to go with.

And, it is very economical. From the blades included, you can get more than 200 shaves. All the blades are wrapped individually for hygiene and safety. No one wants to risk their hygiene or safety in search of a great shave. We also don’t want to spend all the money trying to look neat by keeping our beards shaved and shaped perfectly.

Equinox Professional Straight Razor for Close Shaving with 100 single edged Derby Blades

Thanks to the disposable blade system, you will be able to switch old or rusty blades for new and clean ones. By all means, getting a new blade is cheaper than getting a new straight edge razor all the time. Thus, each time you need to replace the blades you will be saving quite a good amount of bucks. It also makes straight edge razor shaving reliable because you can change your blade whenever you want because unlike razors, blades are easy to buy in bulk and store them in your house.

Again, this straight razor is heavy enough to give you a clean shave without applying too much pressure as this might lead to irritation. Also, this weight gives it a good, comfortable and solid feel in your hands. Everyone hopes that the razor they are about to order will feel comfortable in their hands. This is because the razor will only shave just as well as it feels in your hands. This makes this straight razor a perfect deal for both professional shavers as well as newbies. And, you will comfortably use it to give your beard a clean shave as well as your legs. It is also a perfect gift thanks to its great design.


  • Changing the blades might be challenging to some people especially if you did not read the guide.

#2. Parker Safety Razor, SR1, Stainless Steel Straight Barber Edge Razor with 5 Shark Super Stainless Blades

For anyone looking for a professional quality straight razor for home and barbershop use, this here should be what you go for. It is built and designed to give it that professional feel thus performs just like any another professional straight razor or even better. With it, shaving is not just shaving. You get the best with each shave, and it helps you experience all the close and super clean shaving whenever you need it.

If you need it for home use, you will realize how cheap shaving can be because all you need is this razor and no more expenses. Also, this straight razor’s arm is not aluminum made. It is made of genuine stainless steel thus no rusting and gives a great durability. You will be able to use it for a long time while it’s still in a perfect condition. You will be able to maintain the shape of your beard and length of the hair just as you want it thanks to this razor.

First-time straight razor users are safe with this Razor because some of its features such as the rounded exposure found at the end of this blade’s compartment help in minimizing cuts. We all know how easy it is to cut yourself with straight razors. This is why any new user is advised to be very keen on instructions as well as to watch several videos before beginning to use the razor. This way, you will have a clear idea of how to start and proceed, and you will be able to minimize cuts to a great extent.

With this straight razor, blade insertion is always secure thanks to the snap & lock blade holder combined with inserts. A secure blade insertion ensures that the blade remains in place all the time and it becomes especially important when you want to store your razor or when you want to pack it in your luggage bag mostly when traveling. You will find it safer and less likely to cut you when retrieving it.

#2. Parker Safety Razor, SR1, Stainless Steel Straight Barber Edge Razor with 5 Shark Super Stainless Blades

It’s a classically styled straight barber razor that blends the old and the new straight razor technologies to bring you only the best experiences in your straight razor shaving journey. And, with its style, you will be able to easily shave different hairs with different textures and lengths. This is great news especially for people who shave after some time because you don’t have to worry about taking too long to finish with this razor.

Because it is completely made of metal. Thus, it is heavier, sturdy, and nicer. This gives you a better, pretty firm rip thanks to the stainless handle. And, if you are a barber, your clients will love how it feels on their skins and so is the experience for personal users too. You will not be buying anything more beside what is in the package thus no more expenses. This is the best straight razor as it is not only built to last but to give all great services along the way as well.


  • Quite expensive but worth it.

#1. Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Razor comes with 100 Derby Blades, Stainless Steel

If your sensitive skin, then this straight razor blade is for you. Forget about the irritation you feel on your skin after using certain brands of straight razors. With this razor, your skin will totally love it as it leaves you all smooth without any sense of irritation. You don’t need to invest in more products to ease the after-shave irritation as this will be creating more unnecessary expenses which might lead to huge amounts with time. All you need is the right straight razor for your skin, and you will go right with this one.

Its brass body is chrome plated thus deterring rust to give it a long-lasting performance. You don’t have to keep shopping for a new straight razor after every few weeks. You need one that will serve you for a long time and on top of that, give you excellent shaving experience each time you use it. The durability of any product determines whether it’s worth being termed as the best because even if it gives the best services but does not last as expected, it cannot qualify for the “best” category.

You will get a hundred (100) Derby blades where each is paper wrapped to ensure that they are safe and won’t hurt the user. With 100 of these blades, you are guaranteed at least two hundred clean shaves as each can be used for at least two shaves and there will be no harm in using it for even 3-4 times as long as it performs as you wish. This makes it the most economical straight edge razor because it will take you so long to order more blades.

The flip-able blade cover ensures that the blade remains in place and does not cut you when you least expect it. You can thus pack your straight razor together with other luggage and retrieve it comfortably without fearing that it might cut your fingers in the process. The comfortable metal grip gives you an easy time shaving and ensures that you shave just as you ever wanted because the grip means everything.

#1. Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Razor comes with 100 Derby Blades, Stainless Steel

With this straight razor, you will get a better and closer shave. Everyone likes to look and feel different with every shave. And, everyone has a unique way that they like their beard shaved. Whatever your preference is, this razor will help you achieve it. Most importantly is the ease with which you learn everything. You will be able to achieve all your shaving desires with just a few trials.

You will love cleaning it because it is super easy. You will slide it apart effortlessly and clean it within no time. This helps you maintain your hygiene levels, and you will be at no risk for any type of infections emanating from using dirty razors to shave. With its replaceable blades, you can always use a sharp blade whenever. And, if you don’t like the blades that come in your package, you can always replace them with your best brands. It’s a great choice for any person who loves straight razor shaving.


  • The blades dull after 1-2 shaves, but they are 100 of them in the packet.


Every man needs a straight razor. It makes all the difference when it comes to closer and clean shaving. You will be able to take your shaving game a notch higher and have everyone around you wondering how you manage to keep your beard or head so neat all the time. If you are still undecided on whether to stick to your way of shaving or move to straight razor, you can see what other people are saying as their experience might help you in making the right decision.

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