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10 Best Ice Skates for Kids in 2019 Reviews

If your kid has recently been asking if they could play hockey, then you are most likely wondering if there is equipment out there which can help them start well and up their game with time. You are also probably wondering where exactly you will begin. Believe it, a quality pair of skates will give them a great start. Whereas most of these skates may look the same, they aren’t created equal. They range from well-made beginner skates, which come at a decent price point, to all-out top-of-the-line skates which often tend to be a bit pricey.

In the end, you will agree to the fact that a decent pair of skates is worth your money. The longevity of quality pairs of skates implies that you can pass along to good friends or siblings. We believe that people throng the internet in search of the best ice skates for kids. We also understand that finding the right item could prove to be a nasty struggle. That’s the reason we have gathered the top-rated youth and junior ice skates, and we have assembled them under the umbrella: Best ice skates for kids.

List of the 10 best Ice Skates for Kids in 2019

10. Botas – Model: Regina/Made in Europe /White Color

These top-of-the-line ice skates are made with high-quality synthetic figure leather. They have a waterproof finish, and your kids will enjoy using them. Its foam lining and brushed knit jointly make it extra comfortable. Its tongue slip is made from high-quality synthetic material which has soft felt inner lining. It also features a sturdy plastic sole which makes it ideal for figure skates for women and girls or kids ice skates.

9. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice

This high-quality ice skate features lightweight construction, which generally makes it convenient and comfortable to use. It has a durable nylon upper section with color-coded trim. Its leisure blade has stainless steel runner that adds to its excellent functionality. Its cushy foam padding enables it to supply the user with maximum warmth and comfort.

8. Bauer Lil Champ Skates

You will love this kids’ ice skate for its one-piece nylon interior which allows for a warm and comfortable fit. It features a single ratchet buckle which apart from keeping the skate tight, also enables an easy put on and take off. Its inner liner is generally comfortable and tends to keep the feet warm on the ice. Compared to other ice skates within its price range, this pair offers a lot more than one would expect.

7. Riedell 18 Sparkle

The fact that this product has a star rating of 4.6 on Amazon attracted our attention and prompted us to find out more about it. To our conviction, Riedell 18 Sparkle/Kids ice skate is a product worth your cash. It has a tongue rating of 1.5 and 25 supports rating light boot. The manufacturer recommends that it is an excellent pair for beginners.

6. Jackson Ultima Softec Classic ST2300 ST2321

We were moved by the fact that this model of kids’ ice skate comes in a variety of shapes that makes it a good option for both kids and adults. The ones for kids generally come in pink color. The brand features high-quality figure skating blades. The manufacturer attaches an image on its website to guide you on a sizing chart. You will definitely love it for its excellent combination of style and functionality.

5. Lake Placid Girls Nitro 8.8 Adjustable Ice Skates

There are quite a number of desirable features in this pair of skates that makes it outstanding footwear. Among its top features are washable comfort liner, quick fit cam buckles, and adjustable sizing. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes. We felt moved by its heat-treated, nickel-plated carvon steel blades. More exciting is that you will buy it at an exceedingly low price.

4. Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184

This is among the top-rated, middle-priced kids’ ice skates in the market today. You should ensure you get half a size smaller than the US woman shoe size as this will ensure the skates fit you properly. Those with wide feet, however, get the same as their US women shoe size. Apart from its new, fashionable, no-maintenance PVC outsoles, the skate also features new Ultima Mark 1 stainless steel blade which is, in essence, an excellent figure blade for beginners. Its fashionably placed chrome insert adds sophistication and style.

3. Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

The manufacturer must have made this pair of ice skates with elegance and functionality in mind. You would be wrong to imagine that its stylish design sacrifices functionality. Some of the things that prove quite appealing in it are its adjustable push-button size, power strap, locking buckle, and waterproof sole. You will also be moved by its Deluxe comfort padding and warm, woven lining.

2. Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates

Most reviewers have cited the pink color of this product as a single feature that makes it attractive to their kids. It has a one-piece nylon interior which allows for a warm and comfortable fit. Not only is the inner liner soft, but it also keeps the user’s feet warm on the ice. The pair features a single ratchet buckle system which helps in keeping the skate tight thus allowing for easy put-on and take-off.

1. Lake Placid Summit Girls Adjustable Ice Skate

This particular pair of ice skates won our consent as the best product we could ever come across. It has desirable features such as stainless steel blade, power strap, and waterproof sole and locking buckle. It also features Warm woolen lining and Deluxe comfort padding. Come to think of stylish design and this pair has it all.

How to Choose Ice Skates for Kids

Several factors come at plays when it comes to choosing the right ice skates for your kid. We believe that our top 10 list has given you a clear picture of what to choose from. However, you are not going to buy all the 10 items, are you? To help you further get the crème de la crème, therefore, we have thought it wise to highlight some of the things you will need to consider ahead of placing your order.

Skill Level
Has the kid just setting out onto the ice or has he been skating for a while? Usually, manufacturers design different skates for different skill levels. This enables them to meet the demands of different skates with varying boot and blade features.

Type of Skating
Is the kid purposing to figure skate, dance skate, freestyle skate, or play hockey? The skate your kid needs dramatically depends on the skating he intends to do. This is because each discipline requires different techniques.

Body Type, Size and Age
The height, weight, and age of the kid directly affect the size and type of the skate they will need. Heavier kids will need wider ROH than their lighter counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Ice Skates Work?
Ice skates help kids glide across frozen lakes, ponds, rinks, rivers, and creeks using a heavy, sharp object usually attached to the user’s feet to propel them over ice is the basic principle behind an ice skate. Modern ice skates use a durable, sharp metal blade which is usually attached to a comfortable, stiff boot. An ice skater uses their feet, ankles, and legs to propel themselves across the ice. Even though the motion is simple, it usually begins to get a little complicated the moment the skater adds sport or style to it.

What are the parts of an ice skate?
Understanding the parts of a modern ice skate helps the user to understand the intricacies and uses of ice skates better. Eventually, this also helps in finding the skates that will work best for the user.
The boot: This is purposefully rigid and features reinforcements in the ankle which offer support to the ankles and feet when skating and performing jumps and moves. It is usually made from synthetic material for durability and comfort. Some boots usually have heel support as well.

The Blade: This is usually made from carbon steel which is coated in chrome for enhanced style, durability, sharpness, and strength. They tend to be 4mm thick. However, this often ranges based on age, skill level, preference, and weight. They are curved slightly to form an arc whose radius ranges between 180 and 220 cm. This is known as the “Rocker” of the blade.

What are the features of an ideal ice skate?
An excellent ice skate is relative to skill level and price. Even though some of these features might appear inconsequential to a beginner skater, an advanced skater might find it challenging to live without them. The high-end, modern ice skate features are easily broken-in materials; moisture-wicking linings; heel contours for improved support; lightweight, durable and sharp blades; quarter padding; and hinged ankles for enhanced flexibility.

Final Thought
A lot of questions flow in mind when one begins the journey to acquiring a new pair of ice skates for their kid who is starting on ice. It has increasingly become a challenge to get the best the market can offer. With our guidance, however, we believe you are several miles away from doubts and reservation. Take bold steps and acquire the right item for your kid soon.

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