Top 5 best summer vacation destinations in the USA

Summer is coming, and it means the vacation days for all of us. Whether your ideal journey involves a hustle and bustle in a cosmopolitan, a stunning national park, a small town on the highland, or a relaxing beach, it is always great to have a relaxing season with your loved ones. But as there are too many factors to take into consideration such as weather, prices, accommodations, or car rentals, it is not an easy task to choose the right places to travel. With that in minds, here are top 5 best summer vacation destinations in the USA to visit with your family this year.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

With the average temperatures in the 60s, Boston is one of the most popular destinations for all types of travelers in the summertime. Fenway Park appeals baseball lovers, Faneuil Marketplace and Little Italy attracts foodies, while the Freedom Trail can be a great place for history buffs to explore historic sites. In addition, visitors could check out different breweries or enjoy a few festivals held throughout the summer.

2. Seaside, Oregon

Seaside is a beloved resort town that can be a perfectly relaxing gateway for every family in the West Coast. Popular activities in this destination include hiking or biking the local trails, strolling along the promenade, relaxing on the sandy, wide beach, and canoeing or kayaking through the waterways. Also, Seaside boasts many delicious and flavorful local foods that spotlight street food, seafood, and more.

3. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Summer is an ideal and affordable time to visit this small town in Colorado as excellent weather conditions draw those travelers who are looking to bike, backpack, and hike through the local mountains. In addition, you can find here many popular summer festivals such as Arts in the Park and Hot Air Balloons Rodeo. Lastly, a dip in the well-known springs is a must when you plan a trip to this beautiful town.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

A top destination for foodies and home to an amazing scene for live music, Nashville attracts many visitors in the summer with its Southern hospitality, musical talent, budget-friendly accommodations, and laid-back atmosphere. Travelers might choose to hop between these honky-tonks on the Broadway to see famous musicians or walk through cultural sites such as the Parthenon, the Ryman Auditorium, and the Country Music Museum.

5. Bar Harbor, Maine

Located in the South of Maine, Bar Harbor is a tranquil and beautiful destination praised for the coastal beauty and relaxing summer highs. It is also the gateway to Acadia National Park, which attracts visitors who love to boat, bike, hike, and enjoy stunning landscape. Moreover, its Main Street is typically home to restaurants, pubs, art galleries, and ice cream parlors that you won’t ever forget.

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