10 Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids in 2019 Reviews

The use of a laser tag gun is extremely popular among kids and teenagers. They can play with laser tag guns anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor. They are very safe, and even parents can play with their kids for better bonding and quality time spending. Some of them have cool sound and light effects that fascinate the kids, and it is better that kids playing on their smartphones. The following below are the 10 best laser tag sets to play base on consumer reports.

1. Nerf Lazer Tag

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor battles, the laser tag set comes in a pack of two. It lets you play it in multi-layer mode allowing you to invite more friends.


  • It has high-quality sounds that give you a real-like feeling. This also has better vibration and lights that make it perfect for enjoying any battle.
  • It comes in a convenient design and has infrared light. This can be a perfect gift for your little one and comes in eco-friendly packaging.
  • This allows you to set the hit with 10 or 25 making it ideal for your whole family. This is suitable for children over eight and does not require any ammo.

2. Laser Tag Set by Dynasty Toys

Available in a pack of four, this one will let you have a great time. This lets you set your own team and choose from either blast settings or team settings.


  • It comes with individual settings and has different stoppage power. This can accommodate any number of player at a time and set the range requirements and reload times.
  • This can engage your children for a long time and lets your family have a great time.
  • It eliminates the need of having uncomfortable vests and can detect a hit with its infrared sensors. This has a balanced weight and does not require eye protection.

3. DYNASTY TOYS Laser Tag Set

This one comes in a pack of two and you do not need any vest. This lets you choose from four teams and has interchangeable settings for team and blast.


  • This is safe for using and is in a lightweight design. It has a laser range of over 120 feet making it suitable for players of any age.
  • Each laser tag comes with own settings when it comes to reloading time, damage, and range. It emits non-visible lights and meets the safety requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations.
  • This does not need eye protection and is easy to use. The built-in speaker gives notification regarding the reloading of the blaster.

4. ArmoGear Infrared 0.9mW Laser Tag

Made with high-quality materials, this will let you use it for a long time. This is in a set of four allowing you to choose from different teams.


  • It allows your child to have safe play as it has infrared signal emission of less than 1mW. This is suitable for both and indoor use and is ideal for parties.
  • It has a shooting range of 130 feet and has individual settings for booming sounds, life bars, and available shots.
  • This has a range of features and lets you choose from a pistol, rocket, machine gun, and shotgun. You don’t have to wear any vest as it lets you act as the target.

5. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag

Available in authentic design, the laser tag set has a shooting range of 150 feet. This will let you transform your home into a laser tag arena as it comes with multiple settings.


  • This has multi-ammo and allows up to four teams to play. It comes in a pack of eight and includes four vests and four laser tags.
  • You can easily use it as a machine gun, rocket, pistol, and shotgun and have great fun. It is also safe for use as the infrared signal emission is 0.9mW.
  • This has voice-guided directions that can transform your playing experience. It also has night vision flashlight and comes in an ergonomic design.

6. Laser X Laser Gaming Set

Here is a laser tag set that lets you play it individually or join a team. It has attractive color lighting effects that make you track the hits and shots.


  • In this, you will find the feature of interactive voice coach that is perfect for easy usage. You will also receive feedback during the game and has outstanding sound effects.
  • You can easily use it with other Laser X sets and is in a lightweight design. It runs on six AA batteries and includes all the set.
  • This is suitable for children of up to 15 years and has simple gameplay. You can play it for a long time and keeps your children well engaged.

7. USA Toyz Laser Tag

This comes in a two-in-one design and lets you choose from two different colors. With it, you can have epic battles from anywhere you want as it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • It is suitable for both boys and girls and lets you choose from the shotgun, submachine gun, rocket launcher, and pistol modes.
  • It shoots from an extended range and comes in a quality packet. This is also a class 1 laser product making it safe for children.
  • It comes in a complete set including a grip reload, life meter, and team selector. This is in an ergonomic design that lets you hold it comfortably.

8. Family Games Laser Tag

The four-pack set of this laser tag gun will let you opt from multiple team settings. It has interchangeable blast settings and team settings and lets you choose from multiple settings.


  • The infrared emission of less than 1mW makes it safe for use. You can choose from different range requirements, reload times, and stoppage power.
  • You can add any number of players as it has no team limits. It has non-visible infrared light eliminating the need of having eye protection.
  • This provides notification with its built-in speakers regarding the reloading and you can even check the health on the side of the blaster.

9. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag

This laser tag set includes vests and runs on AAA batteries. This is in a set of two and lets you play it in invisible mode.


  • It shoots from a long range of 150 feet that cover your entire backyard. With the option of voice-guided directions, you can play it with ease.
  • It lets you switch from different powers and take care of the enemy. This is suitable for your entire family and provides them with wholesome fun.
  • You can use it as a multi-weapon and is ideal to have a cherished memory. This is made of high-quality materials and is very durable.

10. Electronic Laser Tag by Sharper Image

The lightweight construction of this laser tag set will allow you to have a competitive play from anywhere you want. This has an easy operation as it comes with a convenient thumb trigger action.


  • This has the feature of hit count lights and is in a handheld design with good grip.
  • It will let your family have an exciting time as it is loaded with different features. This has attractive sound effects and you can even feel the vibration.
  • This has infrared technology and you can use it for two players or with multiple players. This can be an ideal gift for your little one and is suitable for children of up to 14 years.


While buying the laser tag set of your liking, you should ensure that the battery runs for a longer time so that the game can be played without interruption. On the other hand, the construction has to be sturdy, and modern features should be available. The effects should be realistic, and there should be multiple shooting modes with different settings for better enjoyment. Considering all these factors, we have listed the best ones for you to choose from.

List of the 10 Best Laser Tag Sets in 2019.

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