Top 7 Best Dry Erase Markers in 2017

Dry erase boards are a great brainstorming resource. They can enable you maintain monitor of key subjects through conferences, illustrate a issue, or map out a prepare. Of training course, devoid of dry erase markers, the board alone is no good. And the good quality of the markers you buy can make a large big difference in conditions of how your board appears to be like.

Office environment materials like dry erase markers are not in small source, and for that cause, it can be challenging to determine out the variances among items so you can choose the one that’s very best for your wants. That is why we have taken the time to check out some of the dry erase markers on the market and seven of our favorites for you to choose from. In other terms, we have accomplished the legwork so you really do not have to.

Before we expose our picks, let’s discuss about which functions you should really be contemplating when getting dry erase markers.

What to Take into account When Buying Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers all do the exact basic issue, but there can be important versions within people parameters. Listed here are some of the key criteria to maintain in head:

  • The dimensions of the markers should really be your initially thought. Dry erase markers are out there in a assortment of idea measurements, as follows:
    • Mini (1-two mm)
    • Small (6-seven mm)
    • Massive (eleven-twelve mm)
    • Jumbo (seven-fifteen mm)
  • If you prepare to use markers in a significant convention area, you could want to opt for a thicker idea for readability.
  • The idea type is the upcoming thought. Some dry erase markers have a rounded idea referred to as a bullet idea. These generate a constant line regardless of the angle at which you maintain the marker. The other variety is the chisel idea, which allows you to range the width of your lines primarily based on how you angle the idea.
  • The content made use of to make the idea is also essential. A marker that incorporates low-cost content could end up with a frayed idea shortly after you start employing it – anything that can have an affect on the readability of your terms. The very best dry erase markers have agency ideas that maintain jointly even with recurring use.
  • Durability should really be a thought because you likely really do not want to have to buy new dry erase markers commonly. The content in the idea is one thought, but you should really also imagine about how very long you can count on the markers to generate obviously. Some markers have a extended life than other folks.
  • Colour alternative is a key issue for quite a few people today. Because dry markers are usually marketed in sets, you are going to want to make absolutely sure to glance for an array of colours that suit you.
  • Most likely you want only black markers, but quite a few people today like to have numerous colours so they can highlight their details or differentiate facts on the board.
  • Ultimately, you are going to want to imagine about your funds. Dry erase markers are not a large-ticket merchandise, but some items are costlier than other folks. Imagine about how a lot you want to shell out and then choose the very best good quality markers you can obtain in your price tag variety.

Most effective Dry Erase Markers in 2017

Now that you know what you want to glance for before getting new dry erase markers, it is time to expose our seven favorite items in this classification. Listed here they are.

seven. AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers

Our initially decide is a twelve-marker set of AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers. Listed here are a few of the points we like about them:

  • Multipurpose twelve-pack incorporates two black markers furthermore a assortment of colours to suit all your wants
  • Chisel ideas allow for drawing thin or thick lines as required
  • These markers really do not have the uncomfortable odor of some dry erase markers

As you could possibly count on, these markers aren’t perfect. Listed here are a few potential negatives to think about:

  • Markers ought to be saved on their sides to avert the ideas from drying out (the manufacturer claims they will not dry out even if left uncapped for two days, but they do want to be saved horizontally)
  • The colours are not as saturated as some of the title brand name markers on our checklist
  • These markers are low-cost, but could have to be replaced far more commonly than the costlier types

These markers would be a good alternative for personalized use, but not notably for shows when it is essential for people today in the back of the area to read through them.

6. Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

Coming in at #6 on our checklist, we have the Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers. This is a 6-pack of markers, and here’s why we like them:

  • Set incorporates the pursuing colours: black, blue, green, orange, pink, and purple (note: this manufacturer also sells markers in sets of twelve, 18, and 24 if you want far more assortment)
  • Each individual marker has an connected magnet so you can retail store them on the steel body of the board, and a built-in eraser for simple corrections
  • Brilliant colours are legitimate to their look on the web

There are a few potential caveats to maintain in head:

  • These markers work very best with Board Dudes dry erase boards, and are not notably successful on black dry erase boards
  • Need to be hung with the ideas down to avert them from drying out
  • The built-in erasers really do not work as well as a frequent eraser so you could want to have one on hand

If you want brilliant colours at an inexpensive price tag, this set is a good buy.

five. Quartet Dry Erase Markers

The #five decide on our checklist is the Quartet Dry Erase Markers, which arrive in a set of twelve. Listed here are a few of the principal good reasons we like them:

  • This item will come with assorted colours, including Black, Pink, Blue, Eco-friendly, Purple, Teal, Orange, Lime Eco-friendly and Magenta
  • Chisel ideas allow for making a extensive assortment of lines of different thicknesses
  • These markers have a see-through ink gage so it is simple to inform how a lot ink you have left

We like a lot of points about these markers, but below a couple of potential negatives to think about:

  • These work well on white dry erase boards, but the colours are far too pale to be successful on black dry erase boards
  • These are a little bit far more highly-priced than other dry erase markers on the market
  • Some of the lighter colours could not display up well on a white board

If you want a large assortment of colours and the capacity to inform when it is time to reorder, this dry marker set is a good alternative.

four. Most effective Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

Our #four decide is this massive set of 36 markers, the Most effective Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers. Listed here are some of the points we like most of them:

  • 36-marker set incorporates 6 black markers and 3 each and every in: purple, dim blue, mild blue, dim green, mild green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and brown
  • These markers are low-odor and non-poisonous, generating them secure for use by both youngsters and grown ups
  • Arrives with a manufacturer’s guarantee so you can return them if you’re not fully content

Listed here are a few potential caveats to think about:

  • You will want to erase carefully to make absolutely sure these markers really do not stain your white board
  • Some of the lighter colours could not be best for shows
  • Need to be saved horizontally or with the idea down to avert drying (lay the provided scenario on its side for the very best results)

If you’re searching for non-poisonous markers that are secure for youngsters to use, these are a good alternative.

3. EXPO Original Dry Erase Set

Coming in at #3 on our checklist is this 6-piece set from Expo, the EXPO Original Dry Erase Set. Expo is the very best-recognized title in dry markers, so it is no shock to see them on our checklist. Listed here are some of the good reasons that we chose this set:

  • Set will come with 4 markers in black, blue, green, and purple, as well as a little bottle of White Board Care spray and an eraser – almost everything you want to use and retain your white board
  • Colors are brilliant and simple to read through, generating them best for shows and lecture rooms
  • Markers dry immediately and erase immediately and cleanly employing a regular dry eraser or a dry cloth

There isn’t a lot we really do not like about this marker set, but below are a few points to maintain in head:

  • These are not low-odor markers. They have that vintage marker odor, which is section of the cause that they dry and erase immediately.
  • These markers dry out fairly immediately if left uncapped, so it is essential to substitute the caps after each and every use.
  • Colour collection is confined to only 4 colours (whilst Expo does promote other colours independently), so if you want far more colours you could want to opt for a larger set

If you want a vintage dry marker set and really do not head the odor, these markers supply saturated colours that work every time.

two. CraftSkill Dry Erase Markers for Children

Not all dry erase markers are intended for the boardroom, which is why this CraftSkill Dry Erase Markers for Children would make our checklist at #two. Listed here are a few of the good reasons that we picked it:

  • Non-poisonous, h2o-primarily based markers are child welcoming, and the liquid chalk finish would make these perfect for use on white dry boards and black dry boards – and they can also be made use of on glass and mirrors
  • This set will come with 18 colours furthermore 6 additional ideas, and the ideas are reversible from spherical to chisel relying on your wants
  • Can also be made use of as long term markers on paper, wood, and other surfaces as required

There isn’t a lot we really do not like about this marker set for youngsters, but below are a few points to maintain in head before getting:

  • You will likely want to shake them and get them completely ready for use before offering them to your youngsters, because the colour can take a although to get down to the idea
  • Even though these are low-odor markers, they do have some odor
  • They want to be capped among works by using to avert them from drying out

No matter if you want a entertaining, imaginative action for your youngsters or some awesome colours to spice up your presentation, you are going to adore this marker set.

1. EXPO Minimal-Odor Dry Erase Set

Ultimately, our #1 decide is also our second decide from Expo. The EXPO Minimal-Odor Dry Erase Set has the good quality you count on from Expo devoid of that uncomfortable marker odor. We like this set for small business, school, and house use. Listed here are the good reasons it is our top rated decide:

  • Arrives with 8 markers in black, brown, purple, orange, green, blue, pink, and purple
  • The ink is brilliant and vivid, generating it best for lecture rooms, shows, or your house shopping checklist or dry erase calendar
  • Non-poisonous ink would make these markers secure for use by youngsters of all ages – and the odor is nominal, far too

We truly adore this set, but below are a couple of points to maintain in head before getting:

  • The one exception to the “bright and vivid” classification earlier mentioned is the purple marker, which is lighter than we would like
  • You ought to maintain the markers capped among works by using to avert them from drying out

Anyone who’s in the market for non-poisonous dry erase markers in a rainbow of colours should really appreciate this inexpensive set. That is why it is our top rated decide!


Choosing the correct dry erase markers can signify the big difference among a good presentation and a fantastic one – and it can enable in the classroom, far too. The seven marker sets on our checklist provide a assortment of colours and price tag details so you’re absolutely sure to obtain the perfect set for your wants.

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