10 Best Document Cameras for Schools and Colleges

Document cameras have improved how people present their lessons in class and reports in offices. Unlike standard projects that need you to prepare slides and hook up a computer to work, their versatility is impressive. Most models can scan and display documents directly on a wall or via outputs such as USB and HDMI. They are also portable, easy to set up and cost significantly less money than standard projectors do. If you are shopping for one for an upcoming lecture or your office, you are in the right place. Our top 10 picks have versatile designs that work well in most settings. They are durable, portable, and fairly easy to use, which is a plus for students and teachers.

List of the Best Document Cameras in 2022

10. Lumens DC125 Document Camera

Lumens DC125 Document Camera

Lumens DC125 document camera has a top-notch image sensor. This sensor is highly professional and sensitive, enabling it to identify the brightness levels and contrast in a document. You also experience low noise when you use this document camera. The camera reproduces vivid colors.

This document camera is further high definition supporting features such as QXGA and SXGA. It also has a frame rate that goes as high as 30 FP per second. This frame rate is still high even when the output resolution is high definition. Its memory captures and stores all the commands that you frequently use. You, therefore, spend less time customizing images to your liking. The Lumens DC125 has sharpness adjustment, image freeze, and brightness settings, among others.

What We Like
  • Highly sensitive sensor
  • Low noise system
  • Convenient voice commands
Our Verdict

With the Lumens DC125 document camera, you get to reproduce documents with vivid colors. You also experience low noise when using it.

9. Epson DC-07 Portable Document Camera

Epson DC-07 Portable Document Camera

Epson DC-07 document camera is highly portable, enabling you to transport it from place to place. It has a USB slot and cable that lets you connect it to your projector or computer. Its 1080p resolution enables you to project high-quality documents. When in use, you can also capture intricate details and achieve clarity in your documents.

With this camera, you can also record audios and videos using its built-in microphone. The video that this camera produces is very smooth and high quality. The camera is convenient for use due to its freeze buttons. These buttons allow you to pause and replay your images at will.

What We Like
  • Flexible USB setup
  • Audio and video recording
  • Freeze buttons
  • High definition videos
Our Verdict

Buy this document camera if you need one that allows you to connect your camera to your projector and computer. You also get to view, customize, and print your images conveniently due to its freeze button feature.

8. Epson DC-13 HD Document Camera

Epson DC-13 HD Document Camera

Epson DC-13 Document camera is a high definition and a high-quality camera. It allows up to 16 times zoom that will enable you to locate all the essential details in your image. It also has a 1080p resolution that allows you to produce high definition and clear documents. Finally, you will like the versatile connectivity options of this camera. It supports USB devices and connections, for instance, which is desirable.

The camera has an HDMI cable and slot with which you connect it to your external devices. The connectable devices include your PC or Mac, your projector, and printer. The camera has a 30 FP per second, which gives video with an ultra-smooth quality. A built-in microphone in this camera further enables you to record audios and videos. This camera has a microscope adapter that supports many types of models of microscopes. The microscope allows you to magnify and share images.

What We Like
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Microscope adapter
  • High Frame rate
  • Audio and video recording
Our Verdict

Consider purchasing this camera to enable you to magnify and share the tiny images in your document. You can also use the camera to record audios and videos and later share them. Its frame rate is high, enabling you to achieve a high-definition video performance.

7. Epson DC-21 HD Document Camera

Epson DC-21 HD Document Camera

Epson DC-21 HD document camera has 12 times optical zoom that lets you bring your image closer. It also has ten times digital zoom that enables you to locate all the details of your image. This camera has a microscope adapter that lets you magnify and share the tiny images and details of your document.

A built-in microphone is also available with this camera that makes it possible for you to record audios and videos. You can later share the items that you record. This microphone feature also includes free software to enable it to function. You can connect this camera to other devices such as projectors and computers using the HDMI feature available.

What We Like
  • Ten times digital zoom
  • 12 times optical zoom
  • Digital connectivity
  • Microphone adapter
Our Verdict

The Epson DC-21 HD document camera enables you to zoom the contents of your document to enough view. You can also connect your camera to other external devices using the HDMI feature available with the camera.

6. Longjoy Digital Portable Document Camera

Longjoy Digital Portable Document Camera

Longjoy document camera is available in classic white color. It is compact and thus portable. The camera supports Windows XP, Win Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. It also has LED lights with touch control. You can use various picture formats with a camera. These formats include JPG, PDF, among others. You, therefore, do not convert most picture formats, as many of them are compatible with this camera. The camera also includes office tools that enable it to identify the type of document you are presenting. The apparatus also allows this camera to combine various types of documents when necessary.

You further get to enjoy a camera with a flexible design when you purchase this camera. This design is simple, sleek, and foldable. It is also rotatable and twistable, enabling you to capture your images from any angle, thus preventing black spots. This camera captures clear objects with high-quality color. It is also versatile and usable for different functions such as class presentations, showing live images and producing flyers. You get a 5V USB cord when you buy this device to use with its 2.0 USB slot. You can, therefore, connect your camera to your external devices directly, and you do not need to use additional power. The camera’s package does not, however, include a power cord and therefore need to buy it separately. You enjoy low power consumption rates with this camera.

What We Like
  • Free USB cable
  • Flexible design
  • Many picture formats
  • Office tools available
Our Verdict

For a low power consumption camera, buy the Longjoy document camera. The camera supports multiple picture formats and document types. It also has a flexible, stylish design.

5. iCODIS X7 Book and Document Scanner and Camera

iCODIS X7 Book and Document Scanner and Camera

ICODIS X7 document camera scans your books and documents. The camera has 15 Megapixels that enable it to provide high definition results. Flattening curve is a technology that the camera uses, which allows it to make compensations for surface curvature. The technology also enables finger reflection once you place a book or document on its lens. A timer is available to allow you to calculate the time that each report takes to shoot. An automatic correction feature is also available and ensures that the document that results is of the best quality.

The software of this camera has many novel features that boost its functionality further. It has automatic correction and image segmentation. It also supports real-time projection and video and audio recording and has a multipurpose scanner for scanning multiple types of documents and picture formats. Finally, its design is sleek, easy to use, and, therefore, ideal for new users. You can, however, use this camera only with a Windows OS as it is not compatible with other operating systems.

What We Like
  • Easy application
  • Multipurpose scanner
  • Eye-catching design
  • Practical software
Our Verdict

New users looking for a document camera that is easy to use should choose this camera. They will also benefit from its practical software, multipurpose scanner.

4. IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera

IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera

IPEVO VZ-R document camera is a Taiwan product that is high-definition and allows two connectivity modes. You can use HDMI and USB connectivity to connect the camera to other devices. The camera has an 8 Megapixels sensor and can capture images at 10 FPS, which is good. It also supports Windows, Mac, and Chromebook operating systems. You can carry this camera around as it is lightweight.

You also get longer service form this camera as it has glass fiber reinforcements making it durable. This camera’s image sensor has a very high focusing speed and produces little noise. It is also clear in poorly lit areas and can reproduce multiple colors. The sensor can, therefore, reduce image distortions, disruptions, and latency. Its design is sleek and adjustable with a swiveling head, a stand, and a small footprint. These features enable you to adjust your camera and capture images from any angle. The camera further has buttons on convenient locations, making it easier for you to access them.

What We Like
  • Adjustable angles
  • Eye-catching design
  • Lightweight thus portable
  • Glass fiber reinforcements
Our Verdict

IPEVO VZ-R document camera is a durable camera that will serve you for much longer. It, therefore, saves you money since you do not need to replace your camera often. It is also highly adjustable, enabling you to capture images from any angle.

3. HUE HD Pro USB Document Camera

HUE HD Pro USB Document Camera

HUE HD Pro camera is compatible with many Operating systems, including Windows OS, Mac, Chrome, and Linux. It has a new design making it versatile and usable in various settings such as class, office, and at home. The camera is also flexible and highly adjustable, enabling it to capture images from all angles. Camera adjustability reduces blackspots in pictures that you capture.

You also use this camera without using drivers; you only need to plug in your camera and use it. It is thus easy to use and ideal for new document camera users. A built-in microphone is a feature in this camera that enables you to record audios and videos. Software is also available with this camera that allows you to make class presentations using your Windows and Mac OS.

What We Like
  • Multiple OS compatibility
  • Flexible design
  • Class presentation software
  • No drivers necessary
Our Verdict

You do not need to install any drivers on this camera for you to use it. You also benefit from this camera’s flexibility to capture images from all angles.

2. IPEVO V4K Ultra HD Document Camera

IPEVO V4K Ultra HD Document Camera

IPEVO V4K Ultra camera is a Taiwan product. It is 8 Megapixel and can capture high definition images. It has a 30 FP per second that is high enough to give lag-free video streaming. You can capture images fast since because of its high focusing and recording speed. This speed reduces interruptions when you need to switch between different objects frequently. Its image sensor also helps in reducing noise as well as color reproduction.

The camera is further compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook. You can, therefore, use it with multiple applications. Objects in a poorly-lit environment also acquire a perfect shoot with this camera.

What We Like
  • High Frame rate
  • Minimal noise
  • Multiple OS compatibility
  • Minimal color reproduction
Our Verdict

You do not have to deal with noisy image sensors any longer with this camera. Its image sensor produces little noise, and its color reproduction is minimal.

1. IPEVO Ziggi-HD Document Camera

IPEVO Ziggi-HD Document Camera

IPEVO Ziggi-HD camera has an autofocus lens and a 2.0 USB interface. This interface enables you to connect devices such as computers and projectors directly to the camera. The camera has a powerful 8 Megapixel camera and supports all versions of the Windows operating system, Macintosh, and Chromebook.

While on live video, this camera also exhibits a high 30 FP per second frame rate. This frame rate enables you to achieve top definition videos. The versatile capture feature in this camera allows you to capture images at any angle. It thus reduces blind spots and ensures that you never miss any detail.

What We Like
  • Autofocus lens
  • Versatile capture
  • Digital connectivity
  • Multiple OS compatibility
Our Verdict

This document camera works with most operating systems. You do not, therefore, need to change your OS to make it compatible with this camera. The camera is also highly adjustable, enabling you to capture images from all angles. It has a high 30 FP per second frame rate that lets you capture smooth live videos.

Shopping Guide for Document Cameras


While shopping for document cameras, decide whether you will need a digital or an analog model. Both are good but have a unique set of pros and cons that you should keep in mind while making a decision. Even though cheap, analog printers only produce NTSC images. Thus, although their performance is sufficient in classes, they are not the best for hosting high-level business presentations. Digital printers, on the other hand, generated high definition (HD) computer-compatible signals. Even though you will spend slightly more money on one, they handle most jobs efficiently.


The resolution of a document camera – presented in pixels – depicts the quality of the images it generates while in use. High resolution models are clearer and therefore suitable for use in business settings. However, even though cheaper, low resolution models are prone to blurring or pixilating while projecting large images. Once you have settled on the type of document camera you require, check its resolution. Overall, a product with a resolution of 800x600p will serve you well. For the best results, however, shop for a digital 1024x768p model online today.


Are you shopping for a document camera that can store image files for future presentations? Check the type and memory of offer. How many files can the document accommodate and in which formats? Does it support add-on devices such as external hard disk drives? Mae sure the product will satisfy your needs before spending cash.


The quality of the lighting of your document camera of choice depicts the quality of the images you will get while presenting. Even though most small document cameras are portable and thus convenient, the need a third-party light source to work. If you cannot accommodate this, you will be better off buying a fully equipped model with an in-built fluorescent light. They cost slightly more money, but are the best for teachers and business executives due to their all-in-one designs.

Features: Special features such as wireless remote, ceiling mounts, and Wi-Fi adapters improve the functionality of document cameras. While shopping, look out for them.


Our selection of the best document cameras will improve how you discuss topics in class or present reports at your workplace. The portable, high-definition devices do not clutter personal space. They are easy to set up and require little skill to operate.

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