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10 Best Kids Prescription Sports Goggles in 2019 Reviews

The market is flooded with kids prescription sports goggles such that choosing the best one for your kid might not be a walk in the park. We know this for a fact, and that is the reason we have taken the lead, doing all the donkey work to bring you a verified list of top products.

This article brings you a full list of kids prescription sports glasses and sports goggles that can protect your kids from the age of four to their teens. Our listed products come in a wide range of styles, colors, and fits. You can be sure that their valuable eyes will be well protected in whatever sports they play. Most of the brands we have chosen offer convenient kids prescription sports goggles, which will make your kid stay comfortable even during high impact sports.

The last thing you want to encounter is having goggles that distract your kid from a play. That’s the reason you should take your time and shop for sports goggles that fit comfortably and allow your kid to focus on the game. When we mention efficiency, then a clip-on strap and ultra-light design come at play. Other than conducting thorough online research on these goggles, we have also tested quite a number of them, and our list of top 10 best kids prescription sports goggles is a true reflection of what we came up with as the crème de la crème.

List of the 10 Best Kids Prescription Sports Googles in 2019

10. Aegend Swim Goggles

You will be surprised that upon being bought, used and reviewed by over 10,000 consumers, this product still commands a whopping 4.7-star rating. Its improved nosepiece and flexible silicon frame provide extreme comfort such that your nose is never hurt. Neither is a mark left on your face. The inner surfaces of the lenses are coated by the latest environmental treatment technology to enhance the goggles’ anti-fog ability. The ergonomic design and the premium silicone material used in this product ensures no water leaks in.

9. Prescription Swim Goggles, Silicone Goggles

This one-piece silicon prescription goggle can stay in place even as you swim and dive. This makes it very possible for you to maintain your focus on your stroke without worrying about having to stop and adjust the goggles. You get to enjoy the reliability and comfort while keeping your eyes safe. The prescription comes with a hard case that offers complete protection to your goggles against scratches, debris, dust, dirt, tear, and wear.

8. EnzoDate Optical Swim Goggles

This prescription sports goggle, which has a high star rating of 4.8 on Amazon, is admired by many sportsmen. It comes in varied sizes that make it ideal for adults and teens alike. It features a three-size nose bridge fit for all faces. Among other things, this prescription goggle is loved for its anti-fog and anti-UV features. We also got attracted to its earplugs and hard case.

7. Zionor RX Prescription Swim Goggles

This is one of the highly-rated prescription sports goggles we came across. It is made with impact-resistant Lens and high-quality non-toxic silicon, which makes it allergy-free and safe. Its superior watertight construction prevents chlorine from getting in. It is also made with comfort in mind. The optimized cushion on its frame provides less pressure, thus ensuring you stay comfortable as you swim or have fun.

6. AIKOTOO Swim Goggles, Shortsighted Swimming Goggles Myopic

If you had an imagination that every descent stuff must come at a high price tag, then you should forgive your thinking. This state-of-the-art has a perfect combination of style and functionality yet still comes with a meager price tag. It comes in varied sizes that are superb for children, men, and women. It is ideal for swimming.

5. Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses Football Perfect Personality Goggles

This prescription sports goggle has an elegant design and is generally admirable from the word go. It features a plastic frame, plastic Lens, Mincl Basketball glasses, and non-polarized construction. Though it comes with a low price tag, the wearable is highly functional and durable.

4. Sports Vision’s Prescription Optical Swimming Goggles

This prescription goggle comes with a hard plastic case. It enjoys the FDA approval of high quality and durability. The product is available in two sizes: that of adults and the one for children. Among other things, you will admire it for its anti-fog coating and UV protection features.

3. Pellor Goggles Sports Glasses

We were particularly pleased with the vents on the sides of the goggles. They increase the circulation of air thus preventing fogging. It also features a removable nose pad which can play the role of a buffer whenever the Lens receives a shock. Among other features, the prescription sports goggle boasts of high-quality nylon headband, non-slip anti-shredding, and high flexibility.

2. GGBuy Outdoor Sports Basketball Glasses

This model of prescription sports goggles is purposely designed for children. Its adjustable and changeable straps make it fit for most children. It features a tight outer frame silica gel that protects the user’s eyes from being hurt by fast-moving objects. The goggle also features removable hand band and hollow out silicon flanks.

1. Elemart(TM) 2 PCS Kids Sport Glasses

One thing that most reviewers applaud this prescription sports goggle for is soft silicon anti-irritability nose pad that gives the user a comfortable fit. The next lovable stuff is its dust-proof, wind-proof and anti-fog lenses. It is not only comfortable but also works very well with to protect the eyes of the user from injury by fast-moving objects. It is an ideal eye wearable for basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, football, rugby, and soccer players.

How to Choose a Kid’s Prescription Sports Goggle

It can’t be possible that you will wake up in the morning and go straight to the stores to buy a sports goggle without a rough idea of what you want. Doing this may either bring a lot of regrets or frustrations. So then, what must you look for when buying kids prescription sports goggles?

The thickness of the Lens
When choosing sports goggles, the eyeglass prescription is always a primary consideration. If the prescription recommends sharp lenses, then you should avoid the large frames that are likely to increase the thickness of the lenses. Since smaller lenses have fewer high-order aberrations, near the lens edge, there is less risk of distorted or blurred peripheral vision.

You should be careful to only choose a modern, attractive style for your kid. You can be sure that most kids are self-conscious wearing goggles for the first time. Therefore, choose frames with a modern, attractive look. As well, a feature such as photochromic lenses that tend to darken automatically in sunlight may inspire your child always to want to wear the glasses.

Metal or Plastic
Usually, manufacturers make children’s goggle frames using plastics or metals. Most of these have frames that tend to mimic unisex eyeglass frames that are designed for adults. Indeed, kids are often attracted to such designs as they make them look more grown-ups. You will find it not unusual for kids to admire goggles that resemble those worn by adults.

Proper Bridge Fit
The most common challenge when it comes to choosing ideal frames for kids is that their noses are not yet fully developed. As such, they lack a bridge to prevent the plastic chassis from sliding down. However, the metal frames are often made with adjustable nose pads such that they comfortably fit everyone’s bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret to getting goggles that look great?
First and foremost, you have got decide which of the seven basic face shapes you have. You can then read the accompanying tips about frames which match your shape. You should also find out the colors that suit your hair, skin, and eye colors.

Most goggles are too small for my head. Which brands carry larger frames?
It is true that in the past, unisex goggle frames were quite popular. Most of them were, however, available only in medium sizes. Recently, most bands have introduced larger frames, thereby greatly expanding the options available for those who need larger chassis for a comfortable fit.

How do I choose goggles that my child will love to wear?
The essential thing, in this case, is to let the kid pick the goggles for themselves. when you allow them to make their own choice, they are much more likely to have them on whenever they go sporting.

Final Thought
People have always cited a number of difficulties when it comes to choosing the right goggles for their kids. We understand that with the ever-growing market space, this difficulty has dramatically escalated, prompting buyers to surf through the internet for help. And We have done our best to provide you with the information you needed the most. We hope you make the best pick from our listed products.

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