10 Best Firewire Cables in 2022 (Review & Guide)

Having a high-quality firewire cable for your projects has lots of benefits. First, they eliminate the need for many wires in offices and homes. Unlike USB cables that only transfer data, the best firewire cables can also transfer power through a single cable. They are also durable, plug-and-use, and recommended for use with a plethora of accessories. Currently, there is a wide variety in the market, which vary in terms of price, brand, features, design, and quality. Moreover, through our review, you will learn about a few high-powered models that offer error-free transmission of data at speeds of over 800Mbps. The cables meet the IEEE 1394a standard and support most devices that people use every day. Let’s get started.

List of the Best Firewire Cables in 2022

10. Yeung Qee Firewire Cable

Yeung Qee Firewire Cable

The Yeung Qee Firewire Cable is a nine to six pin device suitable for high-speed data transfer. It has a data transfer rate of 800 Mbps but is compatible with both 800 and 400 devices. As such, you can use it with your PC, SUN, Apple firewire, Mac, and much more. The cable is compliant with all the IEEE standards and is therefore suitable for commercial use.

This firewire cable is the best you can get when you compare to other devices within the same price range. It’s an advancement of previous versions and can transfer data almost double the speed of original versions. Further, it can support a plug and play operation and is also hot-pluggable. This cable has a long cable measuring 6 feet, and this ensures convenience in connecting many devices. It uses triple shielding technology, whereby its connectors transmit error-free data.

What We Like
  • Plug and play system
  • Long cable (6 feet)
  • Tripple shielded cable
  • Error-free transmission
Our Verdict

Firewire cables are faster and more reliable than traditional USB cables. They also support most devices and have a plug and use design that most people can set up and use on-demand. The Yeung Qee offers these benefits.

9. Monoprice FireWire Cable


The Monoprice FireWire Cable is an affordable gadget for data transmission. When you compare to other options, this performs exceptionally well due to high data transfer speeds. This cable is suitable for connecting various digital devices such as MiniDV camcorders on most six-pin firewire ports on the computer. It offers high-quality transmission to capture clear videos. The brand is reliable, considering the many positive reviews and its promise to provide the market with solutions that meet customer’s needs.

It measures six feet, and thus it’s a convenient cable to use on any devices. Also, you will have confidence using the Monoprice firewire cable since it has fully complied with IEEE 1394a.

What We Like
  • Complies with IEEE 1394a standard
  • High-quality data transmission
  • Decent length (six feet)
  • Supports most devices
Our Verdict

Like the best Midi cables, the Monoprice FireWire Cable is in demand because of its quality of construction. Its 6-foot cable is long and durable. It supports most devices and transmits fast and quality signals while in use.

8. Abergetty Firewire Cable

Abergetty Firewire Cable

The Abergetty firewire cable is a dependable smart accessory. This black cable has a universal 4 to 4 pin. Likewise, it’s complied with IEEE 1394a requirements for firewire cables. This firewire cable is suitable for connection both firewire and iLink gadgets that have four pins. The data transfer speeds are incredible, and this offers reliable, simple, and economic connections. Also, the easy to use and all you need is to plug and play.

You do not need one of the costly firewire cables to enjoy excellent results. This cheaper well-engineered cable does the job. Moreover, you can use on a wide variety of other devices such as digital cameras, MacBook, DVD decoder, and even old devices. It’s long enough with an overall measurement of six feet; therefore, this provides nearness of use around your room.

What We Like
  • IEEE 1394a standards compliant
  • Fits most digital devices
  • Low-cost firewire cable
  • Versatile cable (six feet)
Our Verdict

Abergetty is compliant with the IEEE 1394a standard, which makes it one of the safest brands in this niche. It is also versatile (6-feet), durable, and has a well-engineered 4 to 4 pin structure that is compatible with most devices.

7. AYA GROUP Firewire Cable

AYA GROUP Firewire Cable

The AYA Group is a fifteen feet firewire cable that has meets requirements of the IEEE 1394b standard. This robust cable has a nine to nine-pin design. The speeds are incredible at 800 Mbps, and this makes it a high performing cable for use. You will note that this cable is compatible with several digital devices. You can use it on windows, Sony, Apple and iLink devices.

Also, it fits an array of appliances such as scanners, printers, camcorders and much more. This cable offers simple operation, and you’ll only need to plug and play. The twisted shield technology protects against RFI or EMI. It’s a high-quality cable that will last long hence giving your value for money.

What We Like
  • Extra-long (16 feet)
  • Twisted shield technology
  • Incredible speed (800Mbps)
  • IEEE 1394b standard-compliant
Our Verdict

AYA GROUP is an IEEE 1394b standard compliant firewire cable measuring 15 feet. It is fast (800Mbps) and has a shield for RFI and EMI interference.

6. Jiannnuan Firewire Cable

Jiannnuan Firewire Cable

If you are looking for a sturdy firewall cable, and with flexible and perfect connects, you can consider the Jiannnuan firewire cable. It is a nine pin to six-pin cable with an overall measurement of 3 feet, which makes it suitable for various operations. Unlike most traditional cables, Jiannnuan has a low-powered modern design that rarely disappoints. It has a high data transfer rate at 800 Mbps and has complied with IEEE-1394a specifications.

This cable is flexible and is compatible with older 400 firewire versions and the new 800 ports. It can also function with old versions of Mac desktop, and it’s lightweight and if you have assignments outside, you can take it with you. It’s a high-quality product available at a fair price and will do the job of highly-priced cables such as the Apple firewire cable.

What We Like
  • Compatible with old devices
  • Fast transfer speed (800Mbps)
  • IEEE-1394a standard compliant
  • Long-lasting design (shielded)
Our Verdict

Jiannnuan is an IEEE-1394a standard-compliant firewire cable that transmits data at 800Mbps. Even though shorter than its competitors, its shielded cable is durable. It is also backward compatible with old devices.

5. Apuxon FireWire Cable

Apuxon FireWire Cable

The Apuxon is a premium firewire cable suitable for use with Mac Pro, SLR, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, digital camera, and others. We recommend it due to a high rate of data transfer estimated at 800 Mbps. However, this varies depending on the type of device or port speed. This cable has complied with IEEE 1349b and Firewire 800 requirements. Something else to note is the molded engineering, which allows for plug n play and is also compatible with hot-swap. Other features include a nine to six pin.

The Apuxon is long enough to allow for convenience while using it. Its construction involves twisted pair technology and triple shielding, which minimizes cross talk. It also helps increase the speed of data transfer. The double shield helps reduce interference from noises.

What We Like
  • IEEE 1349b-compliant
  • Triple shielded cable
  • Stable data transfer
  • 800Mbps data transfer
  • Plug and play interface
Our Verdict

Apuxon has a triple-shielded cable with a maximum data transfer speed of 800Mbps. Its signals are stable, while its plug-and-use design is convenient.

4. BIZLANDER Firewire


The BIZLANDER Firewire is a high-quality product with a transfer speed of 800 Mbps and nine-pin connectors. Its updated and improved design enables it to transmit data at high speed than the older versions. The connector has a rectangular design with square edges, five pins on one end, and four pins on the other end. Another unique attribute about this firewire cable is that it is compatible with older devices, which have 4 and 6 pins connectors. However, when in use, it can transmit at the rate of 400Mbps.

The BIZLANDER supports a variety of devices such as; MacBook, SLR, machine vision, and digital cameras. The cable has an overall measurement of 6 feet, which is pretty long and convenient for any operation. It’s also lightweight at only 0.8 ounces, which makes it ideal for use while on the go.

What We Like
  • Lightweight (0.8 ounces)
  • Long and durable (6 feet)
  • Supports most devices
  • 800Mbps transfer speed
Our Verdict

With a maximum data transfer speed of 800Mbps, BIZLANDER can handle most smart jobs seamlessly. It fits most devices and has a long-lasting six-foot design that weighs 0.6 ounces. BIZLANDER is a plug and use cable.

3. Pasow FireWire 800

Pasow FireWire 800

The Pasow is a reasonably priced Pasow Firewire cable with data transfer rates of 400 Mbps. We choose this product due to its low cost and since it features backward compatibility. Therefore it means that it can connect to most 800 gadgets seamlessly. It also supports legacy ports such as 1394a.

Additionally, it easy to use and compatible with hot-pluggable and plug and play. That’s not all; the Pasow offers high-quality shielding connectors to ensure error-free data protection. The cable is long, and therefore you’ll not have trouble connecting to devices further across the room. Despite its low price, this cable will last, and thus you’ll save on replacement costs. It’s a robust cable that will hold steady after months of use. We love the versatility of the Pasow since you can use it seamlessly with digital devices such as external drives, MacBook, laptop, and much more. The good news is that you can also use it with thunderbolt connectors and it will work flawlessly.

What We Like
  • Long and durable cable
  • Supports most digital devices
  • Interference-free signals (steady)
  • Plug-and-use interface
  • Shielded cable connectors
Our Verdict

The shielded cables of the Pasow FireWire 800 work seamlessly in most areas. It supports legacy ports and has a seamless plug-and-use design.

2. Cmple Bilingual FireWire

Cmple Bilingual FireWire

The Cmple is a renowned brand in the supply of firewire cables. The 6 ft. Bilingual is ideal for connecting several devices simultaneously. For instance, you can use it on scanners, cameras, iPods, printers, and other digital gadgets. This product has complied with IEEE standards. With this cable, you don’t have to worry about the loss of data.

There is error-free data conveyance and offers high data transfer rates. This cable provides exceptional performance due to high speed at an 800 Mbps transfer rate. This cable is very convenient due to its plug and use design. Moreover, the Cmple rarely disappoints because of its broad compatibility. You can use it with an array of digital devices. For instance, you can connect it to your MacBook, Canon GL2, digital camera, and much more. The cable is long, measuring 6 feet, which is convenient for most users.

What We Like
  • Decent size (6 feet)
  • High-speed system (800Mbps)
  • Broad compatibility
  • IEEE standards compliant
Our Verdict

The Cmple Bilingual FireWire cable is a high speed (800Mbps), six-foot accessory that fits most devices. It is safe (IEEE standards compliant), durable, and has a plug-and-use interface that most people can set up.

1. Belkin Firewire Cable

Belkin Firewire Cable

The Belkin is a high-quality firewire cable you can use to transfer data from an audio recorder, video recorder, or hard drive. It is a versatile device that allows for connection to approximately 63 other devices at the same time. We recommend this firewire cable since it allows for the transmission of real-time data and error-free. Besides, the brand is reputable, and thus you can shop with confidence that the product is reliable and effective.

The cord is long measuring six foot which gives you more convenience and ability to connect devices far across the room. It’s easy to use, and all you need is plug and connect to your device. This cable is ideal and has a quality transfer. Unlike some firewire cables that usually cause interference during transmission, this is quite decent.

What We Like
  • Decent size (6 feet)
  • Error-free transmission
  • Long cable (six feet)
  • Support most devices
Our Verdict

Belkin is a 6-foot firewire cable that transfers error-free data to most devices. Its plug and use design is easy to set up.

Shopping Guide for the Best Firewire Cables


While buying hair growth products or folding bicycles, people opt for high-quality products that can serve them for long. If you are shopping for a firewire cable, you should maintain the same standard. Look for a product that made of premium components. The cable, for instance, should be able to withstand day-to-day abuse. Models with thick sheaths with a protective lining are equally beneficial to people of all cadres.


Because of their inexperience, millions of people spend money on products that fail to work as required. To avoid being one of them, it is a good idea to check the compatibility of your firewire cable of choice before spending money. For instance, does it support the smart device that you have at home or your office? Even though most brands of cables have broad compatibility, plug-and-use backwards compatible models are the best. They are not only easy to set up but also work with most devices.


Do not settle for the cheapest products in the market to save a few dollars. Once you have ascertained that your product is of high quality and compatible with your devices, check its safety. Does it comply with the recommended IEEE standard for firewire cables? A cable that meets this threshold will serve you better safely. Furthermore, you avoid products with a reputation of short-circuiting smart devices or are prone to overheating while in use. Premium cables with a good reputation are the best.


The best firewire cable should be simple to use, durable, and transmit error-free data to smart devices. If you are looking for one, it must perform as expected. Otherwise, you may end up spending more on replacement costs. We hope that you can now make your selection easy and hassle-free.

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