Top 11 Best Remote Controlled Cars for Kids

Even though most won’t admit this in public, playing with remote control cars is kind of fun even as an adult. Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist who enjoys racing or perhaps, want one for your kid’s birthday, getting a cool car is of paramount essence. The basic idea when choosing one of these is to simply figure out what the user intends to do with it.

Generally speaking, you want an RC truck or car with advanced features, precise handling and high speeds, if you are a hobbyist – meaning your kid will have a hard time joining in the fun. On the flipside, get a car that is durable, complete with a handful of safety features if the user is a toddler. Now that you have a rough idea of what to go for, let’s have a look at some of the best RC cars for kids, on the market.

The Top Best Remote Controlled Cars for Kids 2017:

After performing a series of tests on the features and design of our samples, here is a list of the best RC cars this year.

01. The GT3 Racer Exotic Supercar by Velocity Toys

What’s not to love about the GT3 Racer? Whether it’s the amazing bold colors it comes in or perhaps, the well designed body that resembles that of the Porsche 911. To put this into perspective, you want one of these in your collection if you are a super car hobbyist and for a number of good reasons. It packs full function pro steering abilities for precision, premium semi-pneumatic rubber grip tires and a lightweight lexan body shell for enhanced speed levels. Like I said, you must have one of these in your super car collection if you call yourself an ardent hobbyist.

02. The Hosim 1/12 Scale Off-road Remote Control Car

With top speeds of over 35 MPH, the Hosim is simply a hobby model level car, but only with the price tag of a toy. It is well equipped with a number of notable features such as S-Truck suspension technology for impeccable handling and control abilities, compound off-road treads and electric brushed 390 motor. The Hosim even packs safeguards throughout the circuitry to prevent overheating. You can also remove the chassis to leave the tires and bottom part exposed. In short, this is the ideal RC car for truck enthusiasts and for good reason as stated above. The blue version in particular, tickled my fancy.

03. The Piranha Racer RC Supercar by Velocity Toys

By just looking at it, you can tell that this supercar is as vicious – on the road – as the Piranha. It can attain speeds of up to 15 mph and the premium; rubber grip tires just go to enhance its abilities on the road. If you are a supercar enthusiast, there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t get yourself one of these for your collection. It packs an awesome Lexan body shell that is lightweight and not to mention; interchangeable.

04. The Holy Stone 2962A Lamborghini Veneno

This is one of the most user-friendly sport RC cars on the market and hence, the most ideal for kids. Its joy stick is pretty easy to work with and the frame is extremely durable compared to competition. The highlight, though, has to be the LED glowing lights on the car. The doors also open and close – Lamborghini style and even though it isn’t the fastest RC super car out there, you will have to admit that it’s pretty impressive.

05. The TOZO Electric Power Buggy

This RC car not only sports an impressive range of up to 100 m, but also jaw-dropping speeds of over 50 km/h. It is simply the ideal monster truck for adult hobbyists and kids alike. The suspension shockproof system is designed to make it a great off-road asset, meaning you won’t have to worry about damaging its body or features while outdoors. Moreover, you get premium HI-Q rubber wheels with anti-skid features which are great on sand, grass or earth. This combined with the large remote for easy control, sums up for a great experience indeed.

06. The Babrit F11 Off-Road Truck RC Car

The design is simply to die for. Think of it as a truck, only with the body shape and performance of a super car. It is a pretty tough RC car that will survive the hardest flips and still emerge unscathed. It is even waterproof! It certainly doesn’t get any better than that. Just for safe measure, Babrit (the designers) threw in a small metal bumper to prevent it from damage considering its power and speed. In a nutshell, you might want to have a look at this when out shopping for RC cars for your collection or kids.

07. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse Licensed RC Model Car

Well, unless you are filthy rich with a ballooning bank account, this is the closest thing you can own to a real Bugatti. The replica is certainly surreal with working headlights and rear lights, detailed exterior and interior and an all independent spring suspension system to cap it. It also has impressive range and with speeds of 15 mph, there is really nothing to complain about.

08. The Babrit RC Remote Control Electric Racing Car

Before delving on the specs, it is worth noting that this is one of the fastest cars on the market with record speeds of over 30 km/h. In short, it will easily ride on the walls of rounded shapes such as pipes or bowls. That aside, the buggy is well crafted with a large easy control and aesthetically pleasing frame. If you are into trucks, this is the perfect match.

09. The ToySport High Speed Monster Truck RC Car

This is one of the most popular off-road RC trucks and for good reason. For starters, it packs impressive durability features such as an explosive-proof PVC frame, HI-Q rubber wheels and independent shockproof system. These features should certainly come in handy if the 32 mph speeds are anything to go by. Also included in the package are a USB charging cable, charger and L-share alien wrench for fun-filled experiences. The best part, though, is that it will serve its purpose regardless of whether you place it on sand, rocks or grass.

10. The Amosting S911 RC Monster Truck

The Amosting has a lot going for it; from the realistic all-terrain rubber wheels with ball bearings to the impressive range of more than 100 m. The rear wheel drive RC car is well designed to suit the needs of hobbyists or kids alike. With impressive speeds of 33 mph, you really can’t go wrong with the Amosting truck when purchasing RC vehicles.

11. The RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno

This officially licensed Lamborghini Car is purely eye-candy – just like the real deal in many ways. The headlights turn on, the control is precise and speed is super-fast. In short, this is the closest thing you can get next to a Lamborghini – not everyone can afford one. The designers paid close attention to detail and you can tell by simply looking at it. The rear lights even glow red when reversing – how cool is that. In a nutshell, it is the perfect gift for racing hobbyists and kids alike – over 6 years. All you require are 3AAA batteries for the car and 2AA for the remote, voila!

In Conclusion:

To sum it up, the cars above made the cut on our list simply because they are the best RC trucks and super cars for the reasons listed above. During testing, we considered a number of factors such as the overall design, performance and of course, durability – being that your kids will likely want to join in on the fun.

Next time you are out shopping for an RC car for your kid or perhaps, yourself as an ardent hobbyist, be sure to consider one of the models above. All the models on this list are also well priced meaning you need not fret about burning holes in your pocket just because it is a Lamborghini or Bugatti.

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