Top 10 Portable Headset Radios

We love radio. Talk of entertainment with your favorite song being played, news and much more. You will want to have portable radio accompanied by headset so that you can keep listening to your favorite programs wherever you go. You therefore need a good portable radio and headset. Where to find them is not a problem. See below.

10. Sony Portable AM/FM Pocket Radio with Built Speaker

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This excellent best pocket radio comes with ultra compact and lightweight pocket size design. It has a carry strap for carrying purposes. The AM/FM tuner allows you to choose your favorite radio programs. Its LED light indicator helps to provide precise tuning. It has a built-in 2.25’’ speaker to give you great and quality sound plus convenient listening. It also has a large battery life with lower consumption capacity. It includes over the head lightweight stereo headphone to allow you enjoy in comfort.

09. Jensen SAB -55BK Color Black Digital AM/FM Stereo Radio DBBS & Digital Clock

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This amazing product comes with a sleek design, lightweight, portable and you can easily carry it in pocket, belt, armband or hand. Its DBBS item has a digital bass boost and reflector safety ring for running at night. It also has a built adjustable belt clip. Included are non slip elastic sport armband digital clock and stereo earbuds.

08. Portable Pocket Digital Mini FM Radio Player Color Red, Speaker with USB Disk, Micro SD, TFT Card Clock Display

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This impressive radio is colorful, pretty, portable with a stereo loudspeaker,FM Radio and Led Clock Display. It comes with micro SD card slot for radio and music recording ,headphone jack and mini USB port. Computer’s audio can be transmitted to the mini-speaker by USB cable. The sling is used as an antenna for FM radio. Wrist/hanging strap is also included.

07. Sangean PR-D5 Portable Radio Color White with Digital Tuning and RDS

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This fascinating radio has a PLL synthesized tuning system with an auto station seek. Its 200mm ferrite AM antenna provides unmatched AM reception .It comes with 10 memories preset. It has a rotary volume and tuning control. It also has an RDS function with radio text, station name and features like auto clock time and an alarm.

06. Sony SRFM85W S2 Sports Walkman Digital Tuning Weather AM/FM Stereo Armband Radio Color White

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This striking best pocket radio is slim and lightweight. Included are an armband, belt clip, stop watch and headphones. It has convenient LED display angle features and easy to use up/down controls. It uses AAA battery. It has a 25 station preset memory and a mega base sound system.

05. Sony Walkman Digital Tuning Portable Palm Size AM/FM Stereo Radio Color Black

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This top rated portable headset radio has exceptional reception from all near and distant stations within range. It has 5 direct key preset memory. Its power use is low and has digital clock and battery indicator.

04. P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device-2015 Version -AM/FM

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This unrivaled best pocket radio comes with outstanding specifications that will just blow your mind. Is black in color, made from the US and weighs 8 ounces. It measures 2.1 by 2.8 by 0.6 inches. It has the exceptional ability to cancel noise so that you can have a clear signal.

03. Sangean PR-D5BK AM/FM Portable Radio Color Black With Digital Tuning and RDS

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This consummate pocket radio comes with 200mm ferrite AM antenna to allow best AM reception. It has 10 memory preset stations, 5 AM and 5 FM. It also has an easy to read LCD display with backlight. In addition, it has a excellent reception and stereo audio performances. Furthermore, it has an auto seek station capability.

02. Sony SRF-M37W Walkman Digital Tuning Weather FM/AM Stereo Radio Black

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This phenomenal radio comes with a direct AM/FM weather stereo tuners. It has preset access button & direct weather as well as an overwhelming 20 station preset memory. It has digital LCD with clock & battery indicators. Headphones and belt clip & included.

01. Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Portable Color Black.

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It is such an amazing best pocket radio with excellent features. Is made from plastic ,portable and has a tone control switch plus has a large built in speaker and A LED tuning indicator.
The above product are awesome. Their functionality is just stupendous. Buyers are free to make choices based on their preferences.