10 Best Fat Bike Tires in 2022 Reviews

Fat bike tires are new tread in the cycling world coming into handy for extreme climates. These tires are nearly four inches in width, which is two inches more than the typical mountain bike tires. Because of that, they allow for higher air volume resulting in the increased contact area and greater comfort.
While these tires have a beautiful story, some people have ended up getting somewhat frustrated after buying low-quality tires.If you want to stay away from this situation and have a pleasant experience with your fat bike tire, then you ought to choose the very best. Yes, we know they are tens of hundreds of these brands and models out there in the market, thus making your selection a nightmare. The good news is that we have eased your frustrations by outlining the top ten best fat bike tires that are worth considering in 2022 based on consumer reports.

10 Best Fat Bike Tires Reviews:

1. Schwalbe Big Apple Performance RaceGuard HS 430 Cruiser Bicycle Tire

The Schwalbe Big Apple Performance RaceGuard HS 430 Cruiser Bicycle Tire is the right choice to consider once you are interested in upgrading your standard mountain bike tires to the fat bike tires.
Delivering impressive performance, this tire features an endurance compound that ultimately improves the durability and traction of the tire. With wire beads boosting overall performance, the pronounced profile of this tire is combined with the RaceGuard protection belt making it more suitable for everyday life. This long-lasting with built-in air suspension delivers the much-needed biking comfort even on rough terrains.


  • Air pressure requirement -35 to 70 psi
  • Item weight -710 grams
  • Tire measurement -26 by 2.15 inches

2. Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire

Cycling bikes is not all about working hard, getting dirty, winning the race, or going big. More often than not, it is about cruising down to the park on rough terrains. If you agree with that school of thought, then you need to invest in sturdy, durable tires.
The choice for that matter is the Schwalbe Fat Frank Tire. This 26-inch fat-tire boasts of rubber construction enabling it to deliver remarkable performance and reliability. Its high-performance wire treads give users a comfortable, smooth ride even when cruising through incredibly rough surfaces.


  • Pressure rating -20-55 PSI
  • Tire measurement -26 by 2.35 inches
  • Item weight -940 grams
  • Material –rubber

3. Mongoose MG78251-2 Fat Tire

Are you looking for a sturdy and robust fat-bike tire for breathtaking riding? If the answer is YES, then the Mongoose MG78251-2 Fat Tire is the right choice. This tire features a mixed tread for excellent traction in all-terrain conditions.It is designed to fit all bikes utilizing 20 by 4 inches tires. Unlike other tires of its class, this one is made of 100 percent, heavy-duty rubber for extended life. The beauty of this tire is that it also features extra-large treads that ensure riders enjoy stable, comfortable, and smooth riding.


  • Tire measurements -26 by 4 inches
  • Item weight -2.1 pounds
  • Material –rubber

4. SCHWALBE Big Apple Plus

If you are looking for quick-spinning fat bike tires, then the SCHWALBE Big Apple Plus has sorted out all your concerns. This fast-rolling tire offers comfortable cycling experience utilizing the somewhat complicated PLUS 3 mm GreenGuard technology for extra safety. Boasting of high artisanship, this tire is also designed to accomplish heavy-duty applications. The skin of this sturdy tire is callous to resist constant punctures.


  • Item weight -1000 grams
  • Pressure rating -30-55 PSI
  • Material –rubber

5. Schwalbe HS 439 Big Ben Cruiser Bicycle Tire

If you are looking for one of the best fat bike tires to help cruise through the unforgiving terrains, then you had better try out the Schwalbe HS 439 Big Ben Cruiser Bicycle Tire. With a slightly taller tread profile than the Big Apple, this tire gives you better grip in most demanding off-road conditions. Its wire beads offer improved wheel stability besides delivering a perfect strength for long-lasting use.


  • Pressure rating -30-55 PSI
  • Item weight -890 grams
  • Tire measurements -28 by 2 inches
  • Available colors –brown, grey, and crème

6. Maxxis Minion FBF EXO Tubeless Fat Bike Tire

There is no doubt that the Maxxis Minion FBF EXO Tubeless Fat Bike Tire is the grippiest tire out there in the market. This tire represents a progression of fat biking by explicitly offering a front-specific tire meant for trail riding. Boasting of proven Minion DHF tread blocks, this sturdy tire combines low rolling resistance, extreme cornering capability, and flat-tire volume to deliver unmatched grip experience on loose and uneven surfaces. Its EXO protection increases abrasion and cut resistance in the sidewalls.


  • Material –dual-compound rubber
  • Tubeless
  • Color –black

7. Bulldozer Vee Tubeless Ready Folding Tire Fat Bike

If you are looking for a powerful tire that is good on ice and loose snow conditions but not so much on other surfaces, then the Bulldozer Vee Tubeless Ready Folding Tire Fat Bike is the best choice. Together with pure silica compound tread, side knobs, and aggressive center, this tire provides excellent grip in the corner segment. This folding bead version features 120 TPI casing and it is easy to mount on the bike’s wheel.


  • Tire dimensions -26 by 4.7 inches
  • Recommended pressure -8-20 PSI
  • Item weight -3 pounds
  • Color –white
  • Material –rare pure silica compound (PSC)

8. ChaoYang H5176 Fat Bicycle Folding Aramid Bead Tire

The ChaoYang H5176 Fat Bicycle Folding Aramid Bead Tire is an all-terrain tire for cycling enthusiasts. It features horizontal knobs on its super-wide carcass offering the best braking, climbing, and cornering traction, which minimizes slip on grass, snow, or sand.

Besides that, its 45-degreed side knobs on the shoulder limit horizontal grips for more stable cornering. It also features foldable aramid bead for lighter weight –it is more than 25 percent lighter than the traditional wired bead -and easier mounting. This tire utilizes dual-compound technology for maximum wear-resistant and offering more grip while cornering or accelerating. Its ultra-high-density casing with supple sidewall delivers a comfortable riding experience.


  • Casing -120 TPI
  • Bead technology –foldable aramid bead
  • Tire measurement -26 by 4 inches

9. SCHWALBE Jumbo Jim Lite-Skin Evolution Folding Tire

The SCHWALBE Jumbo Jim Lite-Skin Evolution Folding Tire is one of the lightest fat bike tires on the market, allowing cyclists to reach greater speeds than any other tire of this category under the same conditions.

Boasting of high artisanship, this tire has been designed to withstand heavy-duty applications. You can ride with it through snow, boggy, and sand without any hitch. This tubeless tire features a tough skin to resist constant punctures.


  • Tire weight -990 grams
  • Recommended tire pressure -5-30 PSI
  • Available tire sizes -4.0 by 26 inches and 4.8 by 26 inches

10. Kenda Juggernaut DTC Pro Fat Bike Tire

The Kenda Juggernaut DTC Pro Fat Bike Tire has been designed with comfort and speed achievements in mind. Its extremely lightweight feature makes it ideal for enhancing the bike’s speed by typically reducing resistance. Made of heavy-duty 120 TPI rubber, this tire provides extended reliability and durability. The included wire bead with chevron pattern ensures that the tire rolls fast with improved cornering grip.


  • Tire measurement -26 by 4.0 inches
  • Item weight -900 grams
  • Material –rubber

There you are, and now you know some of the best fat bike tires available in the market for your consideration. The beauty of all the tires making into our list is that they are best suited for extremely demanding surface conditions. They are also available in different sizes, perfect for every sized fat-tire bike. More importantly, most of these tires are designed to deliver comfort, reliability, and performance in equal measure. As we end this article, never let the demanding terrain beat your cycling experience by picking any of the above best option tires.

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