Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters In 2017 Reviews

Are you planning an international trip during your next holiday? One warning you’ll always get from others is that you need to have a travel adapter to use any of your electronics in your destination countries. While an adapter will not change the electric voltage, it will allow you to plug-in your appliances in your visiting country. You’ll need an adapter and a converter or a transformer if your appliances operate on a different voltage to step up or down the voltage. We’ll not delve into the technical bit of it, but this article should give a proper understanding.

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Imagine reaching your hotel room only to realize that you cannot use your electronics. It means cutting communication entirely and missing on important details. That is why you’ll not miss a travel power adapter in the traveler’s checklist. The best thing is that most travel gadgets, Smartphone, tablets, laptops, and cameras have now been designed to work at 110/120 volts & 220/240 volts implying that a travel power adaptor is what you need most.

Guide to Purchasing a Travel Power Adapter

You don’t want to get inconvenience in your hotel implying that you need to exercise due diligence when shopping for an international travel adapter.

Electronics: There is nothing much you can do when selecting an adaptor apart from just considering the electronics you intend to bring with you.

Adapter Type: Your destination country matters. Outlets in different countries look different, and that’s why you need to consider the design before settling on one. Outlets can either be grounded and non-grounded or polarized. You will find that a grounded has three posts while a non-grounded features two posts.

Still, on the adapter type, you can consider buying a universal travel adapter. It is a combination of adapters with converter technology. Additionally, it can change the wattages to support different electronics. Some feature a USB plug for charging portable devices such as mobile phones.

Probably, the requirements of an adapter might require a post on its own. There are resources online to help you determine what adapter you need in your specific travel country. Check here or here the plug type, voltage, and frequencies of your destination before making any purchases.

It might be intimidating and time-consuming searching for the best travel adapter. As such, we conducted research and prepared comprehensive reviews that we hope will make your shopping a little less scary.


Proper satisfaction comes from knowing that you are dealing with a company that offers top quality while offering an excellent customer support. Porse-Ela Prides itself provide customers nothing but high-quality products as well as an unmatched customer service that leaves them wanting more. For your next international travel, they have a great partner for you. Pors-Ela International Travel Power Adapter will power up all your devices you’ll have with you during your next trip.

You have no excuse to take a gamble with power adapters that suck. Pors-Ela International Travel Power Adapter exhibits the compatibility like no other. For all the travel accessories, you can be guaranteed that it won’t fail you. Anywhere in the world, this power adapter is all you need to keep powered. It will allow you to charge from over 150+ countries’ outlets around the universe.

What’s more, they understand that your electronics cost you a lot and that is why they’ve taken all the care in offering device protection mechanism. This power adapter comes with a built-in fuse that ensures that overcurrent will leave your devices unshaken. Additionally, it features a robust polycarbonate shell and thermal protection layers that come integrated with the fuse for the ultimate safety of your appliances.

Your security with this adapter should not be an issue of discussion. With the safety 6.0 fuse, you can be sure that you and your appliances are protected. It features a safety shutter that plays a very pivotal role. It covers keeps you from touching the live parts of the unit preventing you from a shock. What’s more, it comes with plug locks that ensure it remains that ensure the plugs remain house inside the unit when not in use.


Pors-Ela International Travel Power Adapter provides all you need in a single compact unit. Irrespective of your needs, the power adapter has you covered. It exhibits the ultimate versatility allowing you to choose between the wall plugs and the USB slots. As such, you can power you can charge your Smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, tablets, and more from a single unit and conveniently at that.

If you are used carrying multiple cables and chargers, then you have a reason to smile. The power adapter can charge 3 devices at simultaneously thanks to the AC and dual USB ports. You can feel free to share it with your family and friends all your devices will power up fast.

The unit allows a voltage out of 110V-240 V, which covers most appliances. Please note that it is not a power converter and will not have any impact on the voltage or the frequency levels. Besides, the power adapter should not be used with high power appliances including hair dryers and water heater.

You should not allow worries concerning the quality of this power adapter to cross your mind. Pors-Ela International Travel Power Adapter come backed with a lifetime guarantee. And in the event you have any queries to make, they offer unmatched customers support 24/7.

A lot of customers are happy with their purchase and you surely will. There is not doubt it will be it will be a perfect partner for your next international travel.


Yubi Power takes pride in having what it takes when it comes to offering power items with their slogan say ‘We’ve got the power!’ Well, they offer excellent travel kits that you’ll find useful during your next trip. They include a universal power strip, universal and travel adapter. In this category, our interest is the universal power adapter. Meet the Yubi Power Worldwide Travel Adapter. It will keep you powered in any part of the world. What makes it beat many others to feature on the list among the giants?

Now, this is a feature that you’ll rarely find elsewhere. It takes pride in being the first power adapter to have a built-in powerbank. It features a 3000mAh Li-Ion cell that helps allows you not only to get charged but also stores power for you to charge on the go. In short, you have the power with you irrespective of whether you are in your hotel room or on the road traveling.

There is no more time to waste charging a single device at a time. Yubi Power Worldwide Travel Adapter is designed to provide the convenience you need to charge from the AC and the dual USB ports letting you charge multiple devices simultaneously. And don’t forget that the USB ports are power enough to offer a superfast charge which eliminates the need to carry several charges or even cables.

Still, powerbank, it features a Smart Power Intelligent Charging Chip with the capability to identify the devices under the charge and optimize the power charging depending on the individual appliance’s needs.

And the glory about the power adapter does not end there. It comes with a LED indicator that lights to signal when it’s ready for charging. That gives no room for making assumptions which further ensures that your appliances are protected from damage.


Your safety when using Yubi Power Worldwide Travel Adapter is almost guaranteed. It comes with a built-in shutter that ensures that you don’t touch the live parts on the unit. Also, it comes with a 6.0 fuse that helps protect your appliances from the effects of overcurrent.

What’s more, for your additional safety, it is made from only the superior PC materials that are fire resistant. That ensures that your safety when using the unit is almost a guarantee. Also, it comes with plug lock that keeps them tucked in when it is not in use. That ensures that it does not sustain any damages.

Yubi Power Worldwide Travel Adapter is your solution to your charging needs. Provided your USB powered has a Smart Power IC Chip Inside, you can almost be guaranteed that it will power it up. Including in the list are Smartphones, powerbanks, Bluetooth speaker ZTE, headphones, Sat-Nav-Systems, Samsung, HTC and more. You might also be interested in PC gaming headsets.

Yubi Power Worldwide Travel Adapter does not reduce the voltage. It is designed solely for the use of the different power outlets in the world. You should not use it with high power devices including iron boxes, fridges, and water heaters.

You have absolutely nothing to take chances. When using this power adapter, you should have the peace of mind that your safety is not at risk. This compact power adapter has it all figured. It is FCC and certified and RoHS compliant.

Many travel adapters with come with great features. But Yubi Power Worldwide Travel Adapter outranks from the simple fact that it has a built-in powerbank that should keep you powered at all times.


As the name suggests, Poweradd deal with anything related to powerbanks, powerstrips, wall chargers, power adapters, Bluetooth speakers and more. Having many many years in the industry, they and understand your needs pretty well. All through, they’ve strived to improve the quality to offer you simply the best. Read also: Top Best Portable Power Banks in 2017

Do you often travel abroad for business trips and other errands? If you do, then you understand the need to have a power adapter. Probably you have one, and it seems not to meet your expectations. You need not worry as you are about to grab a power adapter that won’t disappoint. They present you Poweradd (UL Listed) International Travel Power Adapter.

This power adapter has been designed with all the safety considerations. It features an advanced inbuilt power protection AC outlets. Besides, it comes with smart USB port with microUSB cable that is very powerful capable of delivering power at a high speed to charge your devices fast. The best part about this adapter is that with the dual USB ports, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Your laptop as well as iPhone, Samsung iPad and more will charge safely from this single unit.

Poweradd (UL Listed) International Travel Power Adapter supports an input voltage of 100-240V. Almost all countries in the world are covered in that range meaning that it is a universal power adapter. It should your be your perfect companion when travelling out of the US.

The unit features 5 international UK/US/AU/EU/JP adapter plugs that are compatible with outlets in 150+ outlets in the world. However, it is important to note that it will not work with the 2 prong plugs in Italy, Chile, and Brazil or the 3 prong plugs in South Africa.


The power adapter is designed to last you many years. It is not one of those that made from cheap materials that break anyhow. The materials used in making it are top quality promising lifetime service.

Poweradd (UL Listed) International Travel Power Adapter features a compact design that makes highly portable and lightweight. As such, you can have it anywhere you will be going without feeling like it is a liability.

Also, you have no reason to doubt the quality of this power adapter. It is UL and C-UL approved meaning that they will not pose any dangers on usage.

Besides, as an assurance that you’ll be getting simply but the best, it comes backed by 24 months limited warranty. That should give you enough confidence to acquire it without the feeling like you’re risking your cash.

During your international business travel, you need to keep connected, and you cannot afford to gamble with power adapters that won’t cut it. Poweradd (UL Listed) International Travel Power Adapter is your solution for all your travels abroad.


For all your needs in industrial and scientific, art, craft and sewing, tools and home improvement and cell phones and accessories, computers and accessories and more categories, Loop should be your choice. In the cell phone and accessories category, we break down to the power adapters. Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger to make international travelers enjoy their stay in abroad with the peace of mind. It does not feature among the giants by mistake but because it has all the necessary properties. What features make it rank among the best in its category?

You don’t need to go out of power whichever country you visit. The cable is designed to work in over 150 countries in the world. It features US/UK/EU/AU/CN plugs which replicate the others used in other countries round the world.

The unit features powerful dual USB ports that allow you to charge your devices. And that is not all. Thanks to the universal 8 pin AC socket, you can use it with many plug designs. You can be sure you won’t be inconvenienced.

With the dual USB ports and the universal AC sockets, you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. Besides, the USB cables are so powerful such that they will charge fast and securely. As such, you will not need to trouble yourself with multiple chargers and cables when leaving for another country. Check also the top 10 best car chargers in 2017.

What’s more, this power adapter is designed to last. This is an upgraded version that comes with stronger sliders. So you can be sure they will not break that easily.

Your security is at the heart of this power adapter. The fuse comes with an inbuilt fuse that helps to protect all your electronics from overcurrent that occurs without warning. With this property, you can be sure that there is no more frying of your electronics.


Even more, this power adapter provides even more for your safety. It is not one of those cheaply constructed units that have filled the market. The power adapter is made from fire resistant PC materials that provide additional safety. And to put more emphasis on why you can trust Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter, it is CE and FC certified and is RoHS compliant.

Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger is not your kind of power adapter. It features an intelligent mechanism that enables it to recognize the charging protocol for every device and optimizes the charging speed depending on the unique specs of every device. It’s compatible with a wide array of devices including Apple, Lenovo, ZTE, Sony, Powerbanks, Headphones, Bluetooth Speakers and more.

Although looks aren’t as important as functionality, one cannot miss noticing the sleek design that Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger exhibits. It, sure, will boost the appearance of your charging station. And with the different themes to choose from, you can never go wrong with this.

Also, there is no more assuming that the adapter is ready for charging. Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger features a LED indicator that signals when you can connect your devices for charging.

It is worth noting that Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger is not a converter and has no effect on the voltages and frequencies. Besides, it is not suitable for high power devices such as iron boxes and hair dryers. The maximum voltage is 250 V.

Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger promises the safety and convenience you need when abroad. With the inbuilt fuse, AC plug and US ports, all your charging needs are just a single step to getting over.


International travel demands that you carry an adapter else you may not use your electronics while there. Well, that sounds pretty obvious. But the worst thing would be to own several adapters for every country you visit. While it is possible, it would be trouble having finding space to carry multiple adapters in your backpack. That’s why you need FosPower All-In-One International Power Adapter. Several features make appear among the best travel adapter you’ll find on the market.

This power adapter is designed to be your companion worldwide. It features 5 built-in outlet plugs for US, UK, AU and EU. It also has 3.1A dual USB ports that allow you to charge your devices conveniently. And together with the AC adapter located at the top of the unit where you can plug 2 or 3 prong plugs, you can charge multiple electronics at a go.

Also, it can never get any easier to use this power adapter. It comes with an inbuilt LED light indicator that plays a very significant role. It indicates when the power adapter is ready for charging eliminating the need to guess.

Some power adapter comes in multiple pieces that you have to detach after use every time you want to store. That is not the case with FosPower All-In-One International Power Adapter. The power adapter comes with a single compact unit. No loose parts are meaning that you should not be concerned about losing even a single piece of it.

The power adapter is dual voltage meaning that it can work on 110-125 V and 220-250 V standards. The best thing is that most appliances have support for dual voltage and you don’t need any converters. However, check the rating before connecting to the power.


What’s more, it guarantees your security as well as that of your electronics. A major challenge when using electronic is over-current. An overcurrent can lead to the damage to your expensive electronics. Worse still, it may end up resulting in a fire outbreak. The unit comes with an inbuilt 6A 250V safety fuse ensuring that your appliances are protected from damage whichever country you visit.

One way of knowing if a manufacturer is committed to offering a quality product is by looking if there is a warranty for it. FosPower All-In-One International Power Adapter comes backed by a lifetime guarantee. So if you purchase this power adapter today, you are eligible for a replacement for life.

A complaint we noted that many customers have raised is on the blue light at night. While it may not be a major issue, it can be utterly annoying when you want a dark room especially in the bedroom. Fortunately, covering it with a duct tape can minimize the intensity. Also, we would recommend that you get the black unit as the white colored one catches stains easily.

Please note that this is not a converter. The power indicator will simply allow you to plug into different sockets worldwide but will not reduce the voltage.

Your safety when abroad is paramount and that is why a quality adapter is a necessity. Get yourself FosPower All-In-One International Power Adapter and travel the world like a boss.


Technology has made the world a global village whereby everything spreads throughout like bushfire reaching the furthest end in seconds. However, electrical standardization has not yet been possible, and you are bound to work with the difference in the voltage and outlet. Although most devices have dual voltage capabilities, you may still find differences and there no need to take chances. Bestek is dedicated to ensuring you continue using your electronics in other countries safely and conveniently. As such, they present you Bestek Voltage Converter with a travel adapter.

As hinted out in the introduction, the unit combines both an adapter and a converter giving an all-in-one design and making it rank among the safest combination. When you travel to a country that operates at 210V and your electronic happens not to be dual voltage, you have no reason to worry. The converter will reduce the voltage to 110V eliminating any chances of damage or fire outbreaks. Time has come to travel the world with the peace of mind!

Bestek Voltage Converter with travel adapter features 4 USB charging ports that will allow you to charge 4 devices simultaneously. That will come in handy in saving you a significant amount of time. The ports have a combined output of 6A. For the safety of your electronics, the USB outputs are entirely separate from the AC power.

Don’t settle for less. Never again should you feel inconvenienced when visiting any country. The unit comes with 1 EU power cable and 3 international power adapters compatible that adapt to outlets in the US, UK, and AU and which can be used for sockets all over the world. Besides, it is simple to use with an ON/OFF button with LED indicator for convenience. Therefore, this converter and power adapter is designed for universal use.


On the security front, you have nothing to fear when using this converter. It offers protection in all aspects. Being NRTL, you can be sure it meets all the safety requirements. Issues to do with over-current, short-circuiting and high temperature are not an option when using this converter and power adapter. It features dual cooling fans on both sides to keep the heat level down.

This converter and power adapter will not eat much into your space. It is designed for travel purposes, and it would be logic if it tends to be a liability. It is compact measuring 6 x 3 x 1.57 inches. It becomes even easier to store thanks to the detachable 5 feet power cables. Read also: Top 10 Best Firewire Cables.

Most devices nowadays a dual voltage meaning you only need an adapter. However, a combination of a converter and adapter grants you the safest option anywhere you travel in the world. That makes Bestek Voltage Converter with travel adapter indisputably perfect for international travels.


Ceptics is a leader in products in various categories including electronics, cell phone and accessories, tools and home improvement and more. They don’t just offer any products. Theirs are top rated with a guarantee to leave you a satisfied customer. When visiting a different, the chances are high that you’ll meet different outlets. You cannot leave your electronic devices behind meaning that you have to find a means of charging. Ceptic International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter provides you a universal platform for powering your devices around the world.

This adapter is designed for international use with all dual voltage appliances. The devices have to work within 110-240 volts and not above that. Dual voltage implies that your electronic can accept both 110-120V and 220-240V. Luckily, most of the devices today are come with the dual voltage capability, and it should be a big issue. As such, you will mostly need a power adapter only when traveling.

It comes with a set of 5 ungrounded and polarized adapter plug marked with the countries or regions where they can be used for your safety and ease of use. Being polarized present several benefits. It helps for proper functioning with your equipment and security purposes. Besides, the set of adapter plug comes with a durable and elegant nylon zipped pouch making sure that you’ll not lose any of the pieces.

Your safety is a priority, and you can have the peace of mind with this power adapter. Ceptic International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter has been approved for safety by CE and complies with the regulations by RoHS.


There can be no doubts about the quality of this travel adapter. The manufacturer has confidence that it will meet your expectations. As such, you are just a step away from enjoying a lifetime warranty on your purchase.

It’s important to note that Ceptic International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter does not convert or reduce the voltage. If you charge an electronic device rated 120 from an electric outlet marked 24V, you should be ready to lose the item. The worst case scenario would be causing an inferno. As such, you have to check the instructions for use for each of device you decide to carry with you.

With this adapter, you are guaranteed of a safe, fast and convenient charging irrespective of your destination country.


It can be a huge ordeal losing a gadget that cost you an arm and a leg for connecting to the wrong power outlet and it fries. Imagine the torture it would bring having the whole house burned down for using an incompatible power adapter. Orei is a leading dealer in converters, power adaptors, chargers and more. They present you World Travel Power Plug Adapter. As the title suggest, it is a universal adapter that will come in handy for those who love traveling the world. It is the best medium for safe, efficient and fast charging in foreign countries. What makes it a perfect international travelers’ choice?

The unit has been designed solely for dual voltage electronics such as cell phones, laptops, MacBooks and more. If you don’t mind, dual voltage products are those that accept both the 110-120 volts and 220-240 volts. That covers voltage output in almost all countries in the world meaning that this is a universal adapter.

Irrespective of your skill level, you’ll find Orei M8 simple to use. First, slide out the plug button for the right plug to for the specific device you have with you. Secondly, connect your electronic device. Finally, plug the power adapter into the outlet and that all.

With this adapter, all your charging needs are addressed. It features dual USB ports with an output of 2100mAh, 5V, 2.1A. As such, it is perfect for your iPhone, iPad, mobile phone chargers and more.


With M8, you can be guaranteed of a hassle free charging experience. It comes with slide-out power plugs safely built in into the unit. What’s more, the power adapter emphasizes on your safe. For that, it features a safety release button and also an inbuilt fuse that offers nothing short of a safety operation.

You can be sure there can be no better companion when globetrotting than using a travel adapter that you can use everywhere you go. Besides, World Travel Power Plug Adapter will fit in all 3 and 2 prong plugs in over 150 countries worldwide except in South Africa. Never again should be you be at power loss again on all your international travels.

What’s more, this power adapter has been designed to be compact and lightweight making it highly portable. When traveling, it will not need much of your space in your backpack or purse. Measuring 2 x 2 x 2.5 inches and weighing a paltry 4.5 ounces, you can simply slip in your shirt pocket, and you are all set.

Important notes when using Orei M8: The power adapter is not a converter and so is not designed to reduce or convert the voltage. Also, you should not use it with high voltage apparatus such as hair dryers and water heaters.

Don’t accept to board a flight to an abroad country without a power adaptor. Orei M8 promises you reliability and convenience wherever you go around the world.


For all your cell phone accessories, computer accessories, camera accessories, video games and other electronics, you can never go wrong with Insten. And now, they present you a medium of powering your electronics worldwide. Insten Universal All in One Travel Power Plug should be your international travel companion for the convenience it offers. You don’t need to cut communications with your family and friends when abroad. Neither would you want to experience the nightmare that comes with plugging an adapter into the wrong outlet in a foreign country. Insten has you covered in that respect.

You have no reason to get worried over anything. The first thing that we all want to have is the assurance that you’ll be dealing with a travel power whose safety has been ascertained. This unit has been tested and certified by RoHS, CE, and FC for safety.

The worst tragedy in a foreign country would be to have your electronics damaged following a power surge. Insten Universal All-in-One Travel Power Plug has been designed with the users in mind. For your safety, the unit comes with patented circuit boards that prevent your valuable electronics from short-circuiting.

Most appliances nowadays use USB to charge, and you have a reason to smile with Insten Universal All in One Travel Power Plug. It will allow you to charge just any electronic provided it can be charged using a USB cable. Rated at 2.5A, it’ll allow you to charge your device whether at home or on the go.


What’s more, Insten Universal All in One Travel Power Plug is all you need when worldwide. With it, you don’t need purchase several adapters. You don’t need to face inconvenience that comes with discovering that you have no means of charging your electronics and you don’t find shops to buy one. The best way to describe the travel power adapter is ‘Truly Universal.’ It features UK, EU, USA, AU and China plugs eliminating the need to carry individual plug extension. You only need to flip the switch, and you are all set. It can fit in outlets in over 150 countries in the world.

Besides, this power adapter provides you with an opportunity to charge 3 devices at a go thanks to the dual USB port and one AC socket. What makes it even better is that one USB port is compatible with Android and the other works with iOS.

Also, the travel power adapter features a compact design and is lightweight rendering it highly portable. As such, you can have it in your pocket or a small-sized purse ready for use wherever you are.

Moreover, there is no more assuming that you’ve connected the unit the correct way. When plugged in, you’ll know when it’s ready for use. It features a LED indicator which will signal when you can connect your device.

Even more, you can be sure that this is not your standard power adapter that takes an eternity to charge. In any case, in your visiting country, you rarely have enough time. Thanks to the ability to deliver fast, safe and efficient charge, there is no more delay.

Insten Universal All-in-One Travel Power Plug is not for use with high power electric appliances meaning you can’t use it with a hair dryer or water heater. The power adapter is not a voltage converter. It works with voltages between 100-250 volts. So when traveling to a country with a different electric output, you have to get an adapter that can lower the voltage.

For convenience and safety of your devices, you need not settle for less. Insten Universal All-in-One Travel Power Plug is all that you need during your next international trip.


Everyone derives happiness from traveling abroad. The chances are that you have to carry electronic devices with you in your trip. It is almost certain that your destination country has a different electric outlet. The voltage and frequency may not be similar either. Now, the whole discussion about voltage, frequencies, and plug type can be utterly intimidating if you’ve never developed an interest in electric terminologies.

But the worst nightmare a traveler like you is to lose a very expensive electronic into an outlet in another country only for it to fry. It would be tragic if there is a fire outbreak and you don’t manage to put it out. You certainly wouldn’t like to find yourself in the thick of things. For your security, you need a reliable adapter. And that is none other than Ceptics All-In-One International Travel Plug Adapter. Hands down, no other adapter can beat this.

As an avid traveler, you don’t need to have an adapter for every country you visit. That is why you need Ceptic All-In-One Plug Adapter. It would be a huge waste of time and money to go shopping for different adapters whenever you want to take a trip to another country. Worse still, if you plan to make stops in between, you would need to have several adapters ready for use. Else, you most likely will damage your devices.

You don’t need to undergo the trouble of purchasing adapters all the time. You don’t need to have them occupy most of your space in your backpack either. The idea of having flat batteries shouldn’t cross your mind. You deserve the freedom to use your electronics whenever and wherever. This power adapter is small-sized, measuring 1.75 x 2 x 2.35 inches. You can even snugly into your pocket. It has been designed with plugs that you can use in over 150 countries in the world. You’ll not find that kind of convenience anywhere else.

What’s more, Ceptics UP-9KU is pretty easy to use that you’ll not even require any instruction to get it operational. It features slide-out power plugs with everything contained in a compact unit. You will not need to assemble. Just slide the plug that matches that particular country and plug in. Besides, coming as a single compact unit helps to avoid any loss that may result from having a single unit in parts.

Besides, you have no reason to be concerned about your specific device working on the adapter. Ceptics UP-9KU adapts power outlets for almost all devices including laptops, chargers and more. You’ll have them powered from a single unit and simultaneously at that. Here are the top 10 best iPhone chargers.

Also, this travel power adapter has been designed putting your safety into consideration. It comes with a safety release button which allows you to convenient switch to another plug. Besides, your appliances are safe thanks to the built-in adapter fuse. And the best part is that it complies with the safety standards by CE and RoHS.

It is important to note that Ceptics UP-9KU does not work as an electric voltage converter. Its main aim is to allow you use different plug-ins using a single unit. It works with all consumers’ electronics rated 110V-250V.

Save yourself the trouble and travel round the world with the peace of mind of having a reliable travel power adapter. Charge your electronics with less hassle using Ceptics UP-9KU.


Differences in voltages and frequencies are not your fault and are beyond your control. You sacrificed a lot to acquire those electronics. As such, you cannot take chances with them else you lose everything. It is pretty simple. Just grab yourself with a travel power adapter and travel with the peace of mind.

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